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We were hoping it wouldn't, but it is happening ...

January 16th 2012 9:34 pm
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We are getting a really cold snap. I have completely shedded my winter coat. We thought it might be due to my health problems, but we heard that many other dogs have had false sheddings due to our unusually warm winter.
But, it is now super cold and I am left almost naked. Mom bought me a heating pad and a new dog house a while back. She insulated the dog house as best as she could. Just in case this would happen. She decided to spend money on that instead of more vet visits. She also had to replace my heated water dish as my old one quit working. She only has so much money and chose to try and keep me comfortable over the winter instead of spending our money on more vet bills. Anyhow, today, she put a thermometer in my dog house before she went to work on the coldest day we have had this year so far. She rushed home after work, in the dark, and I was there to say hello. She went to my dog house and checked the thermometer. It showed 0 degrees C (32F). It is -15C (5F) outside. So, the dog house and heating pad is working pretty good. When I got in the human house she felt my ears and toes. All were warm. I ate my supper, asked to go out for my bathroom duties, and came back in. We are supposed to get even colder, but now Mom knows I will be okay in my dog house with my heating pad and new heated water dish. My house is for sure out of the wind which will be a major factor in how cold we get this week.
I'm still doing very well and a happy dog. We had a walk in fresh snow yesterday. We love that. We actually came across cougar tracks! I knew what they were, but, Mom figured it out only because she could "see" them in the fresh snow.


I made it to 11 years of age!

January 4th 2012 12:07 pm
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And I'm doing pretty good.
Thank you to all my pals who have sent me presents and well wishes and supported me through this tough year.
We just had a good walk and have a lot to be thankful for. For one thing, the super mild winter just when I needed it most. I have shed all of my winter coat and just have my summer one. Apparently, I am not alone in this as other dogs have had the same problem. We had a cold snap in November, and then it got warm. So our systems were fooled and we shedded our winter coat even before winter had started! At least that is one theory. A false shedding. But, it may be related to my health problems and the meds I was on. I have been on zero meds for about a month now.
I am for sure having a happy birthday. Thank you all.


My Christmas Walk

December 31st 2011 11:59 am
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Hi all! Mom took this video just a few days before Christmas. We had a wonderful walk in the late afternoon sun on a warm December day. We wanted to show you how I'm doing. You have all been so nice to us and offered lots of love and support while I struggled with health issues that are, as of yet, still a mystery. This video shows that I am still having a good time and enjoying life.
My Christmas Walk 2011
Happy New Year to everyone - wherever you are in life! Just do your best and God will take care of the rest.
Lobo & family


Christmas is near ...

December 17th 2011 11:44 am
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We are very thankful that we have had a mild winter so far.
I'm doing pretty good but have had some bad moments and scared Mom. The last being when I did a faceplant on the stairs and cut the side of my eye.
My fur is still falling out in chunks. People at the pet stores said that they had heard of other dogs having "false sheddings" due to a cold snap in November, followed by warm weather. We have our fingers and paws crossed hoping that that is what is happening to me.
I am off ALL meds.
I'm in good spirits and still enjoy my little walks and cuddling with Kitcat.
Mom has decided that she won't be spending much more money on vet visits as they seem to have no idea what is going on with me even after all of this time and money. And we have had second and third opinions. She has decided to spend money on keeping me comfortable as best as possible instead. The latest being my new dog house (larger than my other, to allow for my decreased ability to turn around in a small space) and my heating pad. I already had a heated water dish. And, I'm getting the highest quality of food that Mom can afford.
Mom is closely monitoring my quality of life. I for sure still enjoy our walks, my frisbee, chasing dogs along my fence, cuddling with Kitcat, and food.
Oh, and my elbow pads are working very well. My elbow hygroma is completely controlled by my elbow pads. Cool.
I LOVE SNOW! And we are about to go out and play in some right now.


The Puppy

December 11th 2011 10:18 am
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The puppy was such a handful that Mom was very glad to come home to me and the kitties. She understands how grandparents love their grandkids but might be glad when they go home and they can get some peace and quiet.
Charlie Boy - at work.
Mom is looking forward to watching Charlie grow into a fine dog.


One more thing ...

December 10th 2011 1:31 pm
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It is the night for Mom's staff Christmas party. But, she has to work. Meanwhile, one of her coworkers just adopted a chocolate lab puppy. He might bring the puppy to the workplace for Mom to babysit while he goes to the party. If he does, Mom will take pictures. The puppy is named Charlie. I will probably not get to meet Charlie because Mom is afraid that if I am in a grumpy mood I might hurt him. I probably wouldn't but Mom does not want to take that chance. Even if I accidentally stepped on him I could hurt him. He isn't as fast as the kitties for getting out of my way.


Mom hasn't seen me, but there are clues ...

December 10th 2011 1:26 pm
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Mom has not seen me use my new dog house and heating mat because I am still spry enough to hear her coming and greet her at the gate! But, she feels my ears and my toes and then goes and feels the bottom of my house and knows that I am using it. Plus I dragged out my pillow a few times while getting out of the house. I also have my heated water bowl so my water doesn't freeze. We have not gotten really cold yet but I am sure appreciating the help that heating mat and house provides. So while Mom is at work, I can go there for shelter. When Mom is home, I spend as much time in the house as I want and sleep most of the night in her room. She keeps the temperature real low in the house so I don't get too hot. The kitties usually pile up on top of her part way through the night. So we all end up in Mom's room at some point.


Cold Weather Will Be Coming

December 2nd 2011 9:30 am
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We have had a mild winter so far, except for a couple of days. Mom knows that older animals (and people) have a tougher time staying warm than young ones. Also, for some reason, my fur is falling out in clumps. And, I am almost bald on my belly and on the insides of my thighs. She was going to take me back to the vet, yet again, about this. But, she thought, money might be better spent on setting me up for winter instead. We have two insulated dog houses but they are small for me. They worked fine while I had full mobility, but I now have a hard time getting in and out of them so hardly use them. I can't easily turn around in them anymore and really struggle when I try and go in and out of them. So, she is going to take the money that another vet visit would eat up and buy me a heating mat and a new dog house. This is for when she is away at work on cold days and for nights that I am too restless to sleep in the house. We will take pictures of the new setup when it is ready. But for now, we are luckily not too cold. It dips below freezing, but not by too much.


Update on Me

November 23rd 2011 9:42 am
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I'm having my good days and my bad days. But I'm generally doing okay. I am sleeping in the house at night for as long as I want. I wake Mom up when I want to go out for the rest of the night. Sometimes I stay in all night, other times I go out around midnight.
Mom notices that I sometimes have a hard time moving around. Especially after laying for a long time. So, she brought out my treat ball. I haven't used it in a long while but remembered it instantly. So, she uses that to get me moving around before I go outside and have to do the deck stairs. She is afraid that I will fall down them if I am not limbered up before I go outside. So far so good! If we get some bright sunshine, Mom will take a video of me pushing that treat ball around.
When she goes to work, she blocks off those dangerous stairs so that I won't have an accident while she is away. I like being on the deck but she doesn't like the way I run up and down the steps when I see something interesting at our fence. So, when she is at work, I cannot be on the deck. She learned to fear those steps when Tasha got trapped once. Tasha was at the beginning of her troubles and had a few legs slip between the house and the stairs. (I actually hip checked her into that predicament.) Had Mom not been home, Tasha would have been in big trouble. Mom lifted her out of there. Since then, Mom blocks those stairs when she is away.
We have had a few cold days. Right now it is very yucky. A rainy November day. Just borderline snow. We would rather snow than this cold, almost freezing, rain.
Also, Mom has put down this playground mat stuff at key places in the house. Because, when I come in with cold, wet feet, and step on the kitchen floor, I slip and slide and wipe out! That has helped a lot. So I have that when I first come in and by my food bowl. Some of it near the TV for when I relax there and my mat in Mom's bedroom for night time.
It isn't fun getting old!


This is a bit embarrassing, but here goes!

October 28th 2011 10:51 pm
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Kitcat loves Lobo

Kitcat just loves me. What can I say?
Squirrel was nearby chewing on her toes.
Auntie Lilian sent us the music for this video.

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