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Diary Pick!

August 16th 2009 9:58 am
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A cute little doggie named "Crystal" just told me I was diary pick!
Thank you! I am now even more happy than I was when I wrote that diary entry!


I Am A Happy Dog!

August 15th 2009 1:45 pm
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I am done taking pills. My knee is still swollen, but much better. I don't have to go back to the vet.
I am getting along real well with the new kitten, Kitcat. She is all over me! At first I didn't know what to think of this kitten circling my food bowl while I was trying to eat. I got a bit defensive about that, but then Mom yelled "Lobo! NO!" and snatched the kitten away. Now, I let her bug me while I eat. I even groom her. She rubs up against me and acts like I am her dog. I guess I am! Her and Squirrel are crazy when they play together. At that point, I just want to get out of the way and I go back outside.
Now, for the really good news! Mom is getting a canopy for her new truck. So, I can ride in style! I have been riding in a dog crate in the back of her truck since late June. It will be nice to have the canopy. Then, the back of her truck is like my own house. On our trips, Mom sleeps back there with me.
Also, Mom and I are going on a road trip. We are going for a really long trip out to a remote resort up in Northern Saskatchewan. We haven't gone on a big road trip for 2 years. I will get to see my aunts and uncles and maybe even gophers!!!
I am a happy dog.


I just went to the vet in May!!!! And here I am again!

July 29th 2009 5:55 pm
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I'll let Mom tell the story as she told it to her family ..... But I am NOT a big baby.

I discovered a large lump on Lobo's knee on Tuesday morning. It was filled with liquid. He was limping. I waited a day then called the vet this morning. His appointment was for 2:40pm. The hottest part of these wretched hot days.
I did cram him into the back of my new truck cab. I had to remove the center console and still it was a tight fit. (There goes the new truck smell.) He needed help and whined when I lifted his back end. I don't know if that was from pain or just him not being used to me picking up his back end. Anyhow, he was perfect on the drive. settled right in even though it mustn't be too comfortable for him. Lumpy. But the air conditioning was good for him.
Super long wait at the vet, but he was good there despite the parade of cats and dogs through there. There was an amazing resident cat. He is glossy black and just slept on a chair through it all. Lobo sniffed him. I did see a woman carry out a gorgeous tabby cat, and then another woman in tears and young boy consoling her. A person in the waiting room told me the kitty was only 1 year old and had been diagnosed with renal failure. That made me cry. It was less than two months ago that I was in that clinic crying over my beloved Tasha.
Once inside the examination room, the vet asked a few questions then took Lobo out back for the torture. He shaved his knee and then stuck him full of holes. He had to see what was in there before he knew how to proceed. Then, he brought him back in to me. Poor Lobo cried like a baby and circled me about 20 times when he got back to me. He was not in pain, just being a big cry baby like he is. He is a Momma's boy and I like that.
Vet was sweating and said, he is a big and hairy boy, isn't he? Then he said he was actually quite good during what he had to have done to him. This vet is good with Lobo. He isn't scared of him.
Vet said he drained over 100 ml of stuff from his lump.
Vet said the substance was blood tinged (called it something that I don't remember) and was most likely caused by a torn muscle or some other injury. He said that was a good thing. Had it been just blood he would have suspected something more serious like a tumour. It may fill up again and if it does he might have to put in a drainage tube. But we are hoping it won't. He is on pain pills and anti-biotics because of all the holes the vet had to put in his leg. He probably wrecked his leg running up and down the fence or up and down the deck stairs when I wasn't home. Sounds like he will be just fine.
He made a big baby fit at the front desk while I was waiting to pay and everyone thought he was funny. Then he settled down and was good for the rest of the trip. He only barked at one dog the whole time. And that was outside the clinic and the other dog barked first. The other dog was a gorgeous Burnese Mountain Bear Dog.
I guess I could have just left Lobo as he was for a few more days, but it was quite uncomfortable for him. Plus, I was worried. And, starting Friday, I am working ten days in a row.
Vet said to consider it a giant blood blister. Painful, but not too serious.
Oh, and I am allowed to walk him as much as he wants starting tomorrow.


We respond to the kindness of our friends over Lucky's- passing.

June 29th 2009 12:42 pm
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Hello to all of our friends.
We are overwhelmed by all of the kindness shown by all of you. We received over 300 emails and gifts and comments for our dear Lucky. We are sorry that Mom was in no shape to communicate any further during this time. It was all she could do to help Squirrel along and read all of the wonderful and supportive messages from all of our friends through her tears. It is still hard for Squirrel and Mom to accept that Lucky is gone. Plus, she was still trying to help me deal with Tasha’s passing.
We don’t think it will be possible to thank all of you individually. Just please know that we read and appreciated every word, gift and kind thought from all of you. We had friends give us their personal emails and phone numbers even! Mom really appreciated that but couldn’t even talk to her own family about it. She is still trying to sort out her feeling and cannot speak about Lucky without crying. She just now phoned and left a message for her ex-husband about it, as he was her husband when she found the kittens and loves them too.
We will never know for sure but it seems like Lucky passed from a heart condition. It is the only thing that makes sense. Thinking that gives Mom some degree of comfort. Plus, knowing that the night before, Lucky came for her usual cuddles at bedtime and was her usual self in the morning. She even gave Squirrel a little chase and later came for a second helping of their Fancy Feast treat. There was no warning or signs of her being ill or in distress. She probably passed within an hour after Mom left the house.
It is impossible to express properly to all of you how wonderful you all are for taking the time to let us know how much you care. Right from the short little messages to the those who set up the candle pages, and from the ones who set up the photo in honor of Lucky, to those that gave rosettes and offered their personal information in order to help my Mom. We honestly have looked at and read every one of those. It involved a fresh set of tears from Mom, but they were tears of gratitude. She is thankful for each and every one of you who recognized how special our gentle little wildcat Lucky was. And is.
on behalf of Mom, Squirrel and all of our angels


Something bad is going to happen ...

June 2nd 2009 10:06 pm
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Tasha has missed some of our walks lately. And the last one she came on, we only went a very short way. She doesn't want to play with me and she is always falling down. Also, Mom is carrying her up and down the stairs and petting her extra. She gets short with me when I try and butt in. Then she pets us both and cries. She also sneaks extra treats to Tasha. I overheard her say "degenerative myleopathy" and having to make "a terrible decision" soon. I just Tasha would play chase like she used to do. I'm getting kind of bored and out of shape without her to run around with.


It is my birthday today!

January 4th 2009 6:49 am
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But, Mom is on the real early shift and will be gone all day. Boohoo! She gave us our favorite food for our early breakfast. We will need the calories as it has turned cold again. But this time it isn't supposed to stay cold for long. Thanks to Dogsters and our friends for remembering me today.


Happy New Year

January 1st 2009 7:55 pm
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Tasha and I just went through a very cold and snowy spell. Seems like there was a blizzard every second day.
It is now still snowy but not too cold anymore.
We just had a couple of real fun walks in the fresh snow. The only thing missing, for us to have super fun, are squirrels! They must be hibernating.


Little old me was Bud of the Week this week!

November 7th 2008 6:14 pm
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The wonderful group of Navin and Buds named me Bud of the week! Mom always calls me her bud. I protected everyone on Halloween, and just yesterday, from a door to door salesman. Tonight, I made Mom laugh by playing with soap bubbles. I was snapping them up in my giant jaws. Mom had no idea I would go after them. She should know better as I chase the laser toy and notice even tiny bugs.


A Big Hike

September 17th 2008 10:06 am
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Mom loaded me and my backpack into her truck. So that means a trip but not a super long one as she didn't load my food bowl. She didn't take Tasha so I knew we would be going for a long walk. She drove for about two hours, way up high, and parked at the end of a logging road. As she was putting my pack on we heard people coming. There were only two other vehicles parked on this mountain. Two young girls jumped in their vehicle and drove away. Then, we started hiking up a steep trail. It was good to get into the shade of the trees as it was a warm day. Real soon, we met 3 older hikers. They belonged to the only other vehicle, so once we went by them, we had the mountain to ourselves. We hiked up through the trees and way up to a super nice place with little lakes everywhere. We went up to the top of a big rock and had lunch and a rest. Mom took my pack off so I could be more comfortable. She gave me some water in my special hiking water dish. (It is made of nylon and folds up. I kind of wrecked the outside of it once, when I was a puppy, by chewing it, but it still holds water.) I wasn't too thirsty at the moment as I was drinking water in the streams all the way up. She was thirsty so she drank lots of water. She had a lunch of tuna on crackers and gave me half of them. When it was time to go, my pack was much lighter. Mom goes faster downhill than her slow way of going uphill. Ha, ha. She said she was going so slow when we were coming up because she had to watch for grizzly bears. Yeah, right. After our hike Mom drove to a place to look at a waterfall. Boring for me. Then, she took a different and longer way home. I was very anxious to get back to Tasha and get Mom home safe. It was long dark by the time we did get home.


I was a good dog today!

July 30th 2008 9:46 pm
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I am proud of my doggies. Especially Lobo. Here is why:
Tasha got lost today. Her and Lobo were working over a stump trying to get at a ground squirrel. I just kept walking for about 5 minutes. After that I stopped and waited. Eventually, Lobo came running, but no Tasha. That is normal as she usually takes her time. Lobo and I waited. The stump was about 1/4 kilometer away. After waiting a long time I figured we would just go and get her or run into her as she tries to find us. On my way there, at one point, Lobo started trying to pull me in a different direction. I wondered what he was up to but figured I would go find Tasha before I let him loose to chase more squirrels. So I went all the way back to the stump. Well, she wasn't there. And I was sure we should have met up with her on the way. So, I thought I would ask Lobo to find her. He was just like those tracking dogs on TV. Head down, pulling me, sniffing what looked like was each of her paw steps. (So he was right the first time he tried to pull me in a certain direction.) Anyhow, through his nose, I got to see all the little detours she took and why I hadn't seen her go by. At one point he kind of lost her trail but I kind of knew she was making her way back to the truck. So I helped him find the track again. As we got near the truck, through her round about way, I didn't see her. So I thought he was wrong after all. Well, she was in the back of the truck (out of sight a bit) waiting for us. So Lobo really did understand what I wanted and for sure tracked her like a real tracking dog. And Tasha was smart to return to the truck after losing us. It was fun. I never got worried or angry because I had a lot of time before I had to be at work and the weather was perfect for being out in the woods.

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