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I lost a dear friend tonight

March 29th 2008 7:35 pm
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Tonight one of my closest buds died..Jack. He lived at the neighbors house, but he walked and visited everyone on my road. He's been around for many years. Jack was close to Cletus before Cletus died. I was fortunate to know Jack. Jack was hit out on the road. It's a shock to everyone around here. Jack's been around for so long, it just won't be the same without him. He always visits me and my family every day. Mom would give him snacks and play with him. Jack was old, he wasn't getting around like he used too. He'll be missed by everyone, he'll get to reunite with Cletus. Jack-I love ya..Clark


Is it Spring time yet?

March 4th 2008 5:55 am
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I love the snow, I really do, it's fun to play in, to run back and forth, but I'm ready for the sun!! I've been having a blast the past 2 days, I got to run and play. Now today is yucky, rainy, so now my yard is gonna be all wet again, yuck!! I guess I'll have to stay inside today and play with the 2 little rug rats. Mom put up a lot of new pics of me, aren't I a cutie? I'm just a big snuggle pooch. Wanna come play with me....tag is my favorite game, but I love to always be 'it'. I can catch almost anything. Clark


My First Snowfall

December 27th 2007 10:34 am
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A couple weeks ago, I got to see my very first snowfall, it was neat and fun! All these white little things were falling down from the sky, they were cold, but very fun to play in. The ground turned white and was cold and mushy, but I had a blast playing in it. I can't wait for it to snow again!



July 12th 2007 12:03 pm
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Another nice day today, except the clouds have come in, hope it don't rain. I don't like water at all, no baths, no rain, no pools, water-no way!! Even if it's really hot outside, I don't like water, except to drink of course.

I love it outside, it's fun. I get to watch the cats make goofballs out of themselves, I see the neighbors dog Jack come over, he doesn't play with me tho, he's really old and can't walk to well. Mom said he was hit by a car. Mom keeps me tied up on this cable thing, it's really long so I have a lot of room to move around and even run a little. She has me come inside to take breaks, but I want right back outside, unless it's raining.

I still play with Pogo when mom has me come in. He likes to chew on my ears, sometimes it hurts, but I know he doesn't mean to hurt me. He's pretty fun to play with, we like to chase each other around the kitchen table, mom says we make her dizzy, bol.

Lots of people ride these little cars, to me they look like little cars with no roof, mom says they are called 4 wheelers. They look fun, but you won't catch me on one. I like to watch people drive them up and down my road here. Sometimes they wave at me.

Yesterday mom had a visitor, he was nice to me, he petted me. Pogo just barked at him. I keep telling Pogo to chill, but yeah right. Mom's visitor is daddy's cousin, he wanted to see daddy, but he was working.

My Grandpa, he's my mommy's dad, turns 60 in a few days. Mom said they are gonna go see him and have cake, I wanna go too!! Maybe if I give mom the sweet innocent look, she'll take me. I like riding in the truck, but don't like it if dad puts me in the pet carrier. Now the last time I got to sit between mom and dad, that was cool. Well I'm gonna go find the cats to chase, they are such scaredy cats! Bye.


My First Entry

June 10th 2007 11:10 pm
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Woof woof, hi! I'm Clark. I"m just a pup right now. I'm so happy that I have a home. The shelter was ok, they fed me and took care of me, but it was so noisy with all those other dogs barking all the time. I didn't have much love there either. I already have so much love here at home.

Kyle, my human brother, he named me Clark. He loves Superman, and Kyle says they call him Clark Kent, so he said my name should be Clark, I guess he thinks I'm a Superdog, bol.

Before mom and dad got to take me home, I had to go to the vet. I didn't like it at all. I was really scared. They neutered me. I'm also all up to date on shots, didn't like those shots, but mom said I have to have them.

My first cookout...I got to go to Kyle's 5th birthday party cook out on Saturday. I was kinda scared at first. But it wasn't so bad. I met some new people, they petted me and walked me around on the leash. I hope I get to go out like that again soon. I had fun.

I had to wear Pogo's collar for the first few days till daddy got me a new one. Pogo doesn't go outside and I do, so I had to have a collar on. I have my own collar now, it's blue. Mommy takes me out on the leash. I didn't like that thing attached to my collar, but mommy won't let me go out without a leash.

I like Pogo, we play a lot. I don't like it when he takes a toy away from me, but we have fun running after each other. We don't sleep together much. Usually Pogo sleeps with Scooter (the kitten), and I sleep with the other kitten Junior. They are Sadie's kittens.

Well it's way past my bedtime, nightie night.....

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