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Who would have thunk it??

April 5th 2014 11:10 am
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Six months ago yesterday I found out I had that tumor by my brain stem. The way the doctors were talking I don't think they expected me to be here through Christmas. I guess I showed them didn't I! Mom says its that strong will I have! (You know what they mother like daughter. BOL) I'm still holding my own and haven't had any major problems or setbacks. That's a good thing. :) Mom's had to make some minor changes in her life (sleeping on the couch, sleeping with the light on so I can see when I move around, putting plastic down in various rooms for me) but she doesn't mind at all, just as long as I'm o.k. and am keeping strong.

Thanks for sticking with me as I travel this journey and thanks for your love and constant POTP. So grab a bone and let's toast to another 6 months and another 6 months and another 6 months. :)



Please hold your applause... BOL

March 30th 2014 3:43 am
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Good Morning Everybody..seems like Austin and I are alternating being caught in the Dogster Diary Wheel of Fortune loop. Please, no need to send gifts to either of us since we both had birthdays this month and you all were more than generous to us. Save your zealies, cause the EB is coming next month and you all have bunches of pals you'll want to give eggys to. We appreciate you wanting to share your love with us, and we appreciate Dogster reading our diaries, but we're stuck in the loop so no pressies are needed. :) Have a great day friends, I love each and every one of you.


Animal Communicator visit

March 28th 2014 10:23 pm
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Doo & Austin's mom here..I wrote this entry in the wee hours this morning. I'm still very skeptical. Nothing pertains specifically to Austin and Doo, everything can apply to any dog family. I liked her and she was very personable, its just I'm not sure she's really "communicating" with the dogs. Without further ado, here's what all everyone "said".

Lisa, the animal communicator, was here for 3 hours yesterday. She said both dogs are very happy here and love me, each other and love their home. One of my main questions was is Doo in any pain. She said she's is occasionally, but not from the tumor, but from her liver. Its tender. (Me telling you all...Remember she has no muscles per se from the prednisone and her stomach hangs down like a cow's stomach that needs milking, without the udders, of course.) Its her liver (which is constantly enlarged) that makes it difficult for her to get comfortable which is why she is constantly changing places and makes it hard for her to get on the couch any more without help and hard for her to get in the car (jumping into it). (I keep my car in the garage, and since its so difficult for her, I bring the car down to the end of the driveway in the alley so she just has a small jump and I'm helping her by grasping on her harness and lifting her up.)

She said Austin is the more talkative of the two and he's always messing with her to keep her spirits up. She said Doo is very strong willed and that she's dealing with her illness with no problems. She said Doo worries about both Austin and I when she leaves, but she said she got NO indication that its going to be anytime soon.

I asked about Austin not being affectionate and she said it was because he was never taught affection, giving or receiving. I told her how he exhales the breath he is holding when I give him kisses. She said don't kiss him on his face or head and try kissing him on his side where I'm not comng at him from above. (We're thinking he might have been hit in the face or on his head which is why he flinches all the time when I go to give him kisses.) She also suggested I get on the floor at his level to put on his harness. Once again not being over him. She slso recommended I get something called "Rescue Remedy" or another one called "FES - Animal Relief Formula", which will calm him down. (Put it in their water.)

She said Austin is concerned about Doo. He doesn't understand exactly what's happening, he just knows things are different and both are dealing with things how they are. She said that Doo gets frustrated cause she can't do things like she used to. She said her medicines make her woozy so its hard for her to stand up from a laying position sometimes. She also said Doo said I over react (ya think?!!) And I need to back off some.

So there you have it. What do you all think?


Busy family over here! :)

March 26th 2014 5:54 pm
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WOW! The Masters family has been pretty busy this month, haven't we. BOL Thank you all very much for all the pressies, pretty pictures and well wishes on my daily diary pick today.

Many thanks to:

Winkie & Hershey
Peek-A-Boo and Family
Anya, Angel Scarlett & Angel Elise
Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco & Angel Bailey
Buddy & Angel Abby


Animal communicator

March 25th 2014 9:05 am
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At the suggestion of my vet, mom's got an animal communicator coming over to see us on Thursday. This way I can tell her exactly what I've been wanting to tell her and now she'll understand. Mom's hoping that the lady and Austin can have a talk to find out why he's still so skittish around even mom after 7-1/2 years or maybe she can relay to him that mom's not going to hurt him and take some of his anxiety away. Paws crossed.

I'll report back and let ya'll know what she says and what I say to her. :)



March Update

March 20th 2014 3:10 pm
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Doo's mom here... I took Doo in last week for blood work and a urine culture. Unfortunately, her liver enzyme numbers went up (one of the numbers was in the 900s last month and this month its in the 1500s) and she still has e-coli in her urine. She's to be on antibiotics for the rest of her life. She also has gained weight. Between 5-8 lbs, depending on which scale we want to believe. (I took her to the holistic vet today and according to their scale it was 8 lbs, at our regular vet it was 5 lbs.) The holistic vet added pro-biotics to the mix of drugs/liquids/powders that I give her. She said everything she's taking now (the Exliptex, the milk thistle and the ursidol) is all given for the liver. She suggested I go see the oncologist at the specialty clinic to see if they would recommend a different type of chemotherapy, or a different type of drug comparable to prednisone or something in conjunction with it.

So, Doo doesn't look "good on paper" (number-wise) but she's still alert, eats, drinks, eliminates as normal, her eyes are still bright, she barks at people passing by (I can hear her barking outside right now) and she still has that bounce in her step when she comes inside. So, we just take things one day at a time and continue on as we have been. I'm still on ultra high alert to anything and everything she does or doesn't do, so I report anything new to our regular vet and update her on things. Her liver is still enlarged, she's still restless every once in awhile, and she has trouble getting up on the couch (I might have mentioned this last time), but I help her up and also help her into the car when I have to take her to the doctor. Minor problem in the big scheme of things.

That's all we have to report for now. We'll update if and when things change. Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and POTP, they are greatly appreciated.

~Lou Ann



March 6th 2014 9:42 pm
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I wanted to thank everybody for all the wonderful birthday wishes and pressies and for sharing my 10th birthday with me. You all are the best friends a girl can ever have! Thank you all so much! THANKS EVERYONE! (click on link)

Zoe & Tux
Peter Parker
Angel Petey
Abby & Lucian
The Coca Pack
Hershey & Winkie
Buddy & Angel Abby
Zane & Angel Sunny
Cinnamon & Angel Chloe
Charlie, Abbie & Toto
Tinkerbelle & Angel Natasha
Flicka, Lucas & Angel Cleo
Hanna Belle & Angel Annie
Lola, Max & Angel Jake
Walker, Pookah, Molly & Alex
Duncan Fife & Hamish McDuff
Sarge, Abby Grace & Angel Rocky
Berkeley & the Kitty Krew
Ebby, Ceeley & Angel Rinky
Scooter, Misty, Pepper & Cutter
Harley Diva Girl & Jazzi Danz'r
Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco & Angel Bailey



February 15th 2014 1:06 am
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Doo's mom here...

I gave Doo some coconut oil last weekend (we'd heard good things about it working on Cancer) but unfortunately it gave her baddiarrhea. I had medicine from when the chemo upset her stomach back in Nov, so started giving it to her. After 4-5 days with not much improvement, I called the vet and took her in on Wed. She was due to go for blood work and a urinalysis on Thurs, so we just did all the testing a day early. I got a more potent diarrhea medicine that's she's supposed to take for 7 days. The vet was very impressed with how good Doo looks..bright eyed, alert, happy. I told her she even has a spring in her step when she comes in from being outside. She said her liver was a little enlarged, but that could be from the pred. I went back today (Fri) for the results of the testing and unfortunately she still has a UTI and her liver numbers still aren't good. (Back in January I opted to not have the urine cultured, but gave permission to culture it this time if it came back she still had a UTI. One of the things the culture does is tell what's causing the UTI and what to treat it with. She has e-coli and since I didn't have it cultured in January, the vet treated it with just a regular anti-biotic. So once the results come back in the next few days, we'll know exactly what to treat it with. Guess its my fault she still has the UTI since we didn't know specifically what to treat it with since I opted not to culture.)

I was in the kitchen last night to give her her evening pills and when she came in there with me, she fell flat out on the tile flooring. She couldn't stand up. I'm thinking/hoping its because the floor is slippery and her nails might be a little long even tho I have them cut regularly just to avoid this. I bought a roll of painter's plastic on Sunday after she had the diarrhea and I had to throw out the shower curtains I was using on the carpet, so I just put plastic all over the kitchen floor and taped it down. This will alleviate her slipping. I have noticed she seems to be having trouble getting up from laying down a lot lately and she's very restless again. I'm hoping this is just a small setback, but I can't think what would be causing her having problems rising. She's still eating, drinking, eliminating as normal and she's still alert and bright eyed, happy, barking at people walking by, etc., so we'll just keep on keeping on one day at a time.

Thanks for all the, POTP, prayers and well wishes. It is greatly appreciated.


Latest Update...

February 5th 2014 8:08 am
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Mom went yesterday to get some more of my chemo drug. I've been on this daily pill for 2 months now. WOW! how time flies. She also picked up some more tramadol, prednisone, gabapentin and 2 heart worm pills for me and Austin. When we were last at the vet, she talked to Dr. Harris, the neurologist, and they agreed for me to try 1/2 pred twice a day (a.m. and p.m.) Mom tried it a few times, but she said she could tell it wasn't "agreeing" with me and that I would get all mopey again. So she'd bump the a.m. dose back up to a whole one. Well, last week she decided she'd try something else. She's now giving me a whole tramadol with 1/2 pred twice a day and I seem to be doing pretty good on it. It seems like I'm taking pills round the clock. I have my pills I take every 12 hours and then I have my 3 liver pills I take 3 times a day that I have to take in between meals so its like we're in the kitchen getting pills all. the. time. Me, I can't complain, I get dog food with it so I'm a happy camper. I go through a lot of can dog food cause its easier for me to take all my pills with. Mom says I take 20 or so pills every day. That's ALOT! I'm her little pill popper and she's my little pill pusher. BOL

I finish up my round of antibiotics for my UTI tomorrow, then I go next week to get a urinalysis and blood work done and we go in on Friday to talk to the vet about the test results. HOPEFULLY, by the Grace of God, the UTI is gone and that'll eliminate 4 pills I have to take every day. And we're hoping my liver numbers are getting back to where they're supposed to be. (paws crossed!)

I'll update again next week. :)


Update ...

January 15th 2014 8:54 pm
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Several of my pals have asked how I was doing, so thought I'd do an entry here to update everyone.

Week before last mom took me on Friday to have blood work and a urinalysis done. She was going to take me to the vet on Monday of last week, but since it was super cold here (the week of the polar vortex and temps were in the 20s here) and since I'm still 3/4 bald (did anyone know that it takes FUREVER(!!) for hairs to grow back!?) she decided not to take me and thought they could just discuss the test results on the phone like they've done in the past. Well, at 5:30 we get a phone call from the vet's office telling mom that Dr. Youngblood would like mom to come in the next day so she could go over my test results with her in person. Of course mom is thinking the worse... that I'm not doing good and she wanted to tell mom in person. We went, and although the news wasn't super bad, it wasn't all good either. Seems like 3 weeks of antibiotics didn't get rid of my UTI and the vet wanted to do a urine culture. Mom told her no urine culture, but that she could do this...she could give me another round of antibiotics, do a urine test when that round is done and IF I still have the UTI, they could do a culture with the urine they get from me for the urinalysis. So she gives mom a 3 week supply of antibiotics for me for $150!!!!! WHAT?? Yep, $150! The vet told mom...she has a cheaper one that cost only $50, but mom would have to give it to me twice a day rather than once a day with the $150 drug. Mom told the vet, she gives me medicine 2 and 3 times a day any way, what's another pill or two. So we got the $50 drug and I take 2 pills twice a day. This is only the first week on it, so we won't know anything for a few more weeks. (I have to be off the antibiotic at least a week before they can take the urine sample again.) So, that's 3 more weeks right there. She did tell mom that my liver numbers are improving, so THAT was good news.

Then, mom went to the holistic vet to get my pills/powders/liquids from them that we had run out of. (I didn't have to go since she was just picking up refills.) When mom got home, she did some research and found that she can get 2 of the pills and powders a LOT cheaper from Amazon, so she ordered them for me and saved a bunch of money. They're just herbs and such, not prescription medicines, so that's why she can get them online without a prescription. So that is SOME good news there also.

Other than that, I'm still doing the same. Dr. Youngblood did tell mom she could cut back on my prednisone to 1/2 pill twice a day rather than a whole one in the morning and 1/2 in the evening if she wanted to after talking at length with the specialty clinic vet. That Friday that she took me in for blood work and urinalysis, she was picking up a new refill of my prednisone. I wasn't due in for the tests til after 12:30 (the vet techs could do it instead of the vet, so I really didn't have to have an appointment) and so didn't have my morning dose of prednisone. By time she took me for the tests, she could tell I wasn't feeling well, and that was just from taking the medicine several hours late. So, she's kinda hesitant to cut back to 1/2 twice a day in case it has some adverse affect on me. Maybe when my liver numbers come down some more, she'll feel more confident that the holistic medicines are helping me and she can try the lower dosage.

So, there ya have it..that's all that's new with me. Not overly great news, but not super bad news either. Thank you everybody for wanting to know the latest updates on me. We don't want to bore you too much, so we don't want to update too often and usually wait til something major happens for updates. :)

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