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All About Me!!

Scabies, staph infections, red mange, hot spots and ulcers- in my eyes, Oh my!!

November 7th 2007 7:57 pm
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Hi my name is Toby and I just turned 8 months old on the third of Nov. And every since my mommy got me when I was 12 weeks old, we have been inseperable. She loves me so much and I love her so much too. Sometimes I see her cry when she looks at me though and I think I know why. Every since I was about 16 weeks old I have had major problems... I started of with my skin being so itchy and then I got bald patches so my mommy took me to see the vet, Dr. Ricconi. He told my mommy that I had scabies, and I had to get 2 shots, they really hurt!! Then about a week later my skin wasnt so itchy and I was getting better. But then all the sudden it came back ten times worse, I couldnt stop itching for two seconds. So mommy took me back to see the good Doctor. He said I had a hereditary disease called Red (Demo) Mange and a secondary staph infection!! Needless to say I felt horrible, all I did was sleeop for a few days, but then I started feeling better. But then it started to come back, we treated my skin over and over again, dip after dip. And then one day after I hadnt been using the bathroom for a few days mommy was worried about me so she started watching me like a hawk. Then I finally had to go potty and when I did, we were all scared, my stool was all bloody. Mom started rapping me up in a blanky and crying, then we rushed to see the Doc. He didnt know what was wrong so he had to make me stay there for 2 and a half days, it really sucked!!!! They wanted to get a sample of my poo, but no I was determined not to give them any. So thats when my mommy got me back. It was hard to hold my poo in for 2 days so as soon as I got out of the car I was in the yard for about 20minutes potting! I felt much better. Mommy was happy that it wasnt bloody, but she wasnt happy she had to pick some up and take it to the vet, yuck!! But anyways we didnt hear much about that. But that was about 2 weeks ago, and during that time I still had the mange and its still going away now. But anyways then earlier this week on monday mommy had to take me in for a check up on my skin and laterly my eyes got all foggy and rough, so I had to go in for that too. The Doc says my skin is healing nicely but I have hot spots now and my eyes have something wrong with them, and I cant remember what its called but he says its like having ulcers in my eyes so it hurts really bad. But I have been getting so much better with the ointment for my eyes and Doc says putting corn starch on my hot spots will make them go away. So Im doing so much better and I want to ask you all to pray for me and I know Gods gonna get me through this rough spot!!!!!!!!


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