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Age: 9 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Sadie Bug, Stink Pot, Pup

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

May 31st 2007

Sadie's favorite thing to do is sleep and eat. She loves her Grammy more than anyone else and MUST be by her side, or lying between her feet no matter wherer Grammy is.

She's not too keen on cats; she makes a sound like a scream when she sees one; it's creepy.

Favorite Toy:
LOVES to tear up ANY paper she can find.

Favorite Food:
Sadie has severe food allergies and has to have prescription dog food (venison and potato). We mix it with canned Salmon and she eats it; she won't eat it without the Salmon.

Favorite Walk:
from the bedroom the to the living room

Best Tricks:
Being cute, telling us she has to go potty (she did it first at six weeks). At night we'll say, "OK girls, time to go to sleep" and we open the door to the utility room and Sadie runs right in and lays down on her blanket..

Arrival Story:
Sadie's Mom is our dog, Maddie. Maddie mated with our dog, Skeeter, who went to the Bridge on May 15, 2007. We planned to keep one puppy; little did we know we would have only one. We watched Sadie be born. Her mom trusted us so much that she was ALMOST born in my daughter's lap. We held Sadie when she was only minutes old, but we only held her for a second because it made Maddie nervous.

We wanted somehow to combine Skeeter and Maddie's names for the name of the new puppy, so after throwing around about a million names my best friend suggested "Sadie" and it struck a cord with us. It's PERFECT for her. She's perfect. As she grows she is looking more and more like Skeeter. She has his nose and his fur and his eyes. She has her mother's coloring but that's about the only thing that looks like her mommy.

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May 31st 2007 More than 9 years!

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The Daily Dog

Halloween Party Fish Eating Contest

October 26th 2009 8:10 am
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Welllllllllllllllll, Grammy went and did it this year!! She told The Girl she could have a Halloween party and 18 kids showed up for it. Most of 'em were dressed in real weird clothes and some had really, really strange colored hair. And OH MY DOG, could they scream!! I think the boys screamed louder than the girls. And of course, they all wanted to pet ME coz most of 'em remember when I was borned and they still think I'm a baby. But I'm off subject. Back to the party.

Grammy decided to have a goldfish eating contest at the party. She wrote on the invitations "There will be a goldfish eating contest and a prize will be given to the winner. Do you have what it takes to swallow one of our golden friends?" Grammy went to PetCo and bought about 10 goldfish and had them in a bowl for the kids to see, so they would know what they were gonna be eating. Seven of the 18 kids said they would eat a goldfish so Grammy put them in a room by theirselves. One by one she brought the kids out and sat them in a chair in front of the kids who weren't brave enough to eat a LIVE fish. She put a blindfold on them coz she said that would make it easier on them if they didn't have to see the fish they were about to eat. Grammy took the fish out of the water and all of the other kids were screaming things like "OH MY GOSH, it's HUGE" and "Look at it wiggle" which was totally freaking out the kid in the blindfold coz he or she was about to EAT it.

Let me back up for a minute. Grammy was wonderfully prepared for this party. She's been making plans for months for this thing coz it's been an annual event at our house for the past six years, BUT this year she didn't plan ahead quite enough BECAUSE she never thought about kids THROWING UP when they were eating the goldfish. So she didn't get a vomit bucket ready so our carpet paid the price, bol. Back to the party....................

The first kid to eat a fish was a really tall boy who looked very brave. . I would have thought he could have swallowed several fish just by looking at him. Grammy grabbed the fish and plopped it into his mouth and he IMMEDIATELY began to gag. He TRIED so hard to CHEW the fish and swallow it but he just could not make himself do it. He was gagging really bad and then PUKED on the carpet. One down, six to go.

Then a GIRL got in the seat and Grammy put a fish in her mouth. I was really impressed with this girl because she took THREE CHEWS and then SPIT the fish across the room. I immediately went into "Retriever mode" and tried to eat the fish, but Grammy was hollering "Sadie NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you can't eat that."

The third person was another girl and she barely had the fish in her mouth before she was gagging and spitting and thinking she was gonna die. She yanked the blindfold off of her eyes and sat down with the kids too chicken to eat a fish. She kept spitting and wiping her mouth.

The fourth kid decided HE couldn't do it on the way to the chair and just sat down with the chickens. BOL

The fifth one was another girl but alas, when Grammy placed the fish in her mouth she tried so hard to swallow it but she gagged, and gagged and gagged and then got up and PUKED in the kitchen trashcan. At least she made it to the trashcan.

The sixth one was another girl. She got the fish in her mouth and she felt that slimy thing in her mouth but she attempted to swallow it anyway. She couldn't do it. She puked right on her shoes!

Then the last kid took the seat. He was the youngest one at the party, only 10 years old. Grammy put the slimy fish in his mouth and he crunched down on it like it was bubble gum!! He chewed and chewed it then SWALLOWED IT AND DIDN'T EVEN GAG!! He took the blindfold off, got up and opened his mouth and sure enough, the fish was gone. He won the prize of a HUGE chocolate candy bar and a HUGE box of Starburst. He was so happy.

Now I gots to spill the beans about the "fish" the kids were eating. Grammy is NOT mean to animals or children. She would NEVER feed a live animal (not even a fish) to anyone. BUT she wanted the kids to THINK they were eating a fish so she bought some fresh mushrooms and cut them into goldfish sized pieces. THEN she got some canned mushrooms and she put the fresh mushrooms into the canned mushroom liquid so they would all be wet. She took a fresh mushroom and a canned one and that's what she put into the kids mouths. Grammy thoght the fresh one would bring the experience of crunching into the fish, and the canned one would be feel slimy like she thought a fish would feel.

AND after the kids were put in the room by themselves Grammy told the other kids "I am NOT going to have them eat real fish, BUT I want you to make them THINK I am. Please say things like "OH GROSS!" "It's a big one" "OH MY GOSH", and boy did they ever do a good job at making the kids think they were actually eating a real fish. The power of suggestion is a powerful thing.

Grammy took the goldfish she bought to her friend Brenda who has a BIG goldfish tank and they got a beautiful home now. Brenda knew Grammy was going to bring them over coz they had talked about it a long time ago. Grammy made good plans, just not plans for puking kids. Grammy wants you all to know that IF you have a goldfish eating contest at your house PLEASE place a puke bucket under each contestant. It will save your carpet and keep you from having to shampoo. BOL


Christmas morning

December 25th 2008 6:38 am
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We woked up this morning and before we could do anything Grammy grabbed hold of me and putted me in her lap. She started singing to me in a real soft voice and then she started telling me that my Daddy was very close today coz she could feel him. She told me that he was watching over me and he wanted to make sure I had a good Christmas. Then as we always do, we pups got to open our presents first. We had opened our Secret Santa gifts yesterday, but we had prezzies from Grammy and PawPaw to open today.
We each got a BIG yummy ham bone!!!!!!!!! AND we EACH got a huge bucket of PUP CORN!!!! Man, we LOVE that stuff!!!!

I tooked my ham bone down the hall so I could be alone to chew on it in peace, but I felt a presence there in the dark hall with me. I wasn't afraid because I KNOW that presence so well. It was my DADDY!! He was watching me and grinning. He told me he can't believe I'm old enough to chew a real ham bone this year and then he laffed real softly. He asked me if I'm a happy puppy and I told him that I am the happiest puppy in the world (well, 'cept for when I can't sleep in Grammy's bed for some reason), but other than that I'm very happy. He told me he was very glad for that. He also told me how proud he is of me and what a good girl he sees that I am. He told me to keep loving dogs and people alike, and to ALWAYS give kisses before anything else, because kisses generally always make everything better. He says from what he hears I'm almost as good of a kisser as he was, but not quite as fast.................yet, bol. Then he told me he loves me very, very, very much and he will be back again but he had to go back to the Bridge to celebrate Christmas there. Today some humans will be coming for their pups and it's always such a big deal at the Bridge when humans come.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas. And if your Daddy or Mommy or Grammy or PawPaw aren't with you this year just close your eyes and FEEL them in your heart. They NEVER leave your heart. And they NEVER stop loving you.

Merry Christmas everypup.

Sadie Bug


The turtle

May 27th 2008 11:59 am
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This morning it was raining (again) so none of us pups were very enthused about how our day was going to go. We knew it meant MORE time in the garage and LESS time INSIDE the house with Grammy and The Girl. Oh, and for your information The Girl is on SUMMER BREAK from school which means she and I will get to spend LOTS more time together. I'm so happy!! But I'm off the subject...................

Grammy and The Girl went to the store to get some stuff and when they comed home they had something with 'em. It was small...........The Girl was carrying it. It was brown on the outside, but on the inside it was yellow and bright orange. Grammy said it was called a "turtle". I'd never seen a turtle before so I was very curious as to what I could do with it.

The Girl put it down in the garage and all of us pups crowded around it to get a good look. Mommy was scared of it and she hopped sideways to get away from it, and then stayed a good distance away from it and just watched. Aunt Miley sniffed at it and then walked away totally uninterested and so did Uncle Sammy. But I WANTED to see what this thing was all about so I sniffed every square inch of it, which didn't take long because it wasn't very big. Then I sat down and stared at it and guess what happened?

The front of the turtle opened and it's head popped out!! It was bright orange and brown and had beady little eyes and when it saw me it HISSED at me. Well, that didn't stop me, no sir; I got up and went over to it and sniffed and then it's head went back INSIDE!! I thought that was totally cool. I sat down in front of it and waited for it to come back out again. It took a long time but it finally stuck it's head out but this time it's four legs came out too and it started moving away from me. I jumped up and started sniffing it again and I put my paw on it and spinned it around. It's head and legs went back inside, and Grammy said, "No Sadie, you can't spin the turtle. Play nice."

About this time Aunt Miley decided she wanted to get a better look at the turtle so she came over and put her dainty little foot on the back of it's shell and made it raise up a little bit. She sniffed the underside of the shell for a second then walked away. I don't know how she could just walk away from this interesting creature!! I mean, it's head AND legs can pop in and out..........isn't that totally cool!?!?!?!?!?! AND it hisses too!! So cool.

I laid down next to it and patiently waited to see what it would do next. It was a while before it opened it's shell a tiny little bit and I could see one eye. I tried to lick it but it closed up too fast and I ended up licking the hard shell. I have to say that turtle shell is not the tastiest thing in the world. Then it's legs came out and it turned away from me real fast and headed away from me. I tried to stop it with my paw, but all I did was turn it around and it hissed at me again, but it didn't go back in it's shell at least. Maybe we could be friends? I tried to lick it again to show it that I'm very friendly, but it wasn't having any of it. It opened it's mouth real wide and that's when Grammy and The Girl both screeched real loud and The Girl grabbed me up and said, "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, that turtle is gonna bite you Sadie." Then Grammy started laughing real hard. She walked over to me and petted my head and said something like "Turtle 1. Sadie 0" I don't know what that meant, but Grammy told The Girl to take the turtle down the hill in the back and turn it loose in the woods.

The four of us pups ran outside and watched as The Girl walked down to the woods with the turtle held out in front of her with it's head sticking out. She told Grammy it was hissing again. That turtle sure was mad about going back to the woods. I think it wanted to play some more with me. I hope it comes back soon.

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