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She's A Golden Doodle Dandi

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Sad Times

March 2nd 2016 1:37 am
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It's so sad seeing so many friends leave Dogster. I know each had their reasons, but it's still sad and I miss the good times we had together.

I have been gone for the past 2 months due to extreme health issues and when I got back some of my friends were already gone.

Some of us have found a place to chat and are really enjoying that and Dogster is working real good for me...sometimes it's slow, but it bounces back and works just fine! I hope the folks at Dogster Head Quarters aren't thinking about giving up on us! It's hard to go back and try to read all that's been happening when you've not been on the computer for 2 months. I love my friends here at Dogster and will be here until they kick me out!

Goodnight my friends,
Doodle Hugs


It's back!

April 8th 2015 5:09 am
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Thanks to Webster (he gave me courage to try and fix my page) I now have a new background. It's our flowering Japanese Bell tree from last year! In the long run, I'm not going to keel over dead if I lost my page...there are better battles to fight!

Thanks Webster for that little nudge! It worked!

Doodle Hugs
Dandi & Momma Pam


More fleas

April 8th 2015 3:51 am
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Dear Diary

This week started out rough and is just getting worse by the hour! My Mom fell at the nursing home on Monday night! Found out Lola's brother Max passed as well as Walker who passed in January! I was gone in January so I didn't know. My heart goes out to both of you families.

Today not only is my banner picture missing but now my whole background is gone. Some say they can see them but I can't. I have high speed internet and everyone's pages that I have check is all there. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR If anyone looks at may page can you tell be if you can see background and banner? Maybe I'm just a big ol' target! BOL Man, knew I should have started that diet, then maybe I'd be a smaller target!BOL BOL


I'm about ready to call UNCLE and give up!!!

April 6th 2015 2:31 pm
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I don't know what's going on, but I'm about ready to throw in the towel with Dogster. There will be days that I can't log on and then I can log on but not move and update!

Then I can't send gifts for days, then I can't open pawmail for days! Now the large banner at the top of my page is gone and I'm afraid to redo it for fear that I will disappear forever! Not that anyone would notice!!!

Life is so filled with sorrow and frustration that Dogster is becoming overwhelming for me! Pity party, probably, but I've tried my best to bring folks back who left months ago. I try to be a good admin, but they make it so time consuming and frustrating that I just don't know if I can keep this up much longer.

I thought things we're suppose to get better in the 1st quarter of this year...I didn't have these kinds of problems when it was at it's worst before. I tried finding out something about what's going on but couldn't find out anything, plus all my time is trying to update or send someone gifts to tell how sad I feel for them losing their dear pet!

Dogster if you're listening at all, please give me some kind of idea of how long this is going to go on...please help if you can. Maybe you can't fix, I know I couldn't, I'm not computer savy at all. If it were not for Pam & Meredith I never could have even had a page, thanks ladies, you been great!



December 16th 2014 11:36 pm
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There's a Neil Diamond song that says "Some days are diamonds, some days are stone" has been a bolder the size of Texas! Everyone here seems so sad. I went out to see Grama & Grampa last Friday and Grama looks so weak it scared me. I went over, even more careful than usual, cuz I just knew something was wrong. She still smiled at me and told me that I could never be replaced. Then she loved on me awhile, but it seemed so different! Grampa had tears in his eyes and aged right before my eyes! I hope they know how much I love them, cuz I know how much they love me. Momma said I will get to go again, just not on doctor visit days. I'm confused by all this but I will be there for them no matter what! They're my family and I need to take care of each of them...and I will!

Tomorrow is Wednesday, I hope it's a diamond day!


Very Long Summer

October 6th 2014 12:41 am
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Hello All, well Mom and I are back! It's good to see all the faces that stayed and worked and are working thru all of Dogster's problems. A big thanks to all who are working so hard to get all the bugs taken care of!

Our summer was great as far as the weather went, it was warm and beautiful! I am very thankful for that.

Grama isn't doing well and is just wasting away from the cancer. Please pray for both Grama & Grampa, they have been together for 50+ years and it's very hard on both of them. Face it, cancer is hard on everyone!

Mom broke her foot in several places and managed to shear off the tip of another bone. She's in a boot and brace that goes up to her knee and is really making everything crooked, but she goes back on the 15th to see if she has healed. By then she will have been gimping along for a little over 9 weeks.

Things have changed and Mom's not real great on the computer but she puts her GRRRR Face on and charges forward and is catching on...very slowly! She managed to get pictures in her threads and rosettes. Who says a GRRRRR Face don't work! BOL BOL!

Our games will begin today and we really look forward to that. Sometimes I still can't log on to Dogster and I'm still not sure if we can fix up our pages without losing everything and going back to the blue back ground.

Well, it's late so I'm gonna try and drag Mom to bed, 48 hours up with no sleep is getting hard to deal with as she's aging.

So goodnight Dogster, sweet dreams for all!


We're so sad

April 10th 2014 1:08 am
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On Tuesday Mom (Pam) found out that Grama's cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, in her chest cavity, lung, liver and her adrenal gland. We knew it was bad, but not like this. She has stage 4 cancer. Grampa and Grama have been together for 60 years! Needless to say our family is devastated. Mom is taking an extended leave of absence from being an admin in PNP. Nibbler will be doing her games. But we are going to miss everyone so much!

Mom, Dad and I went to visit and that always makes her happy. She loves me a lot and I adore her. There's a picture of me and her on our page, Mom can't make it be the 1st photo, when she does it won't show up on the games and things it's just a little square.

We really want to say how much we love you all...Pam, Mer thank you for helping Mom so much, we really appreciate all that you've done for us. There have been so much help for us over the years by so many great folks. You've held us up in prayer many time when we were down and feeling scared, thank you for all of your love, concern and prayers for our family!

We are going to stop by from time to time to see how everything is going. I would ask you to keep our family in your prayers as this is so hard. Grama knows that you've been praying for her and she says thank you so much! She loves Dogster and enjoys looking at all the different pages of you guys.

Mom has said it's bed time, so I need to go. Thanks again for your support, it means the world to us!

Doodle Hugs & Love
Dandi & Mom


Sleepless in Burley

March 1st 2014 12:13 am
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Well, it's almost midnight and Momma's still up so that means I'm up. Four of the eight Grand-kids and my human sister came today...these are the kids who love to shoot me, which really works out for me since I get a treat with every death scene! The youngest, Abigail, loves to feed me, but then she always tries to eat one of my cookies and gets her feelings hurt that she can't have one with me. So Momma keeps gram-crackers to mend her little broken heart. So there we sit having our treats together! I really didn't think she should drink from my bowl, but hey, I guess she was thirsty!

This weekend, weather permitting, we will be outside working and getting ready for spring. Momma & Daddy took the truck over this week and had a new windshield put in and then came home and had the gravel guy bring in 20 yards of crushed rock. It's pretty, but it means a ton of heavy moving getting it everywhere they want it. It will take at least this weekend if not more to get it done.

Then we start putting up the first of two green houses. The small one will be kinda close to the house for herbs and tomatoes (maybe a rose or two)! Momma and I love to go out and have lunch at the cherry tomato bushes when the warm weather makes them sun kissed warm. YUM! We hope to get a larger garden in this year with lots of good veggies!

We also have to re-roof the back of the house and finish the siding, put up new gutters and try and get the yard to look like someone cares about it. I think it's fine, Momma does not think it looks ok. We get so few dry days around her it's hard to get everything done. We haven't had a spring in 3 years, folks would plant their gardens just to have the seeds rot cuz of all of the rain. Then they'd plant again. It's kind of a dice roll putting in a garden here. When the weather is good, it's beautiful, everything so nice and green, but putting up with all the rain is not fun. Well, we are hoping for the best and planning on putting in a garden. I don't care what they put in as long as it includes tomatoes and carrots! I love them both!

If there's no rain tomorrow Momma is going to mow the lawn (weeds & moss) for the first time this year! I'm glad she has a riding lawn mower since we have more than an acre just in grass. We still have to get the upper field cleared from having some huge trees next to the house taken down. That means burning the limbs and hot dogs done over the fire. The Grand-kids love to come and help (sometimes it just make more work, but that's OK, at least they're here).

I will be glad to see what Dogster comes up with for our community pages. My background and page is in bad need of a tune up! I hope they make it even better than it was before! Lots of pups seemed to have left, can't really blame them, we took a hard blow when we were told that they were closing us down. Dogster needs to remember that they broke our trust in them and they will have to find ways to rebuild that trust, which may not be too easy with some of the furs. Dogster really hurt our hearts. Wish they'd ask some of the furs to come along side of them and help in the process, but I'm sure that won't happen. It will just be good to see it be improved from where it is today!

Well, she's headed towards the bedroom so I better move that way.

Goodnight all you furs in Dogster Land, sleep well!


Up Late AGAIN!

October 3rd 2013 4:06 am
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Well, her I am again spending the night up in the office with Mom for the 3rd night in a row! She can't sleep and I won't go to bed without her! I think I might have to drag my bed upstairs if this keeps up!

Tomorrow we all go over to the car dealer and get somethings done on the new car. I'm glad I get to go, just in case Mom & Dad need some muscle!hehehe. I like riding in the Camaro, it's got more space than the Suzuki! I mean I looked good in the Suzuki, I make the Camaro look REALLY GOOD!

Dad's gonna put in the new front door and I plan on helping him. I always help him around the house...need proof, look at my Dogster Photo Album. Yup, that's me helping him put the legs on their office desk! Who says you need thumbs!

Mom got out her "HONEY DO LIST" and the front door was way up at the top of a very long list! It's a good thing Dad and I are so handy, well, err, pawzy!

We've had record amounts of rain...believe me, when you live in Western Washington that's say a lot! We get tons of rain, but lately it's been even worse. We've had one wind storm after another. We've had more thunder and lightening this past month than we normally get in years! I make my potty breaks as quick as possible since I'm like a huge, fluffy sponge!

I got my bath and haircut 2 days ago, so I don't drag so much stuff into the house on my feet. Mom also has me go up and down the sidewalk which is under the porch and dry (unless the wind is bad) to have me get rid of some of the water my little footzies soaks up. She just says "wipe your feet" and off I go, most of the time I'm way ahead of her and just do it without being told. I'm a good girl, or at least Mom & Dad thinks so! Oh, so does my Grama & Grampa, and both of my human sister's family! They all love me very much. I've decided that I'm a very lucky girl to have so many people love me. I feel so sorry for Furs who are not loved! We all need love!

Well Mom's gonna try getting some sleep,so off we go to the bedroom...hope it works this time!

Goodnight everyone in Dogster/Catster land!


Up Late

September 27th 2013 12:14 am
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Well here I am again sleeping next to Mom up in the office instead of my nice, soft bed next to Mom's side of the bed! It's in these late hours I have to be on my guard for her blood sugar to go dangerously low! I can't leave her any where! hehehehe!

Tonight I get my bath! I think Mom's gonna trim me up before bath time so all the little, tiny hairs will go down the drain! I like bath night...I get to spend the whole night with Mom & Dad!

My bald spot where Mom accidentally shaved me down to the skin is almost grown in completely. (I looked like I had a reverse mo-hawk, right down my back!) She might cut the rest of the hair to match it, but she's not sure. Mom really likes the long hair. I say it's just hair but Mom loves it so I love it!

Not much going on, except we have HUGE spiders coming in the family room that's in the basement! Mom see's one and she flips and grabs the shop vac and sucks them up and then shudders the rest of the night! Fact is she's been leaving the shop vac out so she won't loose any...I don't think she'd go back downstairs until it was found! She's allergic to spider bites, but they just give her the creeps! She on the look out every time she goes downstairs.

Well I hope all is well with everyone in Dogster and Catster land! Night!

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