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9 year anniversary

June 1st 2016 8:37 pm
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Today is my 9th anniversary of the day I joined Dogster! WOW! Time sure does fly! I've met so many wonderful people and their pets and have made friendships that will last a lifetime and I will treasure them forever. Here's to 9 more years of friendships! Love you all!!



A new family member

December 9th 2015 12:02 am
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Hi Everybody...

I picked out a cute little girl named Laila for mom. She came from The North American Shar Pei Rescue (NASPR), the same rescue I came from. She has her own page now and needs some new friends. Wanna be her pal? (Mom is still working on the background and getting new pictures but she's like me doesn't like to have her picture taken.) BOL

~Angel Austin


A month already...

November 19th 2015 10:28 pm
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My Sweet Angel Boy, I can't believe you've been gone a month already. It seems like forever since I last saw you and then again it seems just like yesterday that I lost you. I'll never forget the day you left...My heart was broken into a million pieces. I never knew my heart could hurt so much, but YOU were my heart dog and when you left, you took a piece of it with you. The house is so empty and I'm so lost with you gone. I know you're healthy now and I hope you are doing well at the Bridge and you and Doo are playing and rough-housing like you did when you were younger. Know that I'll love you until the end of time when I'll be able to see you again and hold you forever.

Until then my Sweet Angel Boy know mama loves you with all her heart.


I'm an angel now....

October 22nd 2015 11:37 am
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I crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning.



September 19th 2015 12:26 pm
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Where to begin...He was supposed to have chemo two weeks ago but his liver number was up so we postponed it for 2 weeks as I continued to give him Denamarin for his liver. Went back on Thursday, and number came down some, enough to give him the chemo. Once we got home he just didn't see right. (I usually don't give him chemo on the day he has sedation for his xrays, but he just had blood work done. If he had had sedation and was acting like he was, I wouldn't be concerned cause he's pretty out of it after being sedated. But he wasn't eating, coughing and gagging, seemed lethargic and his breathing seemed fast. Not normal, especially after only blood work.) I called the specialty clinic to find out what I should do..bring him in, take him to regular vet, just watch him. His vet tech said not to worry about him not taking his chemo and denamarin pills, once he starts eating then I can give them to him. (She seemed to think he'd be better in a few days.) He would eat his treats, but no food..of any kind. Continued drinking and going potty, so that was good. Then yesterday/last night, he didn't want to eat even his treats and seemed like it was an effort for him to walk. So called clinic again this morning and brought him in. They did xrays and blood work. Blood work was ok (liver number was about the same as Thursday). Xrays showed that he has a touch of pneumonia, but his tumors have gotten bigger since August 13 (didn't say how much bigger, just bigger.) I have antibiotics to give him and they gave him fluids under his skin. Supposedly he'll start feeling better and maybe start eating again, then I can give him the chemo pills. I'm to call Monday to let them know if he's eating and chemo was given. Going to ask if there's another type of chemo we could try. I know I'm just postponing the inevitable...but he has my heart and I don't want to lose him. So that's the update..pneumonia and tumor(s) are bigger.



September 16th 2015 9:48 pm
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I wanted to thank everybody for all the wonderful Gotcha Day wishes, pressies and pictures! It means so much to me for ya'll to think of me on my special anniversary day when I came to live with mom and Doo! Sending love to you all!!

I want to thank:

Cooper, Nina, Mick & Forrest
Abby, Toto & Angel Charlie
Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco & Angel Bailey
Sophie Claire & Harley Davidson
Romeo & Magoo
Hanna Belle & Angel Annie
Alexandria, Pookah, Moly & Angel Walker
Hershey & Winkie
Cory Jo, Jo Jo, Sarge, Angel Sammy Jo & Angel Toby Jo
Lola, Perry, Angel Max & Angel Jake
Abby & Lucian

P.S. I'm having trouble loading the pictures that were made for me, but soon as I can, I definitely will! :)


We had an anniversary!

June 5th 2015 6:54 pm
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On June 1st it was our 8th anniversary here at Dogster. Mom remembered before the date then forgot about it. Oh well...she's getting old. BOL

We have enjoyed our years here at Dogster and have made lots of friends (both four legged and two legged) that we will treasure forever! Here's to 8 more years!!



May 29th 2015 3:58 am
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I can't believe Doo has been gone a year today. I miss her and wish she was still here, but I can feel her presence all around me and she's always in my heart where she'll live forever. Run free Sweet Doo. I love you!

And yesterday mom took Dee to her new home. Mom and her BFF drove half way to Dallas to meet up Dee's new mom. There was a little hesitation getting Dee in her new mom's car, but she eventually jumped right in and her new mom said she's adjusting nicely in her new home. She'll be an only dog and meeting new people all the time (the lady does massage therapy out of her home) and getting to go to the dog park. I know she'll be happy there. Enjoy your new life Dee!


Austin News...

May 1st 2015 10:45 am
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Austin's mom here...

Austin has been kinda like gagging every once in awhile. I mentioned it to the vet when she was here last month and she said if it continues we would do x-rays to see if maybe he had a collapsed trachea. The mobile vet just left...she took 3 x-rays and he has a tumor about the size of your fist by his heart. She said its either that or a congenital hernia. She's sending the x-rays to be read by an x-ray tech and she'll let me know. She said if I wanted to treat it she'll give me a referral to the speciality clinic (where I took Doo for all her procedures.) At this time, I've opted not to do anything. He's 10 and its very stressful for him to go in the car and then being at the hospital around people and then getting treatments, it will just be too much for him. She said just to make him comfortable. He's not acting any different than normal (except for the occasional gagging) so we're just going to go about our days as normal. I asked if he was in pain and she said No, he doesn't even know he has the tumor. (I didn't think he was, cause he doesn't act like he's in pain, but just wanted to be sure.) She said she'd be concerned if he starts having trouble breathing. Of course now I'll be watching every breath he takes.

(I had to leave the van because of the x-ray machine, so went back in the house. The vet called me from the van after awhile and said she's going to have to sedate him because he wouldn't lay still on the table (well duh!) and would that be OK with me. She gave him some type of sedation where she can reverse it after she's done, and he came struttin' down the sidewalk when he was done like nothing happened.) :)



March 26th 2015 9:56 pm
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Thank you all so very much for thinking of me, all the pressies and birthday wishes and celebrating my special day with me. I had the best birthday ever thanks to friends like you! I love you all!

I want to thank:

P eter Parker
Romeo Beau
Abby & Lucian
Cooper & Family
Flicka & Lucas
Chloe & Cinnamon
Hershey & Winkie
Lola, Max & Jake
Zane & Angel Sunny
Sophie Claire & Harley D
Angel Turner, Darcy & Grunt
Abbie, Toto & Angel Charlie
Harley Diva Girl & Jazzi Danz'r
Hershey, Kaci, Angel Bosco & Angel Bailey
Corey Jo, Jo Jo, Sarge, Angel Sammy Jo & Angel Toby Jo

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