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OMD!!!!! Diary of the DAY!!!!!

August 5th 2012 2:50 pm
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HOly SHEEP! What crazy good news, TRULY can't believe it! THANKS HQ for the Big honors!!!! I am in GREAT Compnay with Cleo, Molly, QueenS and Miss Ebby. A BIG Thanks to all my Dogster/Catster pals for your wonderful Good wishes, Love, Beautiful Pics & Gifts but MOST of all your friendship!!! As ALWAYs Love & PAw it with you all each day!! I got a little Pizza for the honors but am waiting for some steak and other goodies to really celebrate!
Hugs & POkes, Darla xoxoxo

Thank yous to:
Rocky,Sarge Abby & fam
Annie & fam
Sully & Socks & fam
Walker,ALexandria,Molly& Fam
HErshey,VAnWinkle & Fam
Mickey,Taylor & ALL your wonderful Oz family Pals
Miss Ebby,Rinky & family
Lexi,Monnie Angels & family
MojoTiki aka MojoMan,Sierra & family
Angel Buddy,Maggie,peanut & fam
CiaoLi,Jean Louise,Sheba Bizkit & fam
Beanster,Toto,Luke,Harvey,George & fam
Fritz & family
Sir Jack Freckles & family
Abbie & fam
Redford & family
Demon Flash Bandit,Angel Zoom & fam
Wesley & Dad

Arrroo,Woof,Yips,Thanks,Grazie,Merci,Gracias ,Danke,Dzięki,Dyakuju,Arigato...

ETA: OMD I was among DDP on Monday the 6th too! Thanks Again HQ~ Poking Mommy to type type type no matter how icky she is at it these days! I am sure you can figure it out soemhow right? Bol


HAve you Cake & Eat it TOO

August 2nd 2012 8:47 pm
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OMD Thanks to all my dear pals for the Yummy cakeS & gifts! It was so tasty especially after having a B-A-T-H and nail clipping last night! PAWrents ruined my fun of rolling in stinky stuff yesterday,Bol. I will enjoy them everyday as Mommy can't NAG about getting chunky it is filled with LOVE not calories!! I tried for two days to send out my Cakes to all my pals. Sadly the dang fleas after clicking EVERY pal and sending my best wishes it totally blew the cake and good wishes to smithereens.:(( SO please know I said a Special Pawrayer for each of you as I clicked your name and will copy the Prezzie and Pic below!

Thanks HQ for the furtastic free GIft, much appreciated by us all! Sadly once again the fleas made it impossible to send to all my pals after HOURS of trying over & over yesterday & today. I just wanted old/new pals and those I don't woof often with to know I was thinking of them. Enjoy the gooodies I sure did and calories free too!! Best yet was the Love filling all the Goodies,fleaas CAN"T stop the DOgster love! You are the BEST pals and always wished the Most Abundant Blessings and PAW EVERY day.
Hugs & POkes for all,
DarlaMarla Punkin Pie or AS today Special warrants call me
Lil Miz Babka Cakette hehe xoxoxo

Despite what You mIght Have Heard.... YES You CAN

:q Enjoy Pals Earth & Bridge|r|

~b~Calorie Free But Full of Love!~b~

:f Love & PAW for ALL:m

Thanks HQ=;

|:|Hugs & Pokes:xo:
Darla & fam



July 25th 2012 6:36 pm
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The Candlelighting For Our Angels Taken By Cancer. 28th- July 2012
7:30PM EST

ALL ARE WELCOME.. DOgs, Cats, People, Birds,Rabbits, Rodents and all our beloved Animal family/friends!

I participated and was a recipient of the prayers last year as I battled My Mammary Mact Cell Tumours and post Op. It was AMAZING Night And there was the Most UNUSUAL gift that night,many around World had same experience.:) Pictures in my Photobook here on Dogster! WE give THANKS as well for ONE YEAR Post OP this June!! POTP Works and we will continue to send it for all who need it!

PLEASE JOIN us again this year so many More need Our Love & Prayers and too many more have been lost to it Furred and Humans!! We lost our dear Cousin Erin this past Monday to rare liver duct cancer. daddyO will be at her funeral that day so Mommy & I will light ours here. FAR too Human and many furred friends here as well passed and are still fighting!! You can get your candles at the Dollar store or even the grocery store too. Yahrzeit Memorial candles are perfect size and encased in glass, just cents a piece!


Hugs & POkes, Darla,Mom Jeanie & family xoxoxoxo

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NOTE: I Copied this from Dear pal Cleo's Diary! Thanks Auntie, WyomingMom & Friends!!xoxox

From Cleos Diary:
Well....... its that time of year again.

The Canine Cancer Hero Candle Lighting at Sierra's garden in Maine will be on

Saturday July 28th @ 7:30 PM EST.

Debbie (Wyoming and Cheyenne's Mum) will be lighting for her Angel pups and for my Cleo again.

Do you think we can repeat the last 2 years ?

Folk joined in from ALL over the world to light 2 candles for all the beautiful Furs (dogs and cats... and any Beloved One's) LOst/Battling Cancer. At a time as close to the time as possible in your time zones. Doesnt matter if its earlier or later... just light the candles ... post the pics... we try to send them to Debbies wonderful friend who allows the candle lighting to be done in her garden with hundreds of candles.

We CAN... we CAN light the world. We CAN scare away the evil shadow of Cancer... WE CAN !!!!!!

Please join us in your homes.. your gardens.. your hearts .....Two candles.... ONE HOPE

Lights to Infinity ~~ Loved to Eternity

These are links for you to see past Lightings and Pages etc

Wyoming s Page

Cleo s Page

The Candle Lighting in Cleo's Garden for Canine Cancer and for ALL loved and lost. 23-7-11

Cleo and the Candle Lighting Ceremony 2010

Canine Candle Company

2009 Candle Lighting


ADOPT 2012

July 1st 2012 1:48 pm
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WE can't believe it is ADOPt time of year on Dogster/Catster and I have been home for 8 years this 4th of July!!!! I am going on 9 years old as far s we know. As I was nearly a year old when adopted for the VERY LAST time!!! It has been an eventful year for me and my family we also Moved AGAIN-5 times for me not inlcuding before I came to them. We all are very thankful to be together. I am now considered a SENIOR???Yes by vets and many but still quite young in many ways grey hairs aside. As with humans Mommy & DaddyO say being a DOg Mother/Worrywort does give one grey hairs sooner. As Mom can attest humans will do that to each other too bol. My Herding instincts ever strong and ever vigilant! Mommys wishes my Author Uncle could articulate this for her but shes on her own,bare with her please!

Mommy J here I won't go into previous adopt story here just love this round. Darla has had an eventful year as many know and far too many here have gone through themselves. She was diagnosed at almost 8 with Mammary Mast cell cancer/tumours, HigherModerate Grade II,and yes she was spayed around year old after adoption. SHe had her Mammary MCT surgery June 14,2011 and suffered very bad reactions to the anesthetics scrily. She blessedly came through it all with YOUR POTP and Gods grace. ALL your support/experience/love truly helped us and forever grateful! We had another recent scare lip bump,OK for now. It is sneaky creepy Monster and does comes back so we remain watchful and EVER vigilant just as our Beloved herding grrl is for us all. We are LIVING Each day! What else can we do when SOOOO BLessed to have made ONE YEAR Post Op & spent 8 years of love with her so far!!! Carpe Diem, a dog must have thought that one up,bol, and try to give a Poke or many at life daily too!

We through Adoption are daily graced with her ever Whitening face, her ever present Grace, some very slight slow downs at times but then her Zero to 60s too, grumbly I vant to sleep moans, ever quirky herding pokey self and the so many "little" things that are BIG things to us! We have come so far, too fast at times it seeems,are so blessed to be with her still. She has ALWAYS been an OLD SOul and whatever the years may be they her younger or older ones will not ever change that! We STILL get the Awwww misty eye watching you and your beautiful profile siting in your favorite spot on your "Throne" in the Front Window. Be it small/large window or Bay Window it is and remains YOUR spot and makes you SOOO happy! We often think you must have had a good Dog Mom and siblings as you are soo loving in your special way and have certain inate qualities not always teachable by us humans. WE know who's your DaddyO,Mommy Brothers(human and feathered),Sister & family now and thats all that matters. All the good, the many quirks & the danged fears too are what make Darla ..our MAMA-DarlaMarla,Mrs Manicotti, Mother Hen, occasionally DaddyOs little shorty, pokey nosed Mamaluke!;) BELOVED by all who take the time to get to know you. We have ADOPTION to thank for your presence and healing of our lives.

We have Dogster to help us remember some of those times thankfully and the gift of many loving friends here. Most Non Dogster/Catsters,animal lovers will never understand our tight comradeship and love but it is a BLessing to we all have to keep it Going and get strong once again!

Senior pups have so much to give and having this very scary but enlightening experience has made our bonds so much stronger if that was even possible but yes it did. Truly would not want the rambunctious lovelimess of a puppy however cute and want an Adult and Senior pups in future for sure. She was an "old Pup"/young adult(around 10- 12 mths) when adopted. PLEASE Do give those over looked ones a glance and a shot. An adult or Senior has gone through the crazys of youth and has the experience of life to give and share gratefully.

SO many are loved well,housebroken behaved pets that have lost their homes through no fault of their own. DOn't we all deserve a comfy pillow and kind words in our Golden years?

For you Our Dearest Mama,Luna Facia Bella;
Out of What Once was Discarded Our Love was Born ! For that blessed day we are EVER thankful. I now choose Instead of hating those who hurt you and the kennel man who said to pass you up I now choose to forgive them best I can. We will FOREVER thank those who saved you and the man who gave you back to Foster Momma M. As I comfort you once again on the scary Summer nights We are blessed to have found you our that 4th of July. You are forever Our One and Only Beloved Pokey nosed short legged grrl, T his love grows stronger day by day like those "Oldies songs" We sing to you. Yes we will Still Love you, need you and feed you when you're 9 or 64 and forever!! You are Forever Our Grrl! Love always, Mommy, DaddyO, Bruddaman B, SIster of the heart S and Cecil your Feathery Budgie Brother He's Sorry for hoggin "your parlor" just has to be NEAR you!

As we have Said Before....
" YOUR BEST Friend is Waiting... ADOPT today!!!"

Give all your Furs and furless too a poke,soft lick,goodies and love for us all.

Hugs & Pokes, Darla, Mom Jeanie & family xoxoxo
Keep Power of the PAw and DOgster/Catster SPirit ALive!

ETA: I had to share this Poem Link. It is new to us and just perfect for Seniors.

{{{{{Your Old Dog}}}}} 921/dog-poem/


ONE Year Down..Happy Flag Day!

June 14th 2012 8:54 am
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Today is Flag Day in the USA and also a Special Anniversary for me. It has been ONE YEAR since my Mammary Mast Cell Cancer surgery!!! We can't believe it a year has passed already. It was a scary time and I had a tough time of it but made it through. Most of all we are soooo very Grateful I am still here with my family and doing well a YEAR Later. It is in large part to God, My Drs of course,the Generous amount of POWER of the PAw & prayers from my friends here that I came through and the MCT has kept it's nasty sneaky self inline. A recent scare and EVER vigilant yes but living each day!

For all your love & support we are FOREVER thankful. To those who are not sure about POTP or Doubt it give it a try. We DO BELIEVE..... POTP WORKS! PLEASE KEEp the POTP working here on Dogster and Catster for others it REALLY matters and makes a difference!! We keep ALL in heart & Prayer each day though har behind in posting. Thanking God and all our beloved pals for your love & support. I am looking forward to being 9 years old this Fall and 8 years with my family this July! BE WELL AND BELieve in Love!!!! Give your Furs and Furless Ones extra love & hugs for us please!!! Fly those Flags with Pride and Respect Furs & Folks! Thanks to our Military Past & Present!!! Hooorray for the Red White & Blue..Gratefully ALive and Living well in the USA!! Hugs & Pokes forever....DarlaMarla,Mom Jeanie & all our Crazy gang xoxoxo


Scare ....Safe and then S Monster in One Week

May 24th 2012 8:01 pm
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Hiya Pals. It has been an eventful week. As some know I went in to see My Internist Specialist last Saturday. I have a little teeny bump on my lip. Mom & MY hubro thought my Booby area felt firm where I had Mammary glands & tumor removed for MCT last Summer. Dr H said the Thickness is mY Muscles,AHEM and well defined Periformus. He said I was in good shape and good muscle tone. He also said It is probably my unique build that help develop it more than average pup. I am no OLympic Ahtlete but I can do 0-60 in a split second & cut corners like nobodys business,even at almost 9!. If I don't want to Exercise I will not,bol. I usually prefer to scope things out before exerting myself. Mom said I am looking bit floopsy and gasp I gained almost 3 lbs. She thought 4 to 5/9 on my Medical chart post meant I was deficient or something??? he said NOooo it's very good. Poor DaddyO got a what for though for too many goodies,bol. I am getting more walks in our new place and my new yard also getting me toned again.

Well after all that worry turns out I am A Ok and to keep watch on it. Dr said because I am a bad candidate/high risk for sedation we will keep close watch. I had VERy hard time with my MCT surgery and my spay too years ago. They do not want me under unless I MUST be ,only one drug they can use. Dr H is the BIg Dog & we love/trust him so much. We have seen him in past for the cancer and seizures we said WHeeew Ok will do and Thank Dog. Anywho Sooo Mommy has been very sick migrainey all week and all its wonderful(NOT) side effects. Guess she was Way more worried about My MC CAncer returning than she realized.;)

Sooooo next news late Last night just as Mom was about to post for me here. I was resting on MY Throne(known as the Very Wintage comfy Brown Club Chairs Auntie Margie had custom made back in the 50s,shhh) In my Front "Parlour". Mommy looked and saw I was buggy eyed and drooling. SHe thought I was scared of something as it has been stormy. WELL I did not repsond and couldn't Move at all. Mom then thought OMD Bloat as my stomach was tight and buckets of drool(for me that is). She got all buggy herself, not her normal repsonce and called Brother & GF who had gone out. He rushed home and I was coming around. Well It is that I had A Seizure,its been several years and worse than my last ones. It took me awile to come around but I am ok. I got cool down wipes and ice cream from DaddyO. It is good for my sugar Mom remembered. ALot to look up again as most of my Seizure info was on old comp . I have to keep track of all going on and so forth. I am a nervous Nellie Mother hen so Mom thinks it is all the stress this week and lots of storms/barometric pressure changes lately. I really hate storms, getting worse with age it seems. They made her head sick too. I was scared and shaky but later chased a Posum/raccoon from my yard in the early AM. Praying I do not get another visit from the S MOnster againand the MAst Celle Monsters kep at Bay. Oh they now want to give me a B_ A _T_H!!! I smell from rolling in the perfume it left on grass. Hope I can milk more time before they torture me....... Over and Outtta here>>>>>


Hoppy Easter...

April 6th 2012 7:17 pm
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Hiya pals, Thanks soooo much for all the beautiful fun prezzies,Easter & HOlidays blessings, wishes and Eggies galore!! I have lots of places to hide tham all here inside and outside under pillows even,bol!! I wish you and yours a Blessed Easter,Passover and Spring dear ones!! Thanks HQ for the goodies and new fun!! We are getting used to the changes.

Thanks dogness we are finally settling in at our new place(we rent). I have a yard again - Big WOOHOO, rooms upstairs/down and the whole house is ours!! It is a very old CApe Mom says,needs lots of loving but we like it so far. I even have my OWN..... PARLOR!! Yes it is DARLA MARLA's PARLOR"!! DaddyO has christened it as I go there now "Ven I VANT To be ALONE"!! Poor humans do not have such luxuries as Privacy. I follow them EVERY where if they move or even when they don't,BMTO. It is otherwise known as a LR but I usually get it to myself as we have a Sunroom where the main TV and Cecils BUdgieManor are. It is on a VERY Busy Main road but lots of new sniffs to check out,Trains passing.trainyard nearby & restaurant smells too. I have a doggie on the fence,wish he was a REAL Dobe. I have moved quite abit with my family in my almost 8 years with them and this is the FIRST time I did not get sick with Colitis,truly a blessing!

I have missed you all soo much,thanks for all the PAw that got us through. We lost Poppa March 2nd(Moms beloved Daddy) the weekend we moved. He is at Deserved Rest after a Couragoeus fight and Faith over the years. He is Missed terribly and just hitting Mom and the family now. He is Missed as all our Passed over loved ones are and in our Hearts forever. It has been crazy for awhile here and I apologize for all my missed posts and replies. Time really flies too fast. It is too quiet aroud Dogster and I do not want any to think you are forgotten. Especially those who are newer, I do hope NO fur thinks they are forgotten or dog forbid that No furcares! Dogster and Catster are loaded with caring furs, that would be awful. PAws crossed The fleas will subside soon and hope all will come out to woof and Purr!!! Let's all PAW In and keep the Love flowing!!

I keep you ALL always in heart whether I woof often or occasionally and whatever your celebration I truly want to say you are ALL LOVED! I send our PAW, Prayers and love, extra to those who are sick, fighting the good fight furred and human and all who have Journeyed Across in our absence our love & Condolences.

PAws Up... Hugs & Pokes for ALL!! Darla,Mom and family

~ Cecil,Budgieboy, tweets he would like a BIRDSTER!! ~

XOXOXO Blessings & PAW for ALL! XOXOXO


Here We Go Again......

February 14th 2012 11:21 am
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I just wanted to Wish All My Dear pals a Happy Valentine's Day, February and A wonderful year. Thanks for all the lovely prezzies and most of your friendship,PAW & love. We have been busy looking for a new place to live for awhile due to our Landlord losing his house soon,causing alot less Dogster time. We finally found a house rental that accepts me & Cecil Bird,NOT easy around here & expensive plus Utilities which are sky high. It is very trying to move especially on my folks. Brother is upset it is not close to his job ( he can walk from here to work and his friends closeby etc). It is not too far a drive but he needs his own car soon. We will miss the neighborhood here with our fantastic Bakery, Italian Market/butcher and all in walking area. DaddyO Will have to make stops when taking bro to work hehe in the plans.:)

It will be fun to have my own yard again but it is Full wood fence not chainlink so I can't see much. I love to WATCH the goings on. I do so quietly once I get to know the locals. Mommy says the stairs(it is an OLD Cape) will get me and her in better shape,bol. It is on a VERY busy road but I won't be out front without my lead. Another good point is it is across from Moms lifelong & Now families favorite Chinese restaurant,hehe. Please when you can send some paw & Positive vibes for the house, the move & that we all make it through this in good stead. I Always get Bad bloody colitis attacks when we move so hope that will not be the case this time,paws crossed. I have moved, just with my Furever family, 5 times so far!! Nanny alls us Tinkers!Bol

I will have to get used to the traffic,cars, trucks(Busy Dry cleaners next door). The Sidewalk with people walking close to our door, The Railroad tracks are pretty much across the street, RR yard is just 2 or so blocks over,the Main FireHouse about 4 houses away & Jr High school 1 block behind us & grocery store shooping strip mall. So we have lots of noise with cars,pedestrians,trucks & Sirens . Thankfully I don't HOWL a long with the sirens,bol! It would freak the folks out,lucky them huh??? ;). Sheesh this is now suburbia.

We send our love,PAW,prayers and good wishes to all of You EVERY day. It will take awhile to get things settled as it usually does once in.more each move it seems. Right now we are sorting and packing to get there which is crazy. We also recently got to get the heavy clean up done over there for March move in. I will love the place I am sure. Maybe they will build me a Bay Window like the one I now hav,bol. It is excellent to lay on with my Cecil boys & his Budgie Manor.Funny how MY chair placement is among top decorsting Ideas,bol. MY CLub chair will go by the front window as I MUST Survey my world!! I wish all the best and we will pop in as we can during it all. Forgive my misses and accept my thanks for all your support. We Love you bunches & So grateful to be part of this Community! Hugs & Pokes, Darla,Cecil & family xoxoxo


I am 8 Today

October 4th 2011 3:54 pm
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Boy oh boy A wonderful Birthday to be 8!! So thankful to celebrate it after an eventful year & Surgery this past Summer. I got good clearance on my recent Urinalysis/ bloodwork and the "Lumpys" are at bay,thank Dog. One teensy skin ridge on the incision scar, Dr thinks it is scar tissue. We will watch just to be sure it stays same. The PAW really pulled me through which we are FOREVER grateful for!

It rained heavily on & off today so We did not get to go to the Park as Mom wanted for me. I got yummy Venison canned which I LOVE,some goodies & Bully Chews. Mom tried to take a picture of me but I skulked off. Hey she put THOSE glasses on and a camera. I KNOW she wanted to cut my Bear claws,Umm nails. I can read minds,as I am a Mind Melder you know,bol. Yes still the loveable little weirdo I am.;) Thanks for all the Good wishes,prezzies & Most of all your friendship pals. Mom got things squared away with My PLUS finally,thanks HQ. I can't live without my Dogster/Catster fun & pals!

As ever Love & PAw with all who need it & all my pals every day. HAppy Wooday & PUrrsday to all who share My St Francis Feast day. It's Nice to have the patron of Animals share the day with. We Missed the BLessing this year as we couldn't find out where/when it was this weekend. Well I Off to revel in Moms tissues,umm "take care" of her,hehehe. She is sick with a VERY Wicked head/Chest cold and stinks of Mentholatum. It is cooler now here and My very FAVORITE time of year!! SOon Wonderful Stinky Colored leaves to sniff too. Yippy Skippy my dear pal Muffin taught me to say- Autumn is hereHugs & Pokes, Darla

We love you Mama and So happy to see you turn 8!!! YOu made us laugh so hard when we sang happy Woofday tonight and you Moaned along. Hoping our singing didn't HURT your ears that much,bol. Keep on keeping on grrlie. It was nice to hear you have the bloodwork of a pup nearly half your age. Brother will have lots of fun as he learns so much at the Drs work. he can "take care" of you too. Now if only he would clean his room. I know you LIKE it "messy". Little did we know you would get to be a more "Spunky" Missy as you got "older". You are really such a good ,well behaved girl we shouldn't complain. It makes us remember how lucky we have it right?? Some other pups eat things beside tissues like sheetrock and other crazy things or run away yikes!! We treasure your Pokey nosed,Butt bunking,your famous soft dry Kitty-dog kisses, moany woowoo talking self. We Thank OUR lucky stars Everyday to have you in our lives. Sending those "tolerable" Hugs,Kisses & ALL Our Love, Mommy,DaddyO,BrotherB ,GF/Sista S and Cecil aka THe Cecinator! xoxoxo

ETA: I will get cracking on My thank yous! Forgive delay due to Mommy.


Candle Lighting Tonight

July 23rd 2011 8:51 pm
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We joined with All who Lit their Candles for Cancer Rememberance of Those passed,Healing & HOpe for Those who Fight Still,Comfort for the families. SUch a Moving VERY beautiful night. It is VERY hot here in 90s tonight as we started and Dead Calm Air,not a breeze for two days. We Placed our candles,White in memorial,Green for Healing & Hope and some lovely Incence. We thought our Glowing Pup would be a nice addition.

As we placed our candles and went to Light them A Great Gust of Wind Blew Up . Out of NOWHERE it came...It truly went through Mom & touched me deeply. Fearing it would blow out the lights but did not. We said our prayers and sent our love,comfort & healing thoughts out to all. As We sat A Robin Red Breast came to tree near deck watching & calling. Mom tried to capture his picture but he moved branch to branch calling out then flew off after a bit. I went out at first then inside due to heat then backout as Mommy was there with out me. After dark we brought candles in and added a purple Candle of Thanksgiving for my Great Blessing and successful surgery It was also in Thanksgiving of ALL My dear fiends whose Support &love helped give us this miracle. LOVE lives on...Death nor time can erase it. We FELT the Energy of all who participted and KNOW as Many here do of The Power of The Paw. THANK You to all for participating and your Prayers,Healing thoughts and Love for ALL.xoxo Hugs & Pokesxoxo


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