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Dear Santa Paws

Tag! I'm It!

December 2nd 2008 11:24 am
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Wolfgang tagged me……….that snarky/sneaky little devil. You’re supposed to list 7 things about yourself & post it in your diary. Then pick 7 friends to pass it on to & have them do the same thing. Here are my 7 things.

1. My name was Mozart when I was a puppy. Our entire litter was named after classical composers.
2. I use to jump the fence when Mom & Dad weren’t home & they never knew it. I’d leave after they left & come home before they got home. I never once did it in front of them so it was hard to believe when the neighbor told Mom that I would come over & visit her & go home. Now there’s 8-foot privacy fence.
3. I’m 2 years old & have had 3 major surgeries. The first one was a urethrostomy. They re-route your urethra through your belly to an outside hole that the vet makes at your scrotum. I was neutered too early so my pee-pee bone didn’t develop fully. My 2nd surgery was the cruciate in my right knee this past April & my last surgery was last month on my left knee’s cruciate. I’ve been down for about a year now & it’s been very hard.
4. I’m a special boy & despite everything, I’m extremely joyful. I love to be happy & would eagerly wear a blister on my tongue, giving kisses.
5. I’m very, very smart. While I’m recuperating I learn tricks & before my injuries I was excellent in agility. Mom use to get mixed up & go the wrong way & the instructor would say “Mrs. Oaks. Just follow your dog”. BOL!!!!
6. I wash my face like a cat does & am very fussy about my appearance. A boy must look his best at all times.
7. Mom is absolutely head over heals in love with me. I own her.
You know the song? You made me love you………I didn’t wanna do it. I didn’t wanna do it. Well that’s absolutely what happened.
I’m just soooooooo smooooooooth.
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