Tabitha......In Loving Memory

Golden Retriever/Breed Unknown
Picture of Tabitha......In Loving Memory, a female Golden Retriever/Breed Unknown

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weba wabbas, fatso, tabitha may, grandma, and mama

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:

December 27th 1998

attention, car rides and her walks

other animals that came close to my mommy, oh i disliked my cousin who was a male siberian husky...

Favorite Toy:
knotted ropes

Favorite Food:
apples and califlower

Favorite Walk:
neighborhood.. anywhere other people were loved to be petter. my mommy used to always take me to the lake were i would run and swim and catch fish, until i blew out both of my ACL's

Best Tricks:
she would sit and stay.. i would walk away from her and wait. then i would call her to come, and she would run to me and sit automatically at my feet and look up at me.

Arrival Story:
I found her at a petshop when i stopped in... I only paid 20 bucks for her and she was well worth it...

Tabby was a very intellagent dog, she was never trained as a service dog, but when i was in the military my dad would go to his mom's house and he would take tabby with him. well one day my dad was outside doing yard work my grandma sat on the floor to get something out of her refridgerator. my grandma realized she couldn't get herself back up. Tabby went tomy grandma so that my grandma can put her arms on Tabby's back and got up..... my G-ma rewarded her and gave her a rawhide. she went out into the family room to chew it.. so my g-mahad sliding doors that was opened just enough for Tabby to go in and out.. well Tabby wanted to be by my g-ma so as she approached the door she realized the bone wouldn't fit... but she did figure it out. she tilted her head and got half the bone in then tilted it the other way. she was a stinker. tooo smart...

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Weba wabba woo's

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My mommy would like to intvite you all to this memorial that she made for me. It is still a work in progress, but you can sign the guestbook if you like all you have to do is search for Tabitha and then enter "dog" in the other box.. another screen will pop up and you will need to do the same thing. then click on her name and her page will come up

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May 29th 2007 More than 9 years!

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First time i layed my eyes on you Tabby

Yay finally I got tagged

June 18th 2007 1:36 pm
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Tikka, my first pup pal that i met on dogster has tagged me....

RULES OF THE GAME: (copy and paste)

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diary the rules and their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose some dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Here's some MORE fun facts about ME!!

1. I was my mommy's favorite doggie...

2. I love apples.. my mommy would eat them and I would be right by her with my nose pretty much on the apple so she'd give me that piece.

3. I would always sleep in bed with mommy cause i was jealous.. I didn't want any of my cousins or my brother for that fact to sleep with her....

4. My mommy had to stop walking me around my neighborhood cause there were many lose doggies, ans if they came near me and my mommy i would attack when i felt threatened. I wa overprotective of my mommy... I did my job..

5. I actually love my brother wwho was twice the size of me, but i got along well with him, only because mommy bought him home... other then that i wouldn't let him near my mommy much either..

6. I cannot stand my cousin who is a purebreed shepard.. I was mean to him.. i would not let him near my mommy or even if he would peek his head in the bedroom i would show my teeth at him.. if there was any food out that i knew i was not allowed to have, yep i laid right by it so he couldn't have it, even if it was his food.. mommy had to yell at me several times for that hahaha

7. I really hated everything and anything in my backyard... I would go outside and chase everything out my backyard... oh I also had my grandpa trained until mommy finally told him... everytime my g-pa would let us dogs out we would come back in and he would give us a treat.. hahaha so i caught on to that and i would bother him to let me out like every hour cause i would go out for 5 minutes and come back in and get a treat LOL... finally mommy told him that i get only one treat a day cause i was a little over weight...

TAG! You're it.., madisyn, lucky, isabella


That Horrible Day

June 1st 2007 2:23 pm
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It was May 2nd of 2007 a wed. I came home frpm wprk at 730 pm and there she was laying in the backyard head held high tail waggin a little. I go into the house and my mom said to me that something is wrong with my dog. I immediately called my vets and they made me an emergency appointment for 945 at night, but I was not going to wait. I went outside to see her and she got up and walked over to me and then I got her to come into the house.. I went upstairs to change my cloths.. When i got back downstairs i went to my car to clear the backseat. I came back into the house where she was laying panting heavily like she couldn't breath. My mom said that she had noticed her acting different around 430 pm. I picked Tabby up to carry her out to my car, the whole time she was in my arms her tail was wagging as she new I was getting her help. Well i left my house at 745 and got to the vets at 810.. I got her out of my car and she walked into the vets on her own. as we got in there she layed down. i went to the counter and told them that my appointment was not until 945 but i can't wait. so they got some techs to come out and as they brought out a cart to put her on the vet came out as well. i helped put her onto the cart and kissed her. The vet told the tech's to get her on oxygen first thing. They took me into a seperate room where i waited for some news. well about 20 min later the vet came in and she expalined to me what she thinks could be wrong, that she was going to have the other 2 vets that were there to help diagnose her.. well she left and they put her on some Iv's as well. about 30 min later the vet came back in and told me that she has fluid around her heart which is slowing her heart down. so I told the vets lets drain the fluids to get her strong again and then we can find out where it is coming from. Well about another 15 min later a vet tech came in and said before they could start the drainning of the fluid that Tabby has gone into carridac arrest and it doesn't look good... about 30 minutes late the vet came in and gave me the bad news... they couldn't revive her, they had all 3 vets working on her and many tech's but it was just her time.. the vet explained to me that it was what she thought it was which was, Tabby had ruptured her spline that caused an artery to her heart to rupture. there was nothing they could have done to save her.. My vet said that with her breed and at that age,8 years old, that this was common.. I cry everytime i read this or telling it to some one.. it is so hard.. I talked with my mom and told her that when i came home Tabby was laying by the side door, my mom said that when she went back to check on her that she was behind the pool. so I truely believe that she waited until i got home to see me one last time. as i was driving her to the vets she was looking out my back window as that she knew she was not coming back , she never would look out my back window, her nose was always out the side window... I am still devestated over this situation it happen so sudden. I never thought i was going to lose her at that point...


you were a little butterball

May 31st 2007 9:59 am
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hahaha The day i got Tabby I took her to the vets to get all her shots and a good health.. when i got Tabby she was only 7 weeks old, and the thing is SHE WEIGHED 15 POUNDS ALREADY LOL!!!!!! her fur was so soft even as she got older.. I am a dog groomer so i ke[t her very clean. then I went into the military and left her at my moms and she enjoyed having Tabby around.. my mom told me that Tabby was now her dog lol yeah right when i came home she would sleep with me :).... Tabby was a very intellegant dog too smart for her own good... when i graduated boot camp my parents and my grandma and my sister came down for the ceremony. well they bought Tabby and my sister's one dog with them.. hahaha they got a hotel and my family went to go eat. so they put tabby in her crate and my sis dog ran lose in the hotel. well my girl figured a way out of the crate and with the 2 dogs together they figured a way out of the hotel room as well.. luckily my family ate dinner right at the hotel, and that the hotel manager new whose dog they were. so the manager approached my family at the dinner table and told them that the dogs got out of the room lol...

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