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Home:Mundare, Alberta, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 15 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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whiski, mommas boy, Jack, Pretty boy, Babe, baby, sweetie, buddie, whisk, Dog and Brat. (because sometimes he can be quite the brat LOL)

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:
-dog rescue

he loves his frisbee and football.

stray cats, birds, strangers, people driving by on the road, doesn't like his Halti (gentle leader) but will wear it if it means going for a walk.

Favorite Toy:
chew rope

Favorite Food:
frozen fruit bars in the summertime.

Favorite Walk:
anywhere as long as he goes for a walk

Best Tricks:
dead dog, turn around and roll over, on the nose(put a treat on his nose and he will leave it there until you say okay, he also knows gimme ten and gimme five, and put your head down, and shake left or right paw depends on which hand you use, also speak

Arrival Story:
My husband did not want a dog. we had some friends who had some great pyranese puppies who were going to go to the spca. My hubby had a great pyranese puppy once and since it was this kind of dog he relented and so we went and picked out the biggest male that was there. Whiski did have a twin brother but Whiski was the biggest one. I wanted to take both males but we have room for only one large dog. All the others went to the spca and since they were still puppies i am hoping that they got adopted.

Whiski was born on January 7, 2001. He was a small fluffball when my hubby Donnie and I went to pick him up on February 12,2001. He is a great pyranes/Border collie cross. He was only 5 weeks old at the time but we had to go get him as all the puppies were being taken to the SPCA if they didn't find homes.We wanted a male puppy. When we went to pick up our puppy it was a choice between 2 males. They both had identical markings.......the only difference was the size. Whiski was little bit bigger than the other male. I wanted to take them all but that was not possible. We brought Whiski home and had not told our daughter that we were getting a pup. Was she ever surprised when we came home and out of my jacket(yes at one time he did fit inside my jacket LOL) crawled this adorable pup. He was so small and scared he didn't know what to think. Sam my cat didn't know what to think of this little furball...he walked up to Whiski and smelled him and then walked away. They were soon to become best friends though. Whiski's first night away from his mom and littermates he was so scared that I ended up sleeping with him in the basement. After that I became him "MOM". His dads name was Jack so I came up with the name "Whiskijack". Whiski for short. He was a very active puppy, he would steal Donnies wood as he was chopping it for the fir and run away with it. He was a very smart puppy too. He learned at a very young age how to sit, lay down, stay,shake paws, roll over, dead dog, high fives and low fives, high ten,heel, and if you put a treat on his nose he will wait forever for the magic word "okay" before he throws it in the air and catches it. He knows how to spell. If I spell the word "walk" he will go over to his leash and whine until we go for a walk. He loves going for walks around town and to Grandmas house. Grandma usually has a treat to give him. He loves to play with his toys. His favorite toy is the rope he got for his 1st birthday. We have a couple rabbits that live in our yard. Whiski will walk right up to these rabbits and follow them at a distance of about 5 feet(he knows he is not to chase the rabbits).when the rabbit stops so does Whiski. One of the rabbits sometimes will come right up to Whiski and stand on its back legs and smell Whiski's face. I am trying to get a picture of this and when I do I will post it on here. Last October (2003) Whiski's world changed. One night I was in bed and I heard this awful noise coming from the living room. I got up to check and Whiski was laying on the couch ( he had been sleeping) and he was having some kind of seizure. He was thrashing his paws and foaming at the mouth and he was wet allover. I went and yelled at Donnie that something was wrong with Whiski and he came in and our immediate thoughts were that he had been poisoned somehow. We thought maybe some fresh air would help so we somehow got him outside and I phoned the vet in a panic. (I am not even sure what I said to him) He said to bring him in. Well that didn't happen. When Donnie took whiski outside he was barely walking at all. He was barely awake. But when he came to a little bit more he got scared and took off running. He left the yard (which he had never done before) and we didn't see him again for almost 2 days. We searched allnight and all the next day and night for him. We had given up.....no one had seen him at all. We were so tired and upset. We thought we had lost him forever. We did finally go to sleep on that second night he was gone. At 4 in the morning however Donnie got up for some reason. He doesn't even know why he got up. But he looked outside and there were fresh tracks in the snow. He opened the door and Whiski was in his doghouse. He had come home all by himself. He was very sore, shaky and tired and very skittish. We brought him in the house and fed him and let him rest. The next day we took him to our vet. He did some tests and everything was fine. No poison was suspected. The vet diagnosed Canine epilepsy. I did not know that dogs could get epilepsy. The vet said that due to his age he didn't think he would have any more seizures for another year or so and was reluctant to put him on any meds as of yet. The vet was wrong .....Just 4 months after his first seizure Whiski had another when Donnie came home from work. Donnie called the vet and then had to go get some meds for Whiski. We started Whiski on the meds that night (phenobarbitol...PB). At around 9:30 that night Whiski had another seizure followed by another at 11:30 and another at 1:30am. He went back to the vet again the next day and his tests all came out fine. He has now been seizure free for almost 6 months. His hunger and thirst increased dramatically for the first few weeks which is a side effect of the PB. His hunger has now gone back to normal but he is always thirsty. He is back to his old puppy self now. We are happy that we still have him. He may have a disease but it is controllable. So that is Whiski's story. By the way all the tricks listed above can be done on hand signals or voice signals. He is the smartest dog I know ......though I am probably prejudiced. I wouldn't trade him for anything. UPDATE: Whiski has now been seizure free for 9 months!!!! We are very happy about this. UPDATE: It has now been 14 months since Whiski's last seizure!!!!! UPDATE: Whiski has now been seizure free for over 3 years !!!!!!

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Whiski's Journal

It's been a long time.....

April 4th 2005 10:24 am
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I just realized I haven't written in my diary for 4 months. I am so bad. LOL. I had a great Christmas.........got lots of new toys. Then on January 7th, I got even more toys because it was my birthday and I turned 4 years old. I am still taking medication everyday for something my parents call epilepsy. I haven't had a seizure for 14 whole months so I guess the medication is doing its job. Cleo is getting bigger everyday and we play alot together. I like to chase him around the house. It isn't fair though because he can go under the bed and hide where I can't fit. That is okay though because I just wait for him to come out, and then I chace him again. Sam is a grumpy cat. He is a lot older than Cleo and I so he doesn't like to play as much. If I try to chase him he hits me on the nose with his claws and that hurts. I don't chase him very much. I went to the vet a month ago and he took my blood to test it and I guess everything came out good. Mom says I have to go every 6 months to have my liver tested and blood tests for the level of medication in my body. That is because the medication I take could affect the liver badly and then we would have other problems. I am glad everything cam eout just fine. Grandma and Grandpa were gone away on holidays for 4 months and they just came home a couple weeks ago. I was so happy to see them. I love my Grandma and Grandpa. they had a great time though. Anyways I will try to write here more often but....................as you all know a dogs life is busy. Take care.



Dear Diary,

November 22nd 2004 6:33 pm
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Not much has happened. I know, I know..........I lead such an exciting life. LOL. I went for a car ride today with Mom. We went up to the store and she got some groceries. She didn't buy me a treat though. Now I am sad. Mom says I can't have as many treats as I used to because I am getting too fat. I couldn't beleive my ears when she said that. I AM NOT FAT!!!! I am just big boned. Mom says I have to lose some weight though. I still have some baby bunnies in the yard that I follow around all day. Mom and Britt and I went for a long walk the other day. We say lots of people uptown and then we came home. It was fun. When it is cold out no one takes me for very long walks anymore. That is ok though because I still get my exercise chasing the football and frisbee that they throw for me. And chasing the bad cats out of the yard LOL. I have lots of fun doing that. The only good cats are the ones that live in my house. All the other cats just come here to hunt my baby bunnies and that just won't do. Well I have to go now. Sam and Cleo want to write in their diaries too. Have a great day.

Ruff, Ruff, Whiski.


Dear Diary,

October 19th 2004 8:20 am
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Well I haven't written here for quite some time. I have been very busy. Do you know how hard it is to babysit these baby bunnies that I am looking after. they are getting so big and they try to run away from me. But thats ok they don't go far.
Guess what............It snowed!!! here the other day and I love the snow. I love to bury my head in and and roll in it and run in it all sorts of fun in the snow. I don't think Mom and Dad like it much because it is cold for them. I am lucky I have a fur coat to keep me toasty warm. Mom and Dad do come out and play with me sometimes though. They took pictures again of me playing. Mom says she is going to post some on the my page here. Check out all the fun I am having. Got to go now........I will try to write sooner next time. I just lost track of time. Until then .....................

Ruff, ruff , Whiski

P.S. Yeah SNOW!!!! LOL

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