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My Shenanigans

My Weekend in Vallejo

January 5th 2010 6:43 pm
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Last weekend mom took Nitro and I to a flyball tournament. It was so much fun! I don't compete yet. I just love the excitement, treats, and attention I get. So many people walk around with treats in their pockets! AND they like to give them to me when I give them my cute face.

I turned 3 years old the day after Christmas. Not a big deal to me. But mom keeps saying just in the past 2 weeks that she thinks I'm starting to mature! I'm not sure what that means. Mom seems happy about it.


The sheep outsmarted us.

November 12th 2009 7:39 pm
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There is no more sheep chasing. I thought they were dumber than door knobs. But somehow they figured out to go into their pen when mom gets home from work. Then they get to be out all night. In the morning they're back in the pen again! Mom trained them with grain. There's still a rare occasion when they forget to come in, and if mom's in a hurry she'll let us out with muzzles. That's my lucky day! Off I go like a rocket to torment them...


Me and those exciting sheep.

July 25th 2009 7:55 pm
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Earlier this year, mom totaled the lawn mower. It ran over it's last dog toy I guess, and went all katywampus. Is that a word? Anyways mom was so tired of dealing with the mower that she bought 2 sheep. OMG! SOOOOOO fun to chase!!! Me and my sis Bullet think they look like lunch. Mom gets so mad when we go after them. I just can't resist! She even named them "Kibbles" and "Bit." Mmmmmmm... I like to grab onto the wool as they run. Bullet likes to nip up the face and ears. What else are sheep good for? Now mom put a damper on the fun, we can only go out with our muzzles on. We still chase them but once we corner them all we can do is poke at them with our noses. Lame!!! Even the sheep are onto us- they learned to just go into a corner and freeze. That ends the chase pretty quick. But it's fun for a minute! I recommend all you doggies hide your toys in the tall grass. Especially the hard ones like Nylabones, and rope toys work well too. If you can break the mower, maybe you can get sheep too!


I'm Hooligan!

March 30th 2009 6:11 pm
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Hi, I'm Hooligan! I'm supposed to be a whippet, but I'm way over the maximum allowable height for a whip. Not quite a greyhound though. Mom calls me a "Grippet." I'm learning flyball. It's still confusing to me for now. Mom tells me not all dogs can be perfect like my sister Nitro, she reassures me I'll get it eventually. Something about "boys being slower"?!? I love roughhousing with my sister Bullet, and I love chasing squirrels too. I'm not very stealthy at it though, they always hear me coming. But I never give up. I get a lot of boo-boos. Last weekend I got my leg caught in the fence chasing a squirrel. And before that, I got a sinus bone cracked on my head when my sis Bullet and I got into a squabble over who got to eat some barf! You know, the good kind that happens just after eating. It's like a second meal! Mom was pretty embarrassed explaining that to the vet. But a few staples later and I'm fine. I no longer breathe out of my forehead. I'm always up to some sort of shenanigans, it keeps mom busy. That's it for now! I gotta go chase the cat.

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