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Me and Austin got a Valentine in the mail today!!

February 3rd 2010 8:20 pm
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When mom went out just a bit ago to go check the mail (it's been raining all day, so she didn't check it during daylight hours) and she saw there was a pink envelope addressed to me and Austin! For us!! Open it mom, hurry!! And guess what, its a Valentine from our friends Wrinkles and Ebby! With their picture on it. How cool is that! We love it and mom put in on the mantel so we can see it all the time.

THANKS so much Rinky and Ebby!! You girls look so pretty!

Mail from Rinky and Ebby

Look, Its a picture of them

Happy Valentine's Day from Rinky and Ebby


Mom keeps losing me!!

February 3rd 2010 8:12 pm
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For like the 3rd time in the past week or so, mom has lost me!! I'll leave the living room out of her sight, and she thinks I'm going to bed and doesn't think anything about it. (I do it every night when I'm ready to go sleepys and she's not.) Then all of a sudden she'll hear a noise, and she'll go and see where the noise is coming from and notices I'm not on the bed sleeping. Then the lightbulb goes on over her head and she opens the bathroom door and there I am!! Yep...If the door isn't clicked shut I go in there to investigate and see what's new. (Mom says, like so much is new in there on a daily basis--NOT!!) Well, I DON'T KNOW that, so I have to go and make sure!! Thats the same place mom goes all the time, and I have to make sure there's no other door for her to go out of--she SAYS there ISN'T!! If she doesn't want to keep losing me, she should click the door shut!!


10 Things I Love

February 3rd 2010 4:30 pm
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I also got tagged by Lucy and Whitley. Here are the 10 things I love.

1. I LOVE my mom the best.

2. I LOVE my grandmom.

3. I LOVE my boyfriend Tank.

4. I LOVE sleeping with mom.

5. I LOVE stealing Austin's food when he's left it in his dish and walks away.

6. I LOVE playing with all my toys.

7. I LOVE getting into mom's purse and taking everything out to see what she's got in there to eat.

8. I LOVE rawhide chews.

9. I LOVE to eat human food.

10. I LOVE all my friends here on Dogster!

If you would like to also tell us the things you love, considered yourself tagged. We would love to hear all about you. ;o)


Does anyone else think this is funny?????

January 31st 2010 4:14 pm
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Mom is in tears every time she watches it (and she watches it over and over and over!!) BOL


Diary of the Day Pick Today....

January 30th 2010 5:43 pm
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Hi Everybody...I was chosen today as diary pick of the day by Dogster HQ and I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful well wishes and prezzies that ya'll gave me. That was so very thoughtful of all of you and I truly appreciate it.

I think other pups have better diaries than me and they should have been chosen over me. I hadn't written in over a week, and my entries are never as entertaining or funny as my pals like Zaidie or Ella. And I don't do exciting things and go exciting places like Saphira or help save other pups like Rani and her mom.

BUT, in my opinion, YOU are all MY pick EVERYDAY for the BEST FRIENDS A GIRL COULD EVER HAVE! I am so blessed to have such wonderful pals like you all!




Mom met one of our Dogster Pals Mom the other day...

January 23rd 2010 8:48 pm
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Mom went and had lunch with our friends Wrinkles and Ebony's mom the other day. HOW UTTERLY COOL IS THAT!! She said it was so neat to meet someone that we talk to all the time here on Dogster. While they ate lunch they talked about all of us kids the whole time! Of course!! (What else IS there to talk about but us kids.) ;o) Wrinkles and Ebony sent us some dog cookies that their mama made for us and we sure do love them. We're hoping mom can go over one day and maybe Miss LuLu and mom can make us lots more dog cookies together. We're so excited that she got to meet her. Mom said that Miss LuLu is cute as a button and just toally awesome and so sweet. Maybe we can even go and meet them at the dog park that they go to all the time. We promise we'll be good mom!!

Sending love and BIG thanks for our cookies Miss LuLu, Ebony and Wrinkles.

Your Friends for Life,
Austin, Doo & Mom Lou Ann


Do I look like a rabbit to you???!!!!

January 22nd 2010 4:20 pm
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As you can tell by my new pictures, mom picked up something to eat from Taco Cabana. I waited patiently while she ate her tacos, and then she let me clean up what was left in the little styrofoamy thingy. There was some cheese and some tomatoes and some lettuse. WHAT!! LETTUCE??!! Nope, didn't eat it. Just left it in the styrofoamy thingy. So mom took a piece of the lettuce and handed it to me thinking I would eat it from her hand...NOPE DIDN'T DO IT!! I spit that nasty stuff right out! YUCK!! I DON'T THINK SO MOM!! Do I LOOK like a rabbit to you?? Didn't think so!!



January 22nd 2010 8:01 am
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We know 3 of the 5 pups that have been picked for Diary of the Day today--Hershey, Ruby Dust and Lucy! How cool is that!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIENDS!! Enjoy your day in the spotlight!!!


OMD! We got a prezzie yesderday!!

December 9th 2009 6:09 pm
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Our San Antonio buds Rinky and Ebby sent us a prezzie yesterday and mom was gonna make us wait til Christmas to open it, but Ebby said it was ok for us to open it early, so we did!! Well, really, I did! Austin didn't move off the couch for nothin! And guess what we got..........
We got a bag of homemade dog cookies from Rinky and Ebby's mom and a bag of jerky treats AND a sucker for doggys...and I ATE IT ALL UP! In less than 2 minutes flat! That Austin wouldn't come see anything, so I took care of that..I ate it all!!! And it was so good...mmm mmm!!

Mom even took pictures of me opening the prezzie with her new birthday camera and she actually thinks she can post them on my page. We'll see about that!!


We're off to see if we can post the pictures on my page.



Nubs The Dog...

December 2nd 2009 7:30 pm
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Some of ya'll might of heard about the story of Nubs the stray dog that Marine Major Brian Dennis over in Iraq found in 2008 and brought back to the states. Mom checked out the book from the library and ended up crying...

When Brian found the dog, the dog's ears had been cut off, thats why he called him Nubs. He was a stray and leader of the pack of strays in the desert. Nubs befrinded Brian and even traveled 70 miles in the extreme desert cold and snow to find him and his troops. After finding Brian and his trrops, starving and exhausted from his ordeal, Nubs wolfed down pancakes, eggs, and sausage the Marines brought him.

Two soldiers who weren't part of the team reported them to officials. After writing e-mail letters to his family and friends back home, him and his men put up flyers to raise the $2000 needed for Nubs' journey to the states.

When the money needed was raised, the brother of Brian's interpreter transported Nubs to the Jordan border. There the King of Jordan's veterinarian gave Nubs his first check-up and shots. He waited while his travel was being arranged. Two weeks later, Nubs flew the 10-hour flight from Amman to Chicago, friends of Brian's picked him up at the airport.

A few days later in February, Nubs flew out of Chicago on the last leg of his long journey. When he stepped off the plane in San Diego, he was greeted with banners and all kinds of cameras. He patiently posed for the"pawparazzi" but was glad to leave with Brian's friends.

He got to sleep in a comfy new bed, tried all kinds of tasty food, and went for walks in the dog park. But Nubs knew someone was missing.

On March 23, 2008, Eric and Chrissy drove Nubs to Camp Pendleton. The "pawparazzi" were there again! Nubs waited and waited. When he finally saw Brian ....Nubs leaped into his arms and covered him with kisses!

Today, Nubs and Brian lead a busy life. They play at the dog beach and cruise around in Brian's truck.

Now Nubs has a name and person to call his own. And he shares the friendship and love he found with everyone he meets. BUT, Nubs saves his best kisses for his best buddy, Brian.

So that's the story of Nubs. Of COURSE mom cried. She's like that ya know. I've attached a copy of a video from You Tube where Brian was on the Ellen Degeneres Show last year. There's also other videos you can also watch about Nubs. Watch it and then tell me YOUR mom doesn't cry.

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