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Prairie Road Trip

October 26th 2012 9:37 am
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Here is a short slide show of our trip East to visit nephew Regan ...

Prairie Road Trip 2012


We are back!

October 24th 2012 1:15 pm
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We are back from our 2012 prairie road trip to visit our nephew.
It was a tough one. I was sick, then Mom was very sick. And it was super cold. We were just missing blizzards and horrible roads on the way home.
Mom is still sick.
But, we did do lots of quality visiting thanks to my uncle who took good care of us.
Nephew was amazing. It was worth it just to see him doing so well. Mom also met, for the first time, uncle's girlfriend (sweetheart!), her youngest nephew and her great nephew (both super cute!). Also, Mom got to see her longtime friend from elementary school. They laughed so much that Mom's guts are still sore from that.
We will write more about it all later. For now, Mom just needs to rest before having to go back to work.


The Vet ...

October 6th 2012 2:47 pm
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Out of the blue, I found myself at the vet clinic again.
Last night, in the dark, Mom brushed me. I don't like being brushed but she brushed a whole bunch of fur off of me.
Then, Mom woke up real early and we went for a super early and chilly walk. It goes below freezing at night now. She brushed me some more saying something about making me presentable. And, I didn't get my breakfast!
Then, I was at the vet clinic.
This whole series of events was in preparation for our prairie road trip! We are really going this time. Mom wanted the vet to give me pills that will make my trip more comfortable. The vet wanted to give me a checkup before she would do that.
I lost a lot of weight since my last visit. Over ten pounds lighter. The vet wanted blood work done before putting me on medication for pain and inflammation. Mom asked to have that done years ago but they didn't think it was necessary. Today, they decided they needed $150 so today they wanted my blood. First time ever that I had that done. Mom held me while two nervous techs poked me. I was a SUPER good dog and barely even felt the needle. Mom was extremely proud of me. When the techs left, she overheard them say to others outside the door that I was a really good dog. I guess the "others" expected them to come out of there with bite marks on their hands.
The pills I got taste like candy! So I will have no problem eating those. Mom will get a call next week letting us know if they found anything wrong with my blood. They don't want me to have those pills long term if I have some other problems like kidney, etc. Also, if the pills don't help me feel better, once they know that I don't have organ problems, we can try other pills too.
I got 2 walks today and it was an easy vet visit. Plus, since I lost so much weight, I'm gonna get fed extra rations.
It is such a beautiful fall day. Just over a week from now we will be driving across the western part of our great country. We hope the weather will be half as nice as it is now. We will be off to visit our nephew who just had that horrible accident. He is doing extremely well now.


Don't Know ...

October 5th 2012 10:18 pm
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Don't know if this is something I should be writing in my diary or not, but Mom vacuumed me tonight. I'm going to the vet tomorrow morning for a quick little check up before our prairie road trip to visit my nephew. She remembered Penny the cat, who used to be terribly afraid of the vacuum cleaner. When she got old and deaf, she loved being vacuumed. So, tonight, Mom vacuumed me. I am old and deaf. It was nice!


Thank you for the prayers and well wishes!!!

September 26th 2012 10:07 am
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We poured our hearts out to our wonderful friends here at Catsters and Dogsters about our nephew. He was in an auto accident back on Aug. 27th. For a while, we weren't sure if he would survive. He suffered serious brain injury and was in a coma for almost 2 weeks. Then, nobody knew what to expect next. He kept ripping out tubes, despite having his hands tied down, and kept biting his tongue making it worse! His nasal feeding tube was irritating him, so he ripped it out and they tried one into his abdomen. He ripped that out. The put in a trach because they thought the breathing tube was irritating his tongue. The poor guy went through all kinds of procedures only to rip many of them out due to frustration.
It is now just over a month since the crash and our nephew has made enormous strides. He still cannot speak, due to the severely swollen tongue, and needs a trach to breathe. But, just yesterday, his tongue swelling had gone down enough for him to eat some apple sauce! And, he took his first unassisted walk. He is communicating using a white board and texting. We think it is a miracle.
These are a few photos of our nephew taken yesterday:

Nephew and Mom

First walk after month in bed.

Anyhow, Mom and I felt very helpless being so far away from her family and really appreciated the support she got from our furry friends and their people. I think that she and I will be taking one more prairie road trip together next month to go and see our nephew and the rest of Mom's family. I think I still have one more in me.

Love, Lobo & Mom


Can't Keep Up!

August 2nd 2012 9:18 am
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I just want to thank everyone who has given me one of those cakes. We tried to thank everyone personally, but we just cannot keep track! The cakes don't stay in the same order when we go to my page. So we cannot just go down the line and respond to each one. We would end up missing some and thanking some twice! Anyhow, thank you to all my friends and know that it was appreciated.


Nice Sunday Drive

July 16th 2012 8:37 am
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We took a drive yesterday to one of my favourite places ... Greenstone Mountain.
I got to cool off in a clear mountain creek.
We saw thousands of wild flowers.
We got to the top of the mountain where the air and views were amazing.
Mom did some 4x4'ing as the trail got pretty rough in spots.
It was just a great day.
Then, as we were leaving the area, we were treated to seeing a mother black bear with 3 cubs!!! From the safety of our truck. Mom managed to get a few pictures before they disappeared into the bush.

Mother bear and 3 cubs.

The Triplets


Happy Birthday to our Country Canada!

July 1st 2012 9:36 pm
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Mom took me for a walk and a drive.
I'm not feeling good today and Mom is worried.


The cats warned me about this ...

June 14th 2012 8:40 pm
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They warned me that when Mom takes over our diary, she usually embarrasses us. Oh well, I'm mature enough now that nothing can embarrass me anymore. So, go ahead Mom!

We have had some really awful weather lately. Super gusty winds, rain, thunder and lightning. I took Lobo out for his walk between storms. We were basically just slogging through mud. When we got home he was about to go into the back yard when he stopped dead in his tracks at the gate. Something obviously was spooking him. He was looking down at the bottom edge of the gate, right next to the house. He looked like a cat who was spooked by something. You know, how they really want to check it out and tap it, but can't quite screw up their courage enough to actually touch the new, strange thing. I immediately thought I was going to see a snake there, as I saw one on our street just yesterday. So even I started to get spooked. Lobo was going in and then jumping back before getting too close. I finally got a look and all I could see was 4 pinecones in a pile. The wind must have blown them into the carport and they gathered right there. I touched Lobo on his back and he jumped, just like a cat would. I was already laughing but laughed even harder when he did that. Then, just in case I missed seeing something, I used a broom to sweep the pines cones out from there. Once I had done that, Lobo gave them a sniff and then was fine with them. What a goofy thing to have made him afraid! We have pinecones all over the yard and, of course, in the woods. He is pretty well deaf now, but he obviously still has a sharp eye to have noticed a tiny difference like that.
I had not seen him get spooked like that since he was a puppy.
It made me smile to see that puppy like behaviour in him today.
Now back to Lobo ...

Yeah, well to me it looked like a porcupine.


I've still got it!

June 7th 2012 6:31 am
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Mom heard me barking early this morning. She can tell by my bark whether I am barking at another dog or something else. So she got out of bed and saw me telling a bear to get out of our neighbourhood. There have been two very serious bear incidents near here in the last week. One involved a man being attacked while in his hot tub! Our bear was lurking right at our neighbour's front door. So I kept yapping at it until it left. Mom got this picture of the bear leaving:

Bear - June 7/12

Now, my Youtube video of the incident. Mom apologizes about the quality. She just woke up and could barely see ...

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