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Is it tough to have a diary?

mommy made us a dining table of our very own!

May 29th 2006 3:16 pm
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its the coolest thing. my brother charlie and my sister emma get to eat right next to me- like a table! i posted a pic so you could see. if you want me too, i can see if mommy will make you one! 028tu.jpg


What a busy past couple months...

January 11th 2005 8:08 pm
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Yeah, the months fly by the older you get... now that I'm 2 years and 9 months old. AND what the HECK is mommy feeding Charlie??? The boy is up to 52 pounds now and he's only 8 months old. AND he thinks he is going to pass me up. NOT LIKELY! So I have figured out this evil plan. Each night I sneak in the kitchen and hurry up and eat all the food. I am up to 88 pounds now, and I'm still growing. So there CHARLIE. :)~

Oh yeah, on Thanksgiving, my mommy said I had to be thankful for my little brother, so I am. psssttt, don't tell anyone but I love my little brother soooo much and I really am thankful to have him. Each night before we go to bed I wash the boys entire face.

Bowser *happy new year* Rock


I'm bored

November 23rd 2004 8:08 pm
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Hi my name is Bowser and I'm bored. Today I had to spend the day by myself. That stunk! Lucky Charlie got to go to see my buddy 'doctor'. Yeah, some of you crazy cats might think that's crazy, that I like going to see Mr. 'doctor' ..... BUT.... UMMM HELLO... they are crazy over there with the cookies. One after another, but I can lay on the charm.

OK - back to my boredom.... yeah, so mommy comes home from work with Charlie and they must have given him some goofy drugs because the boy isn't doing anything but sleeping. Yep..... boooorrrriinnnnngggg. Oh well, guess I will catch up on some sleep and see what kind of trouble I can get Charlie into tomorrow.

Bowser *evil grin* Rock!


My adventure!

October 24th 2004 7:57 pm
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Yeah, today my mommy took me to the park. hehe, Charlie had to stay home. Mommy says that Charlie isn't trained well enough yet to be trusted at the park. But I AM, nah nah nah Charlie, how do you like those apples.

The park was cool, my friend Bear was there, she's a sweet girl. There was also a lot of scary men there. My mommy says that there isn't a park where they don't allow men. What kind of town is this for goodness sake?!?! There was all kinds of crazy smells at the park, it's crazy.

OK, I gotta go to bed now, it's almost 8:30, wow, getting late.

Bowser *trail sniffing* Rock


How am I going to bring him up right?

October 16th 2004 8:53 pm
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That little Charlie.... gosh doggit! Today he tried really hard to get me into a lot of trouble. He decided that he was going to act like a dog or something and dig a hole and escape under the fence.

AND he doesn't listen to me for nothing. I kept trying to tell him that he was going to get into all kinds of trouble once mommy found him, and she WILL. He is a little hard headed, not sure what to do with that boy.

I will just try to do my best. Mommy, I am trying honestly!

Bowser *much more obedient than Charlie* Rock



September 19th 2004 8:02 am
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Well today is Sunday and Charlie came to live with me and my mommy on Friday. Although I don't like sharing my toys with Charlie, I really like having a little brother.

Charlie is a really good little brother and I love him!

~Bowser Rock~

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