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Toby's Cute Stories


April 19th 2007 6:21 am
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This morning Daddy came in the bedroom to wake Mommy up for work. I was sleeping with Mommy like I always do. Daddy flicked on the light and both Mommy and I put our hands/paws over our eyes at the same time...............Daddy started laughing hysterically at I had no idea what I was doing or some such nonsense.......Mommy had a chuckle over it too and they picked me up and kissed and loved me and told me I was just the cutest thing ever!! Humans..............go figure............hee hee!!


Max's Death

April 10th 2006 12:19 pm
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We had to put Max to sleep on Feb. 7th this year. He came down with pneumonia and it got the best of him. It was a very freaky thing to happen to a 3 year old dog. We are all very saddened and miss him terribly.
Toby had noticed Max's decline in health over those last two weeks before that dreadful day and he knew something was wrong with his big brother.
After the gut wrenching and heartbreaking day at the Vet's we brought Max home in a little cardboard coffin to lay him to rest in our backyard. I let Toby see Max and sniff him. This was recommended by our Vet. We buried Max out under the tree where he used to stand guard on squirrel patrol.
A few weeks later the cleaning lady (who is also my friend) came to clean. She had not been there since Max was buried. Toby kept barking at her and running up and down the hallway like he was trying to tell her something. She said she he had never acted like this before. After she got done cleaning she let Toby out in the backyard to go potty. He immediately ran to where Max was buried and stood over his grave barking and looking at my friend as if to say, "Look, here is Max!!!!"
So if you ever question whether an animal knows about death or not.......I believe they do. Toby knows that is where Max is now......


Toby and Pork BBQ ribs

December 21st 2004 6:51 am
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Last night we had pork BBQ ribs for dinner and Toby wanted some sooooo bad. We cleaned all the dishes off, scraping the bones into the trash can (a tall kitchen trash can about 2-3 feet high). He proceeded to sit there next to the trash can barking at it and looking at me. I told him "NO" and went about my business. Some time later, I noticed he hadn't been under my feet as usual and asked hubby if he had seen him. Hubby had not, so I was getting ready to go find the human boys in the basement and see if Toby had followed them downstairs. All of a sudden, hubby yells for me to come quick into the kitchen. I ran down the hall way and into the kitchen. Hubby was pearing into the trash can with a huge smile on his face. There was Toby, at the bottom of the trashcan, with BBQ sauce all over his face and paws. He was looking sheepishly up at us and didn't blink an eye. I think he even stopped breathing for a minute. It was so priceless to see this bitty little white fluffy dog with BBQ sauce literally all over him and sitting at the bottom of the trash can totally enjoying himself. I don't know how he got into the trashcan without tipping it over. ( He is only about 7 inches high from the ground himself.) I took a picture, I hope it turns out!! Check out the 3rd picture down!!!


Toe Nail Clipping

October 4th 2004 6:20 pm
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I hate toenail clippers. They are a big "monster" and they scare me. Mommy has been trying to cut my toenails for a week. I squirm and carry on so much that she gives up. Tonight I was chillin' out on the couch and dozing off catching a few zzzz's. Mommy thought she was being sneaky and took the monster off of the coffee table. She then sat next to me and slowly slid over right beside me. She patted me very soft and I liked it. She then started to play with my toes. I knew what she was up to so I took my two front paws and shoved them way down in the crack of the couch cushions and then laid my cute little head on top of them so she couldn't see them. I just looked at her with the most innocent face I could come up with. She started laughing and forgot all about my piggy toes. Hee! Hee! Mission Accomplished!


Toby's Hiding

October 1st 2004 11:36 am
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I was taking Toby for a walk the other day at our favorite walking place. He was running beside me on the grass. The grass was long and needed to be cut. All of a sudden he dissappeared into a big divet that he couldn't see because of the grass. My friend and I started to laugh because it was so funny looking...he just dissappeared. He came crawling out of the divet and looked at us laughing at him. He got the funniest look on his face and layed down and tried to hide himself behind a blade of grass so we wouldn't see him. I think he was embarrassed!!! It was so cute.


Toby's Eye Cleaning Episode

September 18th 2004 7:20 am
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I was trying to clean Toby's eyes the other day. I use a q-tip with hydrogen peroxide on it. I was cradling Toby in one arm/hand and with the other trying to clean his eyes. He kept biting at the q-tip and turning his head away. After struggling for a while, me trying to clean and him trying to avoid it, he proceeded to take his two front paws and put them over his eyes and hold them there so I couldn't even get to them. I told him, "You win, no eye cleaning today!" It was priceless.

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