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One Lucky Boy!

Adam was adopted! :)

July 6th 2007 9:06 am
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Adam was adopted last weekend to a family with a mom, dad, and two year old female mini schnauzer who loves to play. :-) I've been waiting all week for a happy ending photo, but alas, none yet. I miss my sweet floppy paws and his happily wagging tail, but I'm sure he's having a great time with his new family and schnauzer sister.


I am a happy playful boy!!!

June 1st 2007 4:20 pm
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I've really come out of my shell in the last week!! Foster mom is discovering my love of running around and also playing fetch in the yard. Although, like my foster bro Shakey, I'll only catch the ball a few times before I get distracted and go off sniffing. I'll catch sticks too! I love being outside and I love playing with toys!! I've been playing with toys on my own, and sometimes when foster mom encourages me, I'll play tug of war with Shakey and/or Lacey. I still won't wrestle with them tho, but foster mom thinks it's only a matter of time.

I am a happy boy!!!!! I'm alert and wagging my adorable tail when foster mom comes home and when she wakes up, BOL. When she wakes up, I sit up right next to the bed and wag my tail and nudge my head towards her for pets. This morning I did a bunch of high fives (or "shake" as she calls it) towards the bed show her how pawsome I am ("paw"some of me to give her my paw, BOL!! I am a smart boy!!). Of course mama's boy Shakespeare had to get in my way.

I'm really affectionate too. I love pets on the head and belly rubs, boy do I LOVE BELLY RUBS!!! I'll jump in your lap if you invite me too - so see, I'm well behaved too! Last night foster mom invited me on the couch with her, and we snuggled together while I begged for belly rubs, BOL.

I love walks!!! So far me n foster mom have only been on short ones cause of my "de-manning" surgery last week. But when she gets out the leashes to take my foster sibs on their walk, I get all wound up and bark and jump and wag my tail. Then I sit in the window and watch for them to get back, cause when they do I know it's my turn!

I've even been barking a lot more, woooof woooof! I bark around the yard and the house with my foster sibs. You can hear my bark in the video that foster mom posted.

Foster mom keeps tellin me I'm gonna make a wonderful boy for some lucky family!!! I sure am!!


More about me!

May 23rd 2007 9:14 am
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My new schnauzer friends (with full tails!) Buffy and Woozle in the Netherlands say I "carry my tail in a very nice way." I love them. BOL

Here's an update about me from my foster mom:

Adam is one GREAT dog! He is housebroken, happy, sweet, smart, affectionate, and playful. He loves being petted on his head. Adam is good with strangers and my other three dogs (male and female). He's good in the car and loves walks, altho he does pull a bit on the leash. Adam loves to be outside, but he'll come inside when you ask him too. If you toss a toy, he'll go get it, bring it back to you, and drop it in your lap so you can throw it for him again! (Watch the video for proof! It's SO CUTE!) He does the cutest play bows! Like Lacey and Shakey, Adam loves to sit on the ottomans and watch out the front window.

ETA: I just gave him a bath and, although he didn't enjoy it, he was a good boy there too.


I'm at my foster home!

May 21st 2007 3:10 pm
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My foster mom picked me up from the vet's office today. She let me wander around the yard, but then she put me in a crate while she let her other doggies out. I was good in the crate, altho I barked lots of hellos to the other dogs. I got to meet them for a bit. There's this one boy dog who thinks he can over-pee me, well I'm showing him he can't!

Right now I'm staying in the kitchen and I have a soft blankie to nap on and several toys to play with. It's not too bad! I loooove all the toys!


Why I'm lucky

May 17th 2007 3:32 pm
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Hi everydog! I'm writing from the York Vet Hospital (don't ask how I got online! BOL), where I'll be staying until I'm healthy enough to go stay with my foster mom. The docs say my temperature is normal, but they're going to wait until I've stopped coughing completely. When I finally go to my foster home, I'll be able to write more about me and tell you what a good boy I am!

I'll tell you about my past few weeks tho, they were scary! I was just wandering around town, and was caught by some people and tossed in a cage. I waited and waited for someone, maybe my previous owners, maybe some new family, to take me home. Even tho I'm a super cute purebred mini schnauzer (!!!), no one wanted to adopt me! The prison guards thought it was cause of my beautiful, expressive natural tail. Whatever, they're just jealous cause they don't have tails!

One day this super nice lady (not my foster mom, that's later) came to visit the prison where I was, and she says she heard my distinctive schnauzer bark! Woof woof! Hear it?!?! Woof woof woof! Over the next few days, she came to visit me lots and asked the prison guards about saving me. But they wouldn't let her save me cause of what the humans call "paperwork." So she called foster mom and other schnauzer peoples, and they called other nice rescue peoples, and so many people worked to save me! I escaped at the very last minute! Whew! Eventually I'll thank all my rescuers with big sloppy kisses and treats, all of those rescue people were so good to me! They saved me!! I'm out of prison now, arooooooo!!!!

Well, ok, I'm still in a cage at the vet's office, but I hear that life will be getting much better soon!

So after the nice ladies sprung me from jail, I got to ride in the car with my soon to be foster mom. She kept touching my tail, BOL. Told ya it was a great thing! In between me checking out all of the seats and sticking my head out of all the windows, she told me I was one smart, adorable, lucky boy. I sure am! :)

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