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Dreams Come True

Barkette Cheerleaders.....are the ones to- know!

March 19th 2009 7:56 am
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Barkette Cheerleaders are a group of cheerleaders and mascots that care about each and everyone of us.....we pray for you, we send rossies to you, and we even make wings for those who go to Rainbow Bridge. I am proud to be a Barkette Cheerleaders and mostly proud of those who care with team!



August 24th 2008 7:56 pm
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I love to slay the Spoiled pUgs onthe Fourth Sunday night at dusk. We live in the Palace there and each noble lady and knights take charge of the work, the toil and the slaying of the dragons ...just because we need to make puppies safe from danger......

I rode a horse upon the dragons tail and sliced it off with my sword....swish...swosh....and dragon tail was slosh...and we cooked it up for dinner....and I did get Simon Pieman out of the dragon's mouth one time.....cuz I love that little bugger!

Great dragons have come to take Pupingham Palace away, however we have prevailed....we do not quit and we fight until we win!
We are honorable and noble and save our kingdom!


July is Salute to Pug Rescue Month..for me! Thanks to Pug- Pals and SP

July 3rd 2008 4:46 am
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Every year I have a platform and it is the same every salute those puppies and families that have rescued a pup from being put down just because no one wanted them!

I was rescued at 5 years and 7 months.....I thought I was over the hill and no one wanted me.....but I was mommy wanted me and I lick her face everyday cuz she brought me home....and I showed her that almost 6 is not too old to have fun and be me!.....................I even learned to SWIM!..............

I do live with a younger bradda............but ...............................he is OK most of the time.......................................I do have a forever home and that is all that is important to me! My older sister loves me too and she showed me the ropes....thanks Mom, King Spivey and Cali!
Pug Pals, and Spoiled Pugs slautes Pug Rescue Month with me.....thanks to those sites for carrying my message!


I am a Spoiled Pug...and I have been rescued to a forever- home!

April 6th 2008 8:23 pm
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I am a Spoiled Pug because I was rescued at 5 years and 7 months. I was rescued after my first mommy went to hospice and no one wanted me. That is very hard on a pretty little lady like me. I stayed at a foster home for a long time and then my new mommy came and picked me up and said she would love me forever. It was heaven all over again. I lick her face every day for loving me. That is why I think I am a Spoiled Pug, because I have been loved twice and I am still loved …….even though I am a tough little cookie. I do some things that have bad consequences. That is the cougar in me!
So I am Spoiled because I am loved. I am Spoiled because I have a family that loves me. I am Spoiled because I have the best of a dogs life and Spoiled Pug’s LIFE.


He got down on his Knee....My Simon Pieman!

March 8th 2008 8:20 pm
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March 5, 2008....That is the biggest day ever in my short life!

My Simon Pieman proposed to front of every puppie at the Spring Fling at Spoiled Pugs! Oh he was brave...and the engagement rose was so beautiful! I said YES..cuz he is my man! I love my Simon Pieman!


Can you believe even at 5.7 years old -I got a forever home!

June 23rd 2007 7:00 pm
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My family is so cool they wanted me! I am a little moody though! Today, I chased the Direct TV Man and tried to bite him on the ankle. But, Mommy said good puggies do not bite! I wanted to show my new family how I love them, by biting this guy,but it made mommy mad at me! Spivey and Cali just laughed thier tales off when mommy yelled at me! I felt so bad, but mommy carried me upstairs and said, "you are going to be re-directed into some other things, " and she gave me a toy! OK, so do I bite him again for another toy? Spivey is laughing at me again, so I guess I better go show him my bossy side, See you soon!

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