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Chasing Possums

July 6th 2008 5:47 pm
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I have been wanting to go outside late for the last 3 nights to chase an old possum from my yard. I have found out that mommy and granny are not crazy about this. When I want them to let me out I sit and shake and pant till they open the door. After I get outside I head for the back fence then I sit down cause I can not see to get back to the patio. Mommy says it is cause I have cateracts and can not see with the shadows and bright lights. Granny or mommy has to come out where I am sitting and pick me up and carry me back inside. Now mommy has desided to order some stuff called Stress J from Natures Sunshine products to help calm me down at night. Good grief I am just trying to protect my yard from intruders. I can not understand why mommy and granny get upset with me for keeping wild animals away I thought that was my job.


Strange Habits

March 1st 2009 2:55 pm
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mommy says I,s picked up on one of hers eating habits. De funny thing is hers is not de only one doing dis. Her best friend in St Louis Missouri does it too. Dems picks things out of dems food and eats one thing at a time. Since mommy and granny started giving mes cooked food instead of dog food now ders 3 of us doing it. Mes will eat de meat first den de carrots and save de yummy english peas till de very last. If mes is full de peas get hid under de place mat so mes can come back later in de day and eat dems. Mommy and her friend boff say dems can not taiste de food it it is all mixed together. Not sure what mes excuse is but hay if it works why is it so strange. mes also cleans de floor fur mommy and granny by licking it incase dems dropped food on de floor. Mes will evfin clean de comforters on de bed while mes is licking mes wittle paws after being outside in de grass dems itch and it feels good to lick dem. Oh and de best but not least is what mes does to get mommy to stop when hers is cutting mes hair fur de summer. Mes desided to gas her nad may her eyes water also make it hard fur her to breath. Now hers will think twice befur getting de nasty clippers out next time. on and you can thank mommy fur de freeze last night cause evfurytime hers gives me a summer haircut it always freezes again even after it starts to warmup and de trees and flowers start putting on new growth. So just send all de thank yous to mommy fur making it freeze again.
Adam Chewbacca De King Of Naughty


Call Me Rainman

March 13th 2009 11:22 am
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Yep mommy and granny said we needed rain in Central Texas really really bad. I did my wittle rain dance wiggling my wittle booty and now it has been raining here for 3 days. Nope the drought is not over yet but give it time I am working on it. Mommy said not to over do it cause we do not need a flood. She also said not to send any of it to Houston or Galveston cause people there are still cleaning up and rebuilding from Hurricane Ike.



June 14th 2009 9:20 pm
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iz just got tagged in a new game called What Kind Of Ice Cream do I look like. Let see I look like a mix of Charcoal Ice Cream topped with Mocha Ice Cream. MMMMMMMMMM that kind of sounds yummy ya think? Oh can not forget those carmal sprinkles on top. Let see sposed to tag 9 friends
1. Percy
2. Roxie
3. Dakota
4. Dante
5. Sadie
6. Lord Pippin
7. Kitty Boy
8. Bailey
9. Patches


Learning To Count

June 21st 2009 4:43 pm
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Yeppers that is right iz is learning to count. At least that is what mommy says. She asked me how many woofie woofs (treats) Iz wants so now Iz touches the box wiff my nose the number of times for the number of wooffie wooffs Iz wants. Oh she also asked me to show her and granny what I wanted so Iz touches the box wiff my nose so she knows exactly what Iz wants. Now she knows what Iz is asking for each time. Oh and for the ones who have not seen any good DVDs lately we watched Hollywood Chihuahua, Bolt, and Marlel And Me a couple of weeks ago. Bolt and Hollywood Chihuahua was ok but when mommy saw the end of Marley And Me she started crying like a wittle baby. So now the new rule is NO SAD movies for mommy cause she crys everytime.
Adam Chewbacca King Of Naughty


Movie Reviews Woof Woof By Me

July 13th 2009 10:48 pm
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De past month or so mommy and me saw 4 wreally wreally goooooood movies. Fur de doggies and kitties who haff not seen dems de furst is Bolt. It is a movie about a superdoggy who haffs speacial powers. It is easy to tell de doggy is a cartoon but der is wreally a doggy like dat out der so it is based on a wreal doggy hero. De doggy was friends wiff a wittle girl who wreally needed him but hims got lost fur a while and dems substituted de doggy wiff a look-alike doggy. One day de wreal Bolt came back and rescued de wittle girl and dems left de movie business together. De next movie was Beverly Hill Chihuahua and it was ok cause de main doggy wreally got pampered a lot. De was a hunk of a gardner in de show or at least dat is what mommy said and hims chihuahua doggy like de wreally rich chihuahua star doggy. Hers got lost in Mexico when de lady left her wiff her neice who was into herself waaaaaaay to much. When hers found de doggy was missing hers and de gardner guy went all ovfur Mexico to find de lost doggy. Well dems found her and got back home befur de Auntie lady returned and all was happy again. Next was a cute movie about a big loveable yellow lab named Marley called Marley And Me. At furst it was Marley and hims grownup humans but den wittle humans came along. Marley had fun and toreup lots of things some belonging to de humans. Hims was evfin naughty at de doggy beach and too a dump in de water. Hoooooow funny none of de humans liked dat much but mommy laughed cause it is sumthing mes might do. Well der was lots of happy times wiff Marley and hims family after dems moved to a home in de country. One day Marley had to go to de vet and was so sick dat hims did not get well. Dems did bring Marley back and dug a spot in de yard fur him and put hims blankie in wiff him. Dis is de part where silly mommy started sobbing so Mes had to kiss her to make hers stop crying. De last show was Hotel For Dogs and it was about a couple of kids in foster care who find a bunch of stray dogs. Dems fixes up an abanoned hotel fur de dogs to live in wiff de help of sum new friends. When de social worker guy found out what de kids had done dems adopted de kids and moved into de hotel wiff dems and de dogs. A bunch of de dogs found furevfur homes and sum stayed wiff de kids and dems new family. It was cute and funny. Yall wreally need to see de show if yous haffent seen dem already. So guys and gals WOOF WOOF demand yous humans get de movies fur yous to watch. If dems says no cry and hog de bed till dems gives in.


My New Job

October 22nd 2009 11:13 pm
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some of you know this but for those who do not mommy is going back to college. She is about half way through her first semester back at the community college close to us. Since she is taking classes online it has become my job now to help her with her homework and study time. When she starts getting confused I have to paw her arm to tell her it is time for a break. Oh I also wanted to let yall know I asked my Sweet Foxie Roxie to marry me and she said yes. For thos who do not know her she is a sweet little Manchester Terrier from Georgia. Our wedding date will be the Sunday of Valentines Weekend so it will be easy to remember more for our mommys as they tend to get forgetfull as they get older. Now if I could just get mommy to learn to ask for help so she would stop falling or almost falling and hurting herself it would be great. By the way I am still just as naught as ever but with mommy in college now I do not get as much time to post about my naughty behavor. Maybe after she gets this stuff called ALGEBRA out of the way cause it does not make sence she said something one day about Pie Are Square HUH no that ait right pie are round but she said that is a formula. As long as it is not a formula for any of my food I guess it is ok but this stuff is CRAAAAAAAZY and upsets mommy and granny both. When my girls are upset I am upset so keep your paws crossed that mommy passes this algebra stuff so she does not have to do it much longer.


To Share Or Not To Share

November 24th 2009 6:13 pm
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Ok I gets in trouble if I does not share wiff others so I gots a good question. Why does mommy not haff to share wiff me and gets to hogg all the good stuff. It is so bad when humans start bragging in their groups about treats like those Royal Dansk Luxury Waffer thingies. the bad part is she did not get the good ones that a doggy can have a bite of she got the ones wiff the chocolate centers GRRRRRRRRRRRR Bad Mommy. To make it worce she and granny went to Austin a few days ago and came home with a Paula Dean Butter Rum Pecan Pie and mommy haffs tried 2 pieces of it and never even offered me a wittle taiste of any of it. At least she did let me try a bite of the Honey Baked ham and Smoked Turkey Breast before Thanksgiving and said I will get some goodies if I am good and let her give me a baff tomorrow morning. Ok I will let her do it but I will also shake while in the tub so she better be ready to smell like wet dirty doggy cause by the time I finish wiff her she will need a baff. see I sahre I even sahre other stuff like the SBDs when she tries to groom me and I want her to stop. I make her eyes water so bad she has to stop grooming me. If anyfur has any ideas of how to stop a baff PLEEEEEEEEASE Paw Mail me I need new tricks to get out of this.
Adam Chewbacca King Of Naughty


New Year New Tricks

January 5th 2010 11:22 pm
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Well late last year I learned a new way to scare mommy. I learned how to act like a kitty cat. Yep that isright I learned to land on all fours just like a cat when I fall off the bed. Mommy did not thnk this was funn the first time i did it not to mention the secind time. she had a bad heart and was telling me i was going to cause her ti have a heart attack if I did it again. Hey I was just trying to get her to hurry up and give me my treats a little faster. But het=y now she puts these silly pink pillows on the side of the bed to meep me from getting too close to the edge of the bed. She also will move her chair right to the edge of the bed to keep me from reaching out for her leg with my wittle paw. the first time I ran around to the other side where my steps are and jumped back on the bed. The secind time well she had to pick my wittle booty up to pu me on the bed abd checked me from head to toe and nose to tail both tumes to make sure i was ok. She also let out this scream both times that got granny to run in to see what had happened. Now granny calls me a witt;e baby and ask if I need a passie to chew or suck on. GRRRRRRRRRRRR when will these xrazy humans learn that us doggies love to be clowns at times? Just take a chill pill and relax for a while and loosen those ole apron strings fur us so we can have a wittle fun. Anyway that is no worse than mommy falling asleep at the computer and endingup on the floor with the computer chair ontop of her. Or missing the chair when hers tries to sit down without looking.A year and 2 months ago mommy had to have surgery for a compression fracture of her back cause hers had an accident that made it hard to bend over or even hold me to cuddle so what I did was nothing compaired to how she closed out the year before. Well this wittle Yorkie kitty Impersonator has to get some sleep now so he can keep mommy safe for another day. bark at you again later and have a great day and stay warm with all this Artic Air heading to the South,
Adam Chewbacca Kitty Cat Impersonator



February 21st 2010 2:51 pm
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After months no years of kicking mommy and taking my half out of the middle of a twin size bed mommy finally got the message. I won the battle for the bed now e have full size bed so I have twice the room I had before. Hey don't get me wrong I still try to take the middle half if mommy turns over or moves or get up. I may be little but I know how to streach out and take the most room I can so she is almost falling off the bed. Now I even have my own pillows to lay on but mommy still fusses if I get on the pillows so I guess I will always get in trouble for some things. Anyway guys and gals if you want more room just kick those humans and push them out of bed a few times they will give and and buy you a bigger bed in time. Take it from the King Of Naughty Persistance does pay off sometimes. Oh just watch those gas attacks the humans launch at us sometimes some of them sound like machine guns and I can not mention how bad they smell but Peppe la Pu smells better. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Adam Chewbacca King Of Naughty

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