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My Diary

Let's Play Tag...

October 25th 2007 2:17 pm
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Hello Pups, I have been tagged by my pup pal Eve.
Here's the rules to the game:
Once you are tagged you write 7 facts about yourself in your diary.
Then you have to tag 7 pals by sending them a rosette or paw-mail and instruct them to read your diary for the rules of the game.
Have fun!!!

Here are 7 facts about me...

1. I love to chase the cat that lives with us and pounce on him.
2. I hate the rain but I love to play in puddles and get wet & muddy.
3. I met a new human today and I love him, he fed me Crispers.
4. Every time the kids go for a bike ride I whine & vry at the door til they get back. Mom says someday I'll get to go too.
5. I weigh 41 lbs now and I'm 5.5 months old
6. I bark at other dogs on the TV
7. I have been tagged in this game before.

Now here are the 7 pups I have tagged...

1. Toby ID #579460
2. Bella ID # 468312
3. Kaiya ID # 590951
4. Tegan ID # 607150
5. Dasha ID # 493005
6. Beaudacioius ID # 638298
7. Maximus ID # 522034


Camping Thanksgiving Weekend

October 10th 2007 1:37 pm
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Dear Diary,

We went camping again!!! It was so much fun, I even got brave enough to go swimming in the lake! I jumped in all by myself too, no one had to try to coax me at all. I just decided to go chase a stick I saw floating by and next thing I knew I was swimming!!! The water was cold but I didn't carae, Mommy cared though, she kept calling me in to dry off and sit by the fire than I would sneak away again when she wasn't looking to go jump in the lake again.... BOL

We cooked Thanksgiving Dinner at the camp and everything, I even got to have some Turkey and stuffing, it was yummy.

Daddy & Mommy said this is our last camping trip this year cause it's getting too cold out. I can't wait until it gets warm outside so we can go again. I love camping so much!!!


We have a visitor for a few days...

July 31st 2007 12:21 pm
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Dear Diary,

Grammi & Grampie's dog Toby is here for a few days. Mommy is baby sitting him so that Grammie & Grampie can have a little vacation time.
He's only been here a couple hours and he is annoying! When I tried to greet him when they first arrived he got mad at me and we started to fight. Toby thinks he's gonna be the boss of me but Mommy says this is my house and wants me to learn that too and not to let him boss me around in my own house.
Right now we are both napping. I like Toby I just don't like when he tried to fight with me. I hope he'll like me and play with me. When I went to his house a couple weeks ago we played and he never tried to fight. Maybe when we wake from our naps evrything will be ok. BOL


Weekend Trip

July 16th 2007 11:05 am
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Dear Diary,

Mommy took me on a long car ride, I wasn't to crazy about it but I did settle to have a nap after a while. Mommy also made frequent stops so I could potty and have a little drink and stretch my paws. So it wasn't all bad.

I got to meet Grammie & Papa's dog Toby. As soon as we met I wanted to play, but he was a little territorial at first and just wanted to watch me so he growled a little when I tried to play. After a while we were running through the house like we had been pals forever. We played Tag with each other a lot. We even shared our toys with each other.
Woof... oh oh oh... speaking of toys!!!.... Grammie and Papa bought me a new toy to welcome me to the family!!! It's a floaty kong attached to a rope!!! I love it so much!!!! When someone throws it I love to chase it!!!

One day the humans had a BBQ outside and I got to play around in the grass with my new Kong. I also found a tree that was fun to try and dig up. The humans all kept trying to stop me from digging at it. But every time they were not looking I got a little more digging in. I had a nice hole there by the time the BBQ was over. Maybe next time we go to visit I'll get that tree dug right out!!! BOL

I miss Toby now that I'm back home, Three days was just not enough time with my new friend. I can't wait to go visit again!!!

I been driving Mommy carzy since we got back home yesterday too... I am so wound up with energy!!! I've been running all over the place and all of a sudden... I don't want my morning nap anymore. and... BOL... and.... Awroooooo.... BOL..... I just dumped over my water bowl on the floor....BOL... well.... Mommy was on the computer typing this up and I wanted her attention!!! so there!!!... hehehe (evil puppy laugh)


So many new things...

July 10th 2007 6:21 am
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Dear Diary,
I am settling into my new home very well. I don't wake up at 1:00am anymore, I wait until 5:00am when Daddy is on his way to work. I'm doing my potty outside (most of the time) sometimes I have an accident indoors, but I'm getting better at that.

A few days ago Mommy got me all wet, She put me in the tub and said I needed a bath. I wasn't to impressed. I kept trying to climb out of the tub. After a bit I did sttle to it and Mommy soaped me all up and scrubbed me down and rinsed me off. After it was over she rubbed me down in a big fluffy towl and cuddled me. So it wasn't too bad after all.

Yesterday after Mommy came home from work she took me on another car ride. I'm still trying to get use to that car. After a bit we stopped at a new place. There were strange smells there. I met another dog there and a cat. They took me into this other room and up on a high table. Then I got to meet another Human. She was a Vet I heard Mommy say. I liked the Vet , she kept giving me treats and petting me while she talked to Mommy. Then she pinched the back of my neck a bit, Mommy said that was one of my Vaccines. After a minuted it was itchy and I scratched it. Vaccines aren't too bad, I thought they would hurt more, but I hardly felt it at all. Mommy was proud of me for being such a good girl while we were there.

On the way home from the Vet we stopped at a store where I was alowed to go in too. Mommy let me pick out a chew toy and a few treats for being so good at the Vets. Then we went home and I had a big nap.

I've been having so much fun with my new Human Family!!! I Love them so much!!!


I'm Home!!!

July 6th 2007 2:29 pm
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Dear Diary;
I am finally at my new home! A week early too. My Doggy-Mom, Whitney, was getting tired of feeding my brothers and sisters and me, well, she was plain getting tired of us. BOL

My new human Mommy and Daddy named me Dakota, I love my name!
I also have two human sisters and a human brother and a fur brother(he's a cat) He's a strange one too! He doesn't like to play like I do, all he does is sleep all day! What's with that???!!!

My first day home I arrived just after Supper time. I was a little unsure of the car ride home, I had never been in a car before. I kept climbing up wanting to look out the window. After I got to my new home my new human sisters and brother greeted me. They petted me, hugged me, kissed me, cuddled me. Then I layed down and had a nap on the comfy pink blankie that my new Mommy says is all mine!!! I love it!!! When it was bed time I cried, I didn't like being left all alone in my crate. So my new Mommy didn't get much sleep the first night.
When I woke up early in the morning my new Daddy was the one there that took me out to potty. Then he had to go away again to go to work and I cried again because everyone else was still in bed. A little while later everyone else was up. I got to have breakfast then go outside to potty again. Then I napped until almost Lunch time while my new parents were at work. It was just me and my new human siblings at home. Then they got me up to play, that was fun!! I met my strange cat brother too. He is quite odd, he sleeps more than I do!!! and he doesn't like to play like I do. I slept better this evening, I fell asleep a little after 9:00 and didn't wake up until around 1:00am and cried, and whined, and howled, and barked until my new Daddy came down to see what all the ruckus was about. I told him I had to pee so he took me outside in the dark, it was a little scary but I did pee. Then we came back in and he told me I had to go back to bed but I put up a fuss, the softy that my new Daddy is he took me out and cuddled me on the couch where we both fell asleep. I woke up in the morning in my crate so he must have put me back in after a while.
Today while the parents were at work again I played with my human brother & sisters a lot. I also tried to get the cat to play but he didn't want to. He just kept disappearing and hiding on me. HIDE & SEEK!!!! what fun!!!
We went for another car drive today, Mommy had to show me off where she works. There are some funny smells at that place. She also put me on some big platform that she called a scale, she wanted to see how much I weighed. I weigh 11 lbs. Mommy says I'm a big girl!!!

I also have a bunch of new toys, my favorite is this long stuffed thing that my new parents brought with them when they came to pick me up, My doggy Dad & Mom and one of my doggy brothers had fun playing with it while my new human parents visited with the other humans. I got to bring that toy to my new home and I cuddled with it all night because it smelled like my doggy family. I also have a little stuffed toy that my human brother gave me, it's fun because it's small enough that I can carry it aroundd with me. I also have a tennis ball, an orange ball-hockey ball, and a bigger pink ball that's almost as big as I am, it's fun to chase accross the room.

yawwwnnnnn.... almost bed time again.


Tag... You're it

July 3rd 2007 12:28 pm
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Woof to all the Doggies,

I've been tagged by my Pup Pal Levi from Alberta, Canada.
( ) I don't know how to link yet, but that's his page address.

RULES OF THE GAME: (copy and paste)

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose some dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Now... for the 7 pawsome facts about me...

1. I'm a mixed breed, my doggy Dad is a White Boxer and my doggy Mom is a Black Lab, but I came out looking brown with white markings.

2. My new human Mom & Dad came to see me and my brothers & sisters when we were almost 4 weeks old, they came looking for a boy but Hu_Mom fell in love with me I was just too adorable I guess. BOL

3. When we play outside I love to chase my doggy Dad's tail, he never lets me catch it though.

4. I love to lay in the water bowl in our nursery pen.

5. I'm a major snuggler, no matter who is holding me I will snuggle in and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. Arooooo.... I love to Snuggle, I'm going to be a big lap dog when I grow up.

6. I like to chew on sticks when we play outside. My new Hu-Mom has a picture of me doing that. Must be cause I'm teething. I'll have to tell her to post that pic.

7. The white bib on mt chest has light brown polka dots on it and just below it there is a white circle shape, my hu-mom thought it was so cute.

The Pups I have Tagged are...

Jerry at
Linda at
Enzo at
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a name for me??? July 2, 2007

July 2nd 2007 7:51 am
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Dear Diary,

My new human Mommy & Daddy have still not decided on a name for me, I'm hoping they pick one by the time I move home with them. I hear they have a list going that they add too and scratch off as they find or decide against names on. My Mommy has a favorite that Daddy is not to sure of, but I think she will win out on the choice of my name. My new human brother and sisters have been adding ideas to the list as well. Some are vetoed quick others are staying on the list. I just hope they don't pick out a "foo foo" name for me, I'm in no way a foo foo puppy. BOL


About Me... June 27/07

June 27th 2007 1:11 pm
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Dear Diary,
I am about 6 weeks old now. I get to go to my new home in about 2 weeks!!!

My first memories are that I was in our nursery, My brothers and sisters in my litter, My birth Mom & Dad and their humans were the only ones I knew. Then when I was almost 4 weeks old some new people started coming to our house to see me and my brothers and sisters. and one day, there were two humans who just fell in love with me and decided that I was the one they would adopt. I heard them say they were orriginally planning on getting a boy puppy, but I guess I was just too cute for them to pass up. BOL
About a week later they came back to visit and play with me. I loved cuddling on my new Daddy's lap, and my new Mommy took so many pictures of me I was starting to see stars in my eyes from the flashing. I love them already!

Then on last Sunday they came back to visit again. And guess what!!!???!!! They brought 3 more smaller humans with them...I also am going to have 2 human sisters and 1 human brother!!! They played with me so much I was exhausted and ready for a nap when they left. We got to play outside in the grass. I got to run around, chew on sticks, chase my birth dads tail and try to catch it. (I never could catch it though) I even followed my birth mom around trying to get a little snack, I managed to get a little. For some reason she doesn't want to nurse us as much as before. But we are also getting a bit of real food too now, and that is yummy!!!

I've heard my new Mommy mention that I also have a fur-brother waiting at my new home. His name is Charlie, and he's a cat. I'm not sure if I've ever met a cat before. I wonder if Charlie will let me chase his tail like my birth dad does. I hope Charlie will like me.

I'm so excited!!! Only about 2 more weeks til I go to my new home!!!

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