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Brindle Girl

March 3rd 2010 7:39 pm
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There is a poem thread in Forums and it has made Mommy want to write about me. Beware it's long and rambling.BOL. Well It is great to be Loved isn't it??? :O)


Oh wee Brindle girl
truly blessed having you in our world
On your Short Cock-eyed legs,
Paintbrush tip tail ,velvety soft shepherdy ruff
And your funny greyish "Schnauzer butt" ,
Your Carmel brindle self brightens up our days

FosterMom alarmingly heard them say
Don't Bother with that one
She is on the list to "Go"
She's Afraid of people,hides & shakes
Thankfully she reached back
to whisk You away
from the Town Shelter that day

You've came from near a "toney" hood, lived briefly in the city
Scary Elevators just weren't for you
About Your quirks they had no clue
SO back to a Fosterhome you flew

It was a Busy Fourth of July BBQ
We saw your 12 lbs self there
Caring for a teeny abandoned black/white kitty
You had big Bully fosterbros,
But your Tiny foster-sis really ruled the roost

We heard the sad stories as we ate burgers that day
DaddyO said that's truly a pity
She's coming home with us Now
You have wanted a dog so long It will all workout

With your leash and soft bluebear
home with us you came
He is still your pillow at night
You even clean his ears

You were so very little and shook so very scared
Your had a thin brindle coat , such soulful Eyes
Oh Those beautiful eyes can still make us cry

You have overcome alot from just 10 mths old
Demodex, Allergies ,Some "Shaking" too
A tumour scare did cost a big penny
The thought of ever losing you made us NOT think of any

Now you're healthy and filled out
Moving with us from house to house
We love when you're happy & do your BunkyDBunk dance
Talking your "own" language makes outsiders look askance

We love your "Crazy Circles late at night
Your notorious Poking is now an endearing Hoot!!!
Well except that time you ran through Uncle Jeff's screen door
He gave you the nickname Iron Nose-A REAL Biker girl You are!

Oh Dear Mrs Manicotti
You are so quirky,so Motherly
A real "Weirdo" too
You fit right in this kooky family
We really really do LOVE YOU!!

As the sticker on your page says
"You really are the Only one whO Can make us Laugh
when we Don't even want to Smile."

Love you furever Carita,
Mommy, DaddyO and Bruddaman:q


Back to Woofing & Settling In

March 2nd 2010 1:44 pm
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Hello pups & kitties. It is SOOOOO good to be back to Dogster!!! Soo much has happened while we were away. I have missed woofing , hugging, playing and Chanting with all my pals. I did not forget anyone however and the PotP was always at work for all who need it. Thanks for the support, warm return welcome, lovely prezzies that have brightened my page and our hearts. Your friendship means so very much. Well it has been busy few months for my family. We just moved to a new apt home tis month and DaddyO has been out of work since getting hurt etc. My chest & tummy lumps thankfully turned out to be sebaceous cysts . My nice man Vet said that "Old" Dogs tend to get them. OLD???? I am 6 not 600, with some premature lightening on my face. It was a relief for the folks it was B9 . I also had a bad colitis bout after our move,stress did it. Mommy left me right the move withDaddyO and the brotherman. She had to go see Poppa who is dying. She NEVER leaves me, let alone being sick. I did get lots of extra loving,was good taking my medicine & am now all better. She did come home and I am back to shadowing her even more. I am getting used to living with people on the other side of wall making nosie again. I do LOVE my Bay-window to watch the world go by. I think Mommy & DaddyO picked this apt just for me!!! A Nosy grrrl needs a perch to lounge on.

We have had LOTS of Snow here, as have so many of you. It is fun but so deep for us shorter legged pups. Pawrents make me a path to get to my spot. I do prefer it to rain and the muck we have as it melts though. I miss my big yard and have to walk on my long leash to do business outside. There is no front fence here & No furry neighbor pals like at my old house. There is one pup who really snarls at me and barks from another yard but Mom said she did Not want to play with me. I got to have a really good walk today. The deep snow melted enough to safely walk down our busy block and then back around on the main rd,longet than we thought. Oh it smells good there, great sniffing turf. There is the yummy bakery- where DaddyO gets the best Italian bread and cookies, pizza and Chinese. Mom said I might get to see my old friend Zoe & her new fur brother who lives not too far from us now. Here's to New beginnings and returning to the comfort of good old friends. Look forward to meeting new pals and woofing with all my dear old pals here. As Ever lots of PAw,Pokes and Love for all....BE WELL!!!!!!


A Message From DarlaMae .. Update

October 3rd 2009 11:57 am
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This is Flicka (ID 655533) and Lucas's (ID 655535) Mum , Pam....

Right now DarlaMae's folk haven't got the Internet... and it may still be sometime before they can get back. I am in touch by snail mail and asked if they would like to write me a message from them to put in DarlaMae's Diary as I know she.. and her Mum are much missed. I have access to her page so I WILL pass on by snail mail any good wishes you send.

This is what she sent....

'' I wanted to say Hello to my Dogster/Caster pals and your families.My dear pals Flicka and Lucas have offered to post for me and Mum.I was blessed witha dogster renewal by a a very dear Dogmum ... thankyouuuuu..

I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather Northern Pals and warm weather for our Down Under Pals.I am enjoying the Indian Summer and cooler temps here in New York and getting extra walks.

It has been a while since I have been online and I am not sure when we will be back. BUT... "I WILL BE BACK!" as the famous line goes BOL . I miss you all very much and we will keep each of you close in heart every day with extra paw for those who need it for any reason. BIG HUGS , THANKS , PAWRAYERS and apologies for all gifts and missed replies of all kinds as I have been off line since late July . The Pawrents are looking for a new place for us to live and busy with all their busy things needing to be done.

I am doing well and about to turn 6 years old in October. I am enjoying walks and have met more new fur-pals as well.I even met a ''lamb'' near the pond. Mum called him a Bedlington Terrier and I have new Puggle pal who is the same height as me but barks like a big Lab.

I went in for my needed vaccination last week but I have to go and see the vet about a small lump in my chest-wall. I love my chest scritches and Mummy found a hard pea sized lump recently. We are sure it is nothing but I have to have it checked out. Sheesh !!! I was so good at my last visit... but the nurse said I had to come back.

The computer has got a much needed rest as it is very old (about 10 yrs) and has been acting up as many of you know. Mum said she should be alot thinner not sitting at it but that has not miraculously happened to her liking yet. BOL :) Good Wishes for a Happy Fall to All !! Please always remember ... ''Out of sight is NOT out of mind''

Paws UP with BIG HUGS sent to each of you .

May the force and Power Of The Paw be with you each and every day.

Love From DarlaMae and her Mum.


5 Years Ago This 4th

July 3rd 2009 4:46 pm
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Well it is The 4th of July, Independance Day in the USA. I hope you are all having a fun safe and enjoyable weekend whatever you do. It is a day we really won't forget in my home as I came home furever on this day 5 years ago. Wow it is hard to believe 5 years have passed and so much has happened in that time good and bad in our lives and in the lives of our many pals here. We are here to see another Holiday though for that we are very grateful. I have come a long way Baby! I still have some fears at times, especially to thunder and fireworks. You would think being adopted on the 4th would make me immune to it,bol. I can live without the booms thank you very much. I just love other pups, animals and most people,'cept mean ones they make me grrr. The pawrents say I really am an Angel for a "dog". Dog I am a cat uh I mean Human. I wish they would remeber that Angel title when I do the rare naughty thing,hehe.

I will be taking some Melatonin and staying close to the pawrents as they have a burger and cool drink this weekend. My Gotcha day treats will have to be early or another day but thats ok by me. I have a home and more love than far too many furred and human. In honor of my happy Day if you are so inclined drop some bones for a fur waiting for their furever family for me. Please most certainly give your furs a treat for me and furs give your people a soft kiss for me as well, legs and arms are my specialty. I am not a slurpy gal so go easy on the faces pals, BOL Mom and I are so furevr grateful that we have found Dogster/ Catster and love each of you bunches. Don't get your fur in a rise pals I loves the Kitties lots. You're The Greatest as Big Ralph Kramden liked to say. And Away we go.......... Stay cool and well every fur and human.


Happy Mother's Day

May 10th 2009 4:19 pm
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I hope you all had a wonderful day with your dear ones. Sending love & hugs to each of you. Extra hugs to All those who are missing a loved one who is not with hem today for any reason. Thank you all dear pals for the wonderful gifts and love sent. It really brightened our day, Really do love you all bunches. I got some yummy food and some bully sticks too. Daddy laughed and said "Uh now who's day is it to Mommy!!" They call me Mama all the time & say what a good dog Mommy I am to kids and furs. So isn't it my day too??? BOL!!! Oh we had SUN yes Sun!! After a week of rain rain rain. It was quite windy but so beautiful out today. Woo hoo it felt great to sit out with Mom in the backyard.

They love me to bits. They are so grateful to my rescuer who didn't listen when told "Don't bother with that one. She's set to be put down. She doesn't really respond much (to people)". If they could see me Now. Truly Not all is as it might seem at the time. I can't wait to see the Adopt '09 entries. It is always a tear jerker Love fest. So many are waiting, Go find your best friend today. Paws crossed for every animal waiting and to all the folks who help them, thanks.


ADOPT '09 Contest

May 5th 2009 5:05 pm
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Adopt 09 Contest

My pawrents adopted me on July4, 2004. They recently found out more of my story from my foster Mom who they ran into recently. I was in a cage at the municipal shelter. I was in a far cage in the puppy room,I was quite small. All the puppies were barking but not me. My F-Mom came over toward the cage and someone said "Don't bother with that one. Shes afraid of people and she's on the list". Well She looked into that cage,saw a scared little pup with pretty eyes and said well shes coming with me. She told my Mom I just couldn't let them put her down with those beautiful eyes and well we are oh so glad she did.

Entry Body:
My new life began July 4, 2004. My Mommy and Daddy were at a 4th of July BBQ where I was back in foster care AGAIN. I was in foster several times due to my quirks(very shy, not trusting) and my health. One person thought I was "diseased" and contagious due to my skin. They said I couldn't walk on a leash, and refused to go in the elevator. I was not cut out to be a Big city dog as I did not know what most things were. I also do not respond to being "forced" into things, I freeze or run. I actually was very good pup Mommy said, considering how scared I was. I was also a pound pup , not certain exactly the circumstances of my pick up by the AC. I was tied in a backyard . I did not know how to play with people or toys. I did and still do truly love other pups,cats, rocks and bugs. I was aloof but a real cling on at the same time. It Makes my kisses and trust all the more special Mommy says.

I to this day Have a strong dislike of sharp objects, anthing to be used as a "weapon" and any type of perceived "fighting". I would grumble when I heard the word "K- I -L -L" . My pawrents had no plans of getting a dog as they rent their home. It is hard to find good housing and most don't allow pets. Mommy always looked on Petfinder every night dreaming of one day having a dog. I was in foster with 2 big AmStaff foster brothers,1 tiny Mighty Moe foster sis, 1 teeny abandoned Kitten that I was Mothering. I was very quiet and I stayed near my now human cousin ,the little kids or hid in my bed with my kitten. Mommy talked about the dogs and how much we would like to get one someday. Well after a long day of fun for the humans ,they were talking very serious talk. Daddy said she is in need of a home, would be a good match for us and our situation. Mommy worried about this and that as Moms do. They decided to go for it and give me all the love they could. I was put in the car to go home furever with my blue bear and other toys which I still have 3 years later! I cried for my furblings all the way to my new home. Mommy felt terrible. I met my human brother,then gerbil sis and liked them immediately.

I was very skinny only about 12 lbs with sparse fur. The F home and vets thought I was about 10mths old and would get not much bigger. It did not take Mom long to realize that the other pups probably ate much of the food before I could get to it , for the short time I was there. Who knows how I was fed or lack there of in my other living situations. I am very well mannered with food and would not force for my share. I was and still can be leary of taking food from hands and will NOT eat if under Any stress. I am not a typical chow hound, quite self regulating for most part. I know WEIRD,bol. I had Demodex ,needed special shampoos,vitamins and meds from the Dr. I gained over 10 lbs in the just over a month or so by my spay surgery. I suffered allergies and other issues due to poor start in life. The addition of regular good food,vitamins, lots of patience and loving care from my Mom and family has led me to be a healthy, happy but still quirky 34 lb short legged now furry girl. I have improved greatly from the fearful scrawny girl I was to the beautiful Brindle babe I am. I was from day one a very sweet girl, excellent on walks, with kids, other dogs big and small and other pets. I love life and have helped my Mom with her health issues. I can make her laugh even when she does not think she will. My family takes good care of me and says I am worth every penny and more. Good food, treats,exercise,vet care for every need and love unending every day. Every furry should have it so good. My quirks are part of what make Me the Me they love, so not all are bad!

I have been feared and bad mouthed for my color and appearance. To Know me is truly to love me . I have also been complimented and helped turn a neighbor with true dog phobia due to a very severe dog mauling into friends. I am happy to have my Furever family and they are even more happy to have me in the family. I did not have a nice start like far too many pets. If my Foster Mom did not save me or those other people did not give me back I would not be where I am today. I ask everyone to please STOP and just listen with your heart. If you really listen you won't go wrong and will be able to help pets in need . Please help Stop BSL, it does affect ALL dogs and their families. My Poppa always had the family get their pets from the Pound, way back before it became popular. Mommy's family always went that route. Remember "Your best friend is Waiting... Adopt today". If you can't adopt , Please donate, volunteer in some way and Please Click at The Animal Rescue SITE each day ot help feed shelter pets. Every little bit helps more than you know. Thank you to my rescuers and ALL the wonderful folks who give so tirelessly for pets in need. Bless you all and All the creatures who are waiting for their furever homes still. Big thanks to Dogster,Gibbon & all the Adopt special helpers each year. You ROCK!!


The Doggy and Baby Kitty.. Oh My

April 22nd 2009 10:49 pm
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Mom found that we didn't publish this entry,oops. Our annual BBQ is coming up & I hope my fureiends will be there again. I love all my human furiends but would like to see the furry ones too. The kitty is all grown up * doing well. I so hope the doggy will be there at least.

We went to "Aunt" friends for an early Spring Bbq this past weekend. I LOVE to see them sooo much and was all excited to get there. Well I got a bigger surprise when I walked up and there was a DOGGY at the gate!! Who was this furry fellow? I ran through the house, sniffed and wagged hello. Thankfully he was friendly if a bit shy at first. We chased each other around. He is named Peanut and was rescued from a storefront in NM. He came to live back here recently with his Mom. He is really pretty, says Mom hehe. He has very soft wavy golden buff fur. He is a little taller and heavier than me Spaniel mix. For some reason His Mom was a bit afraid of me being too much for him. It turned out that it was him who growled & snapped at me a few times. I never growled back or anything, just went about my way,no biggie. He did it most when he jumped up in his Mommys lap and I came near. Mommy said leave him be so I walked off. I showed him around the yard and stared as he kept lifting his leg on everything. We both got to grub, Umm I mean share some yummy burger from the humans. He was very good at this grubbing thing,bol. He took one side of a human and I the other. His human Grama Miss C said he sure knew how to work it,bol. I like her alot,very nice lady who I knew already from other visits.

The other surprise was a kitten. It was a teeny abandoned baby kitty that Uncle Jeffs friend saved from certain doom on their way down from Upstate. All the humans were cooing over it. I sniffed it so gently. When he was placed down I licked him and nuzzled him. He cried for me after they took him away to get his dropper food. I was a "kitty Mom" to an orphan baby at my foster home when I was adopted by my pawrents. This guy was so cute,big blue eyes and had fuzzy blueblack greyish fur. I was in heaven I tell ya. I really love my human friends ALot, but hope these furrys are back for the Memorial Day Bbq. I slept like a log that night. We were a pretty good match playwise Mom said.


I Can See Clearly Now.......

April 22nd 2009 10:20 pm
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The ads are gone!!!! My page is now so beautifully adorned and set up. I can see my page clearly and now most beautifully. I send a great big thank you (sorry belated) to My "Fairy GodMum" for your help and love to make this so. It really is so very much appreciated and forever grateful to you for this gift. Sending arrroos and pokes to you pals and your dear Mum. I am most grateful to count you among my furiends. Bless your big ole heart & those paws always.


Pondering POO..............

March 23rd 2009 1:10 pm
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Pondering PoO . Its something we all have, whether we're big or small. We are all full of it. I know some might pay it no mind. Dogster and Catster are full of it ! I See it,smell it and feel it everywhere. It amazes me this POO and what it can do . Let's All stop a moment and think about POO. Oh in case you are thinking this is all nasty and stinky backyard business, do read on.

This POO of which I speak is :


I Salute ALL of you whose POO makes a difference for Good everyday in so many ways. In ways of which you may even be unaware. A Big POO or Little POO it all matters . Together all this POO is really Powerful stuff, as we see here so often. Let's use it with care and love always. Spread it around, it's Free, bol. ;)


Never Say.... D I E T!!!!

March 21st 2009 10:52 pm
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I had to go to the vet today for my Heartworm recheck bloodtest. I was happy to go for a ride with the pawrents in the new mobile. I love seeing the furs and the nice people at my Vets office but not the exam room. I should have known it waas going to be a tough day when a 10 week old puppy growled & barked at me from across the room and another grrred from his girls arms. Sheesh all I did was wag my tail happily. The new tech called my name and I slunk off to get my blood taken. Mommy had to wait so She walked me out to the truck to sit with Daddy. A few minutes later shes back and brings me back inside again. I had to be weighed by the new girl. Well I stepped up to the plate,the numbers rose. Mommys head spun around like in some old movie,bol. The nice girl said the numbers. She asked if she should try again, Mommy said yes please. I was over 40#!!!!!! Holy sheep.... I was 33 # at my last visit and have been stable for several years since my scrawny kid days.

The new girl went off to speak to the Dr as Mommy was quite upset. Well Dr D said "NO Treats,table foods, goodies or other good stuff for 30 days!! I come back for recheck in 4 weeks. Daddy got read the riot act,whatever that is. He said well thats it "No More goodies!!! What a meanie Mommy is. I have recently been alot more playful. I absolutely love my Febreeze bowl from Dogster. I fling it about and bring it to my family for goodies at night. They find it so amusing as I am a late bloomer in some areas. This bad scale has ruined my fun. Daddy is avoiding me as I keep looking at him and my bowl. Mommy babbles on about short legs, long backs, chesty pups and weight not being a good thing . Shes hoping this new found appetite of mine is put in check with these restrictions and is not from something else. I have never been a got to eat it all food hound in the past. I know weird right? The Dr said try this first and we will see how it goes. Hide those goodies pals, pawrents are weird. I wish I kept on hiding my cookies. We have new "Walking orders". Thankfully I love my walkies. I Just wish my goodies didn't have to take a walk too. As for extra exercise~ I am no Fetch on command kinda gal,bol. Well Off to boot camp...
Uhh I mean to smell the crocus'! Oh My heartworm Bloodtest was Negative thankfully!!

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