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I've Been Valentine's Tagged

February 10th 2008 9:35 am
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I've Been Valentine's Day Tagged!

My Twin Pup Pal Abby # 583693 has Valentine's Day tagged me! Thanks Abby! Now I have to write 5 of my Valentine's Day wishes, so here they are!

1. I wish for Mommy and Daddy would give me Meaty Bone every day!
2. I wish that I had unending zealies so I could give evry pup rosettes!
3. I wish that all dogs and furries find a furever Home!
4. I wish to stop BSL ,all diseases like cancer,Seizures,PRA,and backyard breeders!
5. I wish to be able to meet some local pals this Spring!

I am going to tag 5 pals and notify them . Spread the Love Pups.....

My 5 Valentine's Tags are:
Louie #581183
Benny the Bruiser#152956
Chipper # 467498
Kiya # 671545

Happy Valentine's Day Hugs and pokes to All!!!


It is So Quiet....

February 8th 2008 10:51 am
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Well the house is so quiet. We had family visiting for a few weeks and now they have gone. I Loved having the company. It was busy with 7 people in a 2 br but we all get along thank dog.I got to play with the boys and got lots of attention and some treats too. My Uncle called me Delilah???!! It is a very pretty name so I dont mind. I miss them but will see them soon.

I am really enjoying our new home. I have that big yard to wander aound in. I am friends with the big Brown dog ,we call her, who lives behind the fence. The other neighbor pups cannot see me and bark and bark. I just cry and want to see them. I love to watch the world from the corner of the yard. Its not quite the same as looking out at the world from an upstairs window like in my old houses but I really like being able to go out and play alot more.

I met a real 100% cardigan corgi. They walk near here sometimes. My dad heard them say oh what a pretty Corgi terrier mix.,Ive never seen such a pretty coat. It made the parents feel good. It is crazy weather here,feels like SPRING! Speaking of being outside. I have to work on my recall. It is generally good when I have been offleash outside the yard but in the yard it is getting a bit lax. What can I say, I like watching the birds and oh those pesky squirrels. I know what I have been missing now,bol!! Oh and that BIG ole cat. He is almost as big as me and just loves to tease me. I love kittys but this guy looks as big as a dog and is really confident. Could he be in disguise??!


Missed you All!We're FinallyBack-Happy New Year!!

January 4th 2008 6:27 pm
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Well I want to send out a big WOOF,A Wiggle and Holiday greetings to ALL my Dogster & Catster pals and their families! From Thanksgiving though New Years!! By Dog I really,really missed everyone. I hope you all got lots of goodies and treats from the Big Red Ho Ho man aka Santy Paws,bol! I SAW him on a big Red truck with Loud Whining Sounds. He kept Woofing" HoHoHO" as they drove by us!! He said theres a Kid with a dog over there,Mommy loved that. She is a pint sized peanut Daddy said. I am enjoying my goodies as we woof right now in my New bed. I am Having the PawMom type for me,excuse typos please!! Aghh the Life of Reilly Ain't got Nothing on me BOL!;o)

A big Thanks for all the greetings and gifts. I have lots of catching up to do. BTW Happy Birthdays,Annifursaries,Best Wishes for those missed events too. I kept all in my prayers. I hope I did not miss anyone in return messges and all. If so please accept my apologies as I am just getting my head on straighter after the past 7 or so weeks ! She says I am crazzy sometimes!???? Hmmm lets not be the pot calling the kettle black huh Mommy!BOL. I Am A Brindle babe, hear me Arrrwoo!!! hehehe

Well as some know we had to Move house in November. It was a Big strain on the humans. My Beloved DaddyO got very, very sick and nearly could have died. He was really worn down and not feeling right. He had terrible headache and weakness(like nothing Moms ever seen) . We missed Thanksgiving with his parents visiting which he never would do. He wound up at the hospital ER in the middle of the night that weekend . Mommy was scared he had a stroke but it was his Kidneys! He was into full Renal failure and body shutting down. Drs were very worried as were all 0f us.He was there all week and out of work for sometime after. Him being home and still with us is a miracle for which we are ever gratefulas well as NO Dialysis. His Drs pushed to jump start his kidneys for 3 days and it Worked along with lots of prayer,medicines and care!! He has to really mind drinking enough water and fluids. Thanks to the headache he went to the ER and they were able to help him. Sadly he did not stay off those cigarettes but paws crossed someday soon. Mommy is now nagging him about his fluids,as the scare is wearing off a bit. He is still struggling to regain weight. No it is not better to be Too thin no matter what we think of wanting to Lose a few lbs folks. It really isn't.

Eat good food(some goodies too), Drink(Water lots) and Be Merry(Make them wonder what you're up too)!! Its good medicine really if ya think about it.

I had some regression in my Seperation Anxiety due to the stress in the house and being left alone so much right after the move. The pawrents have some replacements to make ,GulP. I have to start again on my good doggie behaviors and all that. I Have a great big yard now! Wahooooza- it is so much fun to scout and sky watch. There are Lots of New smells and Squirrels too!Our Computer is Up now finally- Huurrray!!!

Please pups,kits and your people" Drink your WATER" no matter how blah it seems to you. Add some fruit flavors and the like. You Can't Live for long without functioning kidneys and liver. We are truly thankful to have been so lucky after such a close call.

Wishing you All Love ,Peace,Light and Good Health in the New Year!!!! Love to You All -DarlaMae


My Sister Mercedes is Gone

November 8th 2007 12:56 pm
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Well IT has finally happened. My Gerbil sister Mercedes has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She was over 5 years old which for a gerbil is Ancient. She was all grizzly grey on her black fur. She had some seizures and when we woke up she was frozen stiff. We all love her and miss her alot. Yes a gerbil is smart and they are very affectionate. They dont bite ,occasional investigative nibbles, and are awake daytime not just at night. We are in the midst of a move so the house is a wreck. Her tank is stil in bruddamans room. I go in every day and stare and wait for her to pop out. I whine and poke Mommy to come see her and feed her so she will run to the glass and watch me. I get to have some kibble too but no kibble now:(. Mommy and daddy said when we get settled in the new house we will get a new friend. She was one of a kind none of our other gerbs were like her. She was Never afraid of me I was afraid of her for a long time.,bol. We kind of looked alike,Mommy said she thought I was a big gerbil!! I have been a naughty girl this week. I got into the garbage 3 times yesterday and acting like a kook. Everythings topsy turvy. I love you Mercy and miss you alot!!! Queekqueek sis! Say hi to Paco,Digger,Rock ,Roll and All the furry family for us at the bridge!


I Was Tagged(2)

October 23rd 2007 7:45 pm
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I was tagged by my pals The INCREDIBLY Beautiful , Haze and Gracie!!! Thanks pals!!!

Here are the rules:
Each player needs to tell seven random facts about themselves. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

My 7 facts:

1. I have lived many places in my short life, but with my family is forever no matter where we wind up Im there too.
2. I have unusual eye features by Nature or Abuse we dont know
3. I am not a short/flat coated dog as I look to be. I have lots of furry ridgy ruff and Schnauzer butt and tail!!!
4. I love to poke poke poke and herd things(cookies included :O) but Mom says I am not as obedient as many of my herding related relatives are,bol
5. I know some hand signals....
6. I have a love/fear relationship with vehicles. I Love to GET to where it is but don't much like getting in and drive there especially cars is Shake and quake ,in the truck is much better but still not happy happy traveler.
7. I have a Very great dislike for sharp objects of any kind. Dont even try it.

My 7 Tags are:
1.Lucy #604272
2.Emmy #470718
3.Gidget Covington#624295 Her Daddy is Serving in Iraq-Thank You!
4.Henry #580794
6. Paxton #632012
7.Ganja# 401897


We Have to Move :((

October 17th 2007 4:23 pm
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Well it looks like we will be moving again. It has been crazy around here. Mommy and Daddy just found out we have to move by end of November. They are shocked at the lanlords no real reason and that my human brother is in his last year of High school. There are not alot of rentals and all are very expensive,let alone adding a dog to the mix. Keeping paws crossed we find decent housing soon. That it is not too much on Daddy, he has been sick and Mommy is not much help because of her health issues. They worry about me too. We really love it here and all our wonderful neighbors and friends. It is so sad when people make promises and dont keep them or caare of the effect it has on decent people. Mommy said it is all for a reason but we just don't know what it is right now. I will not be on as much as we have so many Dr appts, having to search for a place and pack up a house. SO I say here a Big Happy Birthday ,Annifursary, and all Congrats and Good luck to all my pup pals and kitty pals too. If I should miss sending my regards, Please know I keep you all in my thought an prayers. I will be checking in as much as I can. I love Dogster and you all for helping keep us smiling, semi -sane and connected. Huggggss to you all!!


My Angel Pup Aunt

October 13th 2007 2:13 pm
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Well Mom was so ticked that our digital printer is shot . It jammed up. Today Daddy was going through some of the storage boxes.He came up and said to Mommy is this yours? It was an old picture of her dog Pepper. Mommy was so happy to see it. She kind of morphs us together in he mind sometimes. Pepper was the Queen of the family.. Her Daddy took her and her sister to the Town dog pound to get a dog for her birthday, she was 12.
(AGES ago,bol). They were looking at all the puppies.

One dog kept barking and crying. Poppa said no we want a male dog and a bigger dog. They were thinking of a black and white dog who was Peppers littermate. She kept crying and Mommy wanted her. Poppa was about to take a big puppy that was like Bear it was huge!Mommy and Aunt Eileen talked poppa into the little brown and white puppy. SHe got her name because she was so small and looked like Pepper and salt mixed together. SHe fit in the palm of Mommy hand and that is small. They said she was 6 weeks more like 2 weeks probably. She was very sick as a puppy but As you can see she grew into a healthy Sheltie Mix. She lived a long and happy life with the family. She was loved by everyone who knew her. She died at around age 12 or so , she got sick and went to the Rainbow Bridge. She used to herd the chickens and loved the beach and fish to eat too.
Adopt a Shelter Pet and Make A Best Friend For Life!


A Very Happy 4th Birthday

October 4th 2007 10:18 pm
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Well today was My Birthday. It is my picked Birthday because I was around 9 or 10 months old when I came to live with my family forever. They counted back and Oct 4th it was. The Patron Of Animals, St Francis ,day isgreat by me. My human brother wanted it same day as his Birthday but Mommy said no she needs her own day. I got woken up with hugs and kisses. I lounged around the house, went for 2 big walks. I had cheese burger with my kibble for dinner and my pawrents sang Happy Birthday to me. I don't like my pic taken up close so I kept hiding and Mommy could not get a good shot of me. I am going to the Pet store this weekend. My Bruddaman Gave me treats when he came home from work tonight and my Aunt Stopped by to see Mommy and wished me Happy Birthday.

The bestest present of all was aPhone call from my Specialist Vet tonight. Mommy was so Happy she told him this was the best BIrthday present for me. He told Mommy all my blood work and Thyroid panels came back in the normal range!!!! He said it Was a RED HERRING, hey thats a fish right?? Thank goodness for those herring!He told Mommy to wish me Happy Birthday and give me a hug too. He was happy too that it was not what we feared. I checked out good in the office and the in depth tests coming back normal was a very good thing. I have to be monitored for my seizures and must see the neurologist if they increase in severity or timing for medicine and tests.If there are any changes I must come in. The pawrents were so happy and brother was too. I hope my Daddy O's tests come back good next week.

My family and I thank you for all your support, good wishes, thoughts and prayers for me and my family. We really appreciate it very much. The Power of the Paw is truly awesome. Please hug and kiss your furry family for us. Mommy says so many have gone to the bridge since we have been on dogster. There is so much sickness in furry and human loved ones that we really must show our love today. We don't know what tommorrow may bring. We keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers too . Hugs and Arrrroos to you all, My Dogster and Catster pals. Thanks for the Birthday wishes Dogster HQ. I Love Dogster!


The Consultation

October 2nd 2007 4:40 pm
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We went to the Internist VET today as they rescheduled us from yesterday. It was busy as they have theER,surgery and There are many specialists. A white furry terrier dog with a lampshade kept growling and barking at me and the other dogs, he must have been scared.The tech nurse took my info, weight and temp. I tried to sit down with the temp thing BACK THERE,but Mommy said "No Stand up. Do Not be like the dog in Dr Doolittle!", what ever that means. The Dr came in, I was behind the table and barked at him. He was really nice and came down to me, instead of putting me on the table so I didnt shake so bad like usual.He checked me all over. My glands have gone down and all seemed to be in order. It could have been my allergies caused it to flare up. He ordered some blood panels and thyroid.He said that all my other signs were healthy. We could go around and round Chasing our tails and not get answers, Hehe Humans Chase their tails too????!!!!!As well as rack up thousands in bills. He said first things first and we take it from there. One off test when all else was good could well be a fluke, thats what we hope for.The ant stuff is not a problem they think.

My seizures are something to monitor as they could never come back or it might be a long time between them just must watch and see. I have had No more since I stopped my new food and the itchies are now gone too. They walked me in the back for blood tests and I Was so good. I wanted to go visit the sick pets down the hall but couldn't. We keep all the pets and their families in our prayers. Some might not be coming home Mommy said to daddy. It costs alot but the pawrents are glad we got checked.

I got a Memory of Maximus sticker. He was a local pup that was tied to a tree , burned and died. The Bad man is in jail waiting for trial. My Drs were the ones who tried to save him. I gobbled up my dinner tonight. Daddy said" Boy did they take that much blood from you",bol.They were all really nice .Thanks VMC. The Dr will call Mommy when blood work comes back maybe in a few days. Psst I heard Mom say "We need to get her a Birthday treat for Thurday'. A TREAT woohoo, I LOVE Treats.


Some Results In

September 27th 2007 2:07 pm
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Mom typed an entry but it is not here so will try again. Hope I get it typed out so it is readable.
The vet called Mommy back Wednesday(2x) with some results from bloodwork.
I have slightly elevated protein level(non specific sign), the Big surprise was it Shows as Hyper Thyroid. My other blood values were ok(liver,blood count red and white, sugar etc). This along with swollen glands. seizures and having eaten the ant bait were cause for further investigation. I have an appointment with an Internist Vet for consultation on Oct 1st. Darla was negative for parasites, tick borne disease(erlichia,lyme etc), coccidia etc. Re testfor heartworm also negative. No fever either.

This Hyper thyroid issues is unusual for dogs but common in cats. Yes I am a Dog not a Real Cat, though I act like one and do like them. ;o) I have had trouble finding info on this for dogs. The only official info was found on The Veterinary Surgeons website and they stated it is often caused by tumors of the thyroid. We shall see what is what with the specialist and take it from there. Thanks to All our Dogster and Catster pals for the support.prayers and help. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers too.

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