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8 weeks

July 24th 2014 4:26 pm
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I can't believe you've been gone 8 weeks. Your presence is still felt in the house and I know Austin misses your gentleness. (Dee isn't gentle by any means and is nothing like you. She definitely tries my patience at times.)

I have reminders of you everywhere from my friends. I have a plant from Ramsey, Moxie and Ms. Debbie that I so enjoy watching grow; I have my necklace I wear all the time from Sophie Claire, Harley D. and Ms. Jerri; I have my key chain from Zane & Ms. Mer that I put on a chain that I have hanging in the car. So you are always around, never out of my thoughts and forever in my heart where you'll live forever.

I hope you are enjoying all the beautiful sunshine and running and playing to your heart's content with all your friends and your siblings Cyndi, Randy, Annie, Dawn and Sassy that went before you.

Know you are always in my thoughts and I love and miss you with every ounce of my being. I'm thankful I had you for 10 wonderful years, but am glad you are no longer in pain.

Run free my Sweet Angel.



Thank you

July 6th 2014 1:52 am
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Hi Everyone...I apologize for taking so long to get the thank you gifts out to everyone who sent gifts for my page when I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May. Some days Dogster was down, some days we had computer problems, some days mom was really sad, but finally we did it!

I truly thank everyone for all the love and sympathy you sent mom and I during this difficult time. If there was anyone I missed, please let me know and I'll get a gift right out to you.

Sending you love from the Bridge...

Angel Doo


There's a new angel in heaven...

May 29th 2014 10:26 am
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She arrived around 10:20 this morning.


I think its time to help Doo cross the bridge

May 29th 2014 4:44 am
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Her body is just wasting away. It's tired.


Dental Specialist Consultation

May 20th 2014 2:18 am
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Doo's mom here...I took Doo to the dental specialist. He looked at her teeth and said both of the molars on the left hand side are broken. He wanted the internist to look at Doo and possibly do chest x-rays to make sure no fluid was in her lungs cause he felt her breathing was slightly labored and also possibly do a liver ultrasound to make sure her liver is ok and up to the anesthesia. He said she would probably be under anesthesia for several hours while he removed or fixed the teeth (depending on what I wanted, i.e., root canal). I had a friend with me and she asked him what would HE do if it was his dog. He said he would rather her die on the table trying to help her than not help her at all. So after lots of tears, I decided I'm not going to do anything. She has been through enough! And the end result is the same weather it be on the table or in a few months. (and that's not even considering all the money the x-rays, ultrasound and dental work would cost me.) So I'm going to continue on with the pain meds and the antibiotic and just make her as comfortable as possible. If I see or feel that she is in pain, then I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, she's relatively happy. She still has bright eyes, eating, drinking, eliminating as normal, barking, trotting when she comes in from outside and is constantly wagging her tail. And really, that's the most any mom can ask for.


Its always something, or in our case...if its not one thing- its two.

May 13th 2014 12:08 pm
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Doo's mom here...last Friday, I came out of my room and found a pool of blood on the tile floor. It was coming from Doo's mouth. I opened her mouth and it looked like one of her molars had fallen out or broken off. She was eating a bully stick right before all this happened. I took her to the vet, got the bleeding stopped and it just looked like the bully stick might have jabbed her right under one of her molars or jabbed the roof of her mouth. While the vet was looking (she was looking on the left hand side and the bleeding was coming from the right hand side of Doo's mouth), the on-call vet saw that a different molar was broken and there was a piece kinda just hanging there and there was pulp exposed. We set up to have the tooth removed tomorrow (Wed). She said to just give her soft food and increase her Tramadol to 3 times/day.

My regular vet called me a bit ago and reminded me that the last time Doo was put under for her teeth cleaning, she had a reaction to the anesthesia, like a seizure. This was WAY before the tumor by her brain stem was found. She was very hesitant to do the tooth pulling there in her office in case something happened and they wouldn't have the means to help Doo. She put a call into a specialty clinic (not where Doo had her surgery and MRI's done) and we're just waiting for the call back.

She said that one thing that we can do is continue on with the soft foods and the pain meds and that the tooth would eventually die, but with it being exposed like it is, it would have a greater chance of becoming infected.

Back when Doo had her dental work done before, we knew 2 of her molars were cracked but the dental vet said they were still "sealed" and no pulp or roots were exposed. We don't know how long this one tooth has been like this. We just found out by accident when the vet looked at the wrong side of her mouth. So I think I'm not going to do anything and just continue on with the soft can foods and the Tramadol and cross the next bridge that the tooth may cause when that time comes.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO???? Am I doing the wrong thing? Should I chance it and have the tooth removed and possibly run the big risk of her dying on the table? With the brain tumor any number of things could happen with her and the anesthesia..her brain could swell, she could bleed out from the tumor, etc. etc. etc. Her chances of not making it are greatly increased due to the brain tumor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Who would have thunk it??

April 5th 2014 11:10 am
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Six months ago yesterday I found out I had that tumor by my brain stem. The way the doctors were talking I don't think they expected me to be here through Christmas. I guess I showed them didn't I! Mom says its that strong will I have! (You know what they mother like daughter. BOL) I'm still holding my own and haven't had any major problems or setbacks. That's a good thing. :) Mom's had to make some minor changes in her life (sleeping on the couch, sleeping with the light on so I can see when I move around, putting plastic down in various rooms for me) but she doesn't mind at all, just as long as I'm o.k. and am keeping strong.

Thanks for sticking with me as I travel this journey and thanks for your love and constant POTP. So grab a bone and let's toast to another 6 months and another 6 months and another 6 months. :)



Please hold your applause... BOL

March 30th 2014 3:43 am
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Good Morning Everybody..seems like Austin and I are alternating being caught in the Dogster Diary Wheel of Fortune loop. Please, no need to send gifts to either of us since we both had birthdays this month and you all were more than generous to us. Save your zealies, cause the EB is coming next month and you all have bunches of pals you'll want to give eggys to. We appreciate you wanting to share your love with us, and we appreciate Dogster reading our diaries, but we're stuck in the loop so no pressies are needed. :) Have a great day friends, I love each and every one of you.


Animal Communicator visit

March 28th 2014 10:23 pm
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Doo & Austin's mom here..I wrote this entry in the wee hours this morning. I'm still very skeptical. Nothing pertains specifically to Austin and Doo, everything can apply to any dog family. I liked her and she was very personable, its just I'm not sure she's really "communicating" with the dogs. Without further ado, here's what all everyone "said".

Lisa, the animal communicator, was here for 3 hours yesterday. She said both dogs are very happy here and love me, each other and love their home. One of my main questions was is Doo in any pain. She said she's is occasionally, but not from the tumor, but from her liver. Its tender. (Me telling you all...Remember she has no muscles per se from the prednisone and her stomach hangs down like a cow's stomach that needs milking, without the udders, of course.) Its her liver (which is constantly enlarged) that makes it difficult for her to get comfortable which is why she is constantly changing places and makes it hard for her to get on the couch any more without help and hard for her to get in the car (jumping into it). (I keep my car in the garage, and since its so difficult for her, I bring the car down to the end of the driveway in the alley so she just has a small jump and I'm helping her by grasping on her harness and lifting her up.)

She said Austin is the more talkative of the two and he's always messing with her to keep her spirits up. She said Doo is very strong willed and that she's dealing with her illness with no problems. She said Doo worries about both Austin and I when she leaves, but she said she got NO indication that its going to be anytime soon.

I asked about Austin not being affectionate and she said it was because he was never taught affection, giving or receiving. I told her how he exhales the breath he is holding when I give him kisses. She said don't kiss him on his face or head and try kissing him on his side where I'm not comng at him from above. (We're thinking he might have been hit in the face or on his head which is why he flinches all the time when I go to give him kisses.) She also suggested I get on the floor at his level to put on his harness. Once again not being over him. She slso recommended I get something called "Rescue Remedy" or another one called "FES - Animal Relief Formula", which will calm him down. (Put it in their water.)

She said Austin is concerned about Doo. He doesn't understand exactly what's happening, he just knows things are different and both are dealing with things how they are. She said that Doo gets frustrated cause she can't do things like she used to. She said her medicines make her woozy so its hard for her to stand up from a laying position sometimes. She also said Doo said I over react (ya think?!!) And I need to back off some.

So there you have it. What do you all think?


Busy family over here! :)

March 26th 2014 5:54 pm
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WOW! The Masters family has been pretty busy this month, haven't we. BOL Thank you all very much for all the pressies, pretty pictures and well wishes on my daily diary pick today.

Many thanks to:

Winkie & Hershey
Peek-A-Boo and Family
Anya, Angel Scarlett & Angel Elise
Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco & Angel Bailey
Buddy & Angel Abby

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