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Double Love/Double Trouble ...A Pair- A-Dox

Dogs of the Week!!!!! Seriously???!!!!!!!

February 22nd 2010 2:37 pm
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Excuse us while we pick ourselves up off the floor.....good thing we aren't to high off the floor to begin with!! BOL!! We were shocked when friends poked at us to tell us we were Dog Of The Week!!! Dogster...thank you for this honor....we are speechless. Well almost speechless. BOL! We would like to thank the Academy, our dear all know who you are...who supported us through thick and thin...helped us with a mom who is computer clueless and given her step by step advice....oftentimes more than once for the same thing. You all know by now to put it in terms a 2nd grader could understand and we have wonderful things appear on our pages. You have laughed and cried with us.....supported us when little Ellie struggles with her health, worried about us when disasters are in our part of the world and for this we love you all. You have brightened our lives and our never fail to make us smile. That is worth gold in a world that sometimes doesn't have a lot of smiles in it.

Wow...has Dogster read some of our exploits in our Diary.....we were sure we got in WAY to much trouble to be Dogs of the Week BOL. But we will proudly represent
Dachshunds....and try to only get in half as much trouble this week!!! This week...we are not Double Trouble....we are Doubly Grateful. We feel like Rock Stars!!!! Thank you all!

* this how you do the beauty queen wave???? When does the limo pick us up to take us to Dogster HQ? Does this mean mom will let us get away with murder this week???? Can we put this on our resume????? *


The Price of Fame!

September 3rd 2009 9:25 pm
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We were in a great competition for America's Next Top Dogel. One of our photo challenges was called a Shot in the Dark. It called for literally shooting in the dark. This was mom's last ditch effort the morning for pics due that night. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent!!!

4:45 am....pitch black night sky, two little dogs dragged out of warm bed by crazed woman with a camera.

4:50 am.. Rocker dragged across grass to middle of yard

4:53 am...Rocker turned this way and that for prime viewing

4:55 am...Black dog placed on Rocker

4:56 am...Black dog jumps down

4:57 am...Black dog captured and placed again on rocker

4:58 am...Red dog joins black dog on Rocker...ruining shot.

4:59 am...Both dogs wrestle on the rocker , crazed woman puts
camera on patio and returns to position black dog & remove Red Dog.

5:00am...Automatic sprinklers come on....soaking barefoot crazy woman in nightgown...who screams...probably waking the neighborhood..Red dog & black dog run gleefully through the sprinklers.

5:01am.... Woman, soaking wet looking for all the world like something the cat dragged in....walks onto the patio, picks up the camera which by the grace of god was not in the water....returns to the house to find aforementioned sopping wet dogs had run across freshly washed sheets and were in her bed.

5:20....crazed woman fresh from hot shower, holds a cup of coffee and concedes defeat, while two Doxies manically laugh in the background.

Picture time anyone????



June 14th 2009 1:18 pm
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Do you love meatballs???

Well we sure do...especially this one, MEATBALL AKA Meaty. As you can see, Meaty is a Boxer. And it's a good thing because he is in the fight of his life right now. Meaty has a cancerous tumor on his face...scary, yes; but totally treatable. The catch is it needs to be done RIGHT NOW. Meaty's pawrents need a bit of help with the surgery ....we have all been there before. So a bunch of Meaty's pals have banded together to help him out. Please visit the site posted on his pictures. Please ask us what you could do to help out a Boxer with a heart of gold the size of Texas. Meaty has always helped others....and we don't want him to fight this fight alone. He is is save our favorite Meatball. Be it prayers or whatever you can do....the fight is on. We will not let cancer steal another of our friends.



A Poem About Us!!! Will Shakespeare...Eat Your- Heart Out!

May 14th 2009 12:12 pm
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This poem was written especially for us by the so very talented Gigi. Not only is she a talented poet, Gigi and her brother Rickey Roo are agility champions. Add to that movie they are in an upcoming history channel series!!! Thank you Gigi....we love the poem!!

Helga and Ellie are known as the Pair-a-dox
they are both real cute and smart as a fox.

They like to be naughty and get into trouble
since there are two of them, the trouble is double!

One will distract you while the other does the deed
they can steal most anything they need.

And then they will share it and have lots of fun
they won't stop until they are done.

Maybe then they will go for a walk
or snuggle together and have a talk.

It is rarely these two doxies so cute
ever get into some type of dispute.

They love each other, did I mention they're twins
I guess with two of them everyone wins.

When you meet Miss Helga and Miss Ellie
why don't you give them a rub on their belly?


Barbara Walters Eat Your Heart Out!

April 20th 2009 12:56 am
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On April 17, 2009 we had the honor of being interviewed by Raja Babu an internationally known famous roving reporter. Like any serious journalist, Raja is not afraid to ask the tough questions....his interviews are always informative and entertaining. Thank you Raja for showing others about our breed and us! When you have gone on to bigger
things...we can always say with pride that we were among your first interviews.

Here is our interview:

“Tales from the Dach Side”: Raja Interviews Helga and Ellie

Raja Babu Reporter Extraordinaire

Helga and Ellie are litter-mates and they are five-years old dachshunds. They live in Corona, California. Here’s their story. Ellie is the black and tan pup, and Helga is the red one.

RB: How did you come to your furever home? Are you your parents' first doxies? Is this a popular breed? 

H&E: Our Mom’s 16 year old Dachshund went to the Bridge. She was broken hearted & cried for two months. One day her daughter said we are going for a ride. The ride was to a breeder where there was a Black and Tan pup...Me..Ellie! They didn't want to get a Red to remind Mom of her Gretchen. Mom scooped me up immediately and never let go of me. Then she spied my sis Helga, sitting off to the side, looking all alone. She picked her up in her other arm and Helga quietly snuggled into her neck. Mom looked at her daughter and said.."I am not leaving without both of them". So...we both went home, not one but Dad's surprise, BOL. So we are littermates, never separated.

Dachshunds are #7 on the AKC popular breed list. Most Dachshund owners have more than one. We are kind of addicting. Mom has had dogs her entire life. After her first Dachshund..she knew she would always have one or two in her life.

RB: You are known as being "wicked smart"? What did you do to earn that label? 

H&E: We are kind of mischievous. Let's see me;Ellie;can open the refrigerator by pulling the towel on the handle if it is hanging even on the door. Mom has to make sure it is uneven or she finds us helping ourselves to the contents! We work in tandem to steal food. Ellie the climber gets on the table and pushes stuff down to Helga the waiting accomplice and then we run off to share the spoils. If one of us in getting into something we shouldn't...the other is very adept at distracting either parent. We can open zippers on bags. We have pulled the edge of a table cloth to make the stuff on the table fall down to us. We locked mom out of the car at the gas station...that was one of our more memorable escapades!

RB: Do you know any special tricks? 

H&E: If you mean tricks that would make most folks happy, No. We can sit on command. Ellie definitely. Helga if she feels like it. We were taught German commands at a young age, but Dad had trouble with it so it was not consistent. Mom saves those commands for when we are really in big trouble. "Nein" or "Aus" stops us in our tracks.

RB: What do you both like to do the most? 

H&E: Helga is a hunter. Mom is thinking of putting her in earth dog trials. She is happiest stalking something in the yard. She is unstoppable and very persistent. Nothing is safe from Helga. Ellie is a runner. She is the fastest dog mom has seen. She runs for the sheer joy of is fun to watch her in the yard. She ran in the Weinernationals last summer and you can see her in Animal Planets Dog 101 at the racetrack. She is hoping to run again this year. It is a great fundraiser for the animal shelter. Helga has no interest in running...and Ellie has no interest in stalking animals...she would rather kiss them! So we are like lots of human siblings...we like different things! Both of us love to swim...from our Koi pond (to mom & the Koi's dismay) to sprinklers to the can't keep us out of water!

RB: Do you two get along well? Do you play together, sleep together?

H&E: We have never ever fought or growled at each other.We wrestle and run and play all day long. Our bowls are side by side...we don't steal food from each other. We sleep most nights in a big crate filled with blankets curled together just as when we were littermate. Some nights we get to sleep in the big bed with Mom & Dad!! We are never far apart. It is rare to see one of us without the other too far behind.

RB: Who is alpha and who is beta in the relationship?

H&E: Helga is the alpha definitely.

RB: What are some of the doxie features that potential owners need to know? 

H&E: We are loyal and fun loving. We love to make people smile. We are other dogs and people. Dachshunds tend to gravitate to other is weird. Dachshunds tend to live long lives. Dachshunds are smart dogs. We were bred to go down Badger holes after we were bred to be tough and think on our own. Smart dogs sometimes get a bad rap as being stubborn. But dogs bred to work are smart and they need activities to keep them busy or they will find things you don't want them doing. If you were bred to be thinking on your own it is not being is just being yourself. We are fearless and tend to think we have a big "S" on our we can be unstoppable. Doxies do have long memories. We don't forget things and can hold grudges....we are not proud of that!

RB: What are some of the health issues that doxies face?

H&E: We tend to have back troubles. You need to watch your dachshunds weight so it does not put strain on their backs. Some of our doxie pals here on Dogster use carts because they are paralyzed. You need to keep us from jumping off beds and things, which is very hard to do with active pups like us. A lot of us tend to have's first doxie almost died from her puppy shots. She was allergic to the rabies vaccine.

RB: Doxies are known to be biters. Is that a true statement?

H&E: We don't think so. Any dog will bite if provoked. We think some of the smaller breeds get that rap because being small they get scared over being held tightly or new people and they bite out of fear. Being little you don't have much defense. We don't like any particular breed branded as a biter in a blanket statement..we feel you need to examine the situation. We are great family dogs...but as with any dog you have to teach little ones how to pet gently. We go to lots of events. We love kids and if a group runs up it can be overwhelming. Mom always asks them to sit quietly on the ground or kneel and let us come to very little time they are getting Doxie kisses from us!!! When you have short legs..even children tower over you!! 

RB: Is there anything else you would like to add.

H&E: You will never have an empty lap if a Dachshund owns you. We are snuggle bunnies and we are active on the go pups too! If you are looking for a lot of love, as our friend Portia the Queen of France says:

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