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MRI in my future...

November 15th 2013 10:42 pm
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So as you all know I was on a weaning off program of my prednisone recently. About a week into the schedule I started getting restless and unhappy. Mom took me back to my regular vet and we started a new round of the prednisone 1 pill twice a day for 7 days, then 1 pill one a day for 21 days and then one pill every other day for 42 days..which would have carried me thru Jan 10 or thereabouts. Yesterday (Thurs) started me going into my 2nd week of the 1 pill/day. And then...I started going downhill again, very, very restless can't get comfortable in any position and mom noticed I seemed to be stumbling this time. So mom called the specialty clinic where I had my surgery done and has made an appointment for 9:45 Monday morning for an MRI to see if there's something going on with my lumbosacral spine. She called our regular vet to see if she can bump the prednisone back to 2 pills/day just for this weekend since I do good on them, but the doctor said absolutely not. So unless things take a change for the worse and mom doesn't think she can wait til Monday and rushes me in for an emergency MRI, things will stay the same medicine-wise (prednisone, gabapentin and tramadol) until I go in for my MRI Monday morning. We will keep you all posted...

Keep me in your prayers.



Good news? Bad news?

October 20th 2013 9:01 am
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The frog has been found! It was there on the patio, mom thought it was a dead leaf. Good news for mom that I didn't eat it. Bad news for me cause I still don't know what frog taste like. Or frog legs. Or frog jerky. Or if it taste like chiggen. Sads. :(


The weaning process begins...

October 18th 2013 3:47 pm
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Mom called the neurologist vet on Wed like she was supposed to and wouldn't you know it, the vet was off that day. So she left a voicemail message and the vet emailed mom yesterday with the instructions of weaning me off the prednisone. I've been doing really good and feeling and acting better, so all the POP that everyone sent really worked! :) Starting today I'm to day 1 20mg pill/day for 7 days, then 10 mg/day for 7 days and then 10 mg/day every other day for 7 doses. Mom stopped my Gabapentin and Tramadol also, but picked up a refill of the Tramadol just in case. We're to call back if I start feeling or acting puny again. Mom called me her little pill popper taking all those pills (10/day). BOL

Mom's not too happy with me right now. The other day there was a dried up frog on the patio. So she picked it up and put it in a bag and left it on the table outside cause she knew it would be stinking and didn't want it to stink up the outside garbage can. Mom went out yesterday and left me and the boy dog outside for a few hours and when she came back, guess what she found? Yep, a torn up bag on the patio with the dried up frog missing. She's presuming I ate it since it wasn't anywhere around. I'm not telling, so we'll just have to see if it "turns up" out in the back yard when mom mows soon. BOL

Thanks again everyone for all the POP and feel better wishes you sent me. :)


What's new with me

October 5th 2013 3:29 am
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Doo's Mom here...For awhile Doo hadn't been acting herself, she had been acting very forlorned. Not happy. I watched her for several weeks and then 3 wks ago this coming Monday I decided I wanted to make sure there's nothing majorly wrong with her, so I asked for blood work to be done and they also did a urinalysis. (I initiated the testing, cause the vet would do the same thing if I had taken her in, this way I saved myself a vet visit charge). Even tho we just did it for her yearly exam a few months ago, I thought if there was something wrong, it would show up in the bloodwork or urinalysis. Both came back normal. So 2 days later I took her to our vet and pointed out a lump on her back near her shoulders. She found two, and we did x-rays and aspirated them. The specimens were sent to Texas A&M. They came back just fatty lumps. no cancer, nothing. So she gave her some Gabbapentin (pain med) and also a script for Tramadol which I was to start if I felt she needed it. like if she was in pain. So I started that 2 weeks ago and called the vet to tell her she was still acting the same and what does she suggest now. Also, she was very restless like she couldn't get comfortable. up and down and up and down on the couch. Moving here and there. The vet suggested acupuncture or taking her back to the place where they did her cervical spine surgery in Dec last year. I vetoed both because it got to be where every time I took her in for acupuncture (before the surgery and once or twice after) she would get stressed out and start moving around and expelling the needles. And I vetoed the surgery place cause it is SUPER EXPENSIVE. So this Wed, two days ago, she got to where she couldn't sit still for 5 minutes. Up and down and up and down. Drove. me. nuts!! So I called and made an appt for Thurs, the next day, and then called back 10 mins later and asked if there was any way the vet could seen her today (meaning Wed). I took her in at 3:30 and the vet took her outside to watch her walk and see how she reacting to her surroundings, range of motion, etc. Everything was fine altho she thought she was having problems in her lumbosacral spine area. She gave me a script for Prednisone and we started her immediately on that. (It helped her settle down and helped her sleep too.) She suggested I go to the surgery place and let a neurological specialist check her out, maybe doing x-rays or an MRI. I agreed and that is where we went yesterday (Fri). So we're doing the meds for 2 weeks and we'll see how she's doing. If she continues to do good then we'll wean her off the prednisone and if things get bad again, we'll do an MRI and see what's going on.


Just wanted to make sure everybody that stopped by earlier- in the week saw this...

May 10th 2013 4:46 pm
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(click/hover on the link above)


Can someone help please?

May 8th 2013 7:14 am
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OK, so mom was going to do one of those hover pictures where you just click on the green words and a picture/graphic appears. She went to her usual link that she keeps in her favorites and it took her to a web page, not the link where you get the codes to put on our pages. Did they change something? Does anybody have a different code than what we have????? ?ai=1

Help please.

~Doo & Mom


Vet Visits and Dental Work

May 7th 2013 8:55 am
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Doo's mom here...Doo and Austin were both in for their yearly checkups within the past 3 weeks and Doo just had her teeth cleaned. Just got off the phone with the vet and I knew going in that Doo had 2 cracked/broken teeth, but the vet said they hadn't cracked where nerves were exposed, and that they were still "sealed" so neither one had to be extracted. AND, her right upper K-9 tooth had lots of tartar on it and they weren't sure if they might have to remove that one also, but it looked good on the x-rays so NO teeth were extracted! YAY! I am SOO happy!! Its such a relief. My girl has been thru so much this past year, but she should be good to go, barring no unexpected emergencies.

She also had 2 lumps aspirated and they were just fatty lumps, so she's healthy as an ox. Altho, the vet said she did act strange under anesthesia, kinda like she was having a seizure. She gave her some valium and it helped her and there was nothing in her chart as to it happening before when she's been under for her teeth cleaning. She said they just need to be aware the next time she's out for surgery or teeth cleaning.

The boy dog, Austin, was due to have his teeth cleaned last week but since he is so traumatized by just going in the car and to the vet, I decided to hold off on having his teeth cleaned for a few months. I hate stressing him any more than necessary. They take him to the back away from me to do his exam and said he was such a good boy. (Usually pawrents stay with the kids while they're being examed, but they thought he'd be less stressed if he was away from me.) The vet said he's a good weight and very healthy and happy. She said that she's so happy he's never had any ear or skin problems. Shar Pei don't live real long lives but he's 8 now and starting next year she'll be doing the senior exam on him. Usually by 8 most Pei are getting senior exams, but since he IS so healthy, she didn't need to do it this time. Another, relief for us.


OOOO WEEEE! Did I have a great birthday!!

March 6th 2013 7:30 pm
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WOW! Did you see my page! LOTS of pretties on it. :) I want to thank each and every one of you for all the pressies, pictures and birthday wishes you sent me! You all definitely made my 9th birthday very special! THANK YOU for always making a girl feel extra special.

It goes without saying the thanks also extend to all the angels in your families and the pawrents too. In no particular order, I want to thank.....

Benji Bella & Prada
Flicka & Lucas
Abby & Lucian
Otto, Sagwa & Daisy
Harley Diva Girl & Jazzi Danz'r
Sophie Claire & Harley D
Duncan Fife & Hamish McDuff
Zoe, Tux & Drover
Tinkerbelle & Natasha
Cooper, Redford, Wishbone, Nina, Keighty, Mick, & Forrest
Beanie & Bacon
Hershey & Winkie
Angel Sunny
Riley & Caileigh
Max & Lola
Lexie, Monnie & Roscoe
Scooter, Misty, Pepper & Mr. Cutter
Charlie, Abbie & Toto

***Click on the "THANK YOU" above***



February 8th 2013 6:46 am
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We want to send all our Dogster pals in the north and northeast lots of big Texas-size hugs to keep you warm as this blizzard hits you this weekend. Stay inside, keep warm and snuggle with the pawrents.



January 9th 2013 8:19 pm
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I went for my 4th PT appt today (we missed last Fri cause mom has a cold). The tech said I'm doing SOO good and that my surgeon Dr. Israel did a follow-up check-up on me and said my range of motion is good, there's no residuals, no limping, and everything looks great. Mom talked to the PT tech and they decided it would be good to let me do 6 more sessions of just the water treadmill after my last 2 full treatments next week.

I also went for accupuncture on Monday and she says I only have to come once a month for maintenance. So that's more good news.

AND mom got a full size bed from a friend and now we're sleeping in the bedroom again on a bed, together, even tho its on the floor. YAY! After 9 months on the couch, it took mom a few nights to adjust to more than the width of the couch cushion. BOL Me, I didn't have a problem adjusting at all. BOL

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