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Butchie in the Sky

Me? Diary of the Day?!?

February 6th 2012 1:13 pm
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Oh my, I'm Dogster's Diary of the Day today! It is so cool that we can still be recognized for something no matter where we are. I'm going to be jumping from cloud to cloud today to celebrate!

Thank you for the sweet gifts, pawmails, comments, and mementos, pals! You're the best, but you all know that!

Angel Butch


Another Birthday in Heaven

February 1st 2012 8:08 pm
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Mom forgot it was my birthday today until Whitley sent me a pawmail very early this morning.

Thanks, Whitley, and thank you Angel Banjo, Hershey, Zaidie, Cookie, Wyoming, Abbie, and the Morris Pack, for your gifts and wonderful messages on this special day. You are all so kind to me and my family.

The years I spent on earth sure flew by fast, and so have the years I've spent in heaven, but I'm in the company of so many other loved Angels!

Thanks again for thinking of me. I would have been 23!



Birthday - In Remembrance

February 1st 2011 9:51 am
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Today I would have been 22 years old!

I've never been forgotten, even if my parents forgot my birthday until a few of my pals reminded them!

Duster, a Golden Retriever, was actually Dad's first dog. He was about 2 years old when Mom came into the picture and brought along her three cats who don't have Catster pages. They were living in the old house then and I joined the family when some guy was trying to give me away in a box!

Mom was remembering the day she came home to find the door to the side gate open. She looked down the street and saw me and Cosmo and yelled our names. We both looked up and came running to Mom like good boys! We had alot of fun together living in that neighborhood.

One of the cats went to the Bridge at the old house, so when Mom and Dad bought the house they're living in now, it was me, Duster, and two cats. We had alot of fun living in this neighborhood too.

Duster went to Bridge and then Cosmo joined the family. He grew up to be a big guy but I was the boss. Another cat went the the Bridge and just before the last one went they found my cat sister, Mercy, and the cat fever continued from there.

Then it was my time to go in 2003, and Cosmo got a new brother, Quincy. Today there are still nine cats in the family and a new puppy on it's way.

Wow, humans manage to fit so many of us into their hearts it's no wonder why they explode from time to time and have to be repaired!

Thanks for stopping by to honor my birthday today!



I Got Wings!

January 7th 2007 11:20 pm
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My pal Riley wrote last week to tell me about a group of wonderful Dogsters who wanted to make sure all the angel dogs got their wings. He then told me that he asked the group if they could put me on the list which I thought was very sweet.

It didn't take long for Bambi to contact me and ask for one of my pictures. Mom picked one she thought would be great, and she was right. I LOVE my beautiful gold wings and think I look just heavenly! The crown suits me perfectly since I was the alpha dog in the house.

Thanks, Riley, for being such a cool and thoughtful pal, and thanks, Bambi, for your beautiful work! I love you both!

Boo-boo Butch


My Dad

June 18th 2006 9:18 am
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This is only my second diary entry, but today is a very special day for all Dads because it's Father's Day.

I do miss being with the family as much as they miss me, but I am at peace. I'm not sure how I would have liked living with all those cats they added to the family though! And, that Quincy, I bet Cosmo wonders when he'll ever mellow out and stop trying to drag him around the house with his teeth. I never did that!

My Dad, especially, was my rock. He was always there to give me special head and chin scratches while I sat in front of him. And those walks were something I looked forward to every single day. It was fun riding in the car with Cosmo, sticking our heads out the window to let the fresh air whip at our faces while Dad drove us around town to run errands. When I was sick, my Dad took me to see the vet and comforted me at all times.

I had a great life full of love, and my Dad was a big part of it.

Thank you Dad for everything you did for me!




September 18th 2004 12:47 am
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Today is the one-year anniversary of the day Butch went to the Rainbow Bridge. I will never forget his last evening in our home. He was having a terrible day and evening and I decided that night to stay downstairs close to him. He was very restless and I tried to calm him down best I could. Even our cat, Milo, kept trying to lay down next to him. Butch was Milo's favorite doggie to sleep with. It was getting rather late and we were trying to decide if it was time to take him to the emergency hospital since our vet's office was closed, but something told me not to, that he "might" be okay in a little while, so my husband went to bed. Not long after that, Butch let out one final call to me. I went to him, held him in my arms, and within a short time he was gone. It was the hardest thing but it meant so much more to me that I was there with him and that he knew it.

We're so grateful we were able to give him all the love he deserved all those years and for the love he gave us in return. That love still lives in us today. We miss him and think about him all the time.

Butch's Mom

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