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Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Big Head, puppy snub, phsyco dog, puppy, Lassie Bassy Boo

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
November 8th 2003

I LOVE food, thats what I like the most! I have also come to swimming in the pool, and I often choose that over food. But, I'm not aloud in the pool no more =(

I don't really like children, they can be quite scary at times, when they scream, and yell, thencome running straight at me withtheir arms flapping in the air.

Favorite Toy:
Well, it used to be this squeeky steak toy, until mum bought me home a rubber squeeky chicken toy :) Although, I might have killed him :( BOL!

Favorite Food:
Hmmmm, lets see... biscuts, sausages, toast, fruit..... well you get the point.... ANYTHING! :)

Favorite Walk:
I love going to the beach, and I lovegong up to our friends farm, I have a thing with the cattle, but unfortunatly there's no herding lessons where I live.

Best Tricks:
Well, it used to be take-a-bow, until mum aught me book (which is to run and put my paws on a phonebook, then wait until I'm released), then it was houm (Which is where I kinda snap my jaws, without any bark sounds coming out), and now its speak (bark)

Arrival Story:
Lassie was a Christmas present.

Ish written by mummy: Well, I've come a long way with Lassie. She used to hatechildren, and always has, but it used to be a much bigger problem than what it is now. We still don't take the risk taking Lassie off the leash when there'sa possibility of children being around, but, she actually lets some kids pat her now! Lassie also used to hate other dogs (apart from Cherry), as she was obssessive of her ball, but we've stopped throwing the ball, and we let her socialise with other dogs instead. Now she just loves to stop and have a play with all the other dogs! (Although she has a thing with Great Danes. Maybe it their size xP) We alsohad a problem with her. I always wanted a water-loving dog, and Cherry wasn't that. And, Lassie wasn't either. The hose would come on, and she'd run and hide. Her toy would fall into the pool, and she'd yelp and cry until we went in and got it. But, things have changed now. After a bit of coaxing, she loves water! The hose comes on, and, if we tell her "Get the hose!", she'll go run after it, and get soaking wet! She even now comes into the pool! Her toy falls in (or more like, we throw it in), there's no keeping her out! She loves the pool so much, she'd choose it over food. But, unfortunatly, we had a problem with our pool, I got an ear infection, and got the water tested. Thewoman said, "Do you have a dog", I said, "Yes." The woman said, "Does the dog swim?". I said, "Yes". And the woman answered, "Does any one in your family have an ear infection?", I said "Yes". And, then the woman said, "Letting your dog into the pool is theworst thing you could do to yourpool". And we had to pay over $100 to get the pool back in order! So, sorry Lassie, but no more dogs in the pool. The other great thing that has happened with Lassie, is that I did a CIQ (Canine IQ), and she got one of the highest scores, and itsaid that only 5% dogs around the globe areof this intelligence! She's good enough to be a movie dog! xD __________________________________ __________________ Sadly, on the 6th of May, 2008, Lassie had to be put down. Due to her unprodictable nature around small children and dogs, it was just too risky...especially after going for 6 children, and biting 3 people. But Lassie wasn't that dog in our eyes...she was our baby.....our best friend. She will be missed by all that love her, especially us. Lassie, we'll miss you forever, and cherish the moments we had together.

Forums Motto:
Devil in Heaven

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Obessevness of Tennis Balls

Best pals:

From mum to me: Lassie *Dearly Missed*
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June 8th 2007 More than 9 years!

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The Days in the Life of.... Lassie


April 23rd 2009 11:21 pm
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Lassie wasn't adopted. Nor did I do my research before buying her. And I got her from an irresponsible breeder.
I feel guilt for all of the above, I didn't know the consequences, but at the same time I am over the moon at the experience, joy and happiness I got from living with Lassie.
Lassie wasn't adopted, so I don't know how I am going to have any chance in this contest...but I want to be a part of it because adoption is a very important thing to me. It's not just like adopting a puppy from the pet store or's giving one a second chance in life.
But, I will just write a poem to my darling Lassie.

Run Lassie run!
Run havock through the house,
Until a visitor comes.
Now you're quiet as a mouse.
They pick you up,
They hold you tight,
But you don't care,
Because I make sure you're 'right.

Run Lassie run!
Run along the beach,
Your still a pup but big and strong,
Look how far your legs can reach!
Into the sea,
Swim and play,
I get a mini coconut and you could go all day.

Run Lassie run!
Sprint along the sand,
You are now an adult big and strong,
You think you've conquered the vast open land.
Then look, who's that right in front of you?
Another dog..uh oh that's not good news.
You run teeth baring, but that's nothing new.
Then bam. Woof woof bite bite snarl snarl whimper.
I'm in trouble but I tried hard.
I'll continue with your socialising,
I'll have to be 100% guard.

Stop Lassie stop!
Stop chasing children around.
They don't appreciate getting bitten,
They want your temprement sound.
I don't know what to do with you,
I love you with all my might.
But the biting, the nipping the attcking other dogs,
This is just not right.

Run Lassie Run!
Run on rainbow bridge.
Free from pain, free from fear,
Take all the food rom the rainbow fridge.
I miss you it hurts, I cry every night.
Remembering our precious memories,
Of holding you snug and tight.
I want you back into my arms,
To see your smile again.
But I just have to wait until my day,
The day we meet again.

................................................ ......................................................
I cried writing this poem, I still feel great guilt over Lassie's passing. I had to do it, I didn't want anyone getting hurt. But I wish she was back. I really do. She was so precious, and almost one year on, I still do cry.

I miss you my darling.


My Tail of Devotion for Lassie-Missing Your Smile

September 26th 2008 5:28 pm
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I remember that one Christmas day,
When you came to me.
You were scared, shaken, and not ready to play.
But as time went on, you were as bubbly as could be,
You were special, a mate, a best friend to me.

I miss the happy wag of your tail,
Tapping on the deck, like a little tapdancer.
Muscly and strong, you were no prancer,
But none other than LASSIE.

Your aggression was really no issue to me,
You loved me you hugged me you gave me everything.
Other people and dogs,just gave you fear,
And that, I realy could not bare.

But I gave you another chance in life,
Then another, and another, and another.
The time came, when I had to say goodbye,
So you could be free, and scared of nothing once more.

Now I'm lonely afraid and alone,
I miss your happy smile at the door,
And your excitment to see me each morning.
It was like we were re-uniting after a million years.

I miss your funny antics,
That always made me laugh.
Even when I was sad and'd make me giggle.

I'm at the point I would kill myself to see you again,
But if only I had the courage you had...I wouldn't cry every single day.
I want you again, so we can play,
Or at least, lord let me hug you, one more time again.

I sit in bed and realise,
That when my time comes,
We'll be together again, like to peas in a pod.

I will never forget the day before you left. My friends and I were camping in the backyard, you managed you get into the tent, then eat all of our chips!! I was laughing histerically, while you smiled, my friends were a bit anoyed though!! But as long as you were happy...I didn't care what my friends thought.
Another time that still makes me cry, is when I said my last words to you, while I ws balling my eyes out. "Lassie, I love you and I will forever miss you. I was so lucky to be blessed with you, and I have enjoyed my time with you. You will go to Heaven, and you can play with all the toys you want, swim in pools whenever you want, and eat all you'd like. I will miss you so much! I am so thankful God Blessed us with you...I love you". And athough I never kiss my dogs much....I kissed you more than I've kissed before. It was also the first time I saw my dad crying.

You'll forever be missed Lassie.
I have to go now, I'm beginning to cry again.

I love you Lassie.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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I've been tagged!

October 24th 2007 1:38 pm
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I have been tagged by Adam Chewbacca, and Gypsy Rose!

Here are the rules

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1 Food is my favourite thing!

2 I love going fur long walks to the beach

3 When I was little, in my middle puppy years, my head was really big!

4 I used to have MUSCLES

5 I don't like much children

6 We live in Australia, I'm an Aussie Girl and PROUD!!!

7 I love spending time on dogster and making new pals!!

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