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Clark's Diary

Vet Day

March 4th 2009 7:51 pm
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Wow what a day. First I had to get into the car, not to fun! I don't like riding in the car. Then we went to see the vet, he was pretty nice, I've met him before. He seen that my right ear is hurting me bad, so I had to get drops put in, now momma has to put drops in for awhile to help my ear. Turns out my shedding and dry skin has to do with dry heat, where I used to be outside, now I'm inside. So I'm on medicine for awhile to clear it up and then the vet said my hair should start coming back in. I got my yearly shots and my rabies, got a cool new tag for my collar now. I weigh 40 lbs! Wow! I'm a big guy huh? So that's how my vet visit went. I got to see a cute little Beagle pup, he was sooo cute, I wanted to play with him, but momma said no. I was happy to get back into the car cause I knew I was going home. Now I'm gonna go crash for the night in my favorite sleeping spot and snore the night away, bol....nightie night




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