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New Year New Tricks

January 5th 2010 11:22 pm
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Well late last year I learned a new way to scare mommy. I learned how to act like a kitty cat. Yep that isright I learned to land on all fours just like a cat when I fall off the bed. Mommy did not thnk this was funn the first time i did it not to mention the secind time. she had a bad heart and was telling me i was going to cause her ti have a heart attack if I did it again. Hey I was just trying to get her to hurry up and give me my treats a little faster. But het=y now she puts these silly pink pillows on the side of the bed to meep me from getting too close to the edge of the bed. She also will move her chair right to the edge of the bed to keep me from reaching out for her leg with my wittle paw. the first time I ran around to the other side where my steps are and jumped back on the bed. The secind time well she had to pick my wittle booty up to pu me on the bed abd checked me from head to toe and nose to tail both tumes to make sure i was ok. She also let out this scream both times that got granny to run in to see what had happened. Now granny calls me a witt;e baby and ask if I need a passie to chew or suck on. GRRRRRRRRRRRR when will these xrazy humans learn that us doggies love to be clowns at times? Just take a chill pill and relax for a while and loosen those ole apron strings fur us so we can have a wittle fun. Anyway that is no worse than mommy falling asleep at the computer and endingup on the floor with the computer chair ontop of her. Or missing the chair when hers tries to sit down without looking.A year and 2 months ago mommy had to have surgery for a compression fracture of her back cause hers had an accident that made it hard to bend over or even hold me to cuddle so what I did was nothing compaired to how she closed out the year before. Well this wittle Yorkie kitty Impersonator has to get some sleep now so he can keep mommy safe for another day. bark at you again later and have a great day and stay warm with all this Artic Air heading to the South,
Adam Chewbacca Kitty Cat Impersonator


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