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Home:Columbia, SC  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 13 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 1-10 lbs

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New Name! ~ Cody Bear! ~ CoBear, Bear, Cody Willie, Barkley, Cody Wody (sorry, it rhymes), Bo Bo, Co Co, Baby Boy

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:

April 7th 2004

Attention! All people, All animals, especially his sister, Bella.

Doesn't like to be ignored, or ignored, or ignored, or being told no.

Favorite Toy:
Anything that rattles or squeaks, or with stuffing so he can take it out.

Favorite Food:
Stuff he's not allowed to have. He especially likes it when daddy cooks and "accidentally" drops food.

Favorite Walk:
Anywhere there are alot of people that will pay attention to him.

Best Tricks:
Tricks? Is he suppose to do tricks? Well, I guess he does do the "hop" when he wants a new chewy bone. Does that count? Now that I think of it, he sits on command (eventually).

Arrival Story:
After the loss of our beloved Yorkie of 13 yrs (Skeeter) our house seemed a little too quiet. We started looking for a new pet and when we found Cody in a pet shop, our hearts melted at the little ball of white fluff. We brought him home he was the perfect puppy, very loving and cuddly. Cody never meets a stranger. He loves everyone and all creatures!

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Cody - aka Barkley (I live to BARK!)

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June 22nd 2007 More than 9 years!

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I's A Fwiendly Type of Guy.......Why can't all dogs- be??????

April 10th 2011 6:08 am
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I's a berry fwiendly type of guy and wuv eberyone and eberyfur when I go for walks!

Mom takes me and my sissy, Bella for walks and to meet all da fwiendly peeples and furs....oh what fun to meet dem!

Mom got a doggy stroller so Bella can ride onna count of hers got bad back legs dat poppy outta joint when her wuns and walks. Hers can only walk a wittle before hers can't handle it anymore.

Last week Mom wuz sure glad hers had Bella zipped safely in her buggy, cuz a fwiendly big dog wuz gettin to know me, but wanted to meet her too. It fweaked her out, cuz he stuck his head in where mom had the zippy ting openeded a little. Well, mom zippyed it up quick and we had to leaved weally slickity quick to calm Bella. Now, she's a wittle skiddish awound udder dogs.......Not ME....I wuvs EBERYFUR!

But yesterday......OMD.....I wuz ready to meet a couple of new schnauzers and dey were runnin up to meet me!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.....I wuz so cited ober meetin new furs! I's putted on my happy to meet ya face ....... Eberyfur always wuvs my happy to meet ya face......hey, what's not to wuv about my happy to meet ya face?

One of dem's leashy wuz on da gwound floppin behind him. All ob a sudden he wan up to me.......I's said, I's so happy to meet you......but wait.....he didn't hab a happy face back to me!

All of a sudden.....He attacked me! wuz awful and hurted me weally weally bad.....I wuz wailin and mom gotted me up weally quick like, but I wuz still wailin......and da doggies momma wuz twying to keep dem off me. Dey kepted jumpin, jumpin, jumpin up on mom, eben scwatchin her leg.

Dere momma wuz berry apologetically like and declared deys fwindly pups. Mom put me in da stroller to keep dem away from me and to keep them off her. Hers looked at me, but didn't see any blood. Mom petted da pups to make dere momma feel betta. Me don't tink da mom knew her dog akshually bit me.

When we's got home, mom tooked me out of da stroller and watched me walk so hers felted betta. In about 5 minutes her seed dat I wuz limpin and looked like I's in pain. Her's checked me all ober and founded blood on da top of my leg. It wuz a deep puncture wound fwom da bite! Her's felt bad her didn't see it before, but I's gots lots of fur! Her cleaned me up and putted pwessure to make da blood stop pourin out. Den hers put some gooy stuffs on it.

Mom told me to stay on da couchy and west my leg. Oh no!.....Hers leafin da room!......Don't leaf me alone on da couchy! I's always follows her eberywhere she goes...eben in da potty room! BOL!......No privacy when I'm awound! ....... I's got to follow her.....ouchy!.......Oh dat hurted.....why did I jump off da couchy? I's such a goof ball! Hers told me to stay dere, but I's kind of a "do my own ting" sorta pup. Hmmmm, guess I shuda listened dis time. Her fweaked out cuz it had blood comin out again! Hers had to getted it to stopped again.

I sez, Mom, why didn't dat dog like me? Why did he hurted me like dat? Mom sez all pups aren't so nice. Some of dem are scared and they bite to scare you so you won't hurt them.....WHAT???? ........ Doesn't my happy face tell em I's wantin to be fwiends? ...... Geez, I thot I had a GREAT happy to meet you face! ..... much to tink about! ...... Will I still be a happy go lucky pup? ..... Do I have to not trust ebery pup I see? ... WHAT KIND OF LIFE IS THAT? much to tink about.... me little pea brain is hurtin from all dis tinkin! Well, it's bedtime .... hope I can haf happy puppy dreams!

After mom put me in da bed wiff her and I's had a good nites of westy, I's feelin betta today! I's still weally sore and mom's watchin me weal careful like.

I wuv my mom, and hers hopin I learned a lesson to listen to her betta, but....hmmm....we'll see bout dat! I's still gotta be me!

I's not sure if I will still be weally twustin of udder pups, but we'll see. Today I will get to ride with Bella when we go for our walk! Mom will keep us zipped up safe and sound in da buggy!


WOWZERS! We's Famous!

June 4th 2010 7:06 pm
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Can you balieve it? We's famous now! We's gots our picture in a neighborhood paper! Our mom wuvs to go for walks, but she didn't take us wif her because she likes to go on long, long, long walks! She sez we can't keep up wif her. What's she talkin bout? I can run circles around her so fast she'd get dizzy! BOL!!! Poor little Bella hafs a disability wif her knees, dey pop outta joint and den she can't walk berry good. So, she usually last just about a block before she sits down and wants mom to carry her. Mom felt bad not taking us wif her so she got a bright idea to take our skin nephew's (Cody)stroller for Bella. We wuz lookin at her like she wuz cwazy! We said, where's little Cody? She said, this is for Bella when she gets tired and when Cody Bear gets tired. I thought our momma's dun lost her mind! I don't get tired! So off we go, mom pushin da stroller and me and Bella walkin on our leashes. So Bella didn't last long and mom put her in da stroller. Well, Bella wuz wuvin it! She wuz sittin dere watching eberytin. She wuz tellin me how cool it wuz to be ridin instead of walkin.

Well, I gotta tell you I didn't know anyone could walk as long as mom did, but I wuz tryin to be really macho and keep up wif her. Finally we wuz coming up to a big hill and mom sez, Cody Bear, "I tink you need to ride wif Bella fur awhile." Hey, she's my mom, I gots to do what she sez! Here we wuz, ridin around and I really liked it! Wowzers! Dis is a whole new world up on dis level of lookin at tings. What a way to see da neighborhood! Not only dat, but people would stop and talk to us and thot we's cute ridin in da stroller. Well, dis car starts comin towards us and a man pulls ober and sez, "I just got to get a picture of dis!!! Mom sez, you can take a picture of da dogs, but I'm not gonna be in it! He sez, you haf to be in it. I'm puttin dis in da Columbia Star Neighborhood paper! Well, mom finally sez ok and she explained why she brings da stroller.

Well, mom forgot about it and today we's walkin in our neighborhood and dis man wuz walkin by and sez, hey, you're famous, you're on da front page of da newspaper. Sure enuf, mom went to get some papers and dere we were big as life! She about freaked out looking at da big picture on da front page. She had been walkin and sweatin for 1 1/2 hours, wif her hair frizzin out and no make up on. She sez, she wuz glad she had her sunglasses on! BOL! Wuts da deal wif all dat gook on da face anyway? Me and Bella don't wear make up and we look fine!

So, dats da story of how we became famous. Anyone want an pawtagwaph? Dey are free for now, but when we get really famous they may be worth sumfin! Who knows, we might make it to the big papers someday. Hey mom, where's my sungwasses? Gotta be careful of dose puperotzi peeple. Dey's always twyin to take pictures of da stars! I'z a star now and stuff like dat. :o}


Hey! I've been tagged to Play Seven! Yay!!!

March 11th 2009 2:57 am
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Play Seven!

It is the name of the new game . I've been tagged by my good friend
Peek A Boo and I am going to tell you 7 things about me.

1- I am a very friendly pup.
2- I sleep with mom, dad & Bella in da big bed!
3- I love to eat cucumbers, but they haf to be cut up little!
4- I am a picky eater unless dad drops some chicken ~ BOL!
5- I don't haf a girlfriend, but wuv to flirt wif all da girls!
6- I really perk up when mom says, "wanna go for a walk?".
7- My middle name is Barkley.....dats cuz I wuf to bark! BOL!

Furfriends I am tagging , please don't disappoint me and keep on with
the Play Seven game

1- Cody - 801108
2- Mikey - 529865
3- Andy - 51505
4- Buttercup - 396743
5- Smitty Mac Vicar - 941179
6- Sonny - 464037
7-Fitzcarin - 740435

Let's have fun and get to know each other better , that's the name of the game : Play Seven

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