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Still no booties!

July 25th 2011 4:14 pm
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But, at my laser therapy appointment, vet said my elbow was 100%! Yay! No more wearing culottes! I'm feeling pretty good today. I'm doing the deck stairs without making Mom cringe. I still can't go for walkies due to the worn out claw on my back right leg. So, we are anxiously awaiting my booties in the mail. At least Mom is. I would probably rather walk on bloody claws.


Lobo's Latest

July 23rd 2011 2:25 pm
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Mom ordered me some boots! She is afraid I'm gonna wear out the tips and tops of my back feet. Well, 3 days after she placed the order, I wore one of my back claws down enough that it bled. So no more walkies for me until I get my boots. I'm not too sure what I think about wearing boots.
We went into town for my 4th laser therapy appointment. We aren't too sure if it is helping my other problems because of my elbow problem and now my claw! They said my elbow is healing really well so my culottes did the trick. I have only a few more days of antibiotics to take.
Needless to say, when I get my boots, pics and videos will follow. I will try to not look goofy while wearing them. Sheesh, i'm getting embarrassed just thinking about it.
Any other doggies out there wear booties?


No More Cone!!!

July 19th 2011 3:28 pm
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After laughing her head off and me slipping out of the culottes she made me, and the cone, she got busy on her sewing machine and made me much more proper ones. These are basically a cylinder that covers my upper elbow, a stretchy strap runs over my back and a smaller cuff goes around my other leg to help hold the other one up. The cuffs are lined with fleece and have a nylon outer shell to help keep things dry and comfy. They have velcro closures so Mom can have a look at things and it is easy to take off and put on. I have worn it since Sunday and it hasn't come off on its own. She made a few mistakes that she wanted to fix but her sewing machine broke.
Improved Culottes
The vet, yesterday, was happy with how the wound is looking and the system Mom made to help keep my tongue off or it and it dry and clean from me laying out in the yard. Also, there is a bit of padding there.
I am once again a happy dog. I would like to see a human wear a cone for ten days and see what they thought of that!


A Fun Day, or so Mom says ...

July 16th 2011 1:19 pm
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Mom wrote this to her family about me:

Got back from Lobo's laser treatment. The student who worked on him commented on how I had better try harder to keep Lobo from licking his wound and keep it cleaner. Tough to do when I am at work for ten hours and he slips out of his cone and is laying in the dirt. I cannot leave him in a kennel as his prednisone makes him super thirsty and having to pee more often than usual. Impossible for him to be in a kennel while I am at work. A doctor wandered by and offered some suggestions such as taking an old T'Shirt and making him clothing that would keep a barrier between his tongue, dirt and his wound. I ended up cutting up a pair of my favorite sweatpants (but they were worn out) and making him some culottes for his front legs. I haven't stopped laughing since I put them on him. They look like clown pants! Poor boy. I think I will put the cone on as well and hope he doesn't slip out of both while I am at work. We had a normal walk today and he did good. Excuse me, but I'm still laughing. I will try and get a picture.
One thing of interest, this young woman vet student mentioned how she had lived in Kamloops all of her life except for attending vet school in Saskatoon. She is set to go back for her fourth year. She likes Saskatoon but was dreading the mosquitoes. I then asked her if she knew our cousin's daughter who just became a vet. She did! Small world. These treatments take 20 minutes, so we had plenty of time to talk. She said she liked working for Dr. Nicol because he embraced new technology like this laser therapy. It must be very new because I can't find much about it. I may be dreaming, but I think Lobo's toes drags were less pronounced on our walk today despite the heat and his compromised front leg. He is becoming a favourite patient at the clinic. And he is behaving amazingly well. I sure love that boy.

Now me talking ...

Mom laughed her face off when she put those pants on me. I'm not too sure what to think about that. I wish she wouldn't also put the cone on me but she was told that the wound was to be kept dry and away from my tongue and dirt. So, she is using the "culottes" and the cone. She says it is for my own good. Doesn't feel like it.



Hey Everyone!

July 15th 2011 9:59 pm
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I'm much more active and alert today. In fact, I found a way to slip out of my cone overnight. Mom saw it sitting in the middle of the yard when she got up.
My leg was still quite swollen this morning but much less so just now, in the evening.
She took me on a drive up to Greenstone Mountain. We took a little walk and just enjoyed the flowers and the view:
Greenstone Mountain Wildflowers
I'm going for my second laser therapy session tomorrow morning.
My little cuddle kitty Kitcat is terrified of me when I'm wearing the cone. Too bad because I could use the little kitty to comfort me. She just won't come near me and even growled at me when I tried to say hello!


Back From the Vet ..

July 14th 2011 3:51 pm
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This note is from Mom to her family:

Back from vet.
He has an infected leg. Not related to his other troubles except for the fact that he has been laying down more than usual and got a sore on his elbow. He is on high power anti-biotics. So I will continue to block him from the stairs but not from the rest of the yard. Might be better to have him running up and down the fence and falling on his face, than getting, basically, bed sores.

Woohoo! I'm going to Saskatchewan! Thank you all for your prayers. Wait, crap, I have to take more pills! Oh well, I can do that. Mom is taking me on the Buse Mt. drive right now to celebrate.


Heading to the Vet Clinic

July 14th 2011 11:47 am
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The latest news is, that Mom finally noticed that my right front leg is swollen. We are hoping this is completely unrelated (to my other troubles) and treatable. Mom moved it around and it didn't hurt. Wasps maybe? Snake? Spider? Anyhow, I'm going to get checked at the vet and FOR SURE get my laser therapy. We are hopeful yet again that I'm going to be around and make that prairie trip after all. Phew! We just thought of spider now. We have black widows here. I will be at the clinic in two hours. Mom tried to move that up but they are too busy. I have improved since last night and this morning. So hopefully, another couple of hours won't hurt.
Mom is feeling very bad about being such an alarmist. But she really doesn't have much support out here. You guys are our support. Plus it is quite alarming when a big boy like me doesn't move. Especially after these last few months.
Now, let us see if I can climb the ramp into my truck.


10:45AM Update

July 14th 2011 10:46 am
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Mom came out to mow some lawn and release pent up energy. I got up and followed her to the far back yard. I feel a bit better. Mom was amazed.
Mom is taking me to the vet in a few hours and now thinks I will be able to use the ramp to get in the truck.


Not well today ...

July 14th 2011 8:58 am
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Mom just wrote this to her family. (Forgive the language, it was a term of endearment and other terms of frustration and anger.) The ones we were hoping to visit on our prairie road trip in September....

Thanks Sharon,
I just double checked the meds again. He had been taking 25mg in the morning and 25mg at night before last Thursday. He is now on 25mg in the morning and 20mg at night. I don't think that slight drop would explain this. He has been on the slightly lower dose for a week now.
He spent the whole night right where I left him in the yard. I just checked on him and he lifted his head and that was it. I brought him water and he didn't want it. Frisbee, no reaction. Then he laid down flat again. I guess I waited too long because now I am stuck with not being able to get him in the truck. But the son-of-a-bitch and I had a normal walk yesterday morning! What the hell is going on? I think today will be the day I have to put him down. How long can I let him lay like that and wonder if he might get well enough to move around or not? Especially when no-one knows for sure what is wrong. The biggest difference from this new episode with the old one is this time he has no appetite and no excitement at all. Last time he was pretty upset that he was having trouble and still wanted to play with his toy and eat. And he was loud! He has eaten better than usual ever since this April thing. Before April (and coincidentally, the prednisone) he would always screw around and take his sweet time before eating. I would even have to put something on his food, like cheese, if I wanted him to hurry up. I will try and speak to a vet this morning. Maybe even see if any would come to the yard and put him down here for a big price. I could also wait until Dave is off work and we could haul him in later today. There is just always going to be this niggling thought in my head that we missed something. And if we figured it out, Lobo could be okay again for a year or two. But I just cannot have him waiting around like this for much longer. I had a feeling that when I took his latest video, up on Buse Mt. in the storm, it was kind of like his swan song video. I will always cherish that. He looked pretty good in that video and we were having fun. That was only a week ago. I had intended on going on that drive again last night when I got home from work, but he wasn't going anywhere. I will bring out his food bowl. I'm sure that he won't eat, but just in case. Maybe some magpies will come for it and that will perk him up.


Hi Everyone!

July 10th 2011 11:51 am
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I'm holding my own and enjoying these last few days. It isn't so hot! And Mom is a bit more relaxed.
The evening after my vet visit, Mom took me for a drive and made a little video. She had better buy a lot of video cards and bring her charger when we go on our road trip!
Storm on Buse Mountain
Love, Lobo

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