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OMD! Our Dogster Magazine Premier Issue Arrived!

February 24th 2015 2:58 pm
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We were shocked to receive the Dogster Magazine premier issue today! The new magazine is fabulous. It is similar to the original "Dog Fancy," but with a twist. The magazine is thick, consisting of a whopping 128 pages! The last issue of Dog Fancy had 64 pages. If you liked Dog Fancy, you will like Dogster Magazine. IF you didn't like Dog Fancy, you still might give it a try. The articles and photographs are great. My mom was not disappointed at all.


Improvements to the Site Are Still Happening! Please don't- leave.

January 16th 2015 1:14 pm
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I know so many have been frustrated, but please don't leave. I went to Dogster/Catster All Paws Bulletin Group yesterday (Jan15). It will take more time, but improvements are still happening. If you check the All Paws Bulletin Group, it states there that the site has to be completely rebuilt. I know there isn't a time frame given, which can make you feel like pulling out your fur. It does appear though that the company is very interested in making the site as good or even better than it was before.

Also, the magazines they publish, which are Dog Fancy & Cat Fancy, are having their names changed to Dogster & Catster! They will be published every other month. The people who work on the magazines are separate from those who are working on our website. So these two publications will not slow down the progress of improving our Dogster/Catster website. On the All Paws Group page, there are a couple threads asking for your input and suggestions for the magazines. So if you're interested please check it out.

For the latest updates and information, from what I know, the All Paws Bulletin Group is the place to go. I have had problems recently (this week, last week, etc..) accessing Dogster & Catster, but I will try to post updates about what is new here on my diary.

Again, please don't leave Dogster. I know it is frustrating right now. Please keep checking back every so often if you get too frustrated checking in on a regular basis.

Take care.

Tinker Bell Forever, who is currently trying to be patient while the fleas leave, too.


Major Problems w/My Dogster Account!

June 24th 2014 11:22 pm
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I am having major problems with my Dogster account. I can't read posts. I can't reply to them. Photos aren't being uploaded. It is really sad and frustrating. I hope this isn't happening to a lot of others. I hope dogster can fix it soon. Please help. Also please let me know if you've been having problems, too. I've tried accessing my account from a regular desktop computer and an ipad. Same situation. :(


Ten Today!

June 8th 2014 1:38 pm
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I'm ten today! I'm doing okay! This past year I've not done so well, but I seem to be stabilized now with some dietary changes and medicine.

I have to eat low fat, low protein gastrointestinal food. My pancreas just flares up when I don't. So I'm eating prescription dog food now. On a side note, my mom started ordering my food from Please check it out. My food turned out to be a lot less expensive than buying through my vet. Just go to to see if you can save money on your food.

So now that I'm on my special food, I'm back to my old self again. I still run like crazy all over the place When I'm running up on the second floor, my family says it sounds like a herd of buffalo are up there! I still like to wear necklaces and clothes. I'm still good at walking. My ears are fine; I'm the best watchdog of the house! My ACL leg, well it still doesn't work too well even after the surgery I had a few years ago. But it doesn't stop me! When I'm out in public, I'm still very well behaved and good with kids. I love going out with my mom. For my birthday, I got a Timbuk2 bag. My mom bought it for me months ago, because it was on sale (BOL). My grandpa bought me a new necklace, all white swarovski crystals.

Hope you all are doing okay! Enjoy your time with your furamilies. It goes by quickly. If you are currently ill, I am very sorry. It is so difficult. My sister, Shyla and I have had some rough times this past year that just left my mom in tears. Please take care of yourselves.

Thank you for reading my diary! Thank you for my presents & birthday wishes!! Bye!


Another Vet Visit!

April 14th 2014 10:22 pm
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I was doing fine, but then my mom reintroduced my treats into my diet. Then I got really sick again. I'm just not able to digest things like I used to.

So, I went back to the vets office. I was given some more medicine for my stomach, antibiotics, and a different type of food. I will post back how I'm doing soon, good or bad.

My tenth birthday is coming up this June. Hopefully things will be okay. My mom has been really sad about my not doing so well. She has a lot of things planned for us to do. And my Grandpa even gave me my tenth birthday gift already. He gave it to me yesterday. Remember my necklace collection? I got another one for my collection. This one is all clear Swarovski crystals. My mom also bought me a special birthday present-a Timbuktu dog bag. She bought it early because they had a big sale!

I will update soon. Take care!

~Tinker Bell Forever


I've Been Ill

April 9th 2014 8:28 pm
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I had to go to the vet last week. Seems my pancreas is acting up again. I really can't digest even low protein, low fat food. I'm now on a special prescription diet consisting of low protein, low fat, and easily digestible. This is too crazy. My mom tried to give me my snacks that are low in protein and fat, but they seemed to cause me problems again.

Oh, I really am frightening my mom. She's hoping I don't get worse. And that I do well on this new food, for a while at least.


New Rescue Magazine "Rescue Me" and Update

March 9th 2014 12:14 pm
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I posted this in one of my groups, but I thought other furamilies might like to know about this new publication.

My mom found our copy at Walmart for $4.99. Hopefully it is being sold at other newsstands. You can also subscribe online at The cost of the bimonthly magazine's annual subscription seems a bit steep at $29.95, but $19.95 of that will be donated to an eligible non-profit rescue organization of your choice. If your favorite eligible non-profit rescue is not listed, you can register them online (just give as much information as possible).

The magazine is all about rescues-primarily dogs and cats, but it includes other rescue animals as well, horses, llamas, etc. It is fairly thick containing eighty-one pages. There are a lot of different articles on a variety of topics, all relating to rescue animals.

Definitely have your parent check it out next time they are at the store.

Oh, my mom and I do not get paid to promote this magazine in any way, shape, or form. We just like it.

I've been doing okay recently. I'm on a special diet now that I'm older. I can't digest fat or protein any more. :( I got very sick last summer, but as long as I stick to my dietary restrictions I'm as good as new. I'll be ten years old this June. My youngest dog sister, Shyla, has been chronically ill for about the last year. It all began with a bad incident with an IV reaction given to her for a bee sting. Then it went into her having gastrointestinal & gut motility problems. This last month (Feb. 2014) was the first month she has gone without vomiting or a vet visit. Shyla is on a special homecooked meal/prescription diet, which she gets fed around the clock. Halo has been fine but needs a cyst removed. And kitty cat, Story, has been fine.


Almost Completely Healed-My ACL Surgery

December 31st 2011 10:36 pm
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I have a couple of more weeks to go before my ACL surgery is completely healed. I'm not allowed to jump anymore, which is very difficult. My mom never realized how much I used to jump. My mom is so happy that I'm not in pain anymore!!


My Birthday!

June 8th 2011 10:55 pm
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Now I am seven years old! The years have gone by very quickly! Just the other day I was a little tiny puppy! In my family, I'm the oldest dog! Yikes! Originally, I was the baby of the family! What happened?!

I'm going to be celebrating my birthday this weekend. My mom will be making a cake, but it is going to be a human cake! Hmph! I did get a special variety of Merrick's dog food can today though, and some pieces of chicken! I LOVE food! Next time I go to my Granny's house, we will stop at the dog bakery for my favorite meatball treats!

As for presents, my mom is going to be ordering me a special pendant for my collar! It's a Q-Link! They sell them for humans and pets. My mom wears one. She isn't sure it's as helpful as they claim, but she thinks sleep-wise, that it's helping her. So, for that reason alone, she is buying me a Q-Link for pets. I'll report back in my diary when I receive it, and then again after I wear it for a while to tell you all if it seems helpful.

This weekend, I will also be going for my special birthday ride! Next to eating, I love car rides!

I also want to thank everyone for my birthday presents and birthday wishes! I LOVE birthdays!

Bye! Tinker Bell Forever


I Have A Couple of Pulled Ligaments!

April 7th 2011 9:32 pm
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Well I pulled a couple of ligaments in my leg! That's why it hurts so much! I'm on painkillers, and the doctor says I have to stay calm and quiet for the next few weeks! Hopefully after that I'll be as good as new.

My X-rays showed I had a bit of arthritis in my hips; that isn't causing my problem though. My spine is in good condition. So are my kneecaps, which often can cause a lot of problems for my breed. Apparently, my leg should show improvement in a week. In the meantime I will be taking short walks, and riding in my camo stroller.

Thank you for all the emails, presents, prayers, and well wishes!

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