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Clark's Diary

Clark gave us a scare

May 22nd 2009 10:22 pm
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Usually Clark likes to do his own journal, ha, but I had to make one this time. Over a week ago, Clark was missing. He went over to see his girlfriend, slept in her house, then he left and then vanished. We looked everywhere. My son Kyle was crying so hard. Clark never has ran off before, ever! It wasn't like him to do this, then it rained all night, and Clark hates rain!! He doesn't like to get wet, unless he jumps over the creek, he doesn't mind the creek, but he hates the rain.
So I made flyers, posted them in a few places that are popular in this area. Still no word, no Clark. We drove all thru back roads, everywhere out here, no sign. Then we start hearing about a lot of big dogs have been missing in the area, that someone has been stealing dogs for fighting. That really scared me. I couldn't sleep, not at all, I just kept thinking about Clark. I mean when Cletus died, it hurt of course, but we knew what happened to him, with Clark being gone, we had no idea, what if he was hurt, or someone was hurting him. Kyle was just a mess. Well the next day after that, we started talking to some neighbors, found out that there has been a truck driving with tons of dogs in the back, big dogs, and then the truck would come back up my road with no dogs, sounds fishy to me!! So we start asking around the neighbors about it, especially ones that we knew owned big dogs. I made sure to tell everyone how crushed Kyle is, and that his 7th b-day is almost here and Kyle got Clark right before his 5th b-day. Kyle picked him out, Clark is Kyle's dog. So the day after we started spreading the word about Clark and how we're hearing about someone stealing big dogs, Clark came home.
Thank God!! We were in bed, early in the morning about 7-8 am. I swore I heard his bark, and it's weird cause that night I actually did finally get some sleep. I thought I was dreaming, I get up and look outside, no Clark, I sat down all bummed, then I heard the bark again, I said I know that is Clark, and what do ya know, there he is at the door wagging his tail, I open the door yelling Clark is back, and Clark just licked me and jumped on me, then tackled Kyle, but Kyle tackled him back cause he was so happy. Well Clark came back very skinny, he hadn't eaten, now if Clark ran off, I would think he would've found some sort of food, so that seemed fishy to me as well, then my husband looks at his nails, they were all cut perfectly even, we haven't had his nails cut, so someone did it. It's just funny how we talk about to people around here that he's missing and then how we are hearing about people stealing big dogs, then boom, next day here comes Clark. Well Clark's girlfriend, she's a cutie, Teewee, her mommy told us she saw Clark coming home, that he was running down the road to the house, really fast, like he was getting away from something. So now we are keeping a really close eye on Clark, and others around here with dogs are watching their dogs as well. It's scary to think that someone would just steal your dog. Clark hardly leaves the house, he still visits Teewee, but he's right back home, like he is afraid to leave the porch now. I did find him sleeping under the truck today, hiding under the shade, ha. I'm just so thankful he's home!! I love that boy, it was hard to get attached to another dog after Cletus, but I have, Clark is stubborn, bullheaded, ha, but he's like my 4th child, I love him, at least he doesn't talk back to me, ha ha. Welcome home Clark, I hope to God you never leave us again!




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