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Just An Update On Me And Mommy

April 25th 2010 12:55 am
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Well I have not been on as much cause mommy has been really sick. she has that darn asthma stuff so it is messing with her breating big time. In 6 weeks her lung function test went from 56% to 23% all cause of the nasty pollen we have here in Central Texas. From what we have heard a lot of people are having problems as well. A good firend named Kitty Boy who went to The Rainbow Bridge his daddy has had prbles too this year but also has COPD. It is a lot harder on Larry cause he had tracheostomy so it is a lot harder for him to breath. He has been in the hospital a lot this year. Mommy now has bronchitis so she has to have a stronger inhaler and more meds to hel get rid of it. She has fallen twice this past week as well probably due to not sleeping as well cause she has a chipped bone in her left ankle. The last fall she hurt her left wrist and he right ankle as well so tonight she is in a lot of pain and the darn pain meds are not helping much. As for me I am feeling a little better cause I am on Mtacam for my luxating patella, for non Yorkie people that is a slipping knee cap. It causes pain a strain to the anterior cruciate ligament kinda like what happens to the Basket ball players when they jump a lot. The vet also says I am getting artheritis like mommy now as well as my cateracts are getting a little worse so it makes me fall off the bed at times. Yep we are just two old folk who are falling apart but we are having fun doing it. Mommy has her websites listed on my homepage so if you want go check them out she is trying to do some advertising to help pay for my meds and treatment cause she says I am worth it no matter how naught I am.
Adam Chewbacca King Of Naughty Loving Husband To Sweet Foxie Roxie


Good Grief Mommy

May 29th 2010 12:56 am
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My mommy is really crazy now she has joined this site called Foopets. Here is the link where you can see what is is all about and join if you want to. Mommy has 5 accounts on there under 5 different e-mails and 104 or mor virtural pets now. these virtural dog and cats look so real and I love to bark at them and try to play with them while mommy is sleeping or away from home. Here is the link for one of her accounts and at the bottom of the profile is the other 4 links I guess you can say mommy is Foopet addict and needs an intervention or something. Now if you have a paid membership you can have up 50 pets on each account so she has been adding to the family almost daily. I swear I am going to hide her credit cards so she can not spend any more on there. She says this way she can have lots of kittys and doggys without all the mess and no sneezing from the cat hair but I still say I want another real sister doggy and a couple of kittys maybe brother and sister kittys. Mommy can wear a mask and use that allerpet stuff to bathe the cats with so she does not sneeze around them. Oh speaking of breathing she has had really bad bronchitis for over a month now and is finally getting better with something called spiriva inhaler. The Dr said bronchitis is COPD and it aggrivates her asthma so it lowered her lung function from 56% - 23% in just 6 weeks. I have been really busy this past month taking care of her and trying to make her rest so she can get well. She also has torn cartlege in her left wrist from falling a couple of times last month and is doing Physical Therapy for it now. it will be about 6 more weeks before the pain goes away totally so she can not use the left had for much. I do not like it when mommy is hurting or sick caus I can not have as much fun and she sleeps a lot more so I have to be quiet. If you do not know little Yorkies have a hard time being quiet and still we are constant energy 24/7 so please keep your paws crossed that she gets better soon.
Adam Chewbacca king Of Naughty


Bad Storms

September 7th 2010 6:28 pm
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I have been very busy today trying to keep mommy and granny safe. We had a major storm move in to Texas and head right fur us in Central Texas. De strom started out in South Texas as a hurricane but when it hit here is was a Tropical Storm and has dumped lots of rain on us. We are unde a flash flood warning which upset mommy so I gots to keep her calm. We went most of de day wiffout internet and also had de power go off fur a wittle bit. Mommy was just now able to get on fur a while but de rain is back as hard as evefur so can not stay long. Just want to let mes friends know wes is ok and will do updates soon. Also needs to send sum private messages to close friends letting dems mommy know mommy's cell phone number. Dat way yous will know we is ok.
Adam Chewbacca


Rough Couple Of Weeks

September 20th 2011 5:52 pm
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Just to let mes friends know here in Central Texas we is still in drough stage and have had lots of wildfires really close by. We are safe but the air quality from all de fires in this area is causing mommy lots of breathing problems. Mes been sneezing and coughing as well but now is feeling better. We did got a tiny bit of rain dat helped some but not near enough and when mommy clears up de posting problems her computer is causing mes will post sumthing cute and funny in Groups. All dem naughty pups out der is not doing enough outside watering where it is needed so mes is making a plea to do sum yellow rivers and lakes outside and send dems all to Texas.


Calling All Texas Dogs

January 6th 2012 3:01 am
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Please help these two Yorkies!/Findbaxterandcooper. Baxter and Cooper lived close to where My mommy and me live in Central Texas. The link is to their Facebook page. They were stollen from their home in San Antonio texas last year and their mommy is still holding out home that teey are out there someplace and she could still find them. Mommy has spen lots of time tying to find places to help and it is costing her sleep so now mes is asking friends here to please help as well.


Saw Dis On Facebook

February 13th 2012 8:14 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] For those who are not on Facebook you can go to de website and join de cause. Mitt romney put hims Irish Sitter in a crate and strapped it to the roof of de car for a 12 hour trip. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR we need to Bark Up and fur de kitties Hiss Up against dis kind of action from our elected offisials. Tell dems he is not fit to run de country if hims is an animal abuser and dis is abuse. Dog and cats ride inside not in the bed of a truck oron deroof od de car like luggage. Mommy had a few choice words when she saw dis but mes can not repeate dems here cause der may be kids reading it and de site is Grated so will leave it wiff a GRRRRRRRR.


Need Prayers Please

December 30th 2012 9:46 pm
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Mommy said mes had to post dis but mes not likin it one wittle bit. De mean old Vet said last Thursday mes gots Lymphosarcoma. mes had to get a Steroid shot Friday from de Vet and in two weeks go on Steroid Pills. Mommy says hers is not ready to say goodbye so hers looking for alternative treatments for me and is going to call Texas A&M Vet College to see if dems gots a cyborknife or knows any local Vets who use one. If not mes may join mes family at de Rainbow Bridge in a couple of Months cause dis is a very aggressive form and de treatment could be worse dan de tumors is. Till den mes is being as Naughty as mes can cause will have to fit in enough naughties to cover de whole year.

Adam Chewbacca King Of Naughty


Wiff My Sisters Again

February 4th 2013 8:14 pm
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On February 2 around 7:28 AM Central Standard Time Mes Crossed over to The Rainbow Bridge meeting up with all mes family who went before me. Me went peacefully in Momm's arms on her bed. Hers is very sad so has not been in much but will come in and read any messages and reply when we can. Hers writes this for between the tears cause Hers is so very very sad still. Yes I am trying really hard to keep up the naughties but finding there are eyes everywhere.

Mommy's Angel Boy Adam Chewbacca


Gots A New Sister

May 13th 2013 12:08 pm
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Yeppers mes watched over mommy and granny while dems went to Florida to pick up mes new little sister Amy Eve. Miss hope and brandy lynn yall needs to train her on how to be a naughty girl. mes can only train naughty boy things that can also be used wiff wittle girls. Check out her page and add her as a friend. mommy haffs not hads time to do alld e updating to her page yet but will do so later today.
Angel boy Adam Chewbacca for his sister Amy Eve

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