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The Royal Visit

April 23rd 2010 9:05 am
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Mom is going crazy trying to tidy up the house. My auntie and uncle are about to land. They are coming to visit us for a week. Mom will be picking them up at the airport in 3 hours. I can tell she is full of nervous excitement. The house is still a bit of a mess, but better than usual. She keeps saying to herself, okay, that is good enough, then she sees a dust bunny in a corner, or a smudged up mirror, dirty windows (forget it! no time!), she even washed our food bowls real good! We aren't used to having company, so Mom really lets the place go if you know what I mean. And, our fridge is empty! She just doesn't know what to do! So, they will have soup and bread, then go shopping. Ha, ha! Mom is freaking out because we have a small house with only one bathroom. Uncle will have to sleep on the futon in the living room and be open to the bad cats. Auntie will have her own room but Mom isn't sure if she will like the loft bed. Mom took apart the cardboard castle and put it in her room along with a bunch of other stuff. It should be a fun week. Oh, and the weeds need mowing. Mom is hoping to lure auntie or uncle into doing it by saying, "Do you want to try out my cordless electric weed, er I mean, lawn mower?" Mom is allergic to grass so HATES mowing weeds, er I mean, grass.
She picked up my poops yesterday, but I already have a few more piles in the back yard. Hey, poop happens! Right?
I am very anxious to see uncle Martin. He is my favorite person next to Mom. Auntie is really cool too. They have not been here since we lost our Tasha and Lucky. And since Kitcat came to live with us.


I'm An Action Dog

April 3rd 2010 7:17 pm
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So, I haven't written in a while.
But, today, Mom an I went over ground that we hadn't been on since we lost our dear Tasha. We got kind of weepy and nostalgic. But, we kept going and considered our walk today as kind of a tribute to my best friend next to my Mom. Mom was in rough shape because she is noticing that I am having troubles jumping up into our truck yet I won't let her help me. Tasha didn't mind at all when Mom helped her. Me, I will do it myself or not at all! I have noticed that Mom spends a lot of time finding just the right place to park so that I don't have a big jump to make to get in and out of the truck. At home, I now have a table to split the jump up in and out of the truck into two steps. Today was neat because our weather is still cool. Mom and I love that.
I have to complain about our new kitten. Kitcat. Well, she isn't that new. It has been almost a year. But she just won't leave me alone!!! She zeroes in on me and rubs up against me and insists on my grooming her. She is cute, but what a brat and a pawful of trouble. When I see how Mom and Squirrel love her, I have to agree that Kitcat is a happy addition to our small family after the loss of my best friend Tasha, and Squirrel's best friend and sister, Lucky.
Mom said that auntie Lilian and uncle Martin are coming to visit real soon. I love them because they are so nice to me and my Mom.
So, I am having a nice Easter weekend and hope all of my friends are too.


Spring Hike In the Woods

March 15th 2010 3:54 pm
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Mom wrote this:

I was lazy today, and sore from yesterday's hockey. So I drove to a regular spot where I knew there was a suitable walk for my energy level. Well, it was a mud hole. So I kept driving until I got higher up into some snow. Used my 4x4 to get into an area and turned around for the return trip later. I forgot my phone was at home on the charger. Good thing I didn't get stuck. Took Lobo for what I intended on being a short stroll. We followed snow covered ATV tracks, human snowshoe tracks, moose tracks, coyote/wolf/cougar tracks, and so on. I was starting to dread the return trip as the footing was such that sometimes the snow holds you, other times you sink in and almost bend your knee backwards. I kind of wanted to fluke out some kind of loop back to the truck. This was all just bush whacking going from one type of track to another. Sometimes no track, just a section of easier going. Anyhow, I had resigned myself to having to back track all the way back to the truck when I spotted an old log cabin. Right in the middle of nowhere. That distracted me from my wet feet and sore muscles as I love looking at these things and taking pictures of them. What a nice surprise! So, with a new burst of energy, Lobo and I risked trying to complete a loop back to the truck without a clue of where we were. At least I didn't have a clue. At one point I was ready to turn around but before then, kind of kidding, I asked Lobo to find the truck. He went off for a little bit and came back. I followed him this time and sure enough, he brought us back. He is a smart dog. Plus he was probably tired of tromping through the spring snow.
This is a collage from the day: rch15hike.jpg

Lobo now ... Yup, I am a smart dog.


I Turned 9 Today!

January 4th 2010 9:04 pm
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It was my birthday today. Mom took me on a walk in the snow. She emailed the lady that she got me from and sent her a picture of me. The lady emailed back right away saying how happy that Mom keeps her up to date on me and that I look very happy and healthy. Then, Mom had to go to work. Yuck. When she came back she gave me a bone and locked Kitcat up so I could chew on it without her bugging me. When I was done with that, Kitcat came back out and I groomed her. Squirrel even gave me a kiss and a light swat when I went to sniff her while she was on the cat tree. Then, Mom gave me a new toy. It is a really thick rope with a tennis ball at one end and a handle on the other. It is for me to chew, Mom to throw and me to chase, and us to both have tugs of war with it. She is hoping it will last longer than my other toys. It was a good day but I'm very anxious for Mom to finally have some days off so we can have long walks and not be rushed.
Oh, and the trouble I had with my knee ... the swelling, then the open sore ... (this was back in September) - Well, for a while it looked like I would have to have surgery. Mom hesitated and even saw another vet about it. Also, I had to go on our road trip around that time. The second vet said to go ahead on the trip and that a giant bottle of antibiotic pills would keep the infection under control for the trip but that I would probably need surgery when I got back. )They all thought I had a foreign body inside my knee like a sliver or something.) We got back, Mom stopped the pills and I was fine. She called the vet and talked to him and he said it might take up to 2 months before the problem comes back. He expected the infection to flare up again and find a way to drain. That was what that sore was, it was draining fluid from an infection I had going on somewhere inside.) He said if it didn't return by Christmas that meant that my body took care of the infection and Mom could relax and forget about me having further troubles from it. So, by being patient and not rushing into surgery, we dodged it. Phew! Thank goodness for antibiotics. So, the vet said my body either managed to dissolve the foreign particle or encapsulate it. All I know is that I never want to wear a cone again. Yuck.


We Survived Hallowe'en...

November 2nd 2009 9:50 am
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Hallowe'en went well. Mom was home and the kitties and I and some visitors all stayed in the house. When kids came to our house, I kept Mom safe by watching while she handed out candy. The visitors made sure the kitties didn't try and get out. It went very well.
The next day, Mom took me on a nice hike. We went way up high in the Battle Bluffs. It was sunny and cool. Perfect for hiking. Last time we went there, Tasha was with us. I miss Tasha.
Today is cloudy and wet but we will still go for a walk.
Tomorrow, little kitty Kitcat is going to the vet for her spaying. Mom finds that very tough. I will go with them and after Kitcat is dropped off, Mom and I will go for a walk to try and get her mind off of it. Then, we have a furnace man coming to our house to make sure our furnace is good for the winter. Shortly after that, we will go and pick up Kitcat. Mom is hoping she won't have to wear a cone.


Road Trip 2009

October 13th 2009 8:29 pm
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Prairie Road Trip 2009

I knew we were going on a trip when I jumped into the back of the truck and it was crammed with stuff. This was confirmed when we stopped at the small lake we always stop at when we are going East. Mom and I were heading back to her prairie home town for a family reunion of sorts. I settled into the familiar driving mode ... though it had been two years since we went on such a trip.
We stopped near the place where Mom found Lucky and Squirrel over 6 years ago: gle.jpg

We stopped in Glacier National Park and did a quick trip around the Giant Hemlock interpretive site: ianthemlock.jpg

Then, we stopped at a secret campsite that Mom knows about. It has Wapta Falls, Yoho National Park, visible and audible in the background. It was too early to camp there but we had our supper at that spot: uppernearyoho.jpg

We drove on and Mom almost ran into two black bears on the Icefields Parkway in Banff. Good thing she was driving slow and there was no traffic. She kept going and we camped in the David Thompson park. The stars were bright and there was zero noise all night. Not one car went by. It was amazing. This is the view we awoke to: risedtp.jpg

More driving and we found ourselves at the home town of the world’s largest bunnock. This is a tourist attraction in Macklin Saskatchewan. A bunnock is the ankle bone of a horse. The place was closed so we didn‘t learn more about it: gestbunnock.jpg

We camped in the town of Wilkie, Saskatchewan. The campground was almost empty so I once again could go off leash. We got up before dawn and kept on driving. We next found ourselves in North Battleford, Sask. I got my picture taken with a bison made out of barbed wire: arbedwirebison.jpg

and a giant Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman and his horse at the museum: 1battlefordmuseum.jpg

The museum did not allow dogs but was closed anyway. So, we kept on driving as we were very close to Mom’s home town.
We finally made it to uncle N’s house. Uncle N was allowing us to stay at his house for a few days before our cabin up at Loon Lake was ready. Uncle N really likes me and I like him: cleN.jpg

The next day, after Mom took me for a walk in the woods, we drove out to visit uncle M at his acreage. He has 7 kitties and 2 dogs and 2 horses. Here is a photo of uncle M having a morning chat with Squeak: 3uncleMchattingwithSqueak.jpg

Squeak is a kitty that showed up at his house over 3 years ago. She was pregnant and had 4 healthy kittens. Uncle kept 3 of the kittens, found a good home for one of them (a neighbor, so he sees the kitty all the time) and has had all of them neutered. Here he is telling Squeak that she is a good kitty except for being on the table.
One of Squeak’s kittens is a GIANT cat. His name is Pumpkin. He weighs more than 20 pounds. Uncle finds him to be a very special boy and loves him dearly: 3uncleMgiantpumpkin.jpg

Uncle M was hoping we could fit it and helped Mom load up a chair that she inherited from their Mom. It is a chair that is made out of moose antlers and such. Grandpa made it way back in pioneer days. It made for a lot less room for me in the back of the truck but Mom and uncle really wanted that done. Mom is very proud to have it. paschair.jpg

Later in the day, we drove over to auntie L’s house. She had just returned from Ontario. She lost her husband there in January and had finally taken care of the numerous details that it took to move back home. She had just finished making the super long trip with 4 cats: untieL.jpg

Mom and uncle M showed up there to help her unpack her camper. While there we saw auntie S and her new baby B. This was the first time Mom saw baby B ever: untieSbabyB.jpg

Once back at uncle N’s place, he took us on a nice walk. He said I was the best trail dog ever! The best hiking partner a person could have. I love my uncles. Then in the evening, uncle M brought over some stuff that made everyone laugh a lot. Stuff from their past. Auntie L was too tired to visit that night as was auntie S.
The next day, Mom and I got up early, took all of our stuff out of uncle N’s house and put it back in our truck (because that night we were heading to the lake). We then went for our walk in the woods before visiting uncle M for breakfast at his acreage. Once there, uncle M fixed something on Mom’s truck. This is when I got into a bit of trouble. One of his dogs, Reba, and I got in a bit of a scrap. Mom grabbed me by my loose skin on my back end while uncle grabbed Reba and we were pulled a part. None of us got hurt. It wasn’t a serious fight but we scared our people.
Then we went back to uncle N’s to wait for the time to go to the lake. Auntie L showed up and we all visited some more. I am kind of used to them talking forever and I just wait patiently.
Finally, we started driving north. I had never gone this way before and got a bit nervous and was trying to tell Mom that she was going the wrong way! She told me everything was okay and we kept driving. After a while, she stopped and I could smell auntie L and uncle M were near. Sure enough, there they were! In a really nice cabin. I was welcome to come in. Dogs were allowed. Auntie L paid extra so that I could stay there. I was a good boy and fit in real well. This is a photo of our cabin: ourchalet.jpg

Auntie L took a nice picture of me, my uncle M and his partner in the cabin. It was so cozy! I had a nice carpet to relax on in front of the fire and beside Mom’s bed: inthecabin.jpg

Uncle N was not expected to spend the night or come the first day. Auntie S and her family were supposed to but never showed up. Auntie L and uncle M and his partner went out to the fancy lodge for supper. Mom wanted to stay put, wash up and just relax at the cabin. She made her own supper with her camping supplies and we relaxed on the deck: ydeck.jpg

When they got back, uncle M’s partner had to leave. Uncle M had brought a box full of goodies including some crazy stuff Mom had done as a child. So, auntie L, uncle M, Mom and I spent hours looking through all of that stuff. At one time, something my Mom had drawn made auntie L laugh so hard V-8 juice came out her nose!!! Mom had to get her a towel. So that was a very fun night for my Mom.

Next day, I had a nice long walk with Mom first thing in the morning. Uncle Nelson showed up a bit later on. That was so cool to have those four siblings together. Lots of laughing and talking. Then uncle N took Mom and me on a long walk. He knows most every area of the bush around there. After the walk uncle M and aunt L were going to go to the lodge for fine dining while uncle N and Mom were going to stay at the cabin and visit. Mom had plenty to eat from her camping supplies. Well, the fine diners changed their minds and we all stayed together and ate from Mom’s camping supplies. Uncle M helped Mom give me my dreaded pills that night. I was still taking my 4 pills a day at that time. Yuck. Then, uncle M played a movie he had brought. “Into the Wild“ Based on the true story about Chris McCandless, a young man that escaped into the wild but got in trouble and perished. It was a good movie to watch up in the wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan.

The sad part for my Mom was that her youngest sister, auntie S, did not show up. There was no reason for it. Auntie L had planned this ages ago and auntie S was all for it. Also, auntie L paid for everything. She also paid a lot more to get a big enough cabin to accommodate auntie S, her husband and her three children. Cell phones did not work from up there so there was no way to talk to her. Auntie L would drive out to a phone and get “Yeah, we are coming!” from auntie S. This is what hurts Mom so much. It became obvious that auntie S purposely messed up this family reunion for no good reason. Mom is super sad because she has not seen the older niece and nephew in over two years and just saw the youngest nephew briefly and by accident on that one day at auntie L’s. So that was the down side of this super long drive that we made.

So, next morning we all went on our way. Mom stopped by the graveyard where Grandma and Grandpa are buried. I never met Grandpa but Grandma and I got along real well. Then we started our serious driving all the way home.
Had a nice walk in the David Thompson Park area: thp.jpg

We got caught in an early mountain blizzard up at Peyto Lake viewpoint: e/21miniblizzard.jpg

It was really nice to get home and see the kitties. Mom had to pretty well rush off to work right away. That is why it took so long for me to get her to write about the trip for me. She still has a big sad place in her heart over what happened with the younger auntie.

Finally, Mom got through her first work week back and we went for a nice drive and walk around here. This is a photo from that: rairiedog.jpg

That is all for “Road Trip 2009”.


The News from My Vet

October 13th 2009 10:58 am
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I only got to go on the road trip with Mom because my vet sold us a bottle of 100 antibiotics. This was so that my infection/wound would not flare up on the trip. It closed up just before we left so I didn't have to wear the cone. That was sure a lucky break.
When we got back, Mom discontinued my pills and waited to see what would happen. Those pills were no fun. I had to take four each day and I am not a good patient. Anyhow, after a week everything was fine. The vet had asked Mom to let him know how things went so she called him. She told him everything went well and I had been off the pills for just over a week now. She asked how long before we can quit worrying about the infection and resulting "exit wound" coming back. He said it often comes back within days of discontinuing the pills, but it can take months. It all depends on what is causing the infection. This we do not know. He said, that if it doesn't come back by Christmas then Mom can relax. That will mean the body has either dissolved or encapsulated the foreign object that is causing this.
So, Mom and I have a reason to be anxious for Christmas.
Mom is going to eventually write about our road trip. Soon, I hope.


We Are Home!

September 30th 2009 7:50 pm
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Mom and I just got back from our trip today. Mom is very tired and didn't leave enough time between now and going back to work to catch up on our mail. I was a very good boy, except for a brief fight with my cousin rottweiler, Reba. Also, I scared our human nephew, but it wasn't my fault. He just saw me and got scared. Our northern retreat at a cabin was really nice. I was super good there. Squirrel and Kitcat were very happy to see me again and I was happy too. Mom must get some rest. Bark at you all later.


My Cone Woes

September 2nd 2009 4:49 pm
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Oh, to make matters worse, Kitcat is petrified of me with my cone on! She freaks out and runs away from me. Mom tried to bandage my knee in some way so I don't have to wear the cone, but so far, nothing is staying on.
Kitcat gets a super fat tail whenever she sees me or when I move an inch. Squirrel isn't scared of me at all. Mom took the cone off briefly to see what would happen and Kitcat immediately came over for cuddles. Then, she put the cone back on (as I right away tried to like my wound) and Kitcat took off like I was the devil. We will see if she gets used to me with the cone on eventually. If not, it is going to be a long and super sad week. I miss my cuddle sessions with Kitcat.


My Knee is Bad Again

September 2nd 2009 12:51 pm
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Just when we thought my knee was almost 100%, I developed a little lump on it. This time it looked angry red and was weeping liquid. Then, it would shrink down and look fine again. This went on for a few days until it looked like it had split open. I was for sure licking at it or worse. So, off to the vet we went today. I was real good at the vet clinic and they didn't have to hurt me. But, they hurt Mom instead. They told her I might need surgery. They want to go in there and see if I have something in there like a splinter or a pellet or something foreign. They said they might find nothing and just cut out some of the infection and sew me back up. Option number two was to try antibiotics again and keep me from licking it. If that doesn't work then I will need an $800 surgery. The vet thought Mom should just get the surgery done and get it over with. Maybe the vet doesn't think $800 is a lot of money. Mom isn't sure what to do but decided to try the antibiotics one more time. When we got home she dragged out Tasha's cone from when she had cancer. It barely fit over my head. I'm not too pleased about wearing that for a week. And if my wound doesn't go away, I will need surgery and have to wear the cone for another two weeks! Ugh! What about my road trip?
The good news is there is no talk of anything more serious like cancer and my joint is sound and I am not in pain. And Mom will be home to nurse me during this week.
Now I understand why Tasha hated this thing as much as she did. It still has my teeth marks on it from when I pulled it off for her when Mom wasn't looking.
We are praying that one week of pills and one week of wearing the cone will take care of it.

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