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Nicco's Life

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Crossing Over

October 29th 2013 9:19 am
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AS I look down I see my momma's eyes full of tears.

I feel the emptyness in her heart.

I need to be there to make her smile as I have done for over 15 years, but I can not, I have crossed over Rainbow Bridge and I can not come back.

All the care and love could not give me back the spunk of my younger days.

I slowly prepared Momma for this day since early March, but I know she is still missing and will always love. As I will always love her.

As I look down I see Momma keeping busy and faking her smile, I know she is trying to be strong and I want to be there to comfort her as she did for me.

I want to bark, I am here and I am watching over you, but she can not hear me.

I want to bark, Momma I am here and I have Spike and Arianna and have many new friends and I have my Aunt Thrisa here too!

I want to bark, Momma look at me run and shake my toys, but I know she can not hear.

Momma I will miss your pets and love until we meet again, but I know we will as you promised me last night.

I will now wait for that day, but I will always be your Baby Boy!


Please Quit Messing With My Beauty Rest

September 1st 2013 10:05 am
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Hmmmmmmmm.........So sleepy!!!

Momma is messing with my beaut rest.

Prissi Lu is messing with my beauty rest.

Jewels is really messing with my beauty rest.

Daddy is messing my beauty rest.

Strangers even messed with my beauty rest.

Who knew the 'rents getting a new mattress would cause me so much beauty unrest?

Momma actually had the nerve to wake me up and take me outside amd make me pee so it could be delivered.

It is high so Prissi can't get on it and even Jewels is have a problem getting up there.

Trying for a nice nap once again!


Magnifico Nicco and the Rain Storm in the Livingroom

July 27th 2013 6:22 pm
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So Momma has not been updated you on all of our antics much lately, she has got to change that, so let me catch you up a little before my story begins.

I have my own schedule, you know for eating and going outside and ok well that is about all I do anymore. Now I usually do enjoy going out first thing in the morning, but sometimes just to be me, I will wait until 9ish to go out. After that I do not much care to go out until I wake up from my nappy. Just so you get the idea, my nappys can last 10, 12, 14 hours or more. Momma thinks I am sleeping when she checks me, but sometimes I am fakin it.BOL!

Well, the other day, Momma worked the late shift so I was out two or three times in the moring, up to about noon. Then I settled in for a nice long nap, after all the big guy would be in charge of dinner and he just does not make it like Momma.

Momma gets home from work and checks me several times from 930 until midnight and decided it was bedtime. So I waits until she sits on the bed with the Vicks vapor rub in hand, for her feet since she is hacking up a lung from a cold. This is when I decide yep, I need to go outside.

Momma picks me up and starts carrying me to the door, in her just washed nightgown, we get about ten feet from the door and she says to me, "Nicco, baby you are peeing all over me!"

Yes, I am the one peeing I think I know what I am doing!!!!

She sits me on the floor and then when she thinks I am done picks me back up and takes me out to the yard.

BOL!!!!! I thought she was going to take her nightgown off outside, because I have to admit after that long, it was rather stinky!

As soon as we got in the house off it came and out came the carpet scrubber.

Hey, at least before she jumped in the shower, she made me a delish supper of kibble and shredded cheese, my current fav of choice to get me to eat, but that is another story.


My New Sister

September 19th 2012 10:34 am
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I have a new bully sister, her name is Jewels and Momma has started a page for her on Dogster.

For a bulldog she is pretty cool, but she could use some Dogster Pals.

Momma is doing a diary for her and I think sshe might start doing regular diary entries for all of us again too.



Ooops I did it again

January 27th 2012 8:53 am
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Well as you may have noticed, Mom has not had time to keep up our diaries like she once did. For a while it was becuse Spike was a handful and then she was just to sad after he went to the bridge and she started working full time again.

Well her new job is in retail and she works some weird hours so she is home more than her last job, but hme lots of different times, which is kinda cool.

But I have to tell you that Prissilamonster and Ruutu are the BIGGEST Momma hogs I have ever seen!!! That is the real reason I can not get anytime with my mommy like I likes!

I am slowing down, Momma says she is said to see it, but always tells me I will always be her baby boy! I no longer even attempt to jump on the furniture and I refuse to lower myself to begging for the privlesge. Momma does invite me and says she wll pick me up when ever I need. I am just not ready to be babied like that yet!

Well last week or so I have not been feelin' the twice last week I got Momma's attention by peeing ont the love seat - the noise got her attention right away!

This morning I remembered she can't hear because of her cold soI went in front of her and lefted my leg on Prissi's crate.

I got to go outside and smell the smells...but I did not get a treat!


What I Am Not Thankful For

November 25th 2010 2:41 pm
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My brother Spike, he drinks all of our water and is so bad that he hogs most of Momma's attention.

My sister Prissi, she forces Momma to play ball when I want Momma all to my self and takes her attention away from me.

My brother Ruutu, he is just so cute that he hogs everyone's attention and he hogs Momma's lap.

I have even started seeking attention from visitors to our home it has gotten so bad.

Oh well at least I like pumpkin and Momma is giving us fresh pumpkin with our dinner tonight as a treat.

Ok, so I guess I am thankful for my Momma and the attention she gives me.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Birthday To Me!!

October 3rd 2010 8:06 am
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Today is the day Momma celebrates my birthday. Prissi Lu's birthday was on Wednesday, so we shared a birthday cake last night (pictures soon).

I thought the cake was just ok, but Prissi and the other furs went wild over it.

We all must have a bit of a birthday cake hangover this morning because the whole family is being very lazy and napping about.

I have a bit of an upset tummy, so the other yummy treats from Caninie Confections are waiting until I am feeling better. I think that is a good idea for all of us furs.

Napping on Momma's lap - the best way to spend my birthday.


About Our Cousins

August 15th 2010 5:48 am
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As happens in many families, our extended family is a little mixed, Uncle has dogs with long noses. I know shocking isn't it!

Now I do not mind when Momma is at Uncle's house because although she may give Julz and Kobe a quick pet, she is there to see the humans and those little humans monopolize here when she is there.

WELL!!! yesterday Momma was there twice and neither tiem did she come home smelling like little smiley boy or one of the two beautiful princess!!!! You know what she did smell like? Kobe and Julz!!!!

She actually smelled like she took a Julz bath the one time!!!

Now I just heard her tell Dad she need to get ready and go over to let them out again!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

She said she will be over there all week while Uncle is on vacation. So do you think we get to pay Julz and Kobe back when our 'rents go on vacation? NO!!!!!

Why? Well there are so many reason I can not even begin, but I think because Spikey pees so much that it would be impossible for him not to have accidents but also, Uncle and Aunt are just too busy with those little humans t obe able to check us short nosed dog the way we need to be checked on so we go to Spa d'Aunt Patti's while our 'rents go on vacation.


The Evil Nom-Nom Monitor

August 1st 2010 10:36 am
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Each morning my silly stupid furlings gobble up their bowls of food like we never get fed on a regular basis. I on the other hand choose to enjoy my breakfast, taste every bit of kibble and the yogurt.

I also enjoy eating in quiet, so I wait until Prissi, Ruu, and Spikey have finished their bowls of food and then I eat.

I have started waiting longer to eat and then several weeks ago I started making evil nom-nom noises when the three piggies look at me or my food. The noises have progressed to the point Momma must stay in the kitchen to make sure there are no incidents. This works out ok because she checks emails and plays games.

The other morning we were all up early and emails were checked and games were played so she sat down in the living room and was watching the news and enjoying her morning coffee.

That's when it happened, I was inhabited by an evil monster and Momma does not believe me.

By the time she heard noises and got un-reclined and into the kitchen, I had Spikey on his back blood on my neck, it looked like a vampire pug had bitten my neck.

Momma helped Spikey up and made sure he was not injured. Then she checked me. As usually the one doing the biting left the blood and no pug was harmed.

Spikey gave me the cold tail the rest of the day and Momma was not happy with me.

I am still making evil nom-nom noises when I eat - even when Dad is here! I am not afaird of him.


C R A Z I N E S S!!!!!

July 12th 2010 7:30 am
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That is how to describe our house lately!!! Craziness!!!

I do not even know where to start!

We have a ground hog in our yard, in the mint right next to the patio. A possume in near the garden. The road crews took out our water line for hours one day last week.

If all of that is not enough, Momma is now looking for a job again and we are not even liking when she leaves us to do anything more than go tan.

And let me tell you she left us plenty last week.

First she left us to go swimming at the neices and nephew's house and played with our cousins Kobe and Julz while she was there. Did she stay home that night and cook a nice dinner for Dad - NO!! they went out to eat because her closet crashed that morning and they had to get the stuff to fix it.

So let's talk about the crashed closet. All of Momma's clothes were hung around the top of the bed and laying on the bed, no way the 'rents could sleep on it. Dad did not have all of the correct drill bits to get started right away, so long story short we all spent 2 nights in the living room on the air matress. Dad still had to go to work and was working late, so it took two nights to get it done.

Then Momma was doing something called a yard sale. We furs were all worried they were going to sell our yard, but it took place a friends house and Momma took tons of junk over there. I don't know why I could not go, Haley was there and she is a good friend of mine I have known here for years, but Momma said she was the only pug allowed. That took her away from us three days and she played with Haley while she was there and she is doing it again this weekend too!

We did not even get Sunday morning eggs yesterday, the 'rents went to the outlets and ate out!

Now Dad is talking about the coming weekend and he gets to play cowboy four whole days. He told Momma she needs to be there too, since she is treasurer now.

With all of this I ask you who's laps are we suppose to cuddle on and who is going to pet us?

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