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Callie's Tale

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I'm Sad

May 19th 2008 11:06 am
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Mom was worrying about me last night. I just sleep a lot and I've been sad. I sure miss my brother Raffles. Mom picked up his ashes on Friday and it was a sad day. We did get a cool paw print from the U of M that Mom baked in the oven. It even has his name on it.

Mom and Dad walked Maleka and I yesterday. That was fun. We didn't get to walk as far as Mom usually takes me because Dad said he was hungry and needed to go back. The guy just scarfed down a big sweet roll before we left. What a cop out. He doesn't like to walk with us, Mom is making him. He said he is tired. Hmmmm He seems to be okay walking around the golf course. Mom said if we all continue to walk at least every other day, by the Fourth of July we would all have nice trim bellies. And then people will stop asking Dad when the baby is due. He hates that. He said it's a milk belly. Has to have those oreos.

So Saturday night was pretty exciting or so I hear, because I was inside and didn't get to go out and see the commotion. Maleka had an overnight guest. If you read her side of it she said she's a lady and doesn't kiss and tell. So if you want the real scoop, read Raffles page. He's keeping an eye on us from the bridge and he sees everything. If that would have been me outside the critter would not have stepped one foot in our yard.

Maleka has been acting sad lately too. Even though she and Raffles didn't get along that well, she misses the little guy too.

Well back to my mid day nap, so I'm fresh for my walk tonight.



Mom's Home

June 7th 2008 8:32 pm
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Yay Mom's home. She took me for a walk this morning. Just me and Mom. We had to sneak out the front door so Maleka didn't see us. Mom has been spending a lot of time with Grandma L. Grandma is moving out of her house and into a senior apt., so Mom is her main packer. Sometimes she spends the night over there to save on gas. Grandma has a lot of stuff. I get very sad when Mom doesn't come home at night. I just sit at the window and wait. I don't want Mom to go away like Raffles did.

Mom is worrying about me. I saw a squirrel today and didn't even chase it. I'm still very sad about losing my best friend. I sleep a lot. The walk did cheer me up.

Dad's away tonight at my Aunt's house in Wisconsin, so I get half the bed. I can really stretch out. I suppose that darn old cat will try and hog some of the bed. That's okay - he and I will watch over Mom. Mom bought Chewtoy a toy today. He really enjoyed it. He's almost as old as me. I got tired just watching him jump around. Off to la la land.




June 29th 2008 7:41 pm
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Mom stayed with Grandma L. for two nights this week. I get worried when Mom doesn't come home. Mom says Grandma is all moved into the senior apartment and they unpacked the last box today. Grandma is very happy to have it all settled. Mom said she even said she likes it better there and her cats have settled in. So hopefully now Mom won't be gone so much. Mom is still working on getting Grandma's house sold so she will still be a busy Mommy. I'll be glad when that's over and Mom spends more time with me.

Of course Mom still has to go over to Grandma's and I understand that because she's her Mom and we love our Mom's. But Mom says she will try not to be gone more than one night a week. So I can live with that.

Mom and Dad took Maleka and I for a walk around the neighborhood tonight so I got to sniff alot and stretch my legs. That was nice.

As a bedtime treat Mom gave me some of her sorbet. She said it was mango sorbet. I love it. I hope she buys more. Mom has to work tomorrow, but she promises me we'll go for another walk.

Have to go guard Mom now while she takes her shower - Callie


Oh Boy, Money for Dog Treats

July 12th 2008 7:34 pm
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What a great day I had today. Mom was home all day. She took Maleka and I for a walk this morning before it got too hot. Just a 20 minute walk. We loved it. Then Mom and I had a lot of chores to do, so it was in an out of the house all day. We cleaned, weeded gardens, washed clothes, cleaned closets, etc. Mom said I was a big help. We even got the tent out and set it up and Mom washed the sleeping bags and a man came and looked at it and took all of it away and gave Mom money. She said it would buy a lot of dog treats. I sure am glad I helped Mom. If Dad had helped he'd want to spend my treat money on those nasty cigarettes he smokes. Yuck. That's why I hang with Mommy, she smells better.

So another great day is planned for tomorrow. Mom would like to take me to the Hiawatha park, but with the price of gas, we might just stick around here and go for another walk. I watch those prices for Mom, because if she spends too much on gas, that might cut into our treat money. Whatever we do tomorrow, Mom has promised she's spending the whole day with me again. Yipee.

I sure am tuckered out from today so it's off to la la land.

Later my friends - Callie


There Might Be Bugs on Some of You Lugs, But There Ain't No- Bugs on Me

July 20th 2008 1:52 pm
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My tummy was bad yesterday. I worried Mom. She took me for a toe nail trim and a butt squeeze and then we stopped at McDonalds to ease the trauma. The nice lady at the window gave me an ice cream cone because she said it would go to waste. That may have been my undoing. When we got home I kept coughing and throwing up slime. Mommy got worried and asked Aunt Jamie to take a look at me. She got her stethoscope and everything. She said my heart was slow and to keep an eye on me. I stopped coughing after Aunt Jamie looked at me. She has a healing touch. She is going to be the best vet. I was back to normal this morning and Aunt Jamie said my heart rate was back to normal. It could have been a fluke, but I guess no more ice cream cones for me.

Mom put me and her in the bathtub today and gave me a bath. My hair got curly. I smell and feel much better. I hope stinky (Maleka) stays away from me now that I'm all clean. Mom says she'll wait another week to give Maleka a bath. Mom has enough stress today. Maleka hates baths.

Back to my nap.



I'm Getting Old

July 22nd 2008 7:27 pm
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I've lost my hearing, and now I think I'm losing my smeller. Mom put a small mango sorbet cone 2 inches from my nose and I never woke up and smelled it. Thank goodness Miss Maleka was outside or she would have gobbled it up. When Mom finally woke me up, I ate it. It was heaven. I wonder if I can get an amplifier for my nose. I'd hate to miss out on a treat.



Medicine can be Yummy

August 3rd 2008 3:53 pm
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Mom's been worried about me. The last couple of weeks, I've been having some issues throwing up clear slime and now I've started coughing at times. Mom took me to the vet yesterday. My blood and other tests were fine so they took xrays to see if there was any blockage. I've got them stumped. So now I'm on a pill for the cough and an antibiotic. I also have to eat a special bland food. They said I wouldn't like it, but I do. Mom is happy. I don't usually get canned food so this is a treat for me.

And speaking of treats, none for me, no matter how sad I look. Doc said this special food only until we figure out what's going on. Mom's been home all weekend keeping an eye on me. It's great.

My cat brother Chewtoy kissed me on the nose today. It made me stop coughing. Mom says if we could bottle that we'd make a fortune.

It's been nice and cool today so Maleka is enjoying that.

Gotta run, I think it's time for a pill and some more of that yummy food.



Mom is Very Sad - my health is declining

August 16th 2008 11:52 am
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My health issues have escalated and they think I have megaseophagus (esophogas muscle not working and I can't get any liquid or foods down to my stomach) most likely due to Mysthenia Gravis (MG) (an autoimmune disorder which causes severe weakness). Test results are not in yet. By the time I was admitted to the University Vet Clinic, I also had aspiration pneumonia. They kept me Wednesday afternoon through yesterday evening when Mommy picked me up. The doctor says it doesn't look good. I haven't eaten for over 4 days and now my legs don't work. I'm not liking what my body is doing to me. They let Mommy take me home and gave her lots of directions and medications for her to give me in my feeding tube. I'm very glad to be home. The doctors are trying a new medicine that they hope will work but they don''t think my chances are good. We're keeping our paws crossed that over the weekend I will get better. I'm glad Mommy brought me home instead of me staying there for the weekend. Mommy says if the worst happens she want to be taking care of me and my last memories to be of home not the hospital.

Doctor Simmerson and Vet Student Karen have been so good to me and Mommy. They are in my corner and hoping against odds.

Gotta go Mommy needs to feed me again.



I'm At The Bridge

August 18th 2008 1:47 pm
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Mommy booked me passage on the train to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Mommy is devastated. Raffles went to the Bridge in May and now I've deserted her too. I don't know how much more she can take. The doctor said Mommy did everything she could to help me. My body just gave out. At least we had the weekend together. I couldn't eat or drink and had a tube inserted in my stomach that Mommy put all my medicines and water and food in. I didn't even mind. I couldn't walk. None of my legs would work. Mommy had to carry me everywhere I went. I was a mess. But the doctor thought this medicine would work for me, so Mommy took me home for the weekend and we gave it a shot to see if there was going to be a miracle. It didn't happen. Mommy and I got to sleep together all weekend and say our goodbyes. We both knew last night it was time and made an appointment for this morning. I went peacefully and it was just Mommy and me at the end just like it was the day she rescued me.

I'm feeling wonderful again and I think the train has stopped and someone is coming to get me so I'd better sign off. Mommy told me that my brother Raffles will be there to greet me. I'm so excited to see him and meet all his friends.

Be strong Mommy - I will always love you and we will meet at the Bridge one day.



Raffles and I are Together Again

August 21st 2008 6:23 pm
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After I left Mommy, an angel pup came and got me and took me to the train to take me to the Rainbow Bridge. There was almost a full train by the time it had made all its stops. We each had our own special angel pup to sit with. I have always been a shy girl and I was really missing my mommy so I was really happy to have a new friend. I was so nervous that I didn't even realize that my legs were working again and I felt all better again, like a young pup. The ride seemed to take forever, but it gave the angel guides time to talk to us and let us know what was going on and where we were going. We finally arrived and we were at the most beautiful place. The gardens were amazing, the weather beautiful, the birds were singing, it was a wondrous place.

Before I left, Mommy told me not to worry, that my brother Raffles would be waiting for me. I was so anxious to see him. But because there were so many of us coming to the bridge together, it was taking awhile to go though orientation. All of a sudden an angel pup came and took me out of line and took me to another room. I didn't know what was going on. I later found out that Raffles has so many friends up here that they were so worried that he was going to burst if he didn't get to see me soon, that one of his friends pulled some strings and I was ushered through more quickly.

After all the paperwork was done I went through another door and there I was in this beautiful garden. I went through the garden gate and looked around and saw a crowd of dogs waiting, but I could not see my brother. I was getting really anxious and just then I heard the telltale sound that could only come from my dear brother's rump and the crowd of dogs parted and there was his smelly little self. I ran and threw myself at little monkey face. I had missed him so much. He was crying and telling me that he could smell Mommy on me. We were both so overwhelmed.

Raffles has so many nice friends. It will take me awhile to remember everyone's name. He and his friends are whisking me away to a welcome party Raffles has planned. I was sorry to leave Mommy, but being with Raffles again is so great. Uh oh gotta go meet the gang and party.

Love you Mommy - Callie

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