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CandleLighting SAT July 23,2011

July 13th 2011 10:03 pm
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Here is a small favor to ask of you All. As Some of you Know I recently had Surgery for Mast Cell Mammary Tumors. I just got GOod News Yesterday regarding NOt needing Heavy Treatment beyond the Surgery/Strict FollowUps. For which we are BEyond Grateful. Your PAw & Support Pulled Me through & Continue to guide me back to health. I now need it for others & their families. FAr too many of us have been touched by this in Our beloved Furs & Human lovedones!I know First hand how much Support,PAW & Prayers mean & How they DO make a Difference! TIA for Reading All this and hopefully you can pArticipate too!
xo Darla & Mom xo

Copied from My Dear pal Cleo's Diary:

On Saturday July 23rd at 7:30 P.M.EDT Wyoming's Mum will be having another Canine Cancer Hero Candle Lighting at Sierra's Garden in Maine for our heaven and Earth angels. They will be lighting each and every stake in Sierra's garden that has our angel's names burned on them, and a healing section of candles for our heroes that are living through the challenges of cancer.

Sadly each year the number of names in the garden grows .....There are Over 800 Stakes with OVER 1300 Names Burned on Them.:((

So I'm sure that our angels will have something special planned for that evening. Every year they seem to show up and give us the gift of their presence.

If everyone can please light Outside One candle at 7:30 PM EST so our angels can see our tribute of love for them in all different parts of the world, and a sSecond candle to show our unity for positive thoughts of healing for those battling this disease and their worried Families too."

2004-2010 Candle lighting-Sierras GArden

It is long but if you take the time to view it you will see how very special it is and how honoured we would be to know all our pals are lighting candles at the same time too.


So that's it, just a simple favour that you join us and light two candles wherever you are at 7:30 PM EDT Saturday 23rd July so all the Angels know how much they are missed and loved. The Second Candle is for All Fighting this Evil Foe!


Please read Wyoming's Diary,View her pictures too !

Wyomings Diary ys_of_my_life/728234

If you can take/post to your page a picture of yours and let Wyoming & Cheyennes Dear Mom know that would be great. She will forward it to ORganizers to include in their Yearly Video,thank you!


Drum Roll Please, Results Are In......

July 12th 2011 3:46 pm
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We Finally got a call today from the Internist. There were delays at the Lab in Michegan and he apologized for keeping us waiting longer. It as really starting to get to Mom & family too all the waiting to say the least. Sooo here it Is......

NO further therapy needed at this time.
It is more moderate diversified Level II MAst Cell Tumours.
Which is VERY good not the higher Mutation as they feared. Considering Location was in the Mammary gland,not always so great!

I Now have to be checked about Once Month for about 6mths, then every other month for next 6 mths! I then go Every 3-4 mths for next year check for any recurrence! As they can & often do come back they want to catch anything right away. Of course to go sooner If we Find anything amiss. So LOTS of boobie, bumpy body checks happening!

We are OVER the Moon!:

THANK YOU ALL sooo much!!! The PAW works AGain!!!!
We would be lost without all your loving support!!:

Mom is kind of wiped out. I guess it is All the waiting and weeks of worry taking care of Me! We are Soooo very Grateful for this Huge Blessing & Good News! We should get the report soon as they can mail it out! As ever Our love,Prayers & PAw with ALL who need it each day! Check those bumpies out on your Kittys,Pups, Your Self Humans & other critters too! Give your Furs a GOodie & hug for us. Furs give your Folks a soft dry kissy & bum Bunk for me too!

Hugs & Pokes, Darla, Mom Jeanie, DaddyO,
Brother B,Girlfriend S& My Cecil bird xoxoxoxo

We really liked this Site among others for Mast Cell Info!

Crash Course In K9 Mast Cell Tumors

Pet Cancer Center or.html cell_dog.html

As Usual Mom is a day late & Dollar short with some things,bol. She forgot all about the Vet Assistance programs & Cancer programs. She JUST remembered about Canine Cancer Awareness.Org & Vincents Wonderful Listing ,thanks Cleo,Vincent & pals! We wanted to post links here as well.

Canine Cancer Awareness.Org

VEt Assist List-Dogster Vincents Diary



Happy & Safe 4th of July

July 1st 2011 11:37 am
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I'm A Yankee Doodle sweetheart who came home Furever on the 4th of July!! I love allthe BBQ treat but please don't throw off those scary noisy bombs. It terrifies me but I've got me some Melatonin, Thundershirt, AC & air purifier noise to help me a bit. My family won't leave me home alone to quake & drool. Mom says would you leave your human kid with the Circus clowns if he was terrified of them?? we sure wouldn't and brother used to be scared of them as a little kid. They spend the holiday with me,some folks don't understand why they do though. This Year we are EXTRA thankful for my Doctors,for my surgery and ALL our wonderful friends who give us such Paw support & Love!! Like the great Yankee Doodle James Cagney I can give a good poke & a spin or two as well! Ok the spins are on their way back as soon as the booboo belly heals all the way!

Have a Safe,fun,Happy 4th of July pals!! A Happy Canada Day to our Northern pals. I came home 7 years ago on the 4th of July as a tiny scared 9-10mth old. I am now greying and older but BETTER with Age as they say! Enjoy the Holiday and PLEASE keep an eye out for Lost & Scared furs who may have gotten out of their homes or yards. It is sadly a VERY busy time for Animal Control & hope those who get out safely find their home again. Brother is busy with all the boarding Furs at work this weekend too. There is a Group on Yahoo called K9 Amber Alert also have one for Kittys,very active and you can post there if you find a lost soul or if Dog forbid your fur gets away.

Check your yards for fireworks debris before letting your furs out . Spray down everything with water before and after the celebrations.
Hugs & pokes, Your Shakey quakey Melatonin buzzed pal Darla!;)

Thanks to All who Serve/Served! BLess & Protect our Troops everyday!
It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you. ~ Author unknown ~
For this great gift we give Thanks! Arrrooooooo....

Three Cheers


I Saw My Internist/Specialist

June 23rd 2011 8:09 pm
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I saw the Specialist Wednesday. WE LOVE Dr H and had seen him for special consults in past. So very grateful our VEt called them and they got us in so soon. They are JAMMED being a large Specialty Center doing ER 24hr, Diagnostics,Oncology,Heart and other specialties for All types of creatures. It was a LONG day Exams,Sonogram and Xrays. They are sending out to the Univerity for the SPecialized tests ans stains for more detailed grading and typing. They will take 10 days or so to come back. This will dictate what if any extra treatments need to be done. I enjoyed the other Furs and animals there.

He is very modearate,informative and very calming Dr. He is not alarmist or rush into heavy treatments that are not warranted. He did say looks like good margins as they could get were taken. The "other" Bump on my chest,that went missing completely by surgery, could still be a Sebaceous cyst and will be watched. The inial views of XXrays and Sonogram look good he said for which we give a HUGE Yippppee of Thanks!! The PAW at work again,thak you Pals!!!! He also said very good I am not having Digestive issues as MAst cells like to attack the digestive sytems as well and can cause big problems there.

I got a Super Expensive "HAircut" and need to get anohter Job ASAP! According to DaddyO and my family,bol. Over $1100.00 bucks just for today! SO what type job can I get? I thought I HAD a job watching my home,family & neighborhood. SO long as they don't ask me to Clean my brothers room we should be ok,bol.

Thanks for all the Love & Support! We feel confident ALL WILL BE WELL!!! I am just still feeling quite "Mushad" as my DaddyO calls it. I AM eating, doing "business" and most things going fine.I am still not going up in my wondow too much which makes Cecil call me and folks feel bad. It is my favorite spot. I am trying to get lots of extra goodies which Mommy is not soo keen on. Watch yur figure she says,your tummy is Showing in that revealing cut!! Pffft I need energy woman.

ETA: MY Fur Service Announcement:

Grrls and Boys,Pups & KIttys PLEASE Check for Lumpy Bumpiess Keep an eye on them & Get them checked out by your Vet. Especially if they hurt,bleed grow rapidly etc. MANY of Us furs get them,especially with Age. Most ARe nothing bad BUT Some Can be A Bigger Problem. Thank you!


OMD...ME??? Dog of the DAY! :)

June 20th 2011 9:38 am
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Umm Mommy thinks her very sleep deprived mind is really playing tricks on her. I got some PPRs & Prezzies that say I am DOG of the DAY???? Me????? Holy Sheep & Cats I am beyond HONORED and so very thankful TO Dogster and ALL my dear pals!!!!! Thanks for the Extra Loving on TOP of all the PAW I am receiving!!! HOw do I do a screenshot save? Yikes Mommys fingers are shaking and she is all blubbery. She better go check her emails quick. We will be back to update this properly.....

Thank You Dogster!!!
For this HUGE HUGE Honor!!!!

Thank you to ALL my Pals,Old & New ,for ALL your Love, Support,Pawrayers & Prezzies too!!!PArty's On.....
With Loving Thanks!!

Hmm this went to draft after publishing and just noticed.



June 19th 2011 9:07 pm
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I am doing pretty well,just tired and very low key. I got a little spunky today and Mom had to say "No Mama STOP!" when I went to run. It didn't last long but felt good! I have trouble kicking after I do business and "making up" my bed still from the stiches & owies. I have a Super special method requiring LOTS of Spins,turns,Nosing and Pawing. Mommy says I am doing WAY better then most humans would after an operation. All will be well!!!

My Brother Cecil,the bird, is Really extra spunky & Brave lately. As usual He has been singing and "talking" his speedy low Budgie talk. It is WAY faster than us NYers talk Mom says. The BIg news He is Now Climbing ALL his toys and even the rope!! He rings ALL his bells and has done Kiss kiss when Mommy asks him too. He is kind of a scardy bird about certain things,ahem. He calls out to me as I ALWAYS sit near him in the window and have not been. I think he is making up for me to make my pawrents laugh. I did my bark and "go tell you Mother" when DaddyO went to take me out tonight. A cute "trick" that happened by accident a few years ago. Mommy said ot him don't think its cute one minute and Uggh the next,bol. See we do Listen to you Parents!! BOL......


Thanks SOOooooo Much for the PAW POWER!

June 19th 2011 7:29 pm
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We want to say THANK YOU to Every Fur & family for your loving Support,Paw,Prayers,Positive Vibes,Prezzies and Info! Yikes Lots of tears for Mommy,good ones, seeing all the Love,DaddyO,Brother B, GF S & Cecil Bird thank you too. We should KNOW better right? This IS DOgster & Catster!! Filled with The BEST of the Best. Just more used to sharing it,not receiving it.;) It carried me through the operation and it WILL get me through healing,the UPcoming Testing and New Drs.

We are keeping positive & hope it's limited to this area and no spread. MAst Cell Tumours are "Tricksters" and can look any kind of way,in any place and come back again. I will keep you updated as soon as we get more info with the Internist Specialists! Mommy canNOT type or Spell Properly anymore,amazing you all could figure it out,bol! JK Mom. I hope I am not missing anyfur,I will update. Muah Much Love,Paw,Hugs & Pokes for All!

Best Medicine EVER!!!

Angel Rocky,SArge,Abby & Family
FLicka,Lucas,Cleo &Family
Sully,Socksy & Family
LeviPAws,WA AussiChiPosse,Posse Angels&Family
Sweet Muffin & Mom
Jenna & family
ScooterPaws,MrsTrudy,Billy & family
Hayden, Mom & Family
Wyoming,Cheyenne & Family
Jolanda,Josephine,Justin & Family
Ellie,Barney,Mom Cindy
River,Angel Clover & family
SissyPAWs,JazziSunshineCK & Family
Redford & PAck
MinisterMisty,Dutch Dogges/Kittys & Mom
Wesley & Dad
Sadie,Mom & Family
Bonzer & family
Tuck, Reka & Family
Rommel,Thor & family
Nina,Louie & family
BuddyMorris,Scooter,Molly & Family
Bitty & LadyBug
Austin, Doo & Family
Missy & Tyler
Roxy,Bella & Family
DaisyMae,Annie & Family
Checkers, BuddyB & Family
Cherokee ForeverLoved(AngelCherry),Spuds & Family
Walker,Edwina,Alexandria & Family
Tosha & Family
Jovi & family
Juliette & Romeo
RudyPatudy & Family
Lexi Hope & Family
GoofballMavredes,Buddy,Weedle & Family
AngelLexi,MOnnie,Lexi & Family
Sweet SalliMae & Family
Jacks PAck
Ruby,Olive,Sydney & Family
Carat & family
Cookie,Reilly,Rosie, Cailiegh & family
Kishka,Rain,KJ,Greta& Bano & Family
Damon & Arthur Forver Wiggling
Peew Wee & Family
Sonja & the Poodle Pack
Mable,Wilma,OfficerBumble Goya & Purrys
The RooCrew,RooCrew Angels& FAmily
Aiki,Raven & Family
Darby & Family
Otto,Sagwa & Family
Dayzee & Family
Mia, Milo,Xena & Family
Destiny & Chance
Charlie,Abby,Teddy & Family
Reilly & Family
The Boys & Fam
The Cali Crew
Otto & Family
Farrah Angel & family
Mazy & Gma Keda


Post Surgery & My Results :((

June 17th 2011 12:30 pm
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Gahhh danged fleas!!! Posted about 5 times!!!



Surgery & Biopsy Results:((

June 17th 2011 11:51 am
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Hiya furs Sorry for delay update. I had a tough time with my surgery But thanks to All the prayers & Paw I got through!!! I am home on the mend, prety big booboo & trying hard not ot lick it. Mom says doing sooo good about it all. I am Still very tired . I had probpem with the anethsia,my body "fought" it and had a very "rough" time coming out. they had to remove my teat,some tissues as well as the lumps. I got great care & enjoyed rooming with the kittys there. Mom laughed as I am a catdog so appropriate. It was a very long day and got home later that night. The pawrents didn't even feed me when I got home. SOme Miss you right??

Well,Today We received the biopsy results. They are NOT what we had hoped to see. I have Grade II MAst cell Tumours In Mammary gland. We will have to see specialists and lots of tests. Please keep up the Paw & Prayer. They DID get clean margins it seems. Mommy is kind of in shock but being strong and brother upset. DaddyO will freak when he hears news when he gets home in a bit too.:(( Mommy will wait until he eats and tel him later as she doesnt need to upset his poor stomach too. I LOVE YOU ALL!! I will update as soon as I have more info!! You are the best & We THANK ALL who are sending Power of the Paw,Praying,lovely prezzies and most of all your loving support. Dogster & Catster are a Rock for so many of Us. I KNOW PAW works and it WILL COntinue to work for this Biospy News too!!


Any fur with experience & info on this Would be gretly appeciated too!

Hugs & Pokes, Darla, Mom Jeanie & my family xoxoxoxo

Mom will Update as I know mOre. Very Stormy AM here and more on the Way later. Sotrms Scare Me as many Know. Kind of forboding of the news that was to come I guess. HOwever the SUn did & will come out Again!!


"Bean "Surgery ,Biopsies and Dental

June 11th 2011 7:32 pm
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Well I am going in for Surgery to remove the lumpy bumpies on my belly & chest this Tuesday the 14th which is Flag day here in the USA. They are thought to be sebaceous cyst & fatty tumour . I have had them monitored for awhile & seen by 4 Drs. The chest cyst has finally reduced but tummy is same. It has nagged in the back of Moms head and Surgeon said they will eventually have to come out. Sooo I had my presurgical Bloodwork Friday. My lovely beautiful Cardigan fur will be shaved off! I have a near perfect cardigan styling from chest to belly like a real cardigan sweater. I will get biopsies done and a dental while under. My teeth are good,a little staining, so should not need another with regular upkeep brushing and chewing. MOre Bully Sticks and Meaty bones please Mom,bol!

Mom is a bit nervous,DaddyO is differnt kind of worrier. Nervous about me being put under and how I will be with kenneling before & post surgery. I had a tough time after my spay but I was also not as healthy then as I am now at almost 8yrs old. I am not used to being away from my family,nor they away from me. I have them spoiled with my Shadowing ways everyday,hehe. Mom is sending me with one of her "used" shirts.
I can't jump on the bed or run around after for awhile. DaddyO said he will make up my bed on the floor near Mommy. I got some yummy Tripe and Salmon canned for dinner add ins tonight. Daddy Almost forgot I couln't eat after 7pm tonight pre surgery!! Mom yelled & ruined the fun of course,bol.

I will be in good hands and sure the Power of the Paw will bring me through. As we are FIRM believers in it's power!! Thanks to all my pals for your prayers,positive vibes and love. It means the world to us. There have been alot of us Lumpy bumpies around here lately! We need to Start a Gang as Bonzie said,bol! Chanting for that B9, Winning "Bingo" call!! Happy Flag Day furs & Folks!! Fly Your Flags with Pride,Thanks & Care today & Every day!

Hugs & Pokes,
Soon to be Bean free, Darla xoxox

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