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Sneak Preview!

September 27th 2011 6:36 am
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Here is a sneak preview of me on the cover of November's Dogs Today magazine!

Look here!

The magazine is out October 13th here in the UK. Mum is beyond excited and proud! :D

Ty x


Back from Holiday to exciting news!

September 25th 2011 3:45 pm
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We just spent the last week in the beautiful and scenic Pembrokeshire. We stayed in the most gorgeous cottage with views of rolling hills and the sea from our windows. We had our own private lane, no neighbors and was very rural...just as we like it. Of course that meant us dogs got lots of freedom and playtime in the large garden. We visited the most stunning beaches, Freshwater West being our favourite, and did you know that Harry Potter and Robin Hood were filmed there? We also visited Broad Haven beach, our own beach in West Angle and we took a trip to Marloes beach as a scene for the upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman is taking place this week. We went to see the set up as Auntie Kirsty is a film fanatic and wanted to be able to say "i've been there!". We took 5 plus mile walks around the coastal path and through the village and we was well and truly tired all week from the constant exercise we was getting! We love Wales so much and nothing can beat the amazing scenery and beaches that Wales provides!

And, and, and....mum returned to some exciting news. Next month i will be the cover star on Dogs Today Magazine!. Can you believe that? Last June was when i had my shoot, but i'm finally being featured. For those pups in the UK, look out for me on the front of next months mag in your local Newsagents, WHSmith, Sainsburys, or Tesco! We're receiving a few free copies from the magazine themselves so if anypup would like one we'll be happy to mail you one out :) I will link to the magazine next month when it's released. Exciting stuff!!

Ty x


Back we go...AGAIN!

July 29th 2011 5:01 am
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Sorry to bore the few of you who regularly read my diary. I'll keep it short this week.

Saw a different vet as the other lady was on holiday. She understood totally mums reluctance to keep me on the steroids, but did still say that in the long term that might be the only treatment i can go on. She also mentioned Atopica that i've heard really good things about but that's £100 a month! Very dear stuff. My ear is looking much better she said but i have to continue the drops still as i'm still slightly inflamed and the infection hasn't totally gone yet. My paws are not improving much. Instead of steroids, the vet prescribed a steroid spray that she said doesn't get in the bloodstream is much safer to give. I just have to have my paws sprayed with it once a day. My paws have to still be bathed every other day in the Coatex too. The steroid spray is called Cortisone or something like that. Food was also mentioned again, i'm on Salmon & Potato but i could even be allergic to the Salmon! Home cooking was mentioned, possibly Pork & Pasta. Mum mentioned Raw feeding but the vet wasn't keen on that idea. I go back in 12 days time for yet another check up, but hey, least it's 12 days this time and not a week! :)

Ty x


Ear swab results.

July 22nd 2011 10:15 am
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Well, good news! The results for my ear did not come back as the more serious infection that is resistant to pretty much all antibiotics. I have two bugs in my left ear ( the right one is fine ) and the Otomax ear drops i've been prescribed should now get to the root cause and get that under control.

Mum wasn't to happy about the treatment i was prescribed next - flea treatment! Now if i'd had fleas, or mum was even suspicious of fleas she would understand but i've never had them and i absolutely don't have them now! I think mum would notice. But the vet wouldn't have it and insisted i must be treated *shrug*. Mum isn't keen on all the meds i'm on lately, but i guess she will use them anyway. Which means Missy needs treating too. It's called Advocate and is apparently "very strong"...great! It treats a whole range of parasites though, and one of those is the mites for mange. The vet doesn't think i have that but she said it wouldn't hurt to treat for it. I have to have one treatment tomorrow, another in three weeks time and then monthly after. Mums only going to give me one if she does.

I've also been given a reallly dear shampoo, an anti-fungal one that has to be used on my paws every other day. The vet said that she didn't think a blood test was worth the money and said that we know it's allergies and that we will treat as such. She said 80% of allergies in dogs are to dustmites so she is suspecting that is the culprit. I have to stay on the steroids for now....and mum isn't happy with that to be honest. A week she can accept, but the vet said i might have to stay on them long term! 1 every other day, to keep things at bay!!

Once we've got all this under control mum might e-mail a homeopathic vet and ask for some natural treatments instead.

Ty x


More Ear Drama.

July 15th 2011 12:28 pm
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I had my follow up vet visit today. I was meant to go the first week after we got back from Scotland...that was 3 weeks ago!! Anyway, while on holiday my ears cleared up enough to the point that mum could stop using my meds and she threw the drops away ( she was once told not to use them for very long ). I'd been bothering with my paws a lot the past week, more than ever. Mum is constantly having to tell me to leave them alone. Anyway, my ears have become inflamed again the past few days so mum began using the ear cleanser again. Back to the vets we went for my check up. Saw two friendly pups, a Lab that had just had a litter of pups and a Border Collie who was all over mum for fuss BOL.

The vet said my ears are inflamed and that my left one is STILL infected. She and mum both said that it's looking like all the media keep going on are just treating the symptoms but not the underlying cause. The vet said she thought it might be something more than just an infection as she said it's almost as if it's weeping puss! :o She mentioned something beginning with S, mum thinks, but she can't quite remember....
My paws are really sore too and the hibiscrub doesn't seem to have helped them much. The vet looked at the rest of my coat and said it looked great but then she goes on to wanting to give me flea meds! Erm, No! Mum was just telling her how i've never had fleas before but it was as if she was going to give me it whether mum wanted me to or not. As it happens she did end up removing that from my list of subscriptions as mum said she didn't have enough money on her for everything. So, i got another ear swab that's being sent off to the lab and i have to back on steroids too :( I go back next week and i could be having a blood test for environmental allergies.

This all sucks.

Ty x


The Battle with Allergies.

June 30th 2011 4:26 pm
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It's been a long time since i updated my diary.

We only just returned from a two week holiday last weekend. Missy wrote about it in more detail in her diary so i won't repeat what she said BUT, boy did i have fun even if i was on meds throughout!

Yep. The week before we went my ear flared up again. I'd been on ACV for three weeks up till then with the hopes using that would improve my flare ups. Wrong. It's thought that it triggered my recent flare up as ACV doesn't agree with dogs that have recurring yeast problems, which my problems have been so far. We didn't know that until after i came off the stuff. So anyway, whether that was the cause or not, i got another inflamed, ear infection. So, back to the vets i went a day before we left for holiday and the vet confirmed that it was another infection. She discussed my suspected allergies cause my paws are still red in between the toes after 8 months. I also came up in a great deal of dandruff when mum bathed me. So mum ended up coming away with Hibiscrub for my paws, epi-soothe shampoo, epi-otic ear cleaner, ear drops, and steroids! I was only on the steroids for a week and they was gently fazed out, like one every other day after. I'm now finished my ear cleaner and drops and my ear is once more looking good, but i'm still having the hibiscrub paw washes and mum bathed me in my special shampoo at the weekend to. So i was having to take meds throughout my holiday but it didn't ruin it for me at all. I'm a good boy and i didn't play up come medicine time.

The vet wants to do the blood tests on me to determine what i'm allergic to. Mum mentioned that she'd heard they was unreliable and the vet agreed that they used to be. Hmm, we're still hearing they're inaccurate from other dog owners. Although the environmental allergy test has a 70-80% accuracy rate so mum might consider that one as she believes my allergies are environmental anyway, quite possibly i'm allergic to grass!

The vet said long term depending on how i go ) we could be looking at putting me on Atopica, having a special vaccine made up for me and having me on antihistamine pills daily when i'm at my worst. *Sigh*

I feel fine though! I'm still my usual, laid back self. My skin and coat are in good condition, i'm not itchy and i don't have weepy eyes or anything.

Oh well, we'll see what happens when i go back next week.

Ty x


5 years old!

January 4th 2011 7:06 am
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Yep, i turned 5 years old on New Years Day. Mum can't believe where the time has gone :0

I got some pawsome presents, a honking Duck toy and two bags of treats from mum. A rope toy from Nan and some Peanut Butter treats with a GIANT Turkey toy from Auntie :)

Thanks to those who remembered my day. I got no where near as much as Missy did :( But, my Barkday falls on a funny day so mum says.

Happy New Year pups!

Ty x


Fun in the Snow!

November 30th 2010 6:58 am
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Over night we had SNOW! Not a great deal, just a nice covering but mum hasn't got any pictures because it's not enough.

Anyway, Missy & Me love playing in the snow. We get the zoomies and try to eat it BOL. Today was no different. We saw our friend Tara the SBT going over the field as we set off and we walked along with her. I was running around like a horse BOL, or as Tara's mum says, "it's as if i'm springs". Poor Tara has not been feeling to great the past few weeks, she falls over now and again and she's had to go to the vets and receive painkillers as her leg is playing up :( She fell over today and i barely touched her so mum told me to "play calmly" and stop with the springing around BOL. Missy is really great around Tara to! She can walk along with her without a murmur ( although mum doesn't let her off lead ), she's got used to her and it helps that Tara is not interested in Missy. Miss was trying to catch the snow that Tara's mum was throwing in the air BOL, but i looked bewildered when she did it to me.

The humans were complaining of being cold but us pups were just fine bounding around and having fun.

I wish everyday was a snow day :D

Ty x


Good News :D

November 12th 2010 5:55 pm
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I'm officially infection free! YAY!

The vet has now declared my ear issues OVER...for now anyway!

My ears are now showing just regular wax down in the ear canals, however my chances of suffering an ear infection again are high. I'm prone to them :( But the vet said if we catch it early enough next time hopefully it won't become a yeast infection again. She said my ears were in a pretty bad way a few weeks back.

Mum explained that using the drops/cleanser the past week has been causing me more distress than not having it in. I shake my head, end up making my scabby lump thingy bleed, it gets all over my head, i get depressed with all the shaking and i stand with my head tilted just staring at mum to help me! The vet said mum could give it a break this weekend but then continue using it every other day until, i'm guessing, it's all gone. My scabby lump thingy has nearly all fallen off but the more i shake my head the more chance i have of making it scab over again. So mum would like to give it some healing time.

The vet said my coat looks like it's polished it's so shiny! She's happy with my current diet ( even though it's costing mum an arm and a leg at the moment ) BOL. However, mum weighed me and whether i stood/sat in a funny position she doesn't know but i'd lost a kilo of weight in a matter of about 3/4 weeks! The vet said it's ok for a dog of my size, but still, mum hopes it was just a wrong reading.

No more vet visits for the foreseeable future. Woohoo!

Ty x



October 30th 2010 4:54 pm
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What a lovely surprise to find my handsome face staring back at mum from her email. The kind people at HQ decided to feature my page as a spooktacular, scary page and now EVERYONE can see me if they choose to come to my page.


My good furiends Mini & Kiki said i'm more famous than Lassie and Geico the Lizard BOL. My Hollywood star should be between Cher and Marilyn Monroe ;)

Love all my furiends who've wished me congrats and left me gifts.

And thanks HQ for featuring ME in the "Ruffington Post" :)

Have a spooky Howloween pups!

Ty x

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