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The Adventures of Smiley

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A visit from my Dad!

May 29th 2009 7:52 pm
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Hi Everypups,
As some of you may know,I`ve been living down in Florida for the past year with Dad`s sister. The weather here is better for my arthritus and I can walk around the farm at my own comfortable pace since I regrettably can no longer do long hikes. Dad and my brother,Wesley,took a trip down to Virginia for some backpacking in Shenandoah National Park,then drove down to Florida to spend a few days with me. I was sure glad to see them both,especially Dad! They`ll be back for another visit in early fall as they head out west to the Grand Canyon. Can`t wait to see them both again!


Happy Birthday!

October 7th 2008 3:16 pm
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Woofs to all!
Yesterday was my 13th Birthday and I celebrated it with all my doggie friends down here in Florida. We all enjoyed some frosty paws and frolicked in the warm sunshine. I am having a great time down here as I can roam about the farm at my own pace and not stress my arthritic joints. I miss my dad and brother,Wes. They will be stopping down in the spring and I sure will be glad to see them both!



May 26th 2008 1:38 pm
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Woofs to all my Dogster pals! I am now retired and taking it easy in sunny Florida. In recent months, my arthritus has gotten worse and I can regretfully no longer hike long distances. Dad had to have his brother dogsit me when Wesley and he did the latest hike down in Virginia. Dad plans another trip to Alaska in August and I know that an old guy like me is no longer up to long hikes in the mountains. My cousin,Julie,and her Mom recently stopped up to visit for a few days and when they left,I went back down to Florida with them. I`ll be taking it easy on a horse farm down here and can wander around on short walks that will not stress my tired old joints. I`ll be with Dad and brother Wesley in spirit as they take their Alaska trip and will rejoin them in the fall after it is all over. In the meantime,I`ll soon have some photos and videos of sunny Florida posted on my page.

Still strong in spirit,


Alaska 2008

December 19th 2007 10:10 pm
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Woofs! It`s official! Dad formally selected his vacation today and picked 5 weeks starting in August 2008. All his previous Alaska visits have been in Sept save for one in Aug 1995 with his old dog,Butch. On that trip with Butch,my dad and Butch made it all the way to the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay. Sept is a nice month for travelling to Alaska as campgrounds are much less crowded,but often Dad has had to endure cold rain and even snow. There is too much snow along the upper sections of the Dalton Highway which parallels the Alaska Pipeline to reach the Arctic Ocean in Sept. By doing his next trip this comming August, Dad and I hope to return to the Arctic Ocean! We`re eagerly awaiting the trip!


Conclusion of 2007 Alaska Trip

December 17th 2007 7:39 pm
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Day 27 Friday Oct 5

Early in the morning, dad and I awoke to the sound of crashing waves. Fox Lake, which had been calm and placid the night before was now being blown into a frenzy by strong winds! Waves were crashing onto the shore with powerful force and we were fortunate that the campsite sat at a good elevation above the beach or our tent would`ve been inundated with water! Light snow was also falling and this continued as we broke camp and headed on back down the Alaska Highway. The snow lasted till early afternoon and while the road was mostly clear,grassy areas and parking areas had an inch or 2 of new snow. We stayed tonight again at the Liard Hotsprings.

Conclusion of trip

Dad and I travelled the remaing distance back down the Alaska Highway encountering dense fog after leaving the Buckinghorse River campground on the morning of sun Oct 7. There were few vehicles out and about on the Alaska Hwy and it was eerie driving in the silent dense fog.

We stayed in motels for the remainder of the trip as a bit of a treat from all the nights of camping out. In Lethbridge,Alberta near the Montana border, we stopped for the night at a Super 8 motel. This motel had a 2 story high waterslide and Dad enjoyed his first ever experience with one. Once you enter the waterslide, the smooth plastic walls of the tube coupled with the stream of water running down it eliminate all friction and you shoot thru the dark twisty tube at lightning speed! Then a circle of light appears in the distance and rapidly grows larger and in a split second you shoot out of the tube and splash down in the pool! It`s just like an olympic luge run!

In South Dakota,as we travelled home, Dad and I did some hiking in the Badlands walking past folded hills and twisting fractured canyons in the ground.

It was a great trip and Dad plans his next trip for August 2008. We shouldn`t encounter any snow then and Dad hopes to reach the Arctic Ocean as well as try a new route thru Canada`s Northwest Territories.


Alaska 2007 Days 25---26

December 10th 2007 7:43 am
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Day 25 Wed Oct 3

We left the Glenallen campsite this morning and began our drive up the Glenn Hwy towards the small town of Tok. The road was icy in spots which made the drive a bit scary,but the mountain scenery was awesome! There were snowcapped peaks set against a brooding dark cloudy sky that was spitting snow from time to time.

Travelling south from Tok towards the Canadian border, we encountered quite a bit more snow. The Alaska Highway was covered with an inch or 2 of snow and this continued for about 100 miles on into Canada.

The winds really picked up late in the day and were quite gusty as we neared Kluane Lake,the snow however was mostly gone by this time. It was really windy and cold as night was comming on and rather than struggle to erect the tent in the howling winds, Dad decided to just camp in our car. We found a nice gravel spot to park in by the shore of Kluane Lake. Dad had to crouch behind the car using it as a wind block in order to open my can of dog food and prepare my supper. It was a super neat campsite. We were snug inside the car and the powerful winds were sending waves crashing onto the beach below us!

Day 26 Thurs Oct 4

We explored the King`s Throne and Cottonwood trails today in Kluane National Park near the town of Haines Junction. The Kings Throne trail began in the forest surrounding Kathleen Lake and after a following an old logging road for a few miles,began to switchback up into the mountains. Once the trail emerged above treeline we encountered snow which got deeper as we climbed upward. The King`s Throne trail followed rocky switchbacks across a bare boulder field as we climbed upward. There were stunning views of Kathleen Lake far below us. Finally the snow got deep enough that following the trail became difficult. Also it was becomming increasingly slippery so we didn`t hike all the way up to the King`s Throne. We hiked back down below the treeline and set off on the Cottonwood trail which branches off from the lower sections of King`s Throne and circles Kathleen Lake high up in the forested mountains. We came upon a bare rock clearing on this trail and had our lunch while viewing Kathleen Lake far below. The weather was partly sunny today,but cool and Dad used his small campstove to warm us as we had lunch.

Late in the day we drove up the North Klondike Highway near the town of Whitehorse and came upon the scene of a wildfire several years past. The land was covered with blackened trees as far as we could see. We hiked a trail here and stood atop a cliff. A small stream flowed thru this area hundreds of feet below the cliff and the fire blackened forest continued on the other side. It was eerie!

We stayed tonite at Fox Lake campground near Whitehorse. Fox lake is huge as are many lakes here in Canada`s Yukon Territory.


Alaska 2007 Days 23---24

December 7th 2007 8:45 pm
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Day 23 Monday Oct 1

Dad and I hiked in the Skilak Lakes area today which is not too far from the town of Sterling. We set out along the 7 Lakes Trail which starts at Engineer Lake. This is a wonderfully secluded trail that passes by remote backcountry lakes and in between the lakes traverses long stretches of spruce and aspen forest. As Dad and I hiked thru the utterly silent forest we observed a few mossy flat areas here and there which would make ideal backcountry campsites! After a few hours of hiking, we had lunch beside a large lake. This lake was set in remote wilderness and all was utterly quiet save for a flock of ducks skimming the water. We hiked this trail for almost 4 hours. At the end of the hike, we visited a brand new cabin on the shore of Engineer Lake. There was a small woodstove inside the cabin and a boat was turned upside down on the shoreline outside for use of whoever rents the cabin. The cabin belongs to the US Fish and Wildlife Service which manages this part of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Day 24 Tues Oct 2

Dad and I left our friend`s Sterling homestead this morning. We had a pleasant few nights there inside the cozy cabin on the property. It was quite cozy inside the cabin at night with the fire in the woodstove!

It was bright and sunny as we drove back around Cook Inlet and as always the mountain scenery was grand! Dad and I had lunch inside the car parked at a scenic spot overlooking Cook Inlet. The winds were gusting outside and we could see the waves crashing on the beach below our overlook!

We travelled as far as Glenallen tonight and since the campground here was closed for the season,Dad parked at the closed gate and carried our things in. We had the entire campground to ourselves!


Alaska 2007 Days 21--22

December 4th 2007 7:53 am
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Sat Sept 29 Day 21

Dad searched for me again this morning,checking some roads and houses near the Johnson Lake campground then having done all he could for the moment,took a drive down to Homer at the terminus of the Sterling Highway. He walked a few of the beaches along Cook inlet observing Mt Redoubt which was draped in snow. Augustine volcano was also emitting a plume of pale smoke! The scenery in Homer was stunning, but dad was quite lonely without me along.

Sun Sept 30 Day 22

I spent my second night in the shed on this homestead near Johnson Lake. Early this morning I was awakened by the sound of another dog growling at me! I assumed the submissive posture since I was on his property and soon his owner called him away. He approached me and gently petted me while reading my dog tag. This nice man then fed me and made a few phone calls. In a few hours I was overjoyed to see my dad walk into the house! He thanked the man whose name was Tom. Dad tried to offer him a reward but he wouldn`t take it. We were re-united at last!

Dad and I drove the Kenai spur road to Captain Cook state park this afternoon and walked several miles along the beach there. This is a tidal area, and it was currently at low tide. The waters of Cook Inlet were receeded a good ways from the shoreline and many large and small rock formations were exposed. High cliffs topped with grasses and trees rose from this beach and every so often small streams of fresh water cascaded down flowing across the beach to the sea. I had a few refreshing drinks from them and Dad and I had a pleasant lunch on the beach. Later as we were hiking along, we came upon a small cove in which sat a few shacks. Thinking that they were owned by the state park, dad proceeded to use an outhouse there. As he was leaving, a man said a friendly hello. Dad asked him about the tides and the man invited us into his cabin. The snug little cabin was warmed by a woodstove and jugs of fresh water gathered from a nearby stream sat on the wooden table. The window afforded a fine sweeping view of Cook Inlet. Dad remarked that it would be delightful to be in such a cozy cabin while a storm raged outside! Turns out that these are private fishing cabins,not public use at all! Dad apologized and the man said all was ok. He nicely showed us the tide charts and explained how he used a nearby landmark to gauge the rising tides. It turned out that we had plenty of time before high tide would cut off the beach, so we said our goodbyes and hiked along the beach some more. From time to time ATV`s would pass us. Fishermen in the area used them to haul water from the streams and other supplies. Cook state park was an interesting place to hike! Late in the afternoon, dad waded out a short ways into Cook Inlet finding the water cool and brisk.


Alaska 2007 days 19--20

December 1st 2007 2:28 pm
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Thursday Sept 27

We left Tok this morning and headed down the Glenn Highway. The road was a bit icy in spots but really wasn`t all that slippery and Dad and I continued our trip without any trouble.

Much of today was sunny and the scenery all along the Glenn Highway was spectacular! Snowcapped peaks rose above the golden aspen trees,there was the dazzling white icefield of the Matanuska glacer and swiftly flowing glacial rivers under dazzling blue skies. Dad and I stopped ad mid day and hiked by the Matanuska Glacier. There is a nice trail here and we got many good glacier views.

Late in the day, we passed thru Anchorage and drove around Cook Inlet. The scenery here is also spectacular with mountains rising in sheer vertical relief from the sea. We stayed at a nice campground tonite in the Chugach National Forest.

Friday Sept 28

Cold rain this morning,Yuck!! Dad and I turned off of the Seward Highway and continued on down the Sterling Highway en route to a friend`s homestead in the area. The rain had ended by the time we arrived at her place near Sterling. We spent a few hours here then dad and I set off to drive to the end of the Sterling Highway in Homer. We stopped for lunch at the Johnson Lake campground and mishap befell us. After lunch as Dad and I were walking around the lake, I saw what looked like a squirrel or maybe a spruce hen and took off in hot pursuit of it. In my zeal chasing after this critter, I swam across a small corner of the lake and reached the road on the other side. Whatever I was chasing had by this time vanished and I discovered that I was now LOST! My hearing isn`t as good as it once was and thus I couldn`t hear my dad calling to me. I had sense enough to remain in the area though and as darkness was comming on, I took shelter in an open shed. Dad later told me that he spent the night at that campground looking for me. As things turned out, I was destined to be lost for 2 nights. It was a bit scary!


Alaska 2007 Day 18

November 23rd 2007 3:10 pm
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Wed Sept 26

After another morning swim at the Chena Hot Springs, Dad toured the Ice Museum on the resorts property. This is a large refrigerated Igloo type building which is super cooled to about 15 degrees farenheit. Inside, an ice artist was at work chiseling from a massive block of ice. She had done many carvings and they were all displayed inside this building. There were ice chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. An ice bar complete with martini glasses,liquor bottles,an ornate railing---all made of ice! There were such items as a jousting knight on horseback and a chess set. There were even 2 "hotel" rooms with ice beds. It was truly an amazing sight!

We left the Fairbanks area at mid day and travelled south back down the Alaska highway towards the town of Tok where we stayed in a nice motel room for a change! I was glad to lounge on the soft bed!

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