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June 14th 2007

Hello I know this was posted a day ahead. But It will look cute.

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My Wedding Diary is Diary of ther day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The lovely life with Bosten and Sissy


June 26th 2007 9:51 am
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This is what outr marrige ceritficte will sy when we are done. Boston Sisssy June 25 2007 Boston Owner Sissy Typist Dogster


Today is the Day

June 25th 2007 5:56 pm
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Today we IMed and got married so you can imagine it here is the wedding.
We are gathered here today to bring Boston and Sissy together. Boston says his vowes I love you so much and I
promise to be the best husband to you, I will always
be there no matter what from the moment we met i
knew i loved you and you were the one for me, and
when you put the ring on her paw say this ring is a
token of my undying love i promise to be faithful and tell
her how much she means to me
Sissy says her vowes I love you so much and I will respect you and cherish you! Boston do you take Sissy to hold and Cherishe in sickness and hard times? I do. And Sissy do you take Boston to be your husband to love and to hold in sickness and hard times? Boston and Sissy exchange rings. I now pronouce you husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride! And we will have a bunch of stuff on the page for other stuff!



June 14th 2007 11:38 am
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Hello my friend write a story with me, Flower, Winnie, Daisy, Freda a dog on our block, Odie a dog on our block, Petey, and Boston. There is a reason for it to be on this page. But that is at the end. We aregoing to write one all abouu me and Boston though.

The Girly Dog Club
Chapter 1: The Idea
One day Winnie one of the more popular dogs had an idea. “I think that we should make a spectacular club. But for girls only.” Now the only other dogs with her at the time were Sissy, Daisy, and Flower. And they agreed. But Odie had been eavesdropping on their conversation. “Why do you want to make a Girly club?” He said sarcastically. “Well Odie why were you eavesdropping?” Daisy barked back in the same sarcastic way. “Oh- well… I was just you know coming this way.” He stammered. Odie had, well you know had a crush on Daisy since she came to the neighborhood. And everyone else could tell except for Daisy. And when they would try to tell her she wouldn’t believe them. That moment Odie ran steadily away towards his other friends and his locker. Since his back was hurting for all of those books you know. “See I told you Odie likes you.” Winnie said with a smirk. “No I really don’t think so.” Replied Daisy worriedly. “Come on Daisy. You can so tell. And trust me I know.” Winnie barked. “Well I don’t really think that he does. I mean he stammered because he wanted an excuse not because he likes me if that’s what you think.” Daisy wined. “Ok Daisy looks like you need to get to class. So see you around. And rethink about that.” Winnie yelled as Daisy went to homeroom. “You need to talk to that girl Winnie.” Sissy said. “She needs some sense knocked into her.” Flower added. “Girls I know. That’s one of the reasons I want to start this new club. That way she can get a good talking to.” Winnie said. “Honey, we can’t wait on this kind of stuff. She needs a good talking to today! And it’s your job to do it. Not mine, not Freda’s, and not any of the other girls. You started it by telling her. And you are going to end it by hooking them up. Besides they look good together.” Sissy fought back at her. “Fine I will during lunch break. So don’t come over and start talking to us. Or I might not get to talk to her.” Winnie said. “Ok.” They said altogether. “Let’s go to class.” Ever since each one of these girls (and Odie) had come or were at least 1they came to this new school. It’s called Pawvalley. It was a large school. And inside of their whole clique were the following girls. Freda the mix, Daisy the American Eskimo, Winnie the Toy Fox Terrier, Flower the Chihuahua, Sissy the Chihuahua, and their friend who wasn’t in their clique Odie the boxer. Most of them had a Boyfriend. Those girls with their Boyfriends were these girls. Winnie & Petey and Sissy & Boston. So the bell rang after some periods and it was time for lunch. When they exited class, all the girls except Daisy signaled each other that it was time for the mission. Everyone except Winnie and Daisy went to lunch. Winnie went to look for Daisy. “Hi Daisy.” Winnie said when she reached her. “Lunch is really nasty today do you want to skip I need to talk with you.” She finished. “Sure we can talk.” “Good.” Winnie replied. “Ok so you know how we said Odie really likes you? Well we need you to know we are telling you the truth. He does, and I need you to trust me for once.” Winnie said. Daisy frowned just a little. And then she said “Well I don’t really want to believe that. Because, if we get together, and break-up then, we might not be friends anymore.” Daisy began to weep a little. “Oh, Daisy I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that you felt that way. Do you want me to talk to him?” Winnie said surely. “Yes but don’t tell him I sent you ok?” Daisy said. “Don’t you worry, when it comes to that then mum’s the word.” Winnie said.
Chapter 2: the plan
Winnie and Daisy went different ways after that. Daisy went to class, even though it wasn’t class time. She wanted to good seat. Winnie went to go with the other girls. “So what did she say?” Sissy asked. Winnie even though practically the top gossiper, in the school didn’t say a thing. “Come on girl spill.” Sissy said anxiously. “No I’m not going to tell you anything. Not unless Daisy says that I can and since I didn’t mention you guys then she didn’t talk about it.”Sissy and the other dogs began to get mad. “Listen Winnie. We tell you everything and the same goes for Daisy so you need to either spill or not talk to us until she tells you yes or no. Got it?” Sissy was very angry. “Well you listen here and now. I’m not going to ask her. And you know it’s true you tell me everything. So that means if you don’t I will bring the Burn Book out and turn it in. How do you like that? So you better get to work she is in History class now.” Winnie said with a smirk and left. “Girl I don’t think she’s playing.” Flower said. “Well why are you looking at me we better hurry and go ask her and tell her. I have History with that girl.” So Sissy hurried down the hall to class. It was about an hour before History started. Just perfect time to talk to her. Winnie also conveniently had History with them too. So she watched with amazement. “Hi Daisy, Listen I need to talk with you.” Sissy said as she glared at Winnie who by now had a small smirk on her face. “Wow I must be really popular everyone wants to talk with me today. But, Ok Sissy.” Daisy replied. “Well that is kind of what I want to talk to you about. See I told Winnie that she needed to talk to you about Odie. And she did I understand. But she didn’t tell me what it is you said. And she also said you didn’t say if she could and she wouldn’t unless you said yes. So can she?” Sissy said really nicely. “Well I guess she can tell the girls.” Daisy stammered. Daisy was about to say more but Sissy stopped her. “Thank you Daisy. Can’t wait to find out!” She threw an evil smirk at Winnie. After History class was another long break. “So Daisy said yes. Winnie you can take it from here.” Sissy said. “Ok and thank you I guess. First of all you need to know they are not going to hook up. Unless she goes through therapy first. So I told her I want her to believe me. And she said she doesn’t want to believe it.” Winnie said. “Why?” All the other girls said together. “It is because she doesn’t want to hook up. And then break up and never talk again.” Winnie barked back. They all opened their jaws wide. “We need to talk to Odie.” “It’s not going to be me.” Winnie said. “Fine I’ll talk to Odie.” Flower yelped. “Flower you don’t have to do it. I will I was just saying that I do it all the time. By the way why did you yelp?” Winnie barked. “Oh that, um well you see. Sissy bit me on the ear so I would say that out loud.” Flower replied. “Oh she did, did she?” Winnie glared at Sissy up and down. “I should go now and get this done with.” Winnie said. “But wait, I don’t want anyone to go yet.” Daisy said this time she was eavesdropping. “I want us to plan out this whole club. That way we can talk about it then.” She sounded more excited about now. But that could have been because she didn’t want to be on the current topic. “Okay I think that is a really good idea.” Winnie said. I think we should have a meeting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends.” Winnie continued. “Yeah and if you want to gossip with someone there you have to ask the rest of the group.” Freda added. “Yeah that’s a great idea Freda.” The group said together. “Let’s see where should we hold it? I know, at my house!” Daisy said. “Yeah you have so much room in that house.” Flower added. “And a big yard to run off energy.” Freda barked. “And if we don’t want to go to her house we can go to my house since me and Daisy are neighbors.” Sissy added. “Then it’s settled tomorrow is the very first meeting of The Girly Dog Club!” Daisy announced.
Chapter 3: The beginning
The next day in the morning for breakfast before school they had a morning meeting. “Hem, I have an idea.” Sissy barked up. “Let’s hear it.” Winnie barked back. “Well I think today one of us. Not Daisy of course. Needs to go talk to Odie.” She finished. “Well you know how we need to decide right?” Winnie said. It was so quite you could hear a pin drop. “By having a vote of course.” Winnie said by breaking the silence. “Except Daisy counts for 2 dogs.” Flower added. “All in favor of me raise a paw. 1… 2… 3. Okay all in favor of Flower, 1. Okay and Sissy 1… 2… Okay it looks like I get to talk.” Winnie ended on a sadder note. It’s not that she didn’t want to talk to Odie. In fact when Winnie first came she liked him until Petey came. She just didn’t want to be the one that talks to people all the time. But she had to it was a vote. And she did. “Hi Odie, how are you.” She said. “Oh I’m fine.” He replied quickly. “Well I need to talk to you ok.” Winnie continued. “Sure about what.” Odie said. “First you need to promise not to tell a soul.” She said. “I promise.” “Ok then do you like Daisy? I won’t tell a soul.” Winnie said surely. “Well since you promise. I do.” Odie said. “Ok well do you want to go out with her?” Winnie’s face grew a smirk. “Yes I do.” “What if you broke up would you still be friends?” “Yes.” “Ok what if she liked you too. Then could I tell her?” “Yes.” “Ok thank you bye.” Winnie finished. She went over to the other girls. “Where did Daisy go?” She said frightfully. “She went to class.” “Oh.” Winnie said. “I need to talk to her.” She added. “You can tell us.” Sissy edged her. “No, only for Daisy’s ears.” She said. “Why?” She moaned. “Because I promised Odie.” “You told Odie that she liked him?” “No.” “Well then bye.” Winnie stormed off. By 1 Sissy was being a little rude. And she hated it. Winnie was older than her by one month, 2 days, and 1 year. Since she was born December 12, 2005 and Sissy January 15, 2006. It paranoid Sissy so much. And she was being rude. And it made Winnie want to kick her out of the club. So she had a plan. At lunch they had different periods that day. So all the girls except Sissy ate lunch that day without her and they made a plan. “Ok so we are going to pretend to be mad at her for a whole week. And we will tell her why we are mad at her two each day. And then next week if she crumbles well Freda tell them what happens.” Winnie said. “Thank you Winnie. If she does crumble by the end of the week me and Winnie will stay together and you will storm off all of you and act mad. And Winnie take it away.” She said. “Thank you Freda. You will not make contact with me for a week. Ok then if she crumbles we will show her that we were playing. And tell her that’s how we feel.” “OK.” And they started. When they saw Sissy, they didn’t talk to her. “Hi girls.” She said. But they ignored her. “Come on girls let’s go.” Winnie said. And they left. Sissy seemed confused. “Hold up girls.” She said but they didn’t stop for her. So she went home sadly. But she decided to go to the club and see what’s up.
Chapter 4: The Evil Scheme
So she went to club. And then Flower said “Hey Sissy can I talk with you?” And Sissy said. “Sure Flower.” And they went off together. “Ok well Sissy I need to tell you something.” She said and a tear fell from her eye. “What is it Flower?” Sissy sounded worried. “Well you see Sissy. It hurts me because sometimes you are rude to me. And some of the other girls. But I still want to be your friend but I don’t feel like it.” She said and tears fell down her face. “Oh poor baby. I am so sorry about that it is just that sometimes I get like that.” She said. “Well I have a question for you.” Flower stopped weeping. “What is it girl?” Sissy sounded a little scared. “Do you like Winnie?” She said. “Did she tell you to ask me that?” “No!” Flower reacted very fast. “Ok then. Well you know sometimes I like her. But right now she is acting like well you know what I want to say.” Sissy said as Flower’s jaw dropped. “Ok.” Then Sissy said “Well I have a question for you.” Flower then said “What?” “What are you doing behind my back?” “Nothing we are just talking you apparently can’t keep up.” Sissy looked angry. “Well I am not so sure about that.” Flower looked so angry. “See this is what I mean you just assume and then people end up sad!” Sissy was shocked. Flower never talked like that. And then Flower stormed off. And Sissy was not long behind. Freda was about to talk and then Sissy said “I need to talk with you Winnie.” Winnie looked happy actually. “Fine I’ll talk.” And they walked off. And when they walked out Freda said “Flower what did she say about Winnie?” But flower was still in shock. “She said that Winnie was a you know what we can’t say that starts with a b. But she only described it. She didn’t actually say it.” All of the girls had their jaws drop! They couldn’t believe what they just heard and couldn’t wait to see what Winnie would say. “I can’t believe she said that.” said Freda. “Winnie is freak!” Daisy screamed. Anyway back to Sissy and Winnie. While Flower and they were talking Sissy and Winnie were talking. “So Winnie what are you dogs up to?” Sissy said with a smirk. “I don’t have to tell if we are evening doing something. I am older than you and so are all the other girls. You better watch what you say around us. We can game up on you like so fast.” Winnie acted very angry. “So you are doing something.” “No we are not and like I said watch out.” Winnie was really good at acting. Or was she even acting? All of the sudden they heard a scream. “Winnie’s going to freak!” Daisy yelled. “What was that? Did Daisy just say you will freak?” Sissy looked mad and scared. “Yes it was.” Winnie looked happy. “Flower is in so much trouble. I will get her.” Sissy said as she walked over to the girls. Winnie sprinted in front of her. “You won’t touch her!” Winnie said. And she bit at Sissy. Sissy knowing that Winnie was higher than her laid on her back. “What will I freak about? What did you tell Flower?” She growled. “Um, nothing.” She said. “Oh, yeah?” She said. “What did you say?” She added. “N-Nothing! I didn’t say a thing.” She stuttered. “Go back to your house! And we will send a dog to talk to you.” Winnie said. Then Sissy walked home. “Hello what did she say?” “That you were well you know.” “What?!” Then she looked like she was happy. “It is time to break away. Freda I want you to go and I want to keep Daisy.” “Ok.” Then they planned something else. “That’s right you go! All of you, if you like her so much go with her.” Winnie yelled as they headed to Sissy’s. “Yeah leave now!” Daisy said. “We don’t you 2.” Then they stormed off to Sissy. “Can you believe her?” Flower said. Sissy then said “Flower why did you tell them?” Flower looked puzzled. “What are you talking about?” “You told them that I called Winnie a you know what!” All the girls looked surprised. “You did?!” Anyway, they sat down and told her what they did. They couldn’t go through it any more. “I have an idea.” Sissy said. “No!” All the girls said.” We are going to go tell them we told you. Ok?” Flower said. So they went over to make peace. “Well we should tell you something Sissy.” Winnie said. The girls looked at her with a worry look. “Boston wants you to meet him at school.” “Ok. Let’s go.” So they went over to the school. “Hi Boston. Did you want to talk with me?” He looked embarrassed. “Yes.” He got on 1 knee. “Will you marry me?” She almost cried. “Yes.” That year they all made it to the next grade. Petey came back to school for a while to be with Winnie. Sissy and Boston started planning their wedding and wedding page on Dogster. And Daisy and Odie hooked up. Look in following books for more stories with the girls.
The End
-BFF’s always

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