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The Feeling of Emptiness

February 27th 2009 11:50 pm
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Dada’s day off and usually sleep in late. Lassie has to wait for us to wake up. She was always a good girl and wait patiently for us. However, sometimes she can’t take it anymore and of course comes in and lick’s dada’s face … those were the days.

Anyways, today was different but for a moment I felt she would come charging through the bedroom door and jump on the bed- but that didn’t happen.My days are usually spent being at the computer ( Dogster) when I am done with chores etc. Nothing appeals to me these days. I have so many things to finish; I have to thank so many friends for their love and support. But I just can’t bring myself to doing anything …I just can’t focus.

We decided we must clean out the fridge and get some fresh groceries. When we are cleaning out the fridge we realized that most of the things in the fridge were for Lassie…more tears and sobbing.

We were at the mall and then went to the hypermarket .we passed the pet section and the heavy feeling returned. We finished with the purchases and were standing in line to checkout. I suddenly realized that the lady in front of us had bought some dog food.Seeing the pedigree cans being rung in didn’t help a bit. Memories started flooding back again and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. Dada tried his best to distract my thoughts so that I could compose myself.

Lisa Smith founder of Canine Liver Disease Foundation (Helping to Heal) has requested that she would like to put up Lassie’s story (Diary entry February 22) and some photos of Lassie in her blog posted on February 26, 2009(Thursday).

We also received some humbling news from our dear pals Rocky andSarge. They informed us that they have made a donation in Lassie’s name to the The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary at Montana. The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Montana rescues and shelters disabled doggies and also other animals for life. That was so touching; their kind gesture will never be forgotten.

To help those in need is one of the noblest of deeds that one can do. I truly appreciate you honoring Lassie by helping others in her name. You really have a big heart. May god bless you always. Thank you for being such a great friend.

Our friends are advising us to find a new place to live in. We want to move out but at the same time we don’t want to. Most of Lassie’s memories are in this home. She lived most of her life here and it will be hard to leave. We actually did go out to look at another apartment which was actually quite nice. But we haven’t really made up our minds yet.

Life goes on no matter how hard the journey, we need to take it in our stride ,one day at a time .In the end there is always joy and happiness .


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