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Callie's Tale

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Happy Birthday Uncle Jesse

September 1st 2007 9:40 am
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What a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and there's a cool breeze in the air. We had a minor setback this morning (see Raffle's Diary), we had brunch instead of breakfast. But Mom's home now and we are content to just take a nap.

Mom's brother, Uncle Jesse is having a birthday today. He's 50! Wow - he's older than dirt. He's having a good day, he's at an auction. He loves that kind of stuff. I hope he finds something cool. Mom just sang happy birthday to him - she made up this birthday song for him years ago - something about living by a zoo and she sings it to him every birthday. It makes him laugh, knowing that someone is just a little bit stranger than him. Mom and the rest of the family are getting together to celebrate next weekend.

Sunday is going to be nice as well so Mom said she would take me to the dog park by the river tomorrow. I'm so excited. It is my favorite place. I can run free through the woods and then Mom and I run in the water up to our ankles. Mom never has to worry about me off leash as I will run past her and look back and then run back to her and keep going back and forth. I'm never more than 5 people lengths away, I don't want Mom to get lost. When I can smell the river, I look at Mom, she gives me the go ahead and we both run down the hill to the water. The other dogs are a lot more rambunctious than me so Mom and I always try to find a quiet spot. Poor Raffles, can't go with us. He's not as dog social as me. And Maleka would take off on Mom, so it's always just her and me. I enjoy that. It's like when I was a puppy and it was just me and Mom. Those were the days.

Well Mom has to take Grandma to the pharmacy and the grocery store this afternoon so I'll be able to rest up for our adventure tomorrow. I'll let you know if I see any pirates or find any sunken treasure.



Boy Am I Tired

September 2nd 2007 2:19 pm
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Yay! Mom took me to the River today. It's a dogpark by Minnehaha Park. We were lucky and found a parking spot right away not too far away. Mom has a weak bladder so we had to use the portable potty in the parking lot. I hate when Mom takes me in there. Dad tells her she should leave me outside but Mom always wants me safely by her, so look what I have to endure. As it turned out, it's good that Mom doesn't listen to Dad, because no sooner do we leave the potty and Mom is just shutting the door and this humongous dog comes charging at us. He looked like that dog from the movie Hooch. He was huge. He didn't look all that friendly to Mom and she loves all dogs. So she got in between us and he knocked her down so she scraped her arm. He apparently got loose as the lady was taking him out of the car. You know how we always get excited after a ride. She yells to Mom, don't worry he's friendly, right before he knocked Mom down. Mom wasn't very happy but she didn't say anything to her, she just mumbled under her breath to me. If I was out there all by myself who knows what would have happened, I would have been really scared. We saw him down by the river later and he was still charging everyone. Mom says if you have a dog that big, you better control him better. Mom got knocked down by Maleka in November accidentally and ended up in the emergency room and on crutches for awhile. Big dogs should have brakes or something installed.

So anyway, we walked through the woods, and then headed down to the water. The water was nice and warm. We walked in the water up to our ankles and I helped Mom find flat rocks that she could skip. She's not very good at it, but I encourage her. She did manage a three. We found a real pretty shell for Mom's desk. We stayed there for about two hours and met a lot of people and other dogs.

On the way home we stopped at a McDonalds and the nice lady there gave me a bone. She probably didn't know that Mom had got me two hamburgers. They sure were yummy.

Well I'd better sign off. I am one tired dog. Romping through the woods, running up the steps, splashing around in the water and greeting everyone has me dogone tired. Night night. It was a wonderful day.


P.S. I did not see any pirates and no buried treasure. There was a big hole, so I bet we were just a day late.


At the Vet Again

September 24th 2007 12:09 pm
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Okay, I've been to the Vet three times in the last two weeks. I know Mom is just trying to find out what's wrong with me, but I don't like going there. Everybody is so nice to me especially Jenny, but I just don't like being away from my Mommy.

I was throwing up my food and Mom thought I looked sad and out of sorts, so she took me in to get a checkup. Now I'm on an antibiotic. They're not too hard to swallow because Mom wraps them in a bit of peanut butter. She knows what I like. My liver numbers were high too, so she had to take me in for liver tests. The first time she took me in for the liver test, Raffles and I were so hungry as you can't eat before tests, but we got into some candy - a big no no, so they couldn't run the tests and I had to go back in again on Saturday. So now besides the antibiotic I'm taking some liquid medicine because they discovered I have a parasite on my colon. Don't tell Mom, but it tastes pretty good and it should get rid of that little critter. Luckily Raffles and Maleka don't have it, so I get the yummy medicine all to myself. Mom will probably get my test results tomorrow. We are keeping our paws crossed that it was just a case of pancreatitis and the antibiotic will knock it out and it won't be liver problems.

Raffles went with me to the Vet on Saturday to check his stools for parasites and to have his toes trimmed. He is such a whinny boy. I wish Mom would get me some earplugs. As always he did his stupid leash fetish thing. He's so embarassing. He was lucky and didn't have to stay as long as me.

Mom said he was really quiet at home without me. He gets scared without his big sister to protect him. He's annoying, but he grows on ya.

Mom said she saw a dog similar to Raffles at the Vet and he was so quiet and well mannered. Just for a second she wanted to ask him if he wanted to trade. Ha, Ha, just kidding Raffles.



My Liver Likes Me

September 26th 2007 8:02 pm
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Yay, the vet says my liver tests are normal. So, I just need to finish my medications and I'm back to normal. I don't have to go on a special diet. I was dreading that. Mom is very relieved.

We got scared this morning. Grandma L. had to go to the emergency room in the box with the flashing lights and siren. She was having trouble breathing. She's doing better now, they're keeping her at the hospital overnight. We hope she will be home tomorrow. Her kitties are missing her.



I'm in the contest too

October 17th 2007 6:19 pm
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Mom forgot to put my lovely face in the contest. I was so sad. I told her tonight that she forgot me. She felt so bad. She put me in smiles and grins. There sure are a lot of cute photos out there. We know we don't have a chance, but we just wanted to be in the fun and enter our first contest.

I keep asking Mom where the big yellow ball in the sky went. It has been rainy and dreary for a long time now. Raffles loves to lay on the cement slab by the garage and bake doing his froggy impression. He's a strange one my brother, but I love him. After his little (well not so little) butt gets baked he runs in the house, to cool off.

Mom always thinks it's cute how he finds the sun coming in the window and lays in that spot. It has been few and far between lately. Maybe that's why he's been so whiny lately. I'm stuck in the house with him all day. You guys don't know what I have to put up with. The cat just tucks himself into a ball and ignores him. But he's always in my face. The little monster. Mom says I'm a saint.

Gotta go, I'm going to curl up with Mom for an hour while she reads her book.



Mom is Sad this Week

October 28th 2007 9:05 am
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I've been trying go give Mom lots of kisses this week. It's been a tough week for her. She's been worried about Grandma, she's still in the hospital but Mom's hoping she'll be able to take her home today. And then Mr Macho, (Raffley Baffley Boy) has had four of his attacks this week. They are scarey for the little guy, I try to help and give him kisses when they happen and help Mom calm him down. Mom has to go to Grandma's house every day to feed the cats and outside critters and then see Mom at the hospital. She's had to take some time off from work on Wednesday when she took Mom to the emergency room, so she has to work on her projects this weekend at home.

Mom took me in for a shot and a butt squeeze, etc. this week. You know how much fun that is. Mom has been worrying about me and Maleka too. We're getting to be old girls. Maleka was out of sorts last week and I'm losing my hearing and have the itchies. The good thing is I can't hear Raffles whine as much. You know I'm stuck in the house with him all day while Mom and Dad are at work. It gets annoying.

But, Mom says she always feels better when her and I cuddle. That's what I'm here for. Mom and I are a good team. She already is smiling.


Ups and Downs

November 6th 2007 7:48 pm
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Grandma is home from the hospital which is a great thing. She still doesn't have much energy so that's no fun for her.

Raffles ended up having 5 of his attacks in a week, but never when the doctor was around. He had a different type yesterday where he actually fell over so we're worried about the little guy. He's going to stay all day at the vet on Saturday. We need to find out what's going on. He's going to love that. Don't tell him.

Mom was painting a hallway Sunday and spilled a lot of paint on the wood floor. Good thing Daddy wasn't home. It was a mess. But she got it all cleaned up and you'd never even know. Then later that night she fell really hard on her wrist on the tile floor. I'm glad she didn't trip over us. I'm beginning to think Mom might be a little uncordinated. Raffles and I are going to have to teach her how to fall right. She didn't break any bones, but she has to wear a brace until it heals. We're going to have to keep an eye on her.

So, it has been a topsy, turvy week. It's bound to get better. Mom's been having a great time voting in the photo contest. There's a lot of very photogenic dogs and cats in the contest. She even entered us, imagine that. We'll never win, but it was a lot of fun.



Mom Says, Enjoy The Quiet While I Can

November 10th 2007 12:33 pm
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My brother Raffles is at the vet today for his comp exam. I had mine a few weeks ago. Maleka is staying outside most of the day so it's just me and Chewtoy (the cat). Chewie sleeps most of the day. Boy is it quiet. Mom says you could hear a pin drop. Of course I got upset this morning when Mom and Dad left and took Raffles and not me. I guess I made so much noise Jaime upstairs said I was howling and came down and took me outside. Ah human contact, that settled me down for awhile. She told me not to be silly as Mommy would be home soon. She was right. So now I have just been really enjoying my day. No one around to get me in trouble or whine or be obnoxious. I get all the kitchen treats and I can sit on Mom's lap without him crying. He can be a little obnoxious some days.

I do miss the little guy but Mom says to enjoy the quiet, because he'll be home in a few hours and all heck will break loose. Raffles has been having some "episodes" which may or may not be seizures, so he has to stay longer today so they can keep an eye on him and do some radiographs to check out some things.

Of course, besides taking naps, I still have all my chores to do today, being Mom's shadow, helping do the laundry, inspecting the clean blanket Mom puts on my bed, watch for the mailman, monitor the perimiter, catch anything that falls from the counters, point out the pootie piles for Mom to pick up in the yard. Mom expects me to laugh every time she says "If I had a quarter for every pile I've picked up, we'd be rich". I just give her a big grin to humor her. SO, it's a busy day for me. Oops, I think another nap is in order. Gotta run.



Happy Birthday To Me

November 21st 2007 6:46 pm
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My 13th birthday was yesterday. Mom says I'm an old lady now. Mom went to the store and bought me 3 different types of treats. There were some to clean my teeth, some heart shaped ones that Mom said were really good for me and some that tasted like apple. I loved them all. The only bad thing was that I have to share them with Raffles and Maleka. Oh well I don't mind, they always have to share too. That's how Mom runs things here. One for all and all for one. But Mom did slip me a few extra, as it was my birthday after all.

Mom and I have been together for over 12 and a half years. We both have been very lucky to have found each other. I don't know how lucky I am that Mom found Raffles, but the little guy wears on ya. He's a darling boy when he's not whining and carrying on. Mom just doesn't know what I have to endure when she goes to work and leaves me alone with the little munchkin. It's maybe a good thing that my hearing is not as sharp, I don't have to listen to him whine.

My ideal life would just be me and Mom living in a secluded place and Mom home all the time, going for walks and just laying together listening to Mom read to me. That would be the life. A girl can dream. Maybe when Mom retires.


Mom Rescheduled Christmas

December 25th 2007 8:04 pm
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Hi Guys,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We've rescheduled our Christmas until New Years Day. Mom spent all day yesterday with Grandma at the emergency room. The good news is Grandma didn't have to be admited. Mom stayed with Grandma last night. We get very sad when Mom doesn't come home. She came home late this afternoon with the good news that Grandma is doing fine. They gave her a new medication that is helping her. Poor Grandma she has a lot of bad days. I think she'll be happier soon, because Mom made her a bunch of magnets with our funny faces on them and she put them all over her fridge. Every time she gets something out of the fridge, there we are. Wouldn't that make anyone smile.

I'm worried about the little brother again (Raffles). He's annoying but I don't like to see him have to go to the vet again. He's having his teeth cleaned on Thursday and they will be removing a tumor underneath his lip on his gum line. He's hoping they won't have to take any teeth out as he says it might mess up his pretty smile. You'd have to see his smile to appreciate it. When he wants a treat really bad he will show Mom his smile, well a half smile. It's scary. SO, I'm keeping my paws crossed that he'll come through fine.

Oops, gotta go, bedtime. I need my beauty sleep.


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