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Callie's Tale

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I Miss The Little Guy

January 13th 2008 5:06 pm
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It's very quiet today. Mom and Dad had to rush Raffles to the emergency clinic last night as he kept having multiple seizures. I tried to help him, but Mom and Dad wouldn't let me. They grabbed him late last night and drove him to the hospital. Maleka and I were so upset, we howled until Mom and Dad came back. I looked behind them but Raffles wasn't there. Mom said they had to keep him overnight so they could stop the seizures. His last seizure was 4:00 this morning so they have to keep him 24 hours after a seizure. They ran a bunch of tests today and still don't know why this is happening. So he's still there and will be having a MRI tomorrow. Mom wanted so bad to go see him, but knew that he'd want to go home with her and get more stressed so she stayed away. We sure miss him. Everyone is very sad today, just moping around worrying about the little guy. I hope Mom will bring him home tomorrow. I'll even let him use my butt for a pillow.



A Sad Day

January 18th 2008 10:34 am
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My brother, Raffles is home from the hospital. He is on medicine so he doesn't have those bad seizures. Mom is very sad. The doctor says Raffles has a brain tumor that is inoperable. She's waiting to find out from the oncologist if anything can be done.

Has anyone gone through this with a happy prognosis to give Mom some hope? Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. Mom and Raffles have a new mantra "out damn spot, out damn spot". Mom says you never know about the power of positive thinking.

I'm being especially nice to Raffles, letting him share my bed and lean against me. Since my hearing is going, Raffles always lets me know if something is going on. He's a good little monkey face.


Brr Brr

February 10th 2008 5:43 pm
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Mom says it's brr city out there today. We only go out when absolutely necessary. That means Miss Maleka is in the house today. Raffles hates that. I'm the good girl cause I'm the quiet one. Mom has been home all day. That makes me very happy. The sun has been out, but it was just fooling us, it's cold.

Raffles is doing okay. No bad seizures since that awful night. He had to go to the doc yesterday to get his phenobarbital checked and next week for his liver. But so far he's doing okay. He's a little crabbier than usual because he's so hungry. I've been letting him have some of my foodm - don't tell Mom. Mom is dreading taking him to the Doc next week because she can't take him until 8:30 and he can't have anything to eat before then. We usually eat at 5:30, so none of us will be able to eat breakfast and he's going to be very upset. Good thing my hearing is not up to par.

Gotta go, I think Mom has an empty lap.



A bad trip took a good turn.

February 24th 2008 11:27 am
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Yesterday Mom scooped me up and took me for a car ride. I was leary. In the winter when she takes me for a ride, I usually regret it. I was right, it was off to the vet for a butt squeeze and a toe trim. I was thankful because there were more good things than bad.

1. I didn't have sit in a room, they took me back right away.
2. It was over quickly.
3. I got to see my friend Jenny.
4. Mom took me to McDonalds to get over the trauma. We shared two plain hamburgers.
5. Mom took me to the dog park.
6. I got to stretch my legs and sniff butts and I think my friends all appreciated my fresh clean butt.
7. I came home and had a nice nap.

Weighing the good with the bad, I'd have to say it was a good day. Mom says it's a good thing because we will have a repeat date in three weeks. I'll have to keep remembering how good that hamburger tasted.

Uh oh, gotta go. It's 32 degrees again and I have to go help Mom clean up the mine field in the back yard. I suppose I'll have to smile and pretend I haven't heard her say "If I had a quarter for every pootie I pick up, we'll be rich".



Back to McDonalds

March 16th 2008 9:44 am
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Well it's been three weeks so you guessed it "I've been scooting", so it was back to the vet for another butt squeeze. Mom was so surprised when I came back out and they said I was empty. I had been "scooting" for 4 days. The vet said it was allergies. He said a lot of dogs get them this time of year. I had the classic symptoms, chewing on my feet and scooting. So now I'm on Benadryl. I'm still a little itchy, but hopefully it will get better. Mom was true to her word, even thou I didn't make a deposit she still took me to McDonalds. We ate up on the hill across from the cemetery. It was a little cold and the ground is still soggy so we didn't get to walk very far, but it was fun.

Mom is home all day today, so I'm a happy girl. She has homework to do so she and I are hanging out in the office. Raffles is crashed out in a sunbeam in the kitchen. He sure does like his sunbeams. Sometimes he shares his spot with me. Us brown-eyed children stick together. LIfe is good.

Maleka is a funny girl. She comes in and out alot. She likes to be in and be by Mom too, but Raffles is so crabby to her, it gets crazy when she's in. Besides that she can't stay in for long because she gets too warm. I see her laying out there now in a sunbeam. Then she'll get warm and go lay in the shade. Mom says she thinks Maleka is getting deaf like me. Maleka sometimes doesn't hear Mom come home and jumps when she pets her. Oh well at least we can't hear Raffles crying and whining. He does that a lot. The medicine he's on makes him ravenous so he's always telling her about it. He's hanging in there. He hasn't had any seizures but he has the occassional "breathing episode". He's had two in the last week. They're scary as well.

Well gotta sign off so Mom can use the computer and do her homework.



Warm Weather and Sunny Days Ahead - PLEASE

March 25th 2008 11:15 am
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Mother Nature keeps playing tricks on us. Yesterday it was 45 degrees, but not as warm as you'd think because the Sun is hiding and the wind isn't. Mom says the weather people are "guessing" that it's going to snow again on Thursday.

Don't they know that it needs to get warmer and sunnier so I can go and get my summer cut. I look and feel like a young pup again when I come out. My groomer cuts away all the gray and it really gives me a lift. People think I'm a puppy not the mature 13 year old girl I really am. Mom never wants to get my hair cut too soon because you never know with Minnesota weather. We could get dumped on with 8 inches of snow. Then I'd have to wear one of Raffles sweaters. He wouldn't mind, but I would. I do have some dignity.

Well time for my nap, gotta run.



I lost my beautiful tail

April 6th 2008 10:43 am
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My beautiful tail looks like a rat's tail. Mom took me to the groomer yesterday at 3:30 to be groomed and, they asked her how I wanted to be cut. She emphasized that my tail is my pride and joy and had to be left like a flag. They said I should be ready by 6:30 and they would call. Mom called them at 7:00 because they hadn't called yet and she wasn't sure how late they were open. They said I'd be ready at 8:00. When Mom picked me up she almost fainted. They had shaved off my beautiful tail and it looked like a rat's tail. Dopey Mom still gave them a tip of $3.00, she usually tips larger. She was in shock. She wished she would have given a penny, then the groomer would realize what she thought of her work. When I got home Mom saw that I was kind of choppy too. Mom promises that I will never go back there. For $61.00 (plus tax) Mom expected a higher quality cut. I am so embarassed, but Mom assures me that I am still beautiful and my lovely tail will grow back. Another lady was in line to pay before Mom and she said they had cut her dogs face all wrong and she was not happy either. Mom also noticed that they yell at the dogs. She goes to Petsmart alot as our vet is right next door and goes by the grooming window. There are a lot of groomers that yell at the dogs when they cut them. That bothers her. Hey we get nervous being away from our Moms and Dads they need to have a little more patience. Mom doesn't know if any have ever yelled at me, but she's not going to take that chance anymore. If you're planning on having your dog groomed, watch that window ahead of time and see what's going on. I won't need to be groomed again until later this summer, (hope my tail grows out before then). If someone knows of a great groomer in Minneapolis, let me know. At least I'm cooler with all that hair gone. I think my tail is bothering Mom more than it is me. But when Mom's upset, I'm upset.

Raffles had another seizure this morning. It was short and not severe but scary. He and I are napping now. It's a dreary day, Raffles was not happy that there were not sunbeams this morning.



I've Been Spring Tagged by a Princess

April 9th 2008 7:36 pm
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I've been Spring Tagged by Princess Ari.

So these are the 4 categories I need to tell you about me.

Four Jobs I Have
1. Keeping Raffles out of trouble (not an easy job)
2. Perimeter Duty (I'm the watch dog - a little bit harder now that my hearing is going)
3. Imitating velcro (I stick to Mom like glue)
4. Teaching Raffles everything I know

Four Places I Have Lived
1. I had 3 or 4 homes before I found my forever family at 6 months old.
2. We lived in Richfield, MN for awhile. It had a fenced in yard
3. We lived in NE Minneapolis in a different home with a smaller yard
4. We now live in NE Minneapolis in a different house with a tall wooden fenced backyard - We're very safe here.

Four Places I Have Been
1. the woods in Wisconsin
2. in the river (just my ankles - I'm not a swimmer)
3. 4 different dog parks
4. and it seems as I get older I'm at the vet alot - grrrr

Four Places I Would Rather Be
1. Anywhere Mommy is
2. Out walking
3. Chasing squirrels (the arch enemy)
4. Where the food is.

Not a very exciting, jet setting life, but as long as I'm with Mommy I'm happy.

Now I've been told that I need to tag 4 friends. Everyone is so busy it's hard to find time to respond to these, so it's up to you. Just want you guys to know as I look forward to Spring, I also look forward to your continuing friendship. Happy Spring.

Four of my favorite friends are:

Cinnamon Grrr
Callie Sue & Family
Penny Ann
Sir Nicco and family



Raffles Has Left Us

May 3rd 2008 5:46 am
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Raffles had a really bad night. It started at supper last night. It happened so fast, he was fine one minute and the next minute he was doing really poorly. Mom had told us last week to be especially kind to the little monkey face because she thought the end was getting near.

He hadn't had any seizures in the last week, but he no longer could see out of his right eye and his legs weren't working and he had really restless nights and Mom had this feeling. Last night he didn't eat. That told volumes. The little guy lived to eat. Mom stayed up with him all night. He couldn't lay down. Mom and Dad decided this morning that he wasn't going to get better and he had deteriorated last night so fast that he seemed to now be in pain and they didn't want him to suffer. They took him to the emergency clinic this morning and put him on the train to a better place. I told him to make a lot of friends which is a snap for him and I'd see him one day.

Mom has been crying buckets and Dad is even red around the eyes as well. I've known him since he was 6 weeks old and although he was a pain at times, and hogged Mom, he was my brother and best friend. I will miss him.



A Sad/Happy Day

May 16th 2008 5:35 am
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Mom is going to pick up Raffles ashes today. The U of M said they would also make a cast of his foot out of clay. I hope they remembered that. That would mean a lot to Mom.

Our Dad is a carpenter and he has made a wonderful oak box to put the little guys ashes in. So even though we know he's at the "Bridge" waiting for us, we will have a little bit of him with us too.

Mom will probably be sadder again today, but at least we will have him home with us. I bet Mom will put the box in a sunbeam somewhere.

Now that there's just the two of us Maleka and I are getting more walks. It helps us take our minds off of missing our brother.

If you check out Raffles page, you'll know he's still around as he had deemed himself a guru of sorts and is still writing in his diary. He wants to bestow his knowledge of ten years on his younger friends that may not know all his secrets. Once a yakker, always a yakker. We still love the little guy.


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