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Clark's Diary

Been a long time!!

February 20th 2010 11:17 am
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HEY DOGSTER, I'm BACK!!! Ya ya ya!! It's been ages huh? Well I'm here, still here, that's right!!! Mommy took a break on here, so I did too. So I'm back. Things have changed some. Tig, the cat, she's living at my MomMaw's house now. We have a different cat name Corey, I love picking on him. We also have another dog too. Her name is Baby, tiny little thing that mommy loves to dress up, I love it too, I like to grab her shirts and pull her, BOL . Funny tho, when she first came home, she hated me, she barked and barked at me, I don't like her yipping at me!!! Well now she plays with me, likes to jump on my back, I don't like that. But I do like her now. She's my little sissy. Mommy will do a new page on her I'm sure. Mommy wants to get the dogster plus back too, yaaa, hope so, I don't like these ads all over my page! I'm doing really good, still hanging around and I haven't ran away and no one has taken me like that last time. I'm also more indoors now instead of an outside dog, sure I go potty outside, but that's about it unless I'm playing with mommy or my human sis and bubs. I got my own bed, it's a HUGE pillow, but Baby tried to pee on it once, mommy got on to her about it, so now she leaves it alone....she better!! I may like Baby now, but that is MY bed. Baby is a lap dog, so I wanna be one too, I try to sit on mommy's lap, but she'll say 'ohhh Clark you're to big', no I'm not, I'm a baby too!!! I miss you guys, I love Dogster and mommy better put up some new pics of me!!! Got some cute ones of me.....hehehe. Well then again, I'm always cute!! Oh you know what, mommy got Baby where she got me at, the same shelter. They saved her like they saved me. Altho Baby was sick the first week she was here. She coughed a lot and slept all the time. She had to see the 'doc' and he said se had some thing called bronchitis, but she's all better now, I had to stay away from her too but that wasn't hard to do as she didn't like me at first anyway. So she's all good and likes to chase me, I chase her but mommy says 'Clark don't step on her'. HA. Well Dogster I missed you all, I'm back!!!!! Sending lots of love to all my buddies, hope you guys are good and I'm sorry I haven't been around....(sshhhhh, but blame my mommy!!!)




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