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Clark's Diary

I don't wanna go!!

March 2nd 2009 8:01 pm
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Momma informed me that I'm going to the vet on Wednesday, noooo. I don't wanna goooo!! Well I mean sure the truck ride there will be a load of fun, but it's not gonna be fun once I get there. They'll see how big I am, then they might stick me with that sharp thingy (momma calls it a shot, ouch), I don't want any of that! But I know..momma says it's for my own good, but I don't see how!! I have been having some problems tho, I'm itching to death!! I can't stop scratching! And no it's not those little boogers (fleas). Momma thinks I have dry skin or something, cause I'm shedding and scratching really bad. I don't feel those little boogers on me and momma can't find any, so it can't be fleas. Soooo...that's the main reason why I'm going to the vet. I heard momma tell dad that where I was mostly an outdoors-y type pooch, and now I love being in the house, that maybe the difference in the air (whatever that stuff means) might be making me have dry skin. Who knows, to much stuff that I don't understand.

Oh yeah, I'm indoors now!! Well I hated being indoors before, even when it was really cold out and momma brought me inside, I cried and cried to go back out. Well we've had a lot of cold days and nights and I've been in the house A LOT, so now I just love being inside and momma says she's happy cause she wants me inside.

I did have one oopsy, I peed in the house, just once, come on...give a guy a break, accidents happen. Momma laughed really hard tho, cause I started to pee, and momma says Clark no, outside....So she kinda freaked me out when she yelled out no, and I started to walk away (while I'm still peeing), so I peed all over the living room. Momma didn't seem to mind cause she couldn't stop laughing that I walked and peed all over the place, bol. But I haven't peed in the house since that day.

And one update from momma, for those of you that knew a buddy of mine that used to live here..Pogo, well he's in a new home. Momma had some trouble with him, he had some behavior problems (whatever that means), and momma just didn't know how to help him, so she searched for a great home and found one, and Pogo is doing a lot better, he's not afraid of going outside like he used to be. His new momma is spending a lot of time working with him (which my momma says that is what he needed), momma just didn't have the time to really work with him like he needed. So Pogo's new momma has his dogster page now. I don't know if she's updated it or not, but he's still on dogster I think.

Well lets get spring here, come on...I'm sick of snow and cold weather. I had to pee so fast tonight cause the wind about blew right thru me...brrrrrrr. I'm gonna go cuddle up on the couch and sleep ALL night long, zzzzzzzzzzz....hey where's my blanky??!!




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