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The Adventures of Smiley

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Goodbye Dogster!

July 12th 2016 8:53 am
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I was Dad`s first dog on Dogster. Just wanted to post this final entry on Dogster`s last day. Goodbye and thanks for the good times and fond memories!

Paws from across the Bridge,


Farewell,Dogster! Thanks for the memories!

January 17th 2014 6:46 am
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Writing with a heavy heart here from across the Rainbow Bridge. I was here at Dogster`s beginning in 2004 and made many friends on this site. It was fun to share my adventures via diary entries. Just wanted to post this final entry and say goodbye and best wishes to all my Dogster pals. Dad will try and keep my memory alive via Facebook and Shutterfly.

Best wishes to all,


Smiley`s first diary entry! Posted in the year Dogster was- founded!

January 15th 2014 12:43 pm
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September 25th 2004 1:26 pm
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My Dad is taking me to the Grand Canyon starting tonite. I am so excited and really looking forward to the trip! Will add new entrys to my diary upon my return.


P.S. On this 10th anniversary year,let me wish you a Happy 10th Anniversary from across the Bridge. I hope that you are around for many years to come!


Dog Calendar pick

August 31st 2013 7:39 pm
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I crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago,thus it came as a pleasant surprise to me when a photo that my dad had submitted several years ago was chosen for the 2014 Workman Publishing 365 Dog Calendar. The photo shows me with the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco in the background. It was taken on our trip there in 2006. My photo appears on the Dec 6,2014 page. I sure enjoyed taking that trip with my dad!


A warm welcome for our dear pal,Wesley!

March 24th 2013 6:51 am
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Our dear pal,Wesley,from Donner Lake,CA,recently made the journey across Rainbow Bridge. This journey can be a bit disconcerting for a pup as they are leaving their beloved person or persons behind. At the same time,the Rainbow Bridge is a wonderful place and with the help of other angels here,the new pup soon feels at home. My Bridge family,Butch,Lady and myself are glad to welcome Wesley. We will be showing him around this beautiful place! WELCOME WESLEY!

From across Rainbow Bridge,
PS The welcome photo is currently #2 on my page.


Geocaching with Dad from across the Bridge

January 14th 2013 9:10 am
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Before I crossed over the Rainbow Bridge,I enjoyed many adventures with my Dad. Late in my life,Dad and I took up the hobby of Geocaching. For the uninformed,this involves finding a hidden container using your GPS. Yesterday,Dad visited one of the first geocaches that we found together way back in 2007. Dad just wanted to hunt it down again since he was exploring the area with my brother,Wesley. Dad used his GPS to find the cache but my spirit helped to guide him along as well! I`ve posted some pix of this geocaching event here on my page.
Love from across the Bridge,


Eagle,Alaska---Amundsen---and the South Pole

December 14th 2011 2:25 pm
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In 2002,Dad and I took a trip to Alaska. It was my 2nd trip there with him and we hiked the Chilkoot Trail---used by gold seekers in the Klondike Gold Rush---as well as the Kesugi Ridge trail in Denali Park. As we were leaving the state,we drove the Taylor Highway from Tok to Eagle Alaska. Eagle is a small town on the Yukon River and most of the buildings there are log cabins! Dad came upon a statue of Roald Amundsen here and a plaque which read that he had stopped here on his discovery of the Northwest Passage. This was a few years before his famous polar journey of 1911. I thought it appropriate to post this as well as a photo of me in Eagle on this day which is the 100th anniversary of the South Pole journey. I am still having many grand adventures here across the Bridge!


Remembering September 11,2001

September 11th 2011 12:51 pm
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On this 10th anniversary of the tragic events of Sept 11,2001 I thought that I would share my story on where I was on that fateful day.

Dad and I were on our first Alaska trip together---he had adopted me the year before as a result of my brother Butch`s accident as they were headed home from Alaska in the fall of 2000. We had left home on the night of Sept 6 and after a few days traveling,had just reached the Alaska Highway on Sept 10. We camped that night at the Charlie Lake campground about 60 miles from the start of the Alaska Hwy in Dawson Creek,British Columbia. Dad and I awoke early the next morning and he took me on a walk along the trail that leads from the campground down to Charlie Lake. We returned to the tent,broke camp,and backtracked a short distance to the town of Fort St John where Dad wanted to stop for breakfast at a McDonalds. We were listening to a tape casette and didn`t have live radio on thus we were ignorant of the unfolding events of Sept 11,01. He left me in the car (promising to bring me back a hash brown) and went inside. As he was sitting down,he overheard a woman at a nearby table comment that a plane had crashed in Pennsylvania. Dad didn`t think too much of it at the time,as planes do after all crash now and then. He went out to his car and turned on the radio just as the 2nd tower was collapsing. Dad was in shock as he couldn`t visualize something that massive coming down! Then we learned that the US/Canada border was closed. Dad was wondering just how long we might be stuck in Canada. For the next few days,we followed the news whenever we could as radio reception can be sporadic along the remote towns of the Alaska Hwy. Fortunately the border was quickly reopened. As we were crossing into Skagway,Alaska a few days after Sept 11,Dad observed that the poor lady at the customs booth seemed rather nervous! Probably as a US government official,she felt herself to be somewhat of a target. Dad gave me my first hike along the Chilkoot Trail in Skagway(this trail was used during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898)then we returned back into Canada and journeyed up to the Alaska mainland. Traveling throughout Canada Dad was heartened by commentators on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)who professed their solidarity with the US at this difficult time. In the small town of Dawson City in Canada`s remote Yukon Territory a local resident even had an American flag in the window of their log cabin! As we neared the border of the lower 48 on the way home,we passed a fuel truck in Alberta that had a US flag on the back!
We were thus not in the US when the events of Sept 11,2001 unfolded,but this is how we experienced them. Dad and I were to travel to Alaska again in 02,05,and 07 but this trip remains special to us both.


Memorial at Best Friends

November 9th 2010 6:00 am
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I am living life to the fullest here across the Rainbow Bridge. There are many new adventures to be had,good food,warm sunshine---what`s not a pup to like about this place? Still in spite of everything,I do miss my Dad very much. Recently he took a trip out West with my brother Wesley and visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah. There is a lovely memorial garden here known as ANGEL`S REST and Dad had a wind chime placed in it in my memory. It reads "I Love you Smiley,you were a good trail dog. Love John" It will make a melodious tinkling sound along with the hundreds of other chimes here. In this way,we Bridge Angels can sing a song to our loved ones left behind. Thanks Dad for remembering me in this special way! I will NEVER forget you!

♥ Smiley ♥

P.S. There is a photo of the wind chime on my page!


At the Bridge for 1 year

August 7th 2010 8:03 pm
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Well I`ve been here for a year as of today. Life across the Rainbow Bridge has been rich and rewarding. I`ve explored numerous exciting places,setting paw in realms unimaginable back on earth. To quote a line from an old song "What a long strange trip it`s been"! Yes,it has been a wonderful new adventure here,but still things aren`t quite the same without my Dad here to share the adventure with me! I`ll always cherish the times we spent together back on earth,Dad---the many hikes along the Appalacian Trail,trips to Alaska and the Grand Canyon,and just the ordinary times together walking thru the park,chewing on a meaty bone that you bought me from Petsmart,or snuggling up beside you as a scary thunderstorm raged outside. The day will come when we`re reunited and our grandest Bridge adventures will begin! Watching over you,Dad!
♥ Smiley

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