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Baby's Daze...

I be a CAT!!

October 11th 2010 12:56 pm
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I be a kitty cat!! It be da trufs!

I just getted dis here certifinate *Baby holds up a very nice certificate with a gold sticker that says CGC* It eben habs a sticker on it an eberyfing!

Now I learnt dis part in kindergarten...C stand for cat. Dis certifinate say CGC dat mean CAT GOOD CAT.

Dis be berry funny to Baby because I always did finked I was a doggy. But den da mama say who be da good kitty an' I do wagged mine tail, so maybe I do be da kitty after all.

Now dey do signed me up for a new class named eberybody do say'd dis "agile like a cat". So dis new class be som'ping for kitties an' I do be signed up.

Now I be askert I be kicked right off of da Dogster onto da Catster now dat I be found out for bein' da kitty cat. I do also be hopin' my berry nice doggy furends is not gonna' be'd barkin' an' yappin' at me when dey do learnt I be da kitty cat.

Lubs to you signed
Kitty Cat Baby Ben

PS Do anywoof know where I be able signed up for class learnt me meowanese? I be only knowin' doganese *sigh*


Lizards an' dat stuffs.

May 28th 2010 6:38 am
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I do not be woofin' in dat diary much do I be? I be'd so busy ober here eberyday. Dere be deze here lizards who do be trynna' obertaked MY yard so I be out dere on da lizard patrol. I don't know what I be gonna' do'ed if I eber did catched one but I be gonna' decide about dat later.

Den I got dat lil' ol' Gramma dog to taked care ob. I habta be real careful dat she don't finded out dat I do be takin' care ob her because dat jus' gonna' maked her upsetted an' when dat Gramma upsetted dere not a happy dog in da FLF! So I jus' maked sure when she do be goin' out dat doggy door dat she do be comin' back. Sometimes I can't getted her back in dere, she jus' stubborn Gramma who be not da listenin' type...dose times I go tell da humama to heps me.

Den dere be da bread...dey getted da bread machine, an' I do be lubbin' dat bread. I gotta stand right dere maked sure da minute it finish cookin' we all get some ob dat bread right away.

Den dere do be da MamaBea, she needed me to heps her. Somedays she be real sad, dose is da days I jus' do be holdin' her on my paws, putted my head on her an' lay wif her. I tell her again an' again, "I do be lubbin' you MamaBea" an' it do heps her. Den dere be da days when I do be wakin up an' I do be knowin' dis here iz gonna' be dat WILD day! Dose is da days when da Mama eyes jus' popped open an' she taked off runnin' like da wind!! She be grabbin' eberyfing in da house rocketin' in & out dat doggy door til' da flap jus' swingin not listenin to nobody an' sometimes wantin' to start arguments too! Dose is da days I needed my wheeties! I try to run wif da MamaBea an' heps her work off dat energy, I try to heps her find da toys an' redirect her from startin' arguments. Sometimes I jus' gotta standed ober her! BOL Dose be da wild times, an I sure do lub dat MamaBea! Don't matter what she be doin' I be lubbin' her.

I try to get ober here more oftener now, but if you not be seein' me now you be knowin' where I do be!

lubs to you
Baby Benny


Baby's day...

June 18th 2009 9:28 am
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I be woofin' here in da diary say about Baby's days...I do be meetin' da Nanny Boo. I do!! She come all da way ober here to mine house, check on da Baby make sure I be okay.

I be da berry shy Poodle dog. Dat be okay Nanny say. It be okay be shy. Nanny do keep checkin' on me sittin' here on mine couch watchin' dose big dogs from da window.

I lubs to habs dat Nanny here all doe I obey Mr. Wheezer!! Oh he be da BERRY big dog!! Whateber Mr. Wheezer be wantin' I be doin' it an' fast too!!

One day I gonna' be big like dat? BOL

My friend Sandy do a background for mine page ob a berry shy Poodle hiding in da garden. Do you see Baby dere? I be hiding!! BOL

You like to habs a background like dis too? Sandy sell can asks her to do you one too.

Mr. Gus be berry nice wif Baby. We be layin' dere on da sofa togedder. He say, Baby, I not like all da noise an' craziness too. Dat be makin' me nerbous too. We just be sittin' an' bein' friends. I like dat.

Aunty Raben be berry much fun. She do run around and make da Poodle happy like dat. We habs da nice bisit!

Miss you da House ob da Paws!!


I did be tagged!!

March 27th 2009 1:17 pm
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I did be tagged!! You beliebes it? I beene'd tagged like da big dog by Miss Winnie Joy...she be sayin' put down seben things about Baby.

*Baby sits quietly looking at his sock monkey collection, then quietly starts lining them up*

Dis be seben? I not know if it be? Oh dear...where I be startin?

1. I be Baby Ben (Oh dat a good one!! Lay!! Lay!! *Baby claps his paws*)

2. I not be lubbin' eatin' alone...I be wantin' anudder doggy to eats wif me.

3. I not be lubbin' dat dog food *makes a terrible face* Mama say I habs a "delicate palate" I only eats da warm homecooked doggy food. I lubs da yogurt, da eggs, da cheese an' dat homecook doggy food.

4. I do not NEBER argue wif da Gramma Suzy!! I just be doin' whateber dat Gramma do say!! an' fast too!! BOL

5. I DO lubs my bally wally berry much. I like to bounce it an' catch it an' bounce it an catch it an' bouce it an catch it an' bounce it an' catch dat!!

6. I feel alot better when I be berry shy if I do habs da MamaBea wif me. I lubs to put mine head on her...I do lubs dat Mama alot.

7. I do NOT like da shampoo make me smell like a goulie!! I be da BOY!!


This Amazing Story be written by Princess Amazing Gracie!! - Thank you PAG!!

December 31st 2008 4:02 pm
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Okay, little ones. You have had your adventure and your ice cream so now I want you to lay down and rest and I will tell you a story about the brave red poodley-pup.

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Spoiled Pugs there was a giant red pup named Sir Baby Benjamin. He was a very handsome and dashing pup although he thought himself to be otherwise due to his extra long legs and curly hair. He wasn't like the other pups with their short stubby legs, stocky bodies, and hair that shed all over the royal palace. He also had an extremely long snout unlike the smooshy faces with whom he played.

One day, Sir Baby Benjamin decided to take a walk in the beautiful meadow surrounding that Spoiled Pugs Palace. Even though it was winter, the magic place bloomed with bright red flowers called

They were so vibrant in the sunshine and Sir Baby Benjamin was so happy out in the meadow that at first he didn't notice the voice in the background saying,
"What are you doing in my meadow?"

Sir Baby Benjamin prancing through the poinsettias and smiling to himself at the beauty of it all until the voice came again, only this time much louder,

Startled, Sir Baby Benjamin almost jumped out of his skin! he turned and looked into the face of a

Sir Baby Benjamin recognized him to be one of Lolita's babies. Although he had been startled by the loud shrieking of the baby wizzie, he was not afraid. He thought the wizzie was probably hungry and being the fine and thoughtful pup that he was, he pulled some lunch out of his backpack to share with the baby wizzie.

Now he didn't know if the wizzie liked cheese sandwiches or potato chips or juice, but he tried them all. The wizzie didn't want any of it and continued to cry and shriek. There was nothing for Sir Baby Benjamin to do but try to find some icky bugs to feed to the wizzie. He didn't know for sure that the wizzie would eat bugs, but he thought he had heard a rumor regarding their strange eating habits.

Sir Baby Benjamin looked all through the beatiful
and finally, on the ground, found some slimey
banana slugs
for the baby wizzie to eat.

When the baby wizzie had eaten all the
banana slugs
he stopped crying and laid down to sleep, but Sir Baby Benjamin was afraid to leave him out in the
Palace meadow
in case a big
Palace hawk
came by and spotted him thinking the baby wizzie a nice morsel for his supper.

Sir Baby Benjamin could think of nothing else to do but take him into the Palace to be cared for by one of the Godparents or Nanny Boo. Well, needless to say, Sir Baby Benjamin was a hero that day to all who heard the story but especially to Lil Lolita, Eddie, and the Godparents. Nanny Boo was quite proud of her Baby Ben, too, and gave him a
Giant Greenie!
for a special treat.

And that is how Sir Baby Benjamin became the Special Protector of the baby wizzies!


A Fairy Tail by my dear friend Miss Princess Amazing Gracie

October 23rd 2008 6:13 pm
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Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Spoiled Pugs, there was a cute little poodly boy named Baby Ben.

He wasn't the same color as the pugs. He did have straight hair that shed all over the land like the pugs. He wasn't short and stocky like the pugs. But the pugs loved him very much and thought he was beautiful.

One day Baby Ben heard about a Ball that was going to be held in the kingdom and he wanted to see all the royal pugs that would come from all over the kingdom to witness the crowning of a new Prince and Princess. He knew that he would see Ladys and Warlords, Dukes and Duchesses, and the grand King and his lady the Queen. He also heard that a Dragon might be there so he was afraid! Very afraid!

On the day of the Ball when the Royals and the servants and the landowners were getting ready for the big event, Baby Ben decided to take a walk in the forest. While he was there, he heard a gruff voice say, "What are you doing in my forest?".

Well, needless to say, Baby Ben was so scared that he almost peed. He looked around and saw a terrible, big, green Dragon! Again, the Dragon called to Baby Ben and asked, "What are you doing in my forest?".

Baby Ben looked around and didn't see another soul, so he knew the Dragon was talking to him. Baby Ben trembled but spoke up to the Dragon saying, "I'm taking a walk in this beautiful place and I want you to leave me and my furends alone, you bad Dragon!"

The Dragon looked at the poodly boy and backed off because Baby Ben was so honest and strong. In fact, Baby Ben scared the bad, old Dragon so much that he ran away and didn't bother the pugs of the kingdom at all that day and the Ball was saved from a dragon attack all thanks to Baby Ben.


Baby steps up...

August 10th 2008 1:53 pm
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This be my first diary. I not write in diary and I not woof in the forums...mostly it be narrations, Baby like to act out what happening more than woofin.

But, today BABY STEPS UP...yes, you readed it right. Today be a new day in Baby's life. This past week, a terriblest thing did happen wif darling daddy Sisco's Sir Benjamin did pass away.

Despite the best medical care available and immediate intervention he did die from a non congenital complication of bloat.

When I first heared this news I did cry and cry and cry. You see although my daddy be a BIG name in Sisco siring many champions he be much more than that. Benjamin be the most loving, caring and tender teddy bear you ever did meet. He be the kind of dog when you be havin' a bad day, you go find an get a hug from. He be the dog who they did often take to assisted living to climb up into the gramma bed to lay down and hold her close in his arms, he be the kind of dog who would take the time to play wif his puppies an' give us all a kiss on our nose. My daddy do make the whole world smile because he got a big heart that just overflow wif love and hugs and happiness.

My daddy the most special doggy ever. I hope you will look at my page and see all the pictures of me wif my daddy, Sisco's Sir Benjamin.

As they days did pass, and they did, slowly but they did pass, I realize the best way to honor my daddy not be for me to cry but to pass along what I got from him; his gentleness, his kindness, and his love. And so it be decided by my family and our breeder, Karen Sisco that I be known now, as Sisco's Sir Benjamin Charles to honor my daddy.

My name Charles was a nod to my beautiful mother Sisco's Red Red Chili. Together they be havin' many champion children. My mother be a widow now, please keep her in your prayers. She be only lovin' my daddy.

My siblings and I the ones to carry on our family legacy with all the love we be given...loves to all

Your friend
Baby Ben

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