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Uncommonly Keyah

Tag! You're it!!!

May 24th 2007 11:00 am
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Jazzie, the Queen, tagged me. Now it's your turn!

The Rules
(Hint: Copy and paste the rules so you don't have to type them again):

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

-----------------------------My 7 Pawsome Facts-----------------------------
1. My favorite place in the whole world is under the covers in the bed.
2. I will drop anything for a belly rub.
3. Unlike Patan, I eat my food one bite at a time. I even take the time to chew it.
4. I love being in my crate; it's peaceful in there.
5. My favorite food is CHEESE!
6. I groom myself like a cat.
7. I'm pretty good at walking on my hind legs. I learned this so that I could see what was on the dinner table. (I am not allow to put my paws on the table.)

I'm tagging:

1. Dixie
2. Dakota
3. Omari
4. Rafiki
5. Maddux!
6. Max Mattias
7. Batman


That time of year again.

November 8th 2006 8:01 am
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Well, its that time of year again. A BIG holiday all about food. It is, of course, Patan's favorite. Unfortunately his big belly got us in trouble last year. I say US because Mom and Dad were not sure who the guilty one was and we both had to pay the price.

This year I will be keeping a very watchful eye, but I will need a good backup plan to prove my innocence should my original mission fail. I thought about wearing a T-shirt that says "He did it" with an arrow pointing to Patan. But what if he moves and the cat is standing in the arrow's path? That won't work.

If I didn't think I would get too lonely, I would just go on the lam for a month. Maybe I will search the internet for an x-ray machine and then the hoomans can x-ray all of us to see who ate their special dinner. Or a pet-polygraph?

I need to think of something quick because Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I swear the hooman's grocery list had "peroxide" written on it!!!


Some say I'm smart, I call it resourceful

March 14th 2006 5:15 pm
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I posted this under Basenji Group but wanted to share the story with all of my friends too.

You wanna know what I did the other day?
(this is a true story)

My mom came home sick from work on Thursday and went right to bed. I knew it was my job to make her comfortable and warm her up so I curled up in a ball right next to her. My dad was in the other room and left the cordless phone next to us.

Well, time passed and I was starting to get a little hungry and there was no sign of dinner being prepared. (Its hard work to keep your sick mom comfortable and warm, I needed sustenance.)

*ring*ring (the phone rang)

My dad scurried for the phone in the other room.

Dad: "Hello?"
The caller: *smack*smack*slurp*
Dad: "Hello...who is this?"
The caller: *slurp*smack*smack*
Dad: "Hello?!?!"
The caller: *smack*smack*
Dad: *smack*smack* (imitating the caller)

At this point my dad assumed it must be one of my mom's friends because HIS friends wouldn't make a prank call. So he walks out with the phone to hand it to my sleeping mom when he sees...

ME, with my paw pushing the intercom button smacking my lips into the mouth piece.

Guess what happened next?

I got dinner. =)


It Wasn't Me...Really!

December 12th 2005 6:54 pm
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Dear Santa Paws,

I am sure that you have been very busy preparing all the treats that you are going to bring to all the good animals around the world. I just want you to know, in case you didn't have time to look into it, that is was not me that has been bad these last several weeks. It was all Patan.

It all started on the day before Thanksgiving when he ate the raw dough that was meant to be bread for all of the guests. I didn' t take part in the caper but no one seemed to know that and they made me swallow some icky stuff that made me throw up. Patan threw up all of his dough and I threw up my breakfast. I needed that breakfast!

Then, yesterday, he did it again! He ate a raw dinner roll. I saw that bottle of ickiness coming and clenched my jaws shut but it didn't work. I felt so sick and there went my breakfast...again! Patan threw up the roll and then tried to eat it back. Dumb boys never learn.

I just want to clear the air since the humans don't seem to be able to separate the guilty from the innocent. Please make sure that I am still on the "good" list and that Patan is on the "bad" list. In fact, everything you were going to give to Patan you can just go ahead and give to me. I think I have earned it. At the very least just make sure to give me more goodies than him...that will make him jealous.

Thanks for listening.

Your pal always,

Good Keyah


Happy birthday Basenjis!

November 29th 2005 12:15 pm
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Most of us Basenjis are having birthdays this time of year. Mine is on Friday. Patan posted his birthday wish list, so I thought I should put mine up as well.

#1 - sleep late
#2- a run in the park
#3- a whole day with my mommy
#4- a squirrel (Patan asked for one too, but I want one of my own)

Oh, I hope I get a cake too!


Introducing the NEW dynamic duo!

April 16th 2005 8:28 pm
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Keyah and Patan reporting for duty.

We got a little tired of our everyday life of luxury and decided it was time to give back to the world. This is how we came to form our secret superhero identities..."Monkey See" and "Monkey Do." Our mission: to travel a little bit spreading love, conquering evil and visiting as many dog parks as possible along the way (we love dog parks).

Our first assignment:

4/16/05 2:30PM
No one knows that the sock is really a villain in disguise. We see it lingering in a corner plotting massive acts of evil and destruction. Monkey See (Keyah) leaps into action and grabs an end. Monkey Do (Patan) looks useless lounging on the couch so to save face he grabs the other end. Monkey See and Monkey Do proceed to fight over Sock Villain hoping to gain full custody and reward once he is turned in to justice. Before we know it, Sock Villain is just a mesh of threads - ripped beyond recognition. No one will believe he was really a villain now. Monkey See gets in trouble because she is the one with blue threads hanging out of her mouth.

First lesson as a superhero: Make sure Monkey Do takes the fall next time.

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